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Advertising / Kevin Butler

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"Long live what brought us all to this party in the first place: Play. And I believe in that as much as I believe in my no-look flaming crossbow shot."

A series of commercials run by Sony to promote the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, based around the character of Kevin Butler (played by Jerry Lambert), a Sony VP in charge of everything from First Person Shooter Relations to Add More Awesome. The ads were widely praised for their humorous content as opposed to Sony's previous Mind Screw PS3 ads.

The ads contain examples of:

  • Montages: A PlayStation 3 commercial claimed "montage" is two words.
    Customer: Dear PlayStation! Just got my PS3! So whatcha got?
    Kevin Butler: What do I got? Two words: mon, tage.
  • Take That!: A pair of potshots after the release of the PlayStation Move:
    • Butler said that "Many people think motion control is just for kids." shooting at the Nintendo Wii and its signature controller.
    • After the release of the Kinect Kevin said in an ad "Oh look. Buttons!" referencing the fact that he is still holding a controller.
  • Worthy Opponent: "Well played, Mauer."

"Boom to the power of boom"