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Character Sheet for Castlevania RPG.

Xavier Darkmoon a.k.a. "Herschel"

Arguably the "hero" of CVRPG. A vampire whose soul was restored by a gypsy, he used to work for Dracula, but now spends time "heroing", "questing", and trolling for barmaids.

Tropes associated with Darkmoon:


Katrina D'Sorciere

A wild-type mage trapped in the form of a catgirl due to a curse. Both book- and street-smart, she often serves as the team's voice of reason.

Tropes associated with Katrina:

  • Cat Girl: Duh.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Beats Melinda in a "magic duel" by repeatedly hitting her in the face with her staff. To wit:
    Melinda: Whoever trained you in magic must be so disappointed. Losing in a sorcery duel. I wonder what sort of advice he'd have for you know...
    Katrina: ... [Walks forward and hits Melinda] He'd probably tell me to cheat.
  • Honor Before Reason: Is convinced that she has to amass enough good karma for her curse to be removed, despite Shaft having expected her to have it removed by a clergyman. She even forces him to reapply after he simply removes it during her tirade, feeling "cheated".
  • Please Put Some Clothes On: Shaft says this when he accidentally destroys her clothes while putting the curse back on her on this page, which results in Hand-or-Object Underwear.
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  • Punny Name/Meaningful Name: Katrina the catgirl.
  • Tsundere: Type A towards Darkmoon. Not that she's necessarily "dere" otherwise...
  • Unskilled, but Strong: Compared to Alec, Katrina has exponentially more magical power and reserves, but has issues controlling it. As reference, her Turn Undead spell targeted everything when she first used it in the comic, which wound up sending Darkmoon to Hell.
  • Wild Magic

Alec Prelude

A somewhat-disenchanted Holy Warrior who befriended Darkmoon shortly after "graduating" from (ie, getting kicked out of) the Holy Warrior Academy. Initially naive and idealist, his time among Darkmoon's company has given him a...safer view on life. Is currently in a relationship with Princess.

Tropes associated with Alec:

Princess Isabella

A somewhat ditzy princess who was being "held captive" by a dragon. Rescuing her from said dragon was the "heroes'" first quest in CVRPG. She later joins the party as their resident thief/martial artist/requisite royalty. Is of the Thief class and has the skills (such as lock picking) to go with it, despite fighting more like a monk.

Tropes associated with "Princess":

  • Bare-Fisted Monk: How she fights.
  • Changing Clothes Is a Free Action: Whenever she transforms.
  • Dumb Blonde: Inverted; she has her ditzy moments, especially at the beginning, but she is one of the more intelligent and rational members of the team.
  • Lipstick Lesbian: Claims to be such, and makes no attempts to hide it. Her first response to being rescued is to kiss her rescuer—who happened to be Katrina.
  • Magical Girl: Apparently a perk of being a princess is being able to transform by jumping into the air and spinning around.
  • Princesses Prefer Pink: Also lampshaded before she learns how to switch costumes on the fly from Zelda/Sheik.
  • Put on a Bus: She and Alec retire at the end of the honeymoon arc. The author states in the comments it was either retire the characters, both in and out of universe or the only thing left would be to kill one of them for drama and have it stick this time
  • Shotoclone: Her "self-defense" moves she uses while in Princess Mode include what are obviously the Hadoken and Shoryuken.
  • Unstoppable Rage: When Alec is killed by the Elder God.


An archangel sent by God!Mike to aid the "heroes" in their quest. Unfortunately, he's barely any better than them, so that doesn't really help his cause.

Tropes associated with Angel:


A golem built by a clan of dwarves to function as a sentry, guard their mined goods, and clean up after them. However, the dwarves soon massacred themselves in a bloody orgy of drunken violence, and Golem was left to his own for a year, after which he meets Darkmoon and company. Convinced by Darkmoon to go out and live for himself, Golem finds himself unable to enjoy the finer things in life (consisting of booze, women, and not getting rocks and bricks thrown at him); after giving himself a new, more humanoid form, Golem returns to officially join the main party.

Tropes associated with Golem:

  • Morph Weapon: His "magic" allows him to temporarily alter the composition of his body's shell to another material (such as iron or steel), and can further this by assimilating weapons and altering his body parts to function like that weapon.
  • The Straight Man: Even more so than Shaft or Katrina; the problem is, no one listens to him.

