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Webcomic / Because I'm Depressed

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Chel: Dad, what do you think the meaning of life is?
Diego: There is no meaning. Nothing good lasts. Dreams die, the people you love leave. You end your life sad and alone. Everything is just dust in the wind.
[beat panel]
Chel: I don’t know why I ask you questions when your answers are always so soul-crushing.
Diego: Would you rather I lie to you?

Because I’m Depressed, formerly titled BCDE, is a Black Comedy webcomic by R. E. Ryan that has been running since 2013. It centers around Diego Rivera, a clinically depressed, chain-smoking, alcoholic widower trying to raise his daughter Chel, with the assistance of his somewhat less-dysfunctional roommates, Eve and Ben.

While there is continuity, the strip is primarily gag-a-day with the occasional short story arc.

Because I'm Depressed provides examples of: