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Astray 3 is a webcomic by Eldon Cowgur.

Emily Hargrove hates her purposeless, day-to-day life. Her escape from it are particularly colorful dreams and daydreams, which make her drift off and perpetually late, not endearing authority figures to her at all.When a well-meaning coworker hides her from their Mean Boss in a cupboard, Emily instantly finds herself Trapped in Another World straight out of her imagination.

And it's not half as nice as it should be.

Read it here. Unfortunately, the last strip was posted on September 19th 2011 and we haven't heard from the author since.

There are signs of life on June 11, 2017 the author created a new website and made a post, the comic will be appearing here and you can read all the old strips here. The new strips may be a reboot.

Contains the following tropes: