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The Character Sheet for Gavin & Stacey. Needs Wiki Magic Love.


Gavin Shipman
Played by: Matthew Horne


Stacey Shipman (née West)
Played by: Joanna Page



Neil "Smithy" Smith
Played by: James Corden

  • Berserk Button: People asking him to share his food.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: His real name is Neil, but everyone calls him Smithy. In fact, we don't even learn his first name until the last episode of series two.


Vanessa Shanessa "Nessa" Jenkins
Played by: Ruth Jones

  • Bouncer: Had this job as part of her Mysterious Past.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Heavy emphasis on deadpan. Even while telling the most ridiculous story, she's able to do it with a serious tone.
  • Hidden Depths: So many, it becomes a running joke.
  • Multiple-Choice Past: She's apparently been one of the original lineup for All Saints, played with Jools Holland, and had an affair with John Prescott. That is, if she's to be believed.
  • Repetitive Name: Vanessa Shanessa nicknamed Nessa.


Michael "Mick" Shipman
Played by: Larry Lamb

  • Only Sane Man: Acts as this for Pam and for Smithy. Especially after Gavin has moved to Wales.


Pamela Andrea "Pam" Shipman
Played by: Alison Steadman


Brynfor "Bryn" West
Played by: Rob Brydon

  • Ambiguously Gay: Bryn certainly shows a lot more interest in men than women, but it's never confirmed as he's entirely chaste and implied to be a virgin. Given that he's unfazed by other people's homosexuality, it seems not so much that he's in denial as that the thought he is gay has just somehow never occurred to him.
  • Catchphrase: "I won't lie to you"


Gwen West
Played by: Melanie Walters


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