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     Mr. Men 

Mr. Tickle

Mr Tickle is the first of the Mr Men stories written. He uses his extraordinarily long arms to tickle anyone he can get his hands on: the postman, the doctor, the butcher and all of the other Mr Men and Little Miss! His arms can come in useful though, they can get kites that are stuck in trees and they can answer the phone when he is in the bath!

But Mr Tickle always does as his name implies, he tickles people through windows, through letterboxes, but once when he heard the postman, Mr Stamp, coming and he sent one of his arms down the stairs and got it stuck in the banisters!

Mr Tickle likes nothing more than to tickle anyone who happens to walk by! His really long arms have all sorts of uses - he can even make his breakfast in the kitchen while lying in his bed!

  • Friendly Tickle Torture: Tickling people is the whole of Mr. Tickle's character.
  • Nice Guy: Once you look past his habit of tickling, he comes off as a friendly guy.

Mr. Greedy

Mr Greedy is truly the greediest person in the whole of Misterland (well maybe not the greediest, there is someone else who could be greedier!). He can eat his way through as much food you or I could eat in a week in an hour! Mr Greedy's problem was that the more he ate the fatter he became. Then the fatter he became the more hungry he became and the more hungry he became the more he ate! Mr Greedy once has 9 slices of toast and a whole packet of cornflakes for his breakfast one day! However he learnt his lesson when he met a giant and ate all of his giant-sized dinner! He had a stomach ache after that!

Mr. Happy

Mr Happy is always happy. He always has a large grin on his face and is always trying to cheer up everyone who is feeling down. He lives in a house at the foot of a mountain next to a lake. In Happyland everyone and everything is happy, even the flowers smile! He is so happy that he even managed to find Mr Grumble a hobby that he actually liked (even though that hobby was grumbling!)
  • Big Fun: Fat, round and always happy.
  • Iconic Sequel Character: It's easy to forget that Mr. Happy was the third Mr. Men introduced given how iconic he is among people.
  • Nice Guy: Always happy, always grinning and undoubtedly the kindest of the Mr. Men.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: You can tell something's very wrong if he isn't acting happy.
  • The Pollyanna: A rather cheery chap. Always tries to cheer others up.

Mr. Sneeze

Mr Sneeze comes from Coldland, near the North Pole. The only problem with Coldland is that everyone always has a cold. All of the people and the elephants in Coldland all have red noses.

Whenever Mr Sneeze gets up, you guessed it he sneezes, and then goes downstairs, sneezes, eat his breakfast, sneezes...etc. One day Mr Sneeze decided to leave Coldland and find a cure for all his sneezing.

Mr Sneeze packed all the things he needed (mainly hankerchiefs) and set off until he found a wizard and found he wasn't in Coldland at all. What do you think happened next?

Mr. Bump

Mr Bump is always having accidents, bumping into things and landing in holes. Little accidents and big accidents. Mr Bump was once carrying a ladder to fix his chimney pot, but smashed his living room window when he was turning round. When he turned to see what had happened, SMASH! went the kitchen window went as well.

So you see, this happens quite a lot. When he tried to get a job, everything he did, he always had accidents and got the sack from every job, however he now works for Mr Barley in his orchard as an apple picker. He just walks around and soon enough he bumps into a tree and an apple falls down!

  • Amusing Injuries: a frequent victim of slapstick comedy and his injuries are played for laughs.
  • Iron Butt Monkey: Might as well be the poster boy for this trope among the Mr. Men.

Mr. Snow

Mr Snow is made totally from snow. When it snowed 2 days before Christmas, all the kids were very excited because it had never ever snowed so much in one day!

It then became a cause for concern as Father Christmas found there was too much snow to deliver the presents to the children. He had to find someone to help him.

Then he then saw a snowman that the children had built. Santa worked his magic and brought the snowman to life! and Mr Snow was born!
  • Snowlems: Was brought to life by Santa Claus to help him deliver toys.

Mr. Messy

Mr Messy is the messiest person in the world. You can always tell when he has been somewhere because there is always a trail of fingerprints wherever he has been. Messy by name, messy by nature! His house was not much better, there were broken windows and loose roof tiles. On one of his walks through the woods near his house, he found a beautiful house where he met Mr Tidy and Mr Neat, who were cleaning a house. They then saw Mr Messy and proceeded to clean his house for him, which he was not happy about!
  • Everyone Has Standards: Despite the fact that he loves being messy(hence his name), even he looked disgusted when a slime monster covered him in slime in Adventure With Monsters.
  • Hates Baths: As befits his name, hates taking baths, and has to be forced into the bathtub in the final act of the book bearing his name. He jokes afterward that, now that he is no longer messy, he'll need to change his name.

