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Superandom was a gag-per-update comic consisting of a few recurring characters, but not too many. It was drawn and written by Nathan Bowler.

The comic was started in July 2011 and updated regularly for about two years before updates slowed and finally stopped in November 2013 as the author wished to concentrate on their side project, the online graphic novel Hopelessly Heroic loosely based on the character of Hero Man from Superandom.

No further updates occurred for four years until the author posted a one off strip in July 2017 explaining that while they'd had a lot of fun writing Hopelessly Heroic they'd had to take its website down due to high bandwidth costs and were now working on a comic novel about murder. Nothing further has been posted since though the Superandom website remains online with a full archive of strips.

Recurring Characters

  • Hero Man and his superhero sidekick Sidekick Boy. They are a duo of superheroes who fight crime in a fictional city called Crimeville. Although Sidekick Boy is a normal, heroic hero, his mentor Hero Man is more of an absolute retard, and is humorously not heroic.
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  • The @%#$ing Retard, a stick figure character who always gets into bad shenanigans, mostly killing himself, in one panel comic strips.
  • Lady Medeva, a fairy tale peasant girl who lives in the slums of a Medieval kingdom and gets into very bad and weird shenanigans.
  • Santa Claus. Santa appears a few times in the comics.

The website itself contains more than just comics, but also entertaining short stories, secret easter eggs (one is the mystery page), and downloadable wallpapers. The top banner of the website includes a random Superandom logo and slogan for every page refresh.

There is also a Facebook page: Facebook Page

Compare Cyanide & Happiness and The Perry Bible Fellowship.


Superandom contains examples of:

  • Animate Inanimate Object: Superandom is a super random comic, therefore a lot of comics contain talking animate inanimate objects.
  • Art Evolution: The beginning comics show a slight art evolution from the new ones, and additionally, before 2011, all of the comics were drawn in the Classic style.
  • No Communities Were Harmed: The main setting for Hero Man and Sidekick Boy takes place in Crimeville, a pseudo-city that mashes up New York City, Chicago, and Detroit. [25]
  • Parody: Superandom parodies a lot of things, such as Smokey the Bear, Superman, and Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Stock Superpowers: Hero Man has a lot of stock superpowers, which include flight, super-strength, super-speed, laser vision, and x-ray vision.


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