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Characters / Bomb Girls

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Lorna Corbett

Portrayed by: Meg Tilly

  • Ambiguously Brown: Her ethnicity is never confirmed, but her actress, Meg Tilly is of Chinese and First Nations descent.

Gladys Witham

Portrayed by: Jodi Balfour

Betty McRae

Portrayed by: Ali Liebert

  • Fight Clubbing: After getting out of prison, she competes in underground boxing matches for money.
  • Not So Different: Karl Mueller, the escaped German POW, points out that Betty is hiding her sexuality and the fact that she is at least one quarter German on her mother's side.

Kate Andrews

Portrayed by: Charlotte Hegele


Carol Demers

Portrayed by: Carlyn Burchell
  • I Just Want to Be Special: Pointed out by Vera: "Sometimes you look at Carol and you see a little girl just wanting to be special."


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