Mr. Topsy Turvy

Mr. Topsy-Turvy is the 9th of the Mr. Men series by Roger Hargreaves. Mr. Topsy-Turvy does everything the wrong way around.

One day he rents a room in a hotel, speaking to the hotel manager the wrong way around, "Afternoon good, I'd room a like."

The next day, he confuses the taxi driver with his backwards speaking, causing an accident.....

Mr Topsy-Turvy is always the wrong way round!, watch the film and see what happens.

Mr. Silly

Mr. Silly lives in Nonsenseland, where the trees have red leaves and the grass is blue. Every year there is a contest for the silliest idea of the year, and Mr. Silly can't think of one. All the animals do human activity and say the wrong sounds. Mr. Silly wins the contest by painting all the leaves on the trees green.

  • Alien Lunch: He tends to eat a lot of bizarre meals. For example, one of his breakfasts consists of a cup of coffee with a spoonful of marmalade, a cornflake sandwich and, while a boiled egg may sound normal, he eats the shell.

Mr. Uppity

As he is probably the most stuck-up, richest, most rude Mr Man in the UK. so it follows that he is not very popular. Thankfully the goblins take a real interest in Mr Uppity, and use all of their magic powers to frighten him into changing.

Mr Uppity lives in the largest house in the whole of Misterland. He has the biggest garden and lives there all on his own. He is rude to everyone he comes across.

One Day when Mr Uppity was exploring his gardens, he met a little goblin who he told to hop off, but the goblin's magic turned Mr Uppity very small!Of course, Mr Uppity shouted and screamed at the goblin, but he didnt turn him back, so he followed the little creature to his own land and met the King of the goblins,
  • Cool Car: He owns a large and long limousine.
  • Friendless Background: Had no friends in Bigtown prior to meeting the Goblin, due to his rude behavior.

Mr. Small

Mr Small is so very small, if Mr Small stood next to a pin, the pin would be far bigger than him! Mr Small desperately wants to get a job. Luckily a kind man, in whose garden, Mr Small lives in, helps him by finding him lots of odd jobs to do.

Mr Small works in a restaurant, but keeps falling in the mustard pots, then worked in a sweetshop but fell into the sweet jars, and it went on and on...Until one day, I won't spoil it for you but it all ended happily ever after!
  • Height Angst: His smallness tends to give him a lot of problems.

Mr. Daydream

When a little boy called Jack daydreamed as he usually does, Mr Daydream appeared before him and took him on an adventure on his giant flying bird. He flew them to Africa where they met an elephant and a crocodile that tried to eat them!

They then went to Australia, where Mr Daydream and Jack played with a boomerang, and then they even went to the North Pole where Mr Daydream fell into the snow! Lastly he went to the wild west and he wore a cowboy's hat, but when it went over his head, Jack woke up to find that he had been daydreaming in class again!

Mr. Forgetful

Mr Forgetful forgets everything and anything! When he wakes up, he tries to remember his dreams and of course cannot. He walks into his wardrobe instead of out the bathroom and always has burnt toast for breakfast!

He found an old letter that he meant to post three weeks ago, and went to buy a stamp at the post office for it. By the time he got there, he had forgotten what he needed, but Mrs Parcel reminded him that he needed a stamp! Mr Forgetful was asked by the village policeman to deliver the message, "There's a sheep loose in the lane", to Farmer Fields, but he got confused and told him, "There a goose asleep in the rain!"

Mr. Lazy

Mr Lazy is the laziest person in the world. He can sleep for hours upon hours upon hours. In Lazyland, they don't even get up in the morning, they get up in the afternoon. One day, when Mr Lazy was taking a nap outside in a chair, he was woken up suddenly by the sound of someone shouting "WAKEUPWAKEUP!". That person was in fact two people, Mr Busy and Mr Bustle. These strange two men made sure that Mr Lazy got to work as there was wood to chop, floors to clean, coal to get, windows to polish, and a lot more things. Mr Lazy had never done this much work in his life, but luckily for him, the two visitors only turned out to be a big dream!

Mr. Funny

Mr Funny is the funniest person in the whole of Happyland, quite the funniest you have ever seen. To start with, Mr Funny lives in a teapot that has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. What is even funnier is the fact that his car was not in fact a car, but a shoe with wheels!

All the animals and flowers that saw Mr Funny in his show-car laughed so hard, they laughed themselves in two, laughed their tails off or laughed themselves out of the ground.

And when the animals at the zoo were feeling unhappy because they all had colds, Mr Funny pulled such a funny face that the elephant nearly laughed her truck off, the lion nearly laughed his whiskers to pieces and the giraffe nearly laughed a knot in her neck.

Mr. Mean

Mr Mean is mean to anybody and everyone. His house is broken, dirty and has never been painted. Mr Mean simply grumbles on about the price of nails, but all of his furniture is made from old orange boxes. His house doesn't have any fires, carpets, pictures or curtains, just boring old wood. You would think that Mr Mean is poor, but in fact he has lots of money but never spends any of it or gives it to anyone. He even gave his brother a piece of coal for Christmas so that he didn't have to spend any money. One day, an old wizard came and taught him his lesson, by turning all his money into potatoes and whenever he was mean turned different parts of him into different vegetables! However, Mr Mean was a changed man, and he became so kind that the following year he gave his brother a nicer, better present...two pieces of coal!

Mr. Chatterbox
Mr Chatterbox can go on forever. He simply wouldn't stop talking! He would talk to anybody and everybody about anything and everything. One day he was talking to Mr Stamp the postman for so long, that he was late delivering everyone else's letters.

He then went on to talk to Mr Bowler, the hat maker. The villagers and him were getting tired of his chatting, so he ordered in a special hat for Mr Chatterbox. When he tried it on, Mr Chatterbox suddenly found that the hat was getting bigger and bigger until it covered him completely up!

Mr. Fussy
Mr Fussy is so fussy that he would have to make sure that everything was all neat and tidy, and in its proper place. Absolutely everything had to be clean or straight. He spends every day of his life doing this, fussing over this and that. "Fussy old fusspot" everyone calls him. One day, his long lost cousin from Australia, Mr Clumsy, came to visit. Mr Fussy's trouble started then, as he is the complete opposite to cousin. In the end, however Mr Clumsy does decide to leave, but Mr Fussy has another unexpected visit from someone else...

Mr. Bounce

Mr Bounce is so like a rubber ball, that when he touches the floor, he bounces right up and down! He once climbed over the farm fence and when he landed on the other side, he bounced so high, he landed with a splash in the duck pond, and weren't they surprised to see him!

Mr Bounce was so sick and tired of bouncing everywhere, that he decided to go and see the Mr Men doctor. Mr Bounce went into town on the local bus, but after stepping off of the bus, he bounched up into the air, and through the window of the doctor's surgery....

The doctor gave Mr Bounce some special boots that helped weighed him down and stopped him bouncing all the way home.

Did they work or did Mr Bounce do a Mr Forgetful.....?

Mr. Muddle

Mr Muddle is an individual who can never get anything right. The simplest of things confuses him, such as putting on his coat and hammering in a nail into the wall. Mr Muddle even walks back to front! On a day out, Mr Muddle met George the fisherman, who really confused Mr Muddle when he simply asked him to help him push his boat out to sea. George told Mr Muddle the exact opposite of what he really wanted him to do, and Mr Muddle did exactly the right thing! George then told everyone in Seatown how to deal with Mr Muddle. The next day he met Mr Brick, the town builder, who did exactly the same thing when he asked him to hold his coat (so Mr Muddle held his ladder), and so did Mrs Scrub and Mr Black.

  • Cloudcuckoolander: Is so named because everything he does ends up in a hopeless muddle. He wanted to live in the countryside but got muddled and built his house by the seaside instead, and when he tries to make a roast dinner of turkey, potatoes, peas, and gravy, he puts the turkey in the cupboard to cook and the potatoes in the fridge to boil, then peels the peas and tries to slice the gravy.
  • Nice Guy
  • Nice Hat
  • Trademark Favorite Food: According to the official Mr. Men website, his favorite meal is roast dinners.

Mr. Dizzy

Mr. Dizzy lives in Cleverland, where everybody is clever except for him - until, one day, because a pig and an elephant take advantage of him, he wishes himself clever as he drinks from a wishing well, despite being unaware of its magical properties. He returns and asks the pig, "What's fat and pink and goes Atishoo, Atishoo?" (This is replaced with "Achoo! Achoo!" in the US edition.) The pig is flummoxed until Mr. Dizzy tickles the pig's nose, causing him to sneeze and say, "Atishoo! Atishoo!" Next he asks the elephant, "What's large and grey and goes Dopit, Dopit?" The elephant is clueless until Mr. Dizzy ties a knot in the elephant's trunk, causing him to declare, "Dopit! Dopit!" and, addressing the readers, "I duppose doo dink dat's fuddy."

Mr. Impossible

Nothing is impossible to Mr. Impossible. He can do anything. He has magic powers even uses his powers to motivate people.

One day he goes to school with a boy named William. He proves he can do anything in some amazing ways!

  • The Ace: Try and name one thing that Mr. Impossible can't do.
  • Flight: One of Mr. Impossible's abilities; he simply stands outside and flaps his arms, and away he soars.
  • Invisibility: Another of Mr. Impossible's abilities; if he concentrates hard enough, he becomes invisible. This comes in handy when Mr. Small enlists his help for the plan to make Little Miss Naughty start behaving herself; Mr. Impossible turns himself invisible and tweaks Little Miss Naughty's nose whenever she is about to wreak havoc.
  • Nice Guy
  • Nice Hat
  • Super Strength: Some of Mr. Impossible's impossible feats involve super strength, such as kicking a football so high that it has snow on it when it returns to the ground.
  • Token Minority: Is often the only character in most depictions with an American accent.
  • We Do the Impossible: He's not called "Mr. Impossible" for nothing.

Mr. Strong

Mr Strong is the strongest of all the Mr men, but this lands him in trouble! He regularly breaks things he touches by accident. But sometimes it saves the day....

  • Big Eater: Mr. Strong has a huge appetite, but only for one food - eggs, the source of his incredible physical strength.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: Mr. Strong has an unfortunate habit of shutting his front and back doors so hard that they break off their hinges, and when he isn't paying attention to where he is going, anything in his path - a tree, a brick wall, etc. - ends up worse for wear.
  • Nice Guy: He rescues a lonely Little Miss Tiny from Ginger the farm cat, and takes her out to meet his friends, including Mr. Funny, Mr. Greedy, and Mr. Small.
  • Nice Hat
  • Power-Up Food: Mr. Strong gets his incredible strength from his diet of eggs, eggs, and more eggs.note 
  • Super Strength: Mr. Strong's defining characteristic is his incredible physical strength. He lifts an entire barn, flips it upside down to fill it with water from a river, and carries the now much heavier barn to put out the fire consuming a farmer's cornfield. All without breaking a sweat.]
  • The Big Guy

Mr. Grumpy

Mr. Grumpy is the grouchiest person in the world. He's always in a bad mood, hating anyone or anything he comes across. He can't stand books so he tears out all of the pages (so it's a waste of money to buy them), and he is rude to Mr. Happy who comes to visit. Mr. Happy tells Mr. Tickle to tickle Mr. Grumpy if he is mean to somebody. This works, because it makes Mr. Grumpy nicer. Now when he picks up a book, he only tears out one page.

  • Establishing Character Moment: When he destroys a book out of anger.
  • Grumpy Bear: Is rude and abrasive to everyone he meets, and regularly tears all of the pages out of a book in fits of unprovoked anger. The fact that he lives in Happyland, and is therefore the grumpiest person in town, does nothing to improve his mood (although it does bring him in contact with Mr. Happy, setting the events of his story in motion).
  • Jerkass
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Perpetual Frowner: Comes with being a Grumpy Bear.

Mr. Clumsy
Even a very normal day is a disaster with Mr. Clumsy. The only place he's safe is asleep in bed! Hargreaves' story of Mr Clumsy is a catalogue of endless disaster! Everything Mr Clumsy touches, breaks or ends up where it shouldn't. Everywhere he goes, chaos erupts.

Mr. Quiet

Mr. Quiet lives in Loudland, where everybody and everything is too loud for him. Loudland would be suitable for Mr. Noisy, but not for Mr. Quiet. Mr. Quiet is scared. Whenever he tries to go shopping, he can only whisper what he wants, which results in the grocer, the milkman, the baker, and the butcher to shout "CAN'T HEAR YOU! NEXT PLEASE!" One day Mr. Quiet gets a letter from Mr. Happy to stay in Happyland, where Mr. Quiet gets a job in a library, where the rule is to always be quiet. Mr. Quiet is so happy he laughs out loud.

