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Webcomic / Knighthood

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Joy from Knighthood.

Knighthood is one of the newer bonus webcomics from the second donation system illustrated by Chalo and written by Curran. Previously hosted by The Katbox, it is now part of the Kemono Cafe webcomic community.

Knighthood is a story of adventure and growth. Joy Ravenhurst has taken on a challenge to become a Knight, one of her race’s protectors and guardians. The trail is long and she faces more than a few obstacles along the way. Joy’s determination will be put to the test as those enemies grow ever more aggressive, both against her and the world she wants to protect.

Knighthood can be found on can be seen here along with other comics such as Las Lindas, Addictive Science, Tinaofthe South, I Mew, Paprika, Caribbean Blue, Practice Makes Perfect, Rascals, and The Eyeof Ramalach.

The author's DeviantArt page can be seen here.The author's Fur Affinity page can be seen here.The author's Patreon page can be seen here.The author's Twitter page can be seen here.The author's Picarto page can be seen here.


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