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A cartoonist sits down at his desk to create a new Webcomic. But what exactly will it be about? Who will the characters be? Will it be a simple gag-a-day strip or a greater dramatic work that speaks deeply to the human condition? And is Jackson Ferrell really qualified to handle an entire fictional world?

Sketch Comedy is a metafictional, No Fourth Wall webcomic about a cartoonist's interactions with his characters and the comic world he creates. Said characters include:

  • The strip's creator, prone to deranged abuses of power and bouts of self-consciousness about his comic.
  • Howard, the comic's resident wizard, called into being to provide it with a central character. Promptly wandered off in search of a sandwich.
  • Karen, a carryover from Jackson's previous strip Pungirls. Straight Man and a bit of a worrywart.
  • Becky, Karen's carefree, enthusiastic roommate, and also a carryover from Pungirls!.
  • Independent Music James: He's not a hipster, he's an elitist. James is the critical voice the world needs—if only he could get the world to listen.
  • Teri, James' snarky friend who enjoys teasing him about everything he takes seriously (which is everything). Prone to flights of Cloudcuckoolandishness.
  • 17th-century French philosopher René Descartes

Generally absurdist in tone, whether it's running on Rule of Funny and playing with discontinuity or getting serious with ongoing plotlines and Character Development. Just what the heck the author is trying to do here is an ongoing question for all of the characters.


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