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Lucky Day: I'm Lucky Day.
Ned Nederlander: I'm Ned Nederlander.
Dusty Bottoms: I'm Dusty Bottoms, and together we're...
All: The Three Amigos!

When a band with two members, when introducing themselves, say something to the effect of "I'm First Last, this is Second Last and together we are Puntastic Band Name." This is not just restricted to music, though- many superhero teams have been known to use this trope as well.



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     Anime And Manga  

  • Parodied in Bleach with the initial appearance of Nel, Pesche, and Dondochakka. Together they are something... they just hadn't decided on what in time to get their introduction right.
  • After introducing themselves, the Ginyu Force from Dragon Ball Z would proclaim "Together we are...The Ginyu Force!" before striking poses.
  • The title of Futari wa Pretty Cure can be interpreted as "Together we (two) are the Pretty Cure!"

     Comic Books  

  • Universal War One
    Kalish: We were 4, each one having 4 doctorate degrees. Together, we were nicknamed the 4 fantastics !


  • Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.
    Bill: I'm Bill S. Preston, Esquire!
    Ted: And I'm Ted Theodore Logan!
    Both: And we are Wyld Stallyns!
  • ¡Three Amigos!!.
    Lucky Day: I'm Lucky Day.
    Ned Nederlander: I'm Ned Nederlander.
    Dusty Bottoms: I'm Dusty Bottoms, and together we're...
    All: The Three Amigos!
  • The Road to El Dorado:
    Miguel: I am Miguel.
    Tulio: And I am Tulio.
    Miguel: And they call us Miguel and Tulio!
    • also:
    Tulio: Miguel and Tulio!
    Miguel: Tulio and Miguel!
    both: Mighty and powerful Gods!


     Live Action Television  

     Professional Wrestling  

  • When radio stations simulcast and share the same branding, this may be the result. For example, when WHYI in Miami joined with WHTT in Fort Lauderdale and shared the same programming, the station breaks would name both stations and add, "Together, we're Y-100."

     Video Games  

  • God Hand. The Mad Midget Five introduce themselves.
    Red: Caught that wild "JOKER"!
    Yellow: One-heart gangsta "DIAMOND"!
    Green: You can find me at the "CLUB"!
    Blue: Have your pet neutered or "SPADE"!
    Pink: I-I-I-I-I-I-I'm Hearts, I mean "HEARTS"!
    Red: Together, we are... [all five together lie on the floor forming a V shape with their legs and a V appeared on the screen] The "Mad-Midget Five"!
    Gene: Douchebags!

     Web Original  

  • Little White Lie: At the beginning, Sami and Duder quote this verbatim.
  • Almost done and parodied on one short video had a title card introducing "Chang and D'Shawn", and a voice-over announcing "[TV Show Name] with Chang and D'Shawn!" Cut to an Asian guy and a black guy sitting next to each other.
    Black Guy: I'm Chang.
    Asian Guy: and I'm D'Shawn.
    Both: And you're a racist bastard!


     Western Animation  

  • X-Men: Evolution
    "Hi! I'm Nightcrawler!"
    "And I'm Shadowcat!"
    "We're X-Men!"
    "And these are your weapons systems!" *kablam*
  • "I'm the idea guy. You're the cutting stuff up with waterbending guys and together we are Team Avatar!"


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