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Visual Novel / May I Take Your Order

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Tentacles, gore and romantic comedy

May I Take Your Order is a short freeware Ren'Py-based Visual Novel about a waiter serving a couple with 'strange tastes.'

The game was made by Alexis Royce in a month as an alternate NaNoWriMo challenge. It and its soundtrack can be downloaded for free over here.

May I Take Your Order provides examples of:

  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Since Talaiporia makes her own bodies, her 'humansonas' don't seem to ever end up quite normal.
  • Bizarre Human Biology: Talaiporia is quite the fan of humans, and asks the protag some rather personal questions about their own physical form.
  • Body Horror: Talai's humansona counts as a light example. Her initially summoned form, however, is a mess of limbs and flesh.
  • Cute Monster Girl: Talaiporia.
  • Did You Just Romance Cthulhu?: Hendrik has been dating Talaiporia for hundreds of years, with full knowledge that she is an eldritch monster.
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  • Eldritch Abomination: Talaiporia.
  • Gorn: Depending on the player's choices, Hendrik can make it through the evening completely unscathed, or near-fatally injured. And he LOVES it.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: More than once, Talaiporia threatens to eat parts of the player.
  • The Masochism Tango: Depending on your choices, Talaiporia can really go to town on Hendrik. Though the worst hits are the ones to his feelings.
  • Multiple Endings: Five.
  • Yandere: Male version. Unless you want to see smiley Hendrik get ugly, do NOT stab Talaiporia.


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