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Simon Sues is a manga-style webcomic written and illustrated by Myung Hee Kim.

Simon was on the fast-track to becoming a prominent first-class lawyer. Then he accidentally damned his rival's soul to Hell, thanks to the machinations of a soul-devouring demon. Worse still, the demons have been breaking their own ancient laws and customs to consume souls from the ignorant, while the 'legal guardians' of Earth seek to abuse their power for nefarious purposes. Now, Simon works with a demon huntress and a sorcerer to help those who want to escape a soured Deal with the Devil, debating and fighting both Amoral Attorney and the hungering legions of the abyss.


tl;dr: Simon and Isaac work together to help out people (often students) who want to escape a Deal with the Devil.

Can be found here, updating Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.It's also here, which is normally a few pages ahead, here or here.Bonus comics may be NSFW.



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