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Characters / Bomb Girls

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Lorna Corbett

Portrayed by: Meg Tilly

  • Ambiguously Brown: Her ethnicity is never confirmed, but her actress, Meg Tilly, is of Chinese and First Nations descent.

Gladys Witham

Portrayed by: Jodi Balfour

Betty McRae

Portrayed by: Ali Liebert

  • Fight Clubbing: After getting out of prison, she competes in underground boxing matches for money.
  • Not So Differen Remarkt: Karl Mueller, the escaped German POW, points out that Betty is hiding her sexuality and the fact that she is at least one quarter German on her mother's side.
  • Throwing the Fight: When she boxed, she would deliberately lose after winning a string of bouts, in order to get a cut of the money bet on her as the favorite.
  • Tomboy: A Type 2. Outwardly, she usually dresses in a typical manner to most women in the era, but her personality is aggressive and brash, and she's not afraid of getting into fights.


Kate Andrews

Portrayed by: Charlotte Hegele

Carol Demers

Portrayed by: Carlyn Burchell
  • I Just Want to Be Special: Pointed out by Vera: "Sometimes you look at Carol and you see a little girl just wanting to be special."


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