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Beanie’s Comics (sometimes referred to as What’s Up Beanie?) is an independent slice-of-life webcomic created by Alina Bean.

The series revolves around the daily life of Beanie, a pink haired personification of the author/artist. Most comics in this series revolve around situations that anyone can relate to, such as dealing with social anxiety, obsessing over cute pets, and sharing childhood memories. There are three different types of comics; the main Adult Beanie comics, the Baby Beanie comics, and the Teenage Beanie comics.

The series was started on May 18, 2019, and is still being made to this day. It is available to read on WEBTOON, Tapas, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. The series appears to be quite popular within the world of webcomics, so much so to the point that Alina has put out some merchandise of the comics.



  • Insistent Terminology: When Baby Beanie gets a beret, she insists on people calling it such rather than calling it a hat.
  • Super Drowning Skills: No matter how many people tried to teach her, Beanie could never learn to swim. Even with floatation devices, she still sank.
  • Super OCD: A few comics show that Beanie has a thinking for cleanliness to the point where walking in with muddy shoes is a Berserk Button for her. She'll even forget about other responsibilities to ensure things are clean.
  • Worth It: Beanie loves cheese so much that she will eat it even when she knows she is lactose intolerant.

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