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  • Designated Hero: Liv and Emma are both portrayed as simply wanting to live out their childhood dreams of an ideal wedding, but their increasingly desperate and extreme methods in one-upping and humiliating each other makes them both come off as selfish and entitled bridezillas.
  • Idiot Plot: The film's main premise, where Liv and Emma's weddings are booked for the same day, requires major leaps in logic to drive a conflict between the two.
    • Simply changing the date of one of their weddings is barely even considered by the characters, with both being too stubborn to give up their wedding for the other. And Liv, being a hugely successful lawyer, could have even taken legal action against the company for the trouble caused by the double booking.
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    • Considering Liv and Emma have spent their entire childhoods creating a shared fairy tale narrative for their weddings, getting married on the same day could have easily been a good thing with the two having a double wedding. Though neither would get to be the other's Maid Of Honour, as they'd originally planned, they'd both be able to fulfil their lifelong dream together.
      • This part is acknowledged early on; Emma explicitly states that she and Liv have shared everything before now and she wants at least one thing that is just hers, rather than theirs.
  • Les Yay: Between the two leads, to the extent that they look more like they should be marrying each other instead of their respective generic men.
    From the trailer: "Of course every wedding has a story, but the one I'm thinking about isn't about a bride and a groom. It's about a bride and a bride.
    • The childhood opening shows Liv and Emma dressed as the bride and the groom in re-enacting a wedding.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Chris Pratt is Fletcher, before he had his more famous roles in Jurassic World and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Too Bleak, Stopped Caring: A big reason why the movie was panned is because of how unlikable and petty the two lead characters are and how the story is just about them both being vindictive to one another all because both of their weddings were booked on the same day, which itself is an incredibly ridiculous reason for somebody to turn against another.
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  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Fletcher, Emma's fiancé, is supposed to be seen as a controlling Jerkass for critiquing Emma's ideas for the wedding and her rivalry with Liv. Instead he comes off as an Only Sane Man for having the nerve to tell Emma that what she is doing is wrong, while Liv's fiancé Daniel just smiles and agrees with everything she does. In the end, Fletcher's sin of being assertive gets him dumped in favor of Liv's brother Nate, which is treated as a well-deserved punishment for him. But considering how horrible the protagonists are, it's easy to feel that Fletcher is the one who gets the real happy ending here.