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Get Genre Savvy or die.

"Welcome to Lineage Haven, where the only way to survive is to read between the lines..."
— Profile Quote

Sire is a webcomic by Alexis Royce, about split personalities Anna and Susan Enfield who journey to England after discovering that they are descended from Edward Hyde and that there is an entire subculture of people who are descended from characters of famous old works and have been cursed by "The Binding" to live the moral of their sire's story... or face the ironic consequences.

Rule 1: The Binding is everywhere and everyone is bound.
Rule 2: If everyone is bound then lineage children are doubly so.
Rule 3: The Binding cannot resist tension or drama.
Rule 4: We are characters in its story, and each have a moral to learn.

Confirmed to feature Sires/Dams from:

Unfortunately, Sire is on indefinite hiatus as of the end of Chapter 18.

Sire provides examples of: