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A lot of webcomic authors tend to embellish their own lives or take inspiration from real people or even insert themselves into their story. However, there's another sort of comic that prefers to stay within the believable bounds of Real Life: the Journal Comic.

A Journal Comic is different from a normal autobiography, as it's usually done day to day or week to week instead of being written in retrospect; really, it's more or less the comics equivalent of a blog. Each comic chronicles a day in the life of the creator, either reflecting on events or retelling them as a story. Unlike Life Embellished comics, they usually stay fairly true to life — occasional exaggerations and simplifications are about as far from reality as they get.

The comics themselves tend to be drawn quickly, so that the artist can manage to crank them out something close to daily, but this isn't always the case. Some journal comics have a sort of indie vibe to them, due to being less story-focused and more focused on "being real" and being genuine... which may be a good or bad thing, depending on who you ask.

A possible occurrence is a Crossover between Journal Comics if two writers meet each other, such as the one between The Devil's Panties (in this strip and this strip) and Today Nothing Happened (on this page).

Might include a Con Recap (when the creator devotes an episode to recounting their experiences in a fandom convention) or two.