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Deadly fruitcake and sentient AI.
Meta horror and dark comedy.

Alexis Royce is a webcomic artist and writer. Her works tend to feature amoral protagonists.

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Works include:

  • Evil Plan: Started in 2007, still updating. Z-Lister Supervillain Tal A. Kinesis bumbles his way through world conquest, incompetent minions, and personal relationships.

  • Sire: A girl with split personalities learns that classic works of fiction may not be quite as fictional as they seem. Meta Fiction leaks out of the pages.

  • May I Take Your Order: a short visual novel about a date between a regenerating masochist and a cosmic horror. Includes gore. Alexis referred to it on Twitter saying: “Look, just because it has gore and screaming monsters in it, that doesn’t make it a horror! It’s a LIGHT ROMANTIC COMEDY.” An LP of one of the routes can be found here.

  • Off the Cuff: a short, conversation-based, BDSM visual novel.

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  • morphE: More a visual novel/Adventure Game than a comic, five very different people emerge from a death game into an opulent world of regimented magic. Based on the New World of Darkness.

  • A short run of TwitchPlaysPokemon comics, depicting Red as a character best by the will of an external force (the horde). They can be read here.


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