Mr. Rush

Mr. Rush is always in a rush. He never does anything properly. He is in such a rush he has a terrible breakfast (toast not toasted, water cold), only brushes one tooth, and runs out of the house to go nowhere. He sees an ad for a vacation in a magazine but can't go away because he has no money, so he wants a job to make money. Being a bus driver isn't good, because he doesn't stop at any of the stops, being a waiter isn't good because he'd whisk away the food as soon as he brought it. The job he finds is as a postman delivering express letters, the best job for the fastest thing on two feet. He saves enough money and goes on vacation.

Mr. Tall

Mr. Tall is one of the luckiest of the Mr. Men charactersIt takes him only 4 minutes to walk forty miles; he can step over trees; dangle his feet in the sea whilst sitting on a cliff. But Mr. Tall is not happy, "why are my legs so long?

Luckily, Mr. Tickle, Mr. Nosey and Mr. Greedy are on hand .....

Mr. Worry

Mr Worry worries abot everything and all things. Life is just one long worry for poor Mr Worry. He was always worried that if he went shopping he would leave something behind, or lose something on the way home.

If it rained he would worry that the roof of his house would leak or if it didn’t rain that his house plants would die, this Mr Men charater is often like someone we all know!

Mr. Nonsense

Mr. Nonsense lives in Nonsenseland, in a house on top of a tree. When asked why he sleeps in a rowing boat, the answer is "I tried sleeping in a motorboat and it was somewhat uncomfortable." When asked why he eats porridge on toast, the answer is, "I tried porridge sandwiches and I didn't like them." Mr. Nonsense is best friends with Mr. Silly, and when it snows yellow snow, they go for a toboggan in Mr. Nonsense's rowing boat bed. They build square snowballs somehow.

  • Cloudcuckoolander: As befits his name, has a truly nonsensical way of looking at the world. He sleeps in a rowboat (he found a motorboat too uncomfortable) and eats oatmeal on toast for breakfast (he tried oatmeal sandwiches once but didn't like them).
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Mr. Silly
  • Insane Troll Logic: Mr. Nonsense does this a lot, naturally. When asked why he likes oatmeal on toast, he replies, "Because I tried oatmeal sandwiches and I didn't like them!" When asked why he sleeps in a rowboat, he replies, "Because I tried sleeping in a motorboat but it was too uncomfortable!"
  • Loon with a Heart of Gold: Nonsensical, but he's otherwise a Nice Guy.
  • Nice Guy
  • Nice Hat
  • Eye-Obscuring Hat

Mr. Wrong

  • Cloudcuckoolander:Mr. Wrong wears a flower pot for a hat, he wears one shoe that's black and one shoe that's brown, calls a worm a dog instead of a worm, calls a postman a doctor instead of a postman and calls his elderly neighbor Mr. Twinkle instead of Mrs. Twinkle.
  • Meaningful Name: Is so named because he tends to get everything wrong.
  • Nice Guy

Mr. Skinny

Mr. Skinny is a very skinny fellow. The problem is, he lives in Fatland. ...

Mr Skinny is sick and tired of being the skinniest Mr Man in Fatland. Do Dr. Plump and Mr. Greedy have the cure? Wait and see!

Mr. Mischief

Mr. Mischief loves to play mean pranks on other Mr. Men. For example, he bakes Mr Greedy a cake made out of toothpaste and mud! However, one day he gets a taste of his own medicine...

Mr. Clever

Mr. Clever is the self-acclaimed Cleverest Person In The World! Not only that, but he has some fantastic gadgets, such as his alarm clock that makes tea; and his toothbrush that squeezes out the toothpaste for him. How clever!

But Mr. Clever is also very smug. He believes that no one can get the better of him, because of his superior intelligence.

  • Ditzy Genius: Despite being a brilliant inventor (and proud of it), Mr. Clever is completely clueless with emotional or sensory questions. When Mr. Happy asks him for the world's funniest joke, he admits to knowing no jokes; when Mr. Greedy asks him for the world's tastiest recipe, he admits to knowing no recipes; and so on. When he tries to return to Cleverland in shame, he walks off in the wrong direction.
  • Fury-Fueled Foolishness: Ends up getting so offended by the lie that Little Miss Trouble told him (That Mr. Small called him a rude nickname) that he ends up falling for it and it leads to him punching Mr. Small out of anger without listening to his side of the story.
  • Insufferable Genius: Has a tendency to brag about how intelligent he is.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Nice Hat
  • Smart People Wear Glasses
  • Too Clever by Half

Mr. Busy

Mr. Busy can't stop rushing around, always up to something, never sitting still.

