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Heartwarming / Gavin & Stacey

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  • In the final episode, Nessa is unusually rude to Gwen about various things; the dress fitting, omelettes, even a joke she made about her late husband. Then, just before she departs for her wedding...
    Nessa: I wanna say something. A lot of people been asking me if my mother's gonna be there. And I said, yeah, she will, as it goes. Cos my mother's called Gwen. That's you, by the way, not Gwen from Budgens. Thanks for everything, Gwen. I'd have been lost, truth be told.
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  • Gavin, Mick and Bryn's race to find Smithy when he disappears after finding out Nessa is pregnant, and in particular, Mick's speech that wins him around.
  • While he gets the wrong end of the stick, Smithy offering to be a sperm donor when he finds out that Gavin is unlikely to get Stacey pregnant naturally. Smithy is incredibly understanding and comforting about the situation, in a way that only Smithy can, and you can see that Gavin's grateful for it.
  • Mick comforting Gavin on the beach when he's down about not being able to be a father. He's so matter-of-fact yet sweet at the same time, and is even able to get Gavin to smile at the end of it. Mick really is a wonderful father.
  • Though she's wanted a baby for a while, not once does Stacey blame Gavin for being the reason they're having trouble conceiving. She's incredibly sweet and loving towards him and doesn't hesitate to comfort him and reassure him whenever he gets down.
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  • The 2019 Christmas Special reveals that Gavin and Stacey went on to have three children.

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