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Castlevania RPG is a sprite comic that spoofs Castlevania and other Role Playing Games. It was originally supposed to be a co-operative effort alternating between sprite comics by the main author and his sister, who also writes and draws Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures. It's set in the same universe but with original characters that were adapted from a Forum Role-Playing Game done by the creator. The story somewhat parallels Castlevania circa-Circle of the Moon, but mostly the cast just gets into random hijinks involving stopping Dracula and all evil, along with getting some beef jerky, catnip and booze. The cast includes:


  • Darkmoon: An ensouled vampire with an insatiable lust for money and barmaids.
  • Alec: An extremely androgynous Holy Warrior with a penchant for jerky.
  • Katrina: Mage-turned-Catgirl via a curse.
  • Princess: The comic's requisite princess—who happens to have lesbian tendencies.
  • Angel: An Archangel sent by God to aid the heroes on their quest.

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