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Demoversi is an Internet Reviewer who ostensibly reviews edutainment, although his definition of "edutainment" is little...skewed. There is something to be learned from everything, if you're willing to look for it...even in the most vapid and mind-melting of media. Demo has been spreading this paradigm like a virus via his reviews, and slowly but surely, has been making the Internet smarter.

Demo's primary show, Irreverent Edutainment, takes on anything he can pull some edutainmental merit from, including movies, games, music videos, and websites. He also has an unscripted subseries called Let's Survey! and apparently has a new series coming up called #DanceFacts, but we've seen no evidence so far.


His Video Review Show can be seen here and here. He joined Chez Apocolypse in 2012.

This reviewer provides examples of: