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Let's be honest — many Webcomic creators are fans of anime, video games, etc. Thus, when they look at their schedule and notice a Fan Convention rolling into town, it's entirely possible that said artist will want to visit it. There are no shortages of reasons for this:

  1. It's a great way to connect with fans and other similar-minded people
  2. They can make money selling merchandise related to their comic
  3. The comic gets more exposure, resulting in more readers telling their friends about it and/or buying their merchandise, etc.
  4. An artist can make friends with other artists, providing link exchanges, networking, et al.
  5. It's their freaking convention (okay, so this one just applies to PAX and Digital Overload, but still).

Naturally, like most people who attend a convention, they'll want to tell everyone about it, including their readers. This gave rise to this trope.

Webcomics that are Life Embellished, Journal Comics, or in a Gag Per Day format will stick these in anywhere, while some fantasy-based comics will take a break from the story to recap the convention (which could mean no updating for the duration of the convention). If it does update during a convention, you can expect a filler strip or two.

Contrast Recap Episode, which are episodes that recount In-Universe events from previous episodes. For the In-Universe version, i.e., characters going to a Show Within a Show fan gathering, see Fan Convention.

When l isting examples, please remember to mention the convention's topic and what the author did there.



  • And Shine Heaven Now:
    • Parodied as one character spends a whole storyline recapping a convention... of fellow religious fanatics, including Bible cosplayers and great deals on holy water.
    • Also played straight with a strip or two each year after Otakon.
  • Enjuhneer: The author has done several of these, usually for Genericon but also recently for PAX East.
  • Hijinks Ensue: Joe's gone to an Star Trek convention. He dedicates one episode to recounting it as well as making sure for the nth time his fans know he loves the franchise.
  • Least I Could Do: It has this in more recent times in the form of "Con Tales (Woo-ooo!)"
  • Mac Hall: Began popping up once the comic got popular enough for the creators to begin attending conventions.
  • Narbonic: The Sunday comics are always for extra material or separate stories, so Shaenon's Con Recaps go in there. Ultimately, this included special recaps of the annual Narbonicons.
  • Penny Arcade: With filler strips. One of them is about around the dubious quality of the food vendors working the convention circuit. Tycho is Reduced to Ratburgers.
  • Scandinavia and the World: Humon has drawn a series of cartoons describing her experiences at conventions as a creator. Diva Humon describes the way convention organisers (at the better cons) have fallen over backward to look after her needs.
  • VG Cats: The comic has done recaps of conventions such as "E3 2011," with Nintendo introducing the Wii U, Sony not introducing anything, and Microsoft pushing for customers to buy the Kinect.