  • Nice Guy
  • Nice Hat
  • Workaholic:In his own book, he wakes up at six o clock, bathes, has breakfast, reads the paper, and cleans his entire house. When he's done, it's seven o clock. Then he has lunch with Mr. Slow next door, requiring him to mow Mr. Slow's lawn, which takes him five and a half minutes (he'd have finished in only five minutes, but had to mow around Mr. Slow). Then he goes home and cleans his entire house again!
  • Work Hard, Play Hard: He likes to keep busy.

Mr. Slow

Mr Slow is so so slow. Mr. Slow, as you might well know, or maybe you don't lived next door to Mr. Busy. You would not of thought that they had much in common!

Will Mr. Slow ever find a job to do that's as slow-paced as he is? read on...

Mr. Brave

Mr. Brave is the most courageous person in the world, or so everyone thinks. He is brave enough to save Mr. Messy from water, but he is not brave enough to go on a tightrope with Little Miss Somersault after he discovers that it has a rip in it. Little Miss Trouble watches this and tells everybody that Mr. Brave is not brave at all, and then she dares him to go the tightrope. He remembers that he is supposed to be at a tea party with Little Miss Bossy and runs away. Little Miss Trouble says that he is not brave because he ran away, but she realizes that he is brave because he was late.

Mr. Grumble

"Bah!" says Mr. Grumble.

He hates laughter, he hates singing and he hates being turned into a pig, which is what happens if he grumbles.

Mr. Perfect

Everything about Mr. Perfect is just perfect. He never has a bad day or anything.

Mr. Cheerful

Never has Mr. Cheerful been without a smile. From breakfast in the morning to his bath at night. He was even happy when it rained! When he met Mr. Funny, he was so happy that he pulled off a funnier face than he usally does. One day, he runs into Little Miss Splendid who begins to smile, but then complains about Mr. Cheerful not raising his hat. For the first time in his life, Mr. Cheerful lost his smile—and blushed bright red. Miss Splendid finally talks him into raising his hat, showing the total of only three hairs on his head. Miss Splendid tells Mr. Cheerful that it is his big bright smile that everyone loves, not how many hairs he has on his head. So from that day on, Mr. Cheerful was once again, never without a smile. And everyone he passes leaves with a smile. Theres' only one thing left to say... hats off to Mr. Cheerful!

  • Dark Secret: He only has three hairs on his head, which is why he always wears a hat on his head. Little Miss Spendlid helps him get over it.
  • Nice Guy
  • Nice Hat
  • The Pollyanna: Very rare to see him without a smile on his face.

Mr. Cool

Mr. Cool is the coolest person in the world. When Jack Robinson is ill and bored in bed, Mr. Cool appeared and snapped his fingers, everything happens to make Jack fun. at the end, Jack's spots are disappeared during a long long long long slide down the Mount Everest.

Mr. Rude

He is called “Mr. Rude” and has a French accent (alluding to the stereotype that the French are rude people). Mr. Rude is rude to everyone, as his name suggests. He insults a man with a big nose and an overweight woman. To the overweight woman he says "Fatty! You're supposed to eat the things in the fridge, not eat the fridge as well!" However, when Mr. Happy comes to stay with him for a while, Mr. Rude begins to develop manners and gives Mr. Happy meals, though as we can tell by the end of the book, he still has some rudeness within himself as he burps.

Mr. Good

Mr. Good lives in a town called Badland, where everyone is bad. When he opens a door for someone, he gets kicked in the shin! Mr. Good decides to take a long walk and ends up in Goodland. He lives there now but never steps in puddles for fear they will be deep like in Badland.

He could be related to Little Miss Bad.

Mr. Nobody

Mr. Birthday

Mr. Christmas

Mr. Mo

Mr. Marvelous

  • The Ace: He can outperform almost anyone at anything. An exception being Ms. Naughty, as being naughty isn't a marvellous thing to do.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: He isn't called "Mr. Marvelous" for nothing.
  • Nice Guy

Mr. Adventure

     Little Miss 

Little Miss Bossy

Little Miss Naughty

Little Miss Neat

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Tiny
  • Adult Fear: Her being forced to clean Mr. Mean's for a whole year without any way to get out. It's basically the equivalent of a small child being forced into slavery.
  • Distaff Counterpart: To Mr. Small
  • Height Angst: Her smallness tends to give her a lot of problems.
  • Kick the Dog: She's a victim of this from other characters. Being forced to work as a slave for Mr. Mean, getting insulted by Mr. Rude, having her lollipop stolen by an ogre and getting launched into the air by Little Miss Naughty.
  • Nice Girl
  • Prone to Tears: She's the biggest crybaby in Misterland next to Little Miss Shy.
  • Token Mini-Moe: Most of the cast are implied to be adults and/or teenagers, Miss Tiny seems to be the youngest Little Miss and she's very cute.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: She's scared of large farm animals.

Little Miss Trouble

Little Miss Helpful

Little Miss Magic
  • Distaff Counterpart: To Mr. Impossible
  • Forgot About His Powers:
    • At the end of her own story, Mr. Tickle uses the new "one tickle-a-day" rule she gave him against her. She could've easily prevented herself from being tickled had he she just her magic powers to create a force field around herself.
    • Little Miss Magic, it was nice of you to stop Mr. Greedy from eating a poisoned apple but would it have hurt you to just use your magic powers to de-poison the apple?
  • Magical Girl: She has magic powers.
  • Meaningful Name: Is so named because she has magic powers.
  • Mundane Utility: She often uses her magic for everyday tasks like opening doors or pouring tea.
  • Nice Girl

Little Miss Shy

Little Miss Splendid

Little Miss Late

Little Miss Scatterbrain
  • Accidental Misnaming: She has a tendency to get the names of the other Mr. Men and Little Miss wrong. For example, calling Mr. Funny "Mr. Bump", Mr. Tickle "Mr. Strong" and Mr. Slow "Mr. Rush." (In the TV version of her story)
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Little Miss Scatterbrain is constantly confusing the names of the other Mr. Men and Little Misses, and when she goes into town to buy sausages, she walks into a bank instead and asks for two pounds (of sausages), then wonders what the two notes the bank teller passes her are in aid of.note

Little Miss Dotty

Little Miss Lucky

Little Miss Star

Little Miss Fickle

Little Miss Contrary

Little Miss Busy

Little Miss Quick

Little Miss Brainy
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: The second half of Little Miss Brainy's story involves her trying to help various animals out of tricky situations - and ending up the worse for it every single time. A pig asks her how to get out of the tree in which he has found itself stuck, and she suggests the pig jump down, which he does - right onto Little Miss Brainy. An elephant asks her what to do about the knot in his trunk that is impairing his breathing, and she unties it for him - and is blown for miles by his newly unobstructed breathing.

Little Miss Curious
  • Anime Hair: Her hair resembles a question mark.
  • Constantly Curious: As her name indicates, she has an unquenchable thirst for answers to all sorts of questions, such as why the worms in Nonsenseland wear bow ties.

Little Miss Somersault

Little Miss Somersault is not the kind of person who just goes out for a walk. She always have a spring in her step and rather than walking everywhere, she cartwheels everywhere. Well wouldn’t you?
  • Meaningful Name: Is so called because of her tendency to somersault over and around everything.

Little Miss Scary
  • OOC Is Serious Business: If Little Miss Scary's the one who's terrified, you know things are bad.
  • Spiky Hair: Little Miss Scary is drawn with spiky hair to make her look suitably intimidating.

Little Miss Christmas
  • Meaningful Name: Is so named because of her love of Christmas, like her brother.

Little Miss Birthday
  • Meaningful Name: Is so named because of her love of birthdays, like her brother.

Little Miss Hug

    Other characters 

The Giant

  • Aesop Enforcer: He gives Mr. Greedy a lesson about being a glutton.
  • Radish Cure: Punishes Mr. Greedy for his eating habit by making him eat all the Giant Food on his plate causing Mr. Greedy to feel sick.

Mr. Miserable

  • The Eeyore: When Mr. Happy first meets him, he's shown to be down in the dumps. Mr. Happy helps him become more happy.
  • Identical Stranger: He looks identical to Mr. Happy.

Mr. Stamp


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