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Popee The Performer is a 2001 childrens' Anime Widget Series and directorial debut of Ryuji Masuda. Set in a circus in the middle of the desert, the show's 39 episodes chronicle the antics of a small cast of characters including:

  • Popee, a clown... person... dressed in striped pajamas with bunny ears and a cat's tail, Popee is self-absorbed, mean-spirited, and desperately wants to be the star of the circus. Always eager to show Kedamono up, or abuse him for showing them up.
  • Kedamono, Popee's coworker, a purple wolf who wears orange boxer shorts and an ever-changing Noh mask to look like a person
  • Papi, a veteran "clown" who is intent on improving Popee's performances, regardless of the consequences
  • Paola, a living elephant head attached to a car, and Papi's preferred mode of transport
  • Frog, a frog
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  • Alien, an extraterrestrial who has the misfortune of being drawn into several of Popee and Papi's "adventures".

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