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A long running Furry Webcomic created by Scudder "White Pony" Kidwell. Despite its sizable cast, it really only features 2 original characters: Beth, the White Guardian and White Ponynote . The rest are cameos from at least six other webcomics. Kidwell does only a limited percentage of the pages for the main comic since the creators of most of the other characters that appear in the comic also contribute pages. It is mostly a funny, slice of life type comic, but has also seen several lengthy story arcs. While the longer arcs are usually handled by a single artist, sometimes, another artist will step in for a few strips or even quite a few.

The other artists include, but are not limited to Mark Stanley, Scott Kellogg, Kathy Garrison-Kellogg and Chris Kozloski.

Read it here. There are multiple comics accessible from the main page. The first is Cross Time Cafe which is the main comic. Second is NeoCTC, which features the main cast as stick figures. The third is CTC Annex, which is Kidwell's 3D CGI comic about the construction of an addition to the Cross Time Cafe. Fourth is Beneath the Catacombs which is a second Kidwell 3D CGI project following Beth as she journeys through the caverns under the cafe on a mission to protect a dragon royal. Finally, Teaching Flo to Ride in which Florence asks Beth to teach her how to ride a motorcycle.

Due to Tapas adding some ill-advised language to their terms of service, The main CTC and NeoCTC comics (plus the fact that both these are created by more than just White Pony) have been taken down from Tapas pending a rebuild of the main CTC site. Since WP is the sole creator involved in CTC Annex, this comic is still online. As of 11 June 2017, both CTC and NeoCTC have been reloaded on the main CTC site, but several months of CTC comic pages will have to be reloaded to bring the comic back to current.

This webcomic features examples of: