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Webcomic / Buttersafe

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Buttersafe is a gag-a-day webcomic by Ray Castro and Alex Culang. It can be found here.

Recurring Characters:

  • Saddest Turtle and his friend Jolly Octopus. The Saddest Turtle is a rather naive creature who likes playing the guitar.
  • Punch Monster, a purple monster with one massive arm who punches people.
  • Skeleton Harvester, a giant monster who harvests people's skeletons. Appears infrequently, but his first appearance was iconic enough that he is one of Buttersafe's most famous characters.
  • Veiny Dog, a dog with very prominent veins.

There is also a Twitter feed, which they use to announce updates/discuss what they've been eating (usually in the same tweet).

Buttersafe provides examples of: