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NOTE: This webcomic has nothing to do with the British comedy movies of the same name.

A long-running, furry, Slice of Life webcomic written and drawn by Kathy Garrison-Kellogg, wife of the author/artist of 21st Century Fox. It began in July 2004 as basically a Fan Fic of the latter comic but soon came into its own, with a few signs of a futuristic setting. Read it here.

This site also hosts the author's other, completed webcomic projects, including The Legend of Anne Bunny (a fictionalized retelling of the story of famous pirate Anne Bonney), Of Mouse and Moon (Johann Maus travels to the moon for a job), and Pirates of Penumbra (Johann Maus has an adventure with pirates while traveling through space, but it's All Just a Dream).

Tropes found in each of Kathy's comic series:

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    Carry On 

    The Legend of Anne Bunny 

    Of Mouse and Moon 

    Pirates of Penumbra