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"After all, you didn’t even bother to name your particular species; we defined the whole bunch of you as being NOT-human, so you must be a what, monster? That makes sense. After all, you are digging the mines, I am writing – as in, putting words together, making stuff up, naming things."
I am not fiction, Baruch Caan's blog

An English-language webcomic written and drawn by Felix Schittig and Kilian Wilde and updated on Mondays and Thursdays. ''A Tale of Fiction'' is the continuing story of the adventures of Harper, his roommate Vauxhall (or 'Room'), and a shapeshifting monster unhuman they've named 'Sneaky' and their fight against the Department of Unethical Fiction (or DUF)'s government of Fictionaria.

The comic oscillates between gag strips, often based off real-life experiences of the comic's authors or their friends, and an over-arching storyline dealing with the aforementioned DUF. Major questions still abound about the circumstances surrounding their rule, how they gained power and what happened to the former ruler, the mysterious King.

A Tale Of Fiction has a large amount of background material on the world and other goodies available on the site via Vauxhall's "Dragbook", including an in-universe news feed, an ambiguously DUF-critical web-column (updated roughly twice a month) and an in-universe webcomic called "Bison and the Boar Boys" (originally updated every Tue/Thu/Sat, but often subject to Schedule Slip, now on indefinite hiatus).


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