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Two Lumps is a webcomic about two purebred Russian Blue cats. Ebenezer Dusk, Esq. (usually referred to as "Eben" or "Benny"), is a scholarly cat with a never-fully-described position in the feline conspiracy to take over the world. His brother Snooch is overweight and not exactly bright, but gets a great deal of enjoyment out of life (aided by large quantities of alcohol). The two cats live with "Mom," their human owner provider of food and attention.

The comic is written by Mel Hynes, and drawn by James Grant. It was inspired by Mel's two purebred Russian Blue cats, Raistlin and Caramon (named for the Dragonlance characters — three guesses why they were renamed for the comic). It updates three times per week, and can be found here.

Please note: a March 2023 hosting change has broken many of these links.

This webcomic contains examples of:

  • Cone of Shame: Snooch has to wear a cone at one point and decides to use it as a megaphone.