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Welcome to the Gormiti character page. This page will try to cover as well as possible the various characters, both good and bad, populating the magical universe of the Island of Gorm, and includes the characters from the new TV series Gormiti The Lords Of Nature Return. Enjoy!

Tribes of Gorm

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    Tribe of Earth 
Earth Gormiti are an hard-working lot, more focused on substance than appearence, and are the tribe which boasts the hardiest and most physically impressive warriors. The downside, quite obviously, is their slow speed.


The chosen champion of the Earth tribe, Kolossus is one hulking brute of a warrior who never backs down from a challenge and is always ready to take on any challenger. Very prideful and boastful of his abilities, he is nonetheless devoted to defending the weak and stop the predations of the Volcano tribe.

  • Break the Haughty: Kolossus started out arrogant and boastful, and thought there was no warrior stronger than him. When he almost got killed for not being able to keep his tremendous strenght in check, he started to become more humble.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: With Carrapax.
  • Disability Superpower: Kolossus is blind, and "sees" by perceiving even the smallest movements of the earth (Much like Toph...).
  • Multiarmed And Dangerous
  • My God, What Have I Done?: In his battle against Carrapax, he almost died when he gave in to his anger and, with a single punch, created a fissure that was about to swallow him.

Nicholas "Nick" Tripp

The chosen one who wields the power of the Earth tribe. Nick is a serious and somewhat geeky kid who likes studying and is extremely curious about everything that surrounds him. He also tries to keep his more undisciplined older brother Toby in check, even though he isn't always successful. When he activates his powers, he becomes the physically stronger member of the team... although he doesn't particularly like fighting and would much rather be chosen as the Keeper.

    Tribe of Sea 
Usually considered the most "balanced", statistics-wise, of the four tribes allied with the Wise Old One, Sea Gormiti are also considered among the wisest, and usually shun violence, but they respond with great prowess to any invasion. They live in a huge underwater city, one of the few places in Gorm that the evil Gormiti have trouble attacking.


Leader of the Sea tribe during the period of the great wars. Carrapax is a just, righteous and serious warrior who commands the respect of not just his tribe, but also that of many warriors of other tribes, and the winner of the Great Tournament of Gorm, held to determine which tribe would hold the greatest authority on the island. He's very thoughtful and slow to anger.

Tobias "Toby" Tripp

Main protagonist of the TV series, an happy-go-lucky and hyperactive kid with a huge love from playing harmless pranks, and who would much rather go for another adventure in Gorm than study. He's Nick's older brother, and the oldest member of the team, but he usually act like he's the youngest, and often needs to be saved from whatever trouble he raised. Still, he's a brave and selfless young man whose heart is in the right place.


The Vomica are said to be the most savage creatures of the Sea tribe. They form huge herds and attack reckless swimmers, not unlike piranhas.

  • Cold-Blooded Whatever: They belong to the Sea tribe and look like piranhas, yet they also have dinosaur-like limbs.

    Tribe of Forest 


Lucas Wanson

Lucas is the Chosen One who received the power of the Forest... and predictably enough, he's the nature lover of the Four-Temperament Ensemble. He comes across as the more thoughtful of the team, and the one who takes the missions on Gorm more seriously... though he's also got a dry wit he puts to use when someone else (usually Toby...) does something stupid.

    Tribe of Air 


  • Face–Heel Turn: The Atomic series kicks off, when Orrore Profondo convinces him to change sides.
  • Fatal Flaw: Pride. His ego was exploited by both Barbataus and Orrore Profondo.

Silent Hawk

Jessica "Jess" Herleins

Only girl of the team, Jessica is a smart and determined young lady who controls the power of the Air tribe, giving her great speed and agility at the cost of physical power. She's a loyal friend despite her seemingly flightly nature, and it can be safely said that she's "one of the boys". Despite this, she's also a fashion freak (with a particularly soft spot for shoes...)

    Tribes of Lava and Magma (Volcano) 



Orrore Profondo


    Tribe of Light 

The Supreme Luminescent

    Tribe of Darkness