Bunny, Darkie, and Sigurd

Darkmoon, Katrina, and Alec's respective familiars/animal companions. Bunny is a Killer Rabbit, Darkie is a bird forever stuck as a bat due to a polymorph spell gone wrong, and Sigurd is a pig - a pig that can swim, carry a grown man in full combat gear without complaining (leading Alec to refer to him as his "steed"), and bite the ankles of ghouls.

They are often the most effectual characters in the comic. Oh yeah, and they defeat Dracula.

Tropes associated with Bunny, Darkie, and Sigurd:


The world-renowned hero hailing from the land of Hyrule, Link initially shows up as a cameo character alongside Lucca, Samus, and Nathan, with whom he formed a "party" with for a short while. On his way to defeat Dracula, he gets caught up in fighting Moldorm (a.k.a. "Giant Swirly Boss") after the worm repeatedly knocks him off the stage into the floor below, and Link eventually expires. Shows up later in Hell after Darkmoon is inadvertently turned by Katrina, and soon gets pulled back to his now-skeletal body when Katrina brings back Darkmoon. Link defeated Sindra and earned his freedom, but Hell can't seem to get enough of him, and Link is often pulled back into the fiery abyss to play part in some scheme by Damaris. Hell has seemed to calm down somewhat, so Link has passed the role of Hero of Time to Bucky, and now owns an armor shop in Jova/Veros/whatever.

Tropes associated with Link:

  • Artistic License – Biology: His ability to use his bow while in skeletal form is explained as "nocking the string between [his] joints" and "having really good bone density" (in place of having muscles and tendons).
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: It's Link; of course he'd have a lot of stuff. Lampshaded when Alec finds his Bag of Holding post-Moldorm.
  • Master Swordsman: Literally, as he wields the Master Sword.
  • Quick Draw: Pulls a variant of this with a bow.
  • Running Gag: Not knowing Link's name, Satan (as well as all of Hell save Sindra) refers to him by the color of his clothes—first green, then blue. Problem is, right when the devil sends his enforcers to find Link, he's changed to a different color of clothes—from green to blue, then blue to red. As such, they never figure him out unless someone else uses his name.


A skeletal, undead chicken that Link meets while in Nivelheim, who becomes his close companion and business partner. Bucky aids Link in collecting the Hell's Arms, and later aids Darkmoon in altering the fate of Alt-Alec to prevent the Wham Episode's events from actually occurring. Bucky receives the Master Sword and Link's Hylian Shield when the latter acquires the Hell Sword and Shield (actually, Link had to convince Bucky to trade him for it, as Bucky wanted the Hell Sword for himself), and takes up Link's mantle as the Hero of Time.

Bucky's (supposed) Hylian accent, near-impermeability to all forms of damage, and his ability to summon his comrades to constantly swoop at his enemy from all sides suggests that he is the undead form of a Cucco, however the hell that works.

Tropes associated with Bucky:

  • Crazy Awesome: To date, Bucky is the only character in the comic to force Death to admit defeat.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Doesn't go after the living out of respect for the other characters' values, but anything that's severed or postmortem is fair game.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: Played with: The Dual Attack "Poultry Flare" consists of Darkmoon (or whoever) setting Bucky on fire and hurling him at the target.
  • Intelligible Unintelligible: Bucky's "speech" is rendered as clucks and buckaw's, but Link, The Kid, and Death can understand and converse with him no problem. Darkmoon can understand him as well, but had some initial trouble with Bucky's accent.
  • Invincible Minor Minion: A rare heroic example.
  • Killer Rabbit: On par with Bunny.
  • Running Gag: Each time a character sees Bucky for the first time, the response usually includes "What kind of chicken is that!?", to which the answer is always a way to prepare chicken ("Deep fried", "Rotisserie", etc.)


What would Castlevania be without Dracula? Curse of Darkness, that's what. As always, Dracula is an extremely powerful vampire who ushers in darkness, feasts on the blood of virgins, and gets his ass kicked and revives along with his castle once every hundred or so years from 1100-something to 1999. However, this Dracula is notably more enterprising, fashion-conscious, and gay than in other depictions, and isn't above taking a fall to get some time off from the Belmonts. Dracula turned Darkmoon personally, and as such treats him like a second son (because the first one was too goody-goody).

Dracula was defeated by Bunny, Darkie, and Pig, and briefly resurrected as a cat until Raye went for a power-play.

Tropes associated with Dracula:



Frankie & Mummy

A homage to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.



Nathan and Samus

  • Heroic Mime: Averted and lampshaded by Samus. After an unfunny comment from her, she remarks this is why she normally doesn't talk.


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