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Nintendo Acres (often shortened to just NA) is a comic made by two brothers. It follows the lives of five classic video game characters living in a single house. Also, the author's tend to be a bit intrusive.

Started out with two authors, went down to one for a couple years, and is now back to the original two.

The basic premise of the comic is that there is a "hub-world" connected to all video game universes, to which the characters spend their time or even try to live regular lives in between "working" on their next game. Although it is technically possible for any video game character to be in Nintendo Acres, the Authors try to keep it limited to characters seen on Nintendo consoles. The action of the comic revolves around a central main group consisting of Sonic, Mario, Samus Aran, Kirby, and Link. Each of these characters has been assigned a "quirk" that slightly expands their characteristics, and which is typically derived from a common element in their games. The supporting cast consists of the residents of the three neighboring houses and several other characters who are usually associated with a particular location.


The characters' attempts to live a "normal" life are constantly upset due to: 1) Dangerous game elements finding their way into town or 2) Alien Invaders from non-game universes, either of which can often be traced back to the Authors wanting to shake things up. Jokes usually involve puns, hanging lampshades, and slapstick.

Is currently under the process of being rewritten here.

This webcomic provides examples of:

  • Action Girl: Samus, of course, as well as Zelda on occasion.
  • And Zoidberg: This page's title.
  • Audience? What Audience?: Allbron to the rest of his party.
  • Author Avatar / Author Powers: Kingwerewolf and Brogalio are the Authors and will occasionally screw with the Citizens of NA.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Demon Shadow's battle cry: "Destroy! Mutilate! Maul! Insult Ceaselessly!"
  • Ascended Extra: Lionk was originally supposed to be a one-off character to mislead readers during Sheik and Zelda's first date, until the Authors got the bright idea of employing him at all the restaurant simultaneously.
  • Aborted Arc:
    • The Phantom of the Opera spinoff was only started but never finished.
    • The most recent arc (as of this edit) has King trying it again, and somehow succeeding in killing off the entire cast.
  • Beat Them at Their Own Game: Subverted when Brogalio easily overcomes the challenges the characters throw at him when the roles are reversed.
  • Berserk Button: If you show Samus a Metroid or even hint at her less-than-perfect singing voice, prepare for a Super Missile Storm.
    • When Archie/SatAm Robotnik defeated Sonic and Shadow, Amy goes super and uses an attack similar to a nuke.
  • Butt-Monkey: If the plot turns towards action, odds are Link will suffer some sort of head wound. If not, he'll be the first one caught up in the problem.
    • Lionk too, at least in earlier comics. Every time the Le Fancee-Pansee restaurant appeared, the painting in the background would be destroyed, stolen or vandalized, and the damages came out of his paycheck.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: Recent comics tend to lean toward drama more often than comedy.
  • Demoted to Extra: Kirby, Meta Knight, Peach, and others who have bios on the site but mostly show up in the background.
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  • Ditzy Genius: No one can deny Link's skill as "Hero of The Game's Theme" and his literary knowledge is vast, but he can't operate doors without using a boomerang (just go with it) and is rather blunt.
  • Doppelgänger: Brogalio has two from Alternate Universes that are supposed to be Multiverse-traversing scientists of some sort, but just bum around the "Author Space" house. Strangely, they look nothing like the original or each other.
  • Flowersfor Algernon Syndrome: at one point, Link has brain surgery, ending up as a jerk and nearly ends up Destroying NA.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: This is actually the normal state of affairs; The antagonism between "Heroes" and "Villains" in the games is just an act.
  • Identical Stranger: Link and Lionk the restaurant guy (Although, he's technically Link's "stunt double" to open doors in the 3-D games)
  • Living with the Villain: The heroes of five games are living in one house, while right next door are their respective enemies (Four of them anyway). They get along quite well.
  • Medium Awareness: Used by Allbron and in this comic. Also describes the comic in general- Most characters are aware that they're in a comic, but rarely make a big deal about it.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: Since NA is a world where game characters are actors, most "bad guys" embody this trope. Subverted by Lavos
  • Rainbow Speak: Every major character has a unique text color. The main five have colors taken from the default pallet in Paint, while most of the side characters's text is taken from their dominant hue, and extras talk in black.
  • Shout-Out:
  • SugarApocalypse: Porkchop nearly destroyed NA but he was stopped by Smart Link.
    • And earlier with both Smart Link and the evil Robotnik.
    • ...and pretty much any time Lavos shows up.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Link was originally portrayed as being so dumb that he couldn't open doors without using bombs.