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Webcomic / Lightning Made of Owls

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Lightning Made of Owls is a webcomic from the mezzacotta website consisting entirely of user-submitted guest strips, launched on 15 November 2008. Its name is a deliberate word salad title. It features the following stock characters:

  • Holly, an optimistic, lively young woman. Always depicted with clear round Nerd Glasses.
  • Ambrose, a learned, eccentric older man. Always depicted with a yardbrush moustache.
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  • Samantha, a smart, vain, self-motivated young lady. Always depicted with large earrings.
  • Oliver, a bald man who is always Lawful Good. Always depicted with an L-shaped scar.
  • Meridien, a long-haired spiritual woman. Always depicted with a cloth fashion accessory, typically a ribbon.
  • Delkin, a young technician, and the joker of the bunch. Always depicted with Hidden Eyes.

Lightning Made of Owls contains examples of: