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  • Why do they not use sterile gloves when doing typical surgeries, but use them when giving abortions and some other things?
    • Forgetful animators, perhaps.
  • If God and Satan exist in the South Park universe and have appeared on earth, why are there still atheists?
    • What about the time Satan & Saddam Hussein rose from hell in front of countless witnesses & tried to take over the world?
    • Considering the stupidity of most people in the South Park universe, this could simply be chalked up to Flat-Earth Atheism. Alternatively, they could be marked as anti-theists (or militant atheists) or as having Nay-Theist beliefs like Mister Fantastic or Mister Terrific.
  • If some characters in the show, such as Randy and Butters, wear normal clothes like us people in the lower lands, how come they haven't, you know, frozen to death? The mountains are extremely cold, and yet they seem to act as if they were at room temperature.
    • Rule of Funny perhaps? The boys also still wear their jackets even when they're indoors or on a sunny day. The only time they usually don't wear them is when they go to bed.
    • Furthermore, the boys debuted in their jackets, and most cartoon characters wear the same clothes everyday.
    • In Kenny's case, this could be some Fridge Brilliance, as he is the poorest kid in town and so he'd probably wear his parka to bed or indoors because his house probably doesn't have the best insulation in it.
  • How does Satan have a son (Damien) if he's gay? In-vertro fertilization was not popular (or possible) in the 90s (or in Hell).
    • He might not have always realized he was gay. Or had sex with a woman who agreed to be Damien's surrogate (being gay means you generally don't want to have sex with women, not that it's physically impossible). Or maybe magic was used to impregnate his mother/spontaneously create him. And the first test-tube baby was born in 1978, so in-vitro fertilization was indeed possible back in the 90s.
    • He's the Prince of Darkness, a Fallen Angel, the Lord of Sin. A supernatural being, in other words. He's probably more than capable of siring a son without needing to do so the old-fashioned way, so to speak.
  • If an attractive welcome committee for the Halloween party was so damn important for Satan why didn't he just call some succubi so at least some of his demon friends felt like they weren't forgotten?
  • Is there a government, law enforcement, education, or other official in South Park who isn't either grossly incompetent or extremely corrupt (or maybe both) that isn't named Chef?
    • No. That's kinda the point.
    • Even Chef was made into a pedophilic Sith Lord.
    • A Scientologist who didn't want to be made fun of.
      • However it was revealed some time later that Chef's VA, Isaac Hayes, had suffered a stroke and someone from Scientology spoke on his behalf without consulting him. He had no issue with them lampooning Scientology.
    • They are a bunch like the one dentist who was right about the tooth fairy racket, Microsoft late executive, Randy's co-workers and the Care child service who didn't take the "she was called an emo" as a real cause of abuse. The fact that most of them ends up dead or forgotten is why don't see them often it's like asking why don't we see sloths just chilling every five minutes? Because you don't want to see that and you damn well know it.
  • Why, if everyone sees Jesus, does the town not convert to Christianity?
    • Multiple reasons. Jesus is a figure in both Hinduism (an avatar of some Hindu deity it seems), and in Islam (a prophet). Similarly a lot of Jews acknowledge that Jesus existed and was a Jewish teacher - in fact much of the New Testament is an affirmation of the Jewish faith. Plus has Jesus ever said 'Everyone become Christian'; and Rule of Funny.
      • Jesus isn't related to Hinduism at all as far as scripture goes. There are some Hindus who believe that Jesus was so wise and such that he must have been an incarnation of a god. However, this is just what some individuals believe and it has zero evidence as far as scripture goes.
      • That's no problem, most religions have beliefs that aren't in their scriptures. There's no part of the Bible where Jesus urges people to go to church on Sunday.
      • Except for that whole "keep the Sabbath holy" thing...
      • The sabbath was the seventh day of the week, but the week started on Sunday.
      • It is a bit like people trying to claim that Jesus was born on Dec. 25 CENTURIES before the Gregorian calender was implemented. Nobody questions it because we are so used to the calendar we have.
    • Not everyone would want to follow him. It's not like he's performing miracles or doing anything important. If not for some very funny episodes, he would just come across as a wacko who thinks he's Jesus
    • In most of the early episodes featuring Jesus, it was implied that Jesus just wanted to live like a normal person without everyone bugging him for divine intervention (i.e., when Jimbo prays to him at Stan's football game, even though he's sitting three feet away, he says something to the effect of "Leave me alone!"
    • Possibly because basically every other major religious figure is also alive and real.
  • Why does Jesus not tell the town that Heaven is exclusive to the Mormon faith?
    • As stated before, Negative Continuity. And it's all done intentionally as a joke.
      • But isn't it mentioned like 3 times? Once in the episode "Best Friends Forever", one of the angels mentioned that Heaven was allowing more people in because Hell's army vastly outnumbered theirs, once when Saddam gets sent to Heaven by Satan, and one other one where somebody in Hell asks what the correct religion was and is answered with, "Mormons."
      • Maybe Jesus and his dad haven't talked in awhile and he doesn't know.
      • In South Park, Mormons go to Heaven because they seem to be the only ones who could enjoy it. Everyone else probably would lose it, hence they end up in Hell.
  • South Park's Mayor and policeman are horribly corrupt and incompetent; the citizens are all violent, crazed hillbillies. Why do the citizens not rebel and take control?
    • Perhaps that's how they got the Mayor and Barbrady in the first place. They are living in a Crapsack World after all.
    • It is implied that despite his incompetence, Barbrady's presence alone(pointed out by Stan) is enough to keep the place in order as proven in 'Chicken F*cker' in which the entire city is plunged into chaos five seconds after he resigns.
  • Why is South Park referred to as being in the Midwest in several episodes when the show is set in Colorado which is definitely not in the Midwest? One could even argue that they're referring to as far west as San Francisco the Midwest in "Smug Alert."
    • Since Matt and Trey are actually from Colorado, it can't be bad research. More likely, it's either the idea of Midwest as a personality type or they're catering to the attitude that everything outside New York and LA is flyover territory.
    • Many people believe that Colorado is in the Midwest.
      • Then they are using an extremely broad definition. In both Colorado and Illinois, there is very little that they share culturally, demographically, economically, or in climate. Especially Park County, CO, which is in the mountains.
      • A broad definition would be including Kentucky. Any definition including Colorado is just wrong.
      • PA born and raised, to be honest, what we were taught about Colorado depended on the textbook company producing the maps. It's been considered Midwest, Southwest, but never West. West was Rocky Mountains and westward. Colorado is on the wrong side for being "Western".
      • A huge chunk of Colorado is west of the Rocky Mountains, just not a huge chunk of the population.
    • The midwest actually refers mostly to largely northern states, like Michigan, Minnesota, and the Dakotas, rather than the actual western U.S. It stands to reason that, by midwest, Matt and Trey meant to say Great Plains, which does include the eastern half of Colorado.
  • What happened to Dr. Mephesto? He was important in the first season but then just forgotten.
    • He came back in the possibly-never-to-be-seen-again episodes "200" and "201".
    • Word of God is that they stopped finding Mephesto funny, so they stopped using him.
  • Who is Mysterion?note 
    • As of "Mysterion Rises," it's definitely, 100% factually... Kenny
  • How come nobody noticed that Cartman's Mom had a penis until Mephesto pointed it out?
    • Because she didn't (circa episode "201").
    • The people of South Park are idiots. Besides it was seemingly supposed to be a clever plot twist.
    • She could have gotten surgery similar to Mr. Garrison's "vaginaplasty" sometime since then.
  • Has anybody noticed that almost every South Park character carries a gun?
    • Considering the stuff that happens in their daily lives, a South Park resident carrying a gun is just them being sensible; wouldn't you like to have a gun near by when Cartman exists?
    • They like their guns out in rural Colorado.
      • Here's another related question, how the hell do the kids even get guns? There is no way kids that young could easily acquire a gun.
      • Kids no. Cartman, yes. He can rig a national election with a wig and tears he can get a gun easy.
    • It's toon physics. Toons have the ability to pull out exactly what tool they needed if it's sufficiently funny.
  • What's up with all of the product placement on this show, especially in the later seasons? In the latest season alone, they've mentioned TGI Friday's, Netflix, Sur La Table, Grand Theft Auto, Walgreens, American Express, etc. Is it just for the sake of realism?
    • It must be, because it was said that they weren't paid for putting Rock Band in their show, even though it was later deemed one of the greatest Rock Band ads of all time.
      • Rock Band was owned by Viacom at the time, as is Comedy Central.
    • It could be that they genuinely like the stuff and want more realism. It could also be so they can go back and rip on it later. Or it could be that they are getting paid to include the placement.
    • Word of God is that it's realism sake and they don't make any money from the product placement.
  • The kids. They're really realistic interpretations of children their age, with cartoon comicness and an overdose of maturity, but..They seem a bit too mature at times and too immature at times. Even when it comes to balancing them with the adults.
  • Aren't any of the parents aware of their children's behavior and language? Most are Too Dumb to Live but how do they not notice kids kicking around a toddler, or said toddler cursing?
    • Again, this is South Park. Rule of Funny applies.
      • It seems to be Character Development on the part of the parents in the movie. The movie's message was pretty much that the whole concept of taboo "curse words" that are vulgar "just because they are" despite all of them having synonyms, being generally fun things to say, and the supposed vulgarity just resulting in awkwardness is pure bullshit. Of course, then comes "It Hits the Fan."
      • Plus parents tend to just tune out when their kids talk, so it could just slip under the radar sometimes.
  • What's with the bicycles? It would have originally been hard getting stubby characters onto regular bikes, and it fits their more childish appearance thanks to the art style, but...they look like toddler bicycles. They're ten years old; why don't they use normal ones?
    • You answered your own question: their legs are proportionately so tiny that they can't use a regular bike.
  • Everyone's weight. Kenny is 56 pounds, Stan is 63, Cartman is 117, and Kyle is 44. Are they short, because those seem rather tiny for their age. 'Sounds sickly.
    • Those are perfectly fine weights for 9 year old kids (well, not Cartman, but he's obviously fat).
    • In "Human Centipad", Kyle weighed 83 pounds. Where exactly did the above weights come from? Were they stated or shown in an episode?
    • Well, they've aged to 10 since the beginning of the series (as stated by Stan in "Crack Baby Athletic Association"). One could assume that they've had a growth spurt.
  • Since we already know Kyle(AB-), Eric(AB-) and Butters(O) Blood types what are Stan and Kenny's Blood type.
    • Kenny might have AB- as well, since at the end of "Chef's Mama", Cartman gets his eyes replaced with Kenny's.
    • Except that Dr. Doctor says that Cartman is the only one in town who shares Kyle's blood type. (Kenny was still alive at that point in the episode, for the record.)
      • They can only have O? To be entirely accurate to this (and that must surely be why it was chosen), it would have to be specifically O-.
  • Do the other characters still see Jimmy as a new kid? From our perspective Jimmy has been around for a decade, yet to them, is this still his first year? Most surprising is how there has yet to be a continuity error regarding this, i.e. someone saying they've been friends with Jimmy or his parents for years.
    • The show definitely has a floating timeline. Clinton was president when they were in third grade, and now Obama is president.
      • Real life stuff is different, though. The characters' histories float while our history flows normally. Thus, a "new" kid's history is odd to think about. Though it was already messed up with "Summer Sucks" showing the end of a school year, and you can't pretend it takes place between "Probably" and "4th Grade" due to two separate Garrison story arcs (Mr. Twig and getting fired/coming out).
  • The Boys wear such heavy clothes even when they're indoors on a summer day and in some warmer place (granted, at least Cartman tends to take off his hat). And Butters rarely wears headgear despite only having a small tuft of hair. Huh? And you can't say "Kenny is too poor to get anything other than the parka" because he clearly has a few regular shirts plus he can always just keep his hood down.
    • Why does he always wear that parka? The rest of his family wears regular clothing, plus there are things cheaper than parkas. Kenny wore parkas as a kid too, and he wears it inside his own home. He even sleeps with it on at times.
      • Maybe Kenny's parka is like his security blanket. He tightens the hood whenever he's scared, so he probably feels snug and safe in there.
      • Speaking of which, why does he feel the need to do that if he remembers that he's immortal?
      • He makes it clear that dying hurts like a bitch. He's scared of the pain.
    • To answer OP's original question, cartoon characters generally wear the same thing every episode. Maybe at this point the animators have forgotten that the boys are wearing winter clothes and just view what they wear as normal clothes.
  • How is it that Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Wendy, and a few random background citizens and students are the only characters with winter apparel as their Limited Wardrobe while the other characters wear normal clothing?
    • Not just that, but in the early seasons show them wearing the same outfits even in tropical/semi-tropical settings like in "Starvin' Marvin" and "Rainforest Schmainforest."
    • It's been stated numerous times here that cartoon characters are known to wear the same clothes everyday, so maybe at this point the animators have completely forgotten that the characters wear winter apparel and just assume they're wearing normal clothes.
  • Are the Gingers supposed to have souls or not?
    • Considering how the ginger that was kicked out of the cafeteria looks exactly like what he is supposed to be, and that afterwards the gingers seem genuinely pissed off at the discrimination against them, its possible that they are just regular kids, albeit ones with the unfortunate tendency to display creepy grins.
  • When was it said that Cartman and/or Kenny have hazel eyes? In "Starvin' Marvin" there was a close-up of Kenny's eye getting plucked out by a turkey and it was dark blue, and Kenny also had blue eyes in anime form (but Kyle had black hair, so...)
    • An early script to The Movie had Kenny with hazel eyes. To quote the script: [This boy's name is KENNY, and under his orange coat we have no idea what he looks like, except for his European nose and hazel eyes.] There are drawings of Cartman that state he has brown eyes.
  • Given how the town of South Park is generally depicted as Hicksville, Redneckland, how did they ever end up electing a mayor who is a single woman with bright green hair?
    • She was probably the only non-joke candidate. Or possibly the only candidate.
  • If Canadians have flapping heads and beady eyes, why do celebrities such as Tom Green, Justin Bieber, and Alanis Morisette look like regular South Park characters? When they show Celine Dion she looks like a Canadian.
    • Maybe not all Canadians have the flappy-head condition. Saddam Hussein has flappy-head syndrome, he's not Canadian, and while some Iraqis do, most don't.
      • Someone once asked the website's FAQ the very same question in regards to Tom Green. Their answer, perhaps half-jokingly, is that once a Canadian marries an American and gets citizenship status, they lose the flappy head.
  • How was Cartman able to say the last thing one does before they die is crap their pants if he hasn't seen Kenny do so after any of his deaths?
    • Didn't Kenny say people don't remember his deaths?
      • True, there is the whole thing with that. But in "Cartmanland", Cartman said that "he (Kenny) dies all the time". In "Clubhouses", he even delivers the "they killed Kenny" line, even if he didn't appear to directly see it.
      • Crosses the Line Twice time: Kenny is so poor that he doesn't eat much, so doesn't have much in his bowels?
    • Maybe he does and we just don't see it?
  • How exactly does a Elementary School Principal like P.C. Principal and a Geologist like Randy Marsh have the power to make Gentrification happen to the town? And would Principal Victoria have this ability as well?
  • It's revealed in Behind the Blow that it's unknown whether Terrance and Phillip are cartoons or live-action characters. In the early seasons they were cartoons, but in Bigger, Longer & Uncut they are referred to as both cartoon characters and real life people: in the song "Blame Canada", Sharon sings "My son saw the darn cartoon and now he's off to join the clan", yet they appear as real people since they were interviewed on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and were even killed by Sheila. Is this inconsistency supposed to be Rule of Funny, and since this leans toward the fourth wall does that mean the characters in South Park are aware of their fictional nature?
    • It's possible that they're real-life celebrities who voice animated versions of themselves, a bit like The Ricky Gervais Show.
    • That very episode gives an explanation: at some point Terrance and Philip did have their own cartoon (some weird sci-fi adventure thing where they voice themselves). People seem to have trouble distinguishing between that and the real show.
  • Fractured But Whole brings confusion for the entire franchise with one detail late in the story. Dr. Mephesto reveals his son, Terrence, died in season 1 episode Mecha-Streisand. Terrence Mephesto is seen alive as late as Oh Jeez in season 20. What does that mean for the continuity in South Park? Is there just none at all despite events happening in the real world reflected in the show, such as the presidential election every four years? Is it just sliding continuity like The Simpsons because they're all Not Allowed to Grow Up?
  • What kind of accent does Cartman have? He pronounces Kyle as "Kahl" and Mom as "Mehm". This was lampshaded in "The Poor Kid".
    • Probably something of southern/southwesternish accent with long inflection would be the best description.


    The Four Boys 
  • If Stan has an addictive personality, why wasn't Tegridy Farms more appealing to him? He basically had unlimited, unmonitored access to free dopamine, and his own dad was actually more upset about the fact that Stan didn't want to get involved with marijuana, which ought to be an addictive personality's dream come true. Even if he hated it out there, he still could've snuck a blunt or two just to see what it felt like.
    • In "Freemium isn't Free" Stan overcame his game addiction. Just because Stan has an addictive personality, it doesn't mean he can't keep his urges in check. In fact, he avoids addctive stuff, because he realized he has an addictive personality. Also, the farm was his father's idea, Stan doesn't resepct him a lot, so the thought of trying something from his father's business disgusts him.

  • Why didn't Kyle learn Ike was adopted until Ike was two years old? Wouldn't his parents have told him when they got Ike? Wouldn't Kyle have noticed he was Canadian, being a Terrance and Phillip fan?
    • Matt and Trey probably hadn't thought of it yet. Remember, when Terrance and Phillip were first introduced, they weren't supposed to be live-action; they were cartoon characters.
    • Sheila and Gerald may not have thought Kyle was old enough to know yet, since Kyle was only six at the time. Given how Kyle initially rejects Ike when he learns they're not biological siblings, they may have had a point.
  • Why does a majority of the fandom believe Kyle has green eyes? Stan has blue, Cartman brown, and Kenny blue. All of those are confirmed as of now (originally both Kenny and Cartman had hazel though, and Cartman described Kenny as having brown eyes in an early episode). Is it because he has red hair? To make him stand out from his friends and the crowd? Because it looks good on him color combination wise?
    • Maybe it's a combination of all three.
    • Also given his Jewish heritage likely being of the Ashkenazi variety out of Central and Eastern Europe (his surname is of Slavic origin), Green eyes are not at all uncommon there so it's plausible.
    • You may be thinking of the time when Cartman made a pun about Kenny's anus.
  • Why exactly is Kyle's hair so...very much exaggerated? Even for SP, that is.
    • Because it's supposed to be ridiculous and embarrassing. It's why he always hides it with a hat. Also because one of the creators has the exact same hairstyle and is likely a way of poking fun at himself.
  • Cartman called Kyle a "ginger". But he neither has overly pale skin or freckles. Is he supposed to have freckles but they aren't shown? Or was he messing with him?
    • He's what Cartman calls a day-walker. He's a redhead without all the characteristics of a ginger.
    • It seems because a fourth grader thinking 'Ginger' starts with a 'J' makes him sound vaguely stupid, but him thinking 'Daywalker' starts with a 'J' makes him sound Too Dumb to Live.
      • Cartman doesn't seem to have anything personal against Jews, more so against Kyle [his hatred of the Jews is best described as being his childish way of lashing out against Kyle]. He doesn't have a problem with people he likes [he never bashed blacks that much until Chef was no longer in the picture]. Ike is a Canadian kid that Cartman doens't have a negative opinion on, thus he wouldn't insult him by association.
  • Why is Kyle considered the Uke to Stan? Stan is the emotional one and Kyle is the more Hot-Blooded straight guy.
    • Probably because Stan was shown to be good at football for one episode and Kyle's a smart Jew. Therefore, that's how it MUST be.
    • To be fair, they do switch it up sometimes. That, and Stan's usually the one who has yet to figure out his emotions and Kyle is usually confident in his, keeping...basic personalities the same. Stan usually becomes super gung-ho once he figures it out, and Kyle's just happy that Stan is his, so he pretty much lets him do anything he wants.
    • There are more instances of Stan saving and comforting Kyle than vice-versa, or at the very least they are more prominent. Also, Stan takes the role of the group leader the most often. Not to mention that Someone Hot-Blooded isn't necessarily better with emotions than someone sensitive. While Stan is more soft when he expresses his emotions, he is a lot less impulsive and this gives him a layer of maturity. Not to mention that Stan is the only one who never cross-dressed from his group. Though of course, he isn't as manly as fanfiction makes him look like sometimes.
    • Also, according to the TV Tropes definition, a seme does not necessarily need to be more masculine than the uke. The definition for seme is the "giving half", while the uke the "receiving half". Some fanfictions probably don't intend to make Kyle effeminate and Stan more masculine than he is. Stan is usually the Only Sane Man and sometimes acts as the Team Dad, so maybe in some fanficitons he is supposed to be more mature than Kyle, therefore the more protective and caring one.
  • If Kyle hates Cartman so much, why does he keep hanging out with him?
    • Lack of alternatives, likely. When you're a kid your social network is pretty much limited to the kids who live close by and the kids you go to school with, especially in a small town like South Park, and Kyle and Cartman both fit those criteria for each other.

  • If Cartman claims to not be gay to Cupid Me in "Tweek x Craig", then why does he have Hoyay moments with Kyle and Butters... especially Butters, has no problem cross dressing, dressed as Britney Spears while making out with a cardboard cutout of Justin Timberlake, gave Ben Affleck a handjob, and shows little to no interest in women? So is he gay or not and why did Trey decide to make him Ambiguously Gay?
    • There's not really an answer as to why the creators made him Ambiguously Gay/Bi. His Hoyay moments with Kyle and Butters probably don't imply that he's gay. The reason he was once so desperate for Kyle to suck his balls in the Imaginationland trilogy was because Cartman knew leprechauns were real and Kyle flat out refused to believe him. Normally, Cartman doesn't speak literally he tells people to suck his balls, but since he proved Kyle wrong with something he would've never believed, he dared him to do something as vile as literally sucking his balls due to Kyle's serious disbelief.
    • The reason he claimed to be Kyle's boyfriend in the episode "Cartman Finds Love" is because the new black girl at their school, Nichole, had a crush on Kyle instead of Token, and Cartman wanted Nichole to be with Token instead since he thought they'd make a cute couple on the count that they're both black. Therefore, Cartman told Nichole that Kyle is already taken to to ruin any chances she had with him in attempt to get her and Token together.
    • Last of all, Cartman took a picture of him with Butters' dick in his mouth because he thought that it would make Butters gay instead of himself (the reason altogether was because he loves taking funny pictures of him doing crude things to Butters while he's asleep). In fact, he was so dissatisfied with this that he wanted to get rid of all the evidence of the picture and if not he would photoshop it to make it look like Kyle is sucking Butters' dick instead.
    • Well since he now fell in love with a girl in Season 20 (Heidi Turner) and they're officially dating, this could imply that Cartman has a heterosexual side to him.
    • Given his track record, Cartman claiming that he's absolutely not gay is just as credible as him saying that he's not fat, but big-boned. Specially since that same episode ends with him masturbating to the thought of Cupid Me having sex with him.
    • Maybe he's bisexual.
  • Cartman showed signs of oppression and hatred towards gay people and especially Sparky the dog in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride", yet as the series progresses Cartman does things that make him look bigger and gayer than Big Gay Al, why is that? And for further proof see "AWESOME-O", "Cartman Sucks", "Imaginationland Trilogy", and "Cartman Finds Love". Plus in "It Hits the Fan" Mr. Garrison said that if you say "fag" without being bleeped, then you're gay... Cartman was never bleeped when he said "fag". How did it come to this?
    • Characterization Marches On?
      • Actually, Cartman might be one of those people where their homophobia was projected as a cover for their own sexual/romantic preferences. It's like a weird form of deflection but it is something that happens IRL.
  • Shouldn't Cartman and Kenny have the same eye color? It's been said in "The Succubus" that Cartman's eyes are brown and Kenny's are blue, but at the end of the episode Cartman tells the doctor that Kenny was an organ donor so that he can take his eyes.
  • Is Cartman actually racist or was that just a myth started after "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000"? Cartman threw a rock at Token because he called him fat, not because of Token's skin color. Cartman is sensitive to people making fun of his weight, so it seemed understandable for him to retaliate Token, because once more, the injury wasn't regarding his skin color. Cartman probably still would've thrown the rock at anyone else calling him fat, regardless of their skin color, and while he would've inevitably gotten detention for it, he wouldn't've been sent to juvenile hall since it seemingly wouldn't be a hate crime if they're the same race as Cartman. Aside from this episode, where there any other signs that Cartman is racist? He apologizes to Token in "The Death of Eric Cartman" for ripping on him for being black, so that must've been a sign that his racism was confirmed in episodes after the hate crime one.
    • "Cartman Finds Love", he ships Token with Nichole on the grounds both are black. In addition, in "Christian Rock Hard", he assumes Token can play bass because he's black.
    • Cartman also assumes during season 21 that token and his family would burn the flag when stressed. Cartman also talked about Token's "black rage" in one episode. He also has shown racism towards Asians during "The China Problem".
    • Well, he was correct about that, and Token did hook up with Nichole. It seems more that Cartman separates the world into "cool" and "lame" parts, and he's pitiless to the second. For instance, he had no problem about Somalian Pirates being black, but was pissed off that they didn't behave like "real" pirates.
  • How was Cartman oblivious to the fact that girls don't have balls in Season 20? Sure, he's no Kenny, but he along with the rest of the boys still have a pretty diverse sexual knowledge. This is even more confusing since way back, in the "List" episode, the first plan to steal the list failed because girls don't have balls, which Cartman aknowledged.
  • Cartman seems to slip between a kid that should be in juvenile or a mental institute and just a Jerkass age appropriate kid. He doesn't seem all that bad most of the time, and when he does it's exaggerated. Also, why exactly isn't he in juvenile or a mental institute? Are adults really that useless?
    • Maybe, then again, to a lot of people, Cartman's antics might be seen as what kids actually do, especially to a much older generation, however, him being a crazy-ass didn't come until later seasons (it was more emphasized past season 2).
  • Why in God's name does anyone still hang around with Cartman? Maybe after the Scott Tenorman thing everyone was too afraid of him to tell him off, but what about before then?
    • In "Best Friends Forever" Kenny said it was because he felt sorry for him. For Stan and Kyle, it might be because they enjoy making fun of him, or they need someone to blame if they ever get in trouble.
    • Because unless he's upset/pissed off about something, Cartman's usually pretty docile. And if you have a cause he can believe in, i.e. beating Jenkins in Make Love Not Warcraft or helping Billy Mays find peace in Dead Celebrities, he's a valuable asset.
    • Wasn't it mentioned that was because nobody else would let him hang out with them.
    • He got nice toys because he is a spoiled brat that he'll share despite warning if they can do something cool with it, the other kids are just marginally better than him and he turn the menace on and off to the point people don't mind his rambling.
      • It would seem that Matt and Trey started picking up on this idea, so the other ones kind of hang out with him less and less.
    • First, they don't invite him to hang out with them. He latches onto them. It's probably their parents making it happen. Lianne works two jobs, and the other families help her out rather than making her hire a sitter every day. Adults Are Useless, and they are oblivious to how awful he is and how much their own children hate him. It's a cross between that, and sometimes the boys do need something that he has - like a mom who lets him watch TV and play computer games as long as he likes, and gives him all the snacks he wants. The rest of the time, it's him latching on to them.
      • One episode (it was the Cavie rodents episode) said that the other kids don' like Stan, Kyle, and Kenny either. They already don't like Cartman but they don' like the other three either.
  • Has Cartman ever said the k-word?
    • The Jewish slur one? Yes.
    • In the Coon trilogy, he calls Kyle "The Human Kike." There are plenty of other times too.
    • In "Le Petite Tourettes" he actually called Kyle one as well as in front of his mother and Sheila did nothing on the count of her believing Cartman has tourette syndrome.
  • Cartman is shown to be that big of a racist and especially to Token for being black... but why does he treat Chef with respect and not once did he show any racist behavior towards him? And the thing with the "Ghost costume" was unintentional.
    • Cartman also really loves food, and Chef makes good food. He might even be smart enough to realize that insulting the person who gets his food before he does is a bad idea. Cartman calling Chef something like "N**ger" or "black asshole" might get Chef to spit in his food, but to be fair Chef has no problem calling the boys "crackers" at times.
    • Truth in Television. Cartman is racist, but he still respects Chef personally, and doesn't feel racist towards him specifically. A similar thing sometimes happens in real life.
    • Also, Cartman's hatred of blacks seems to be inconsistent; he even acts as an Innocent Bigot a few times.
      • Where exactly does Cartman's racism come from? His mother never showed racist traits onscreen.
      • Yes she has. One early episode had Cartman mention that Liane said "there's a lot of Black people in Africa" for some unexplained reason. In the flashback where we saw her meet Chef at the Drunken Barn Dance, she called him a "nice...Black..." man, notably hesitating when she mentioned his race. So it's at leats hinted that Liane has some issues with Black people...and it'd be perfectly in character for her to also have a Race Fetish.
      • Cartman is a twisted parody of Archie Bunker, an old and mildly chubby conservative man who was racist against blacks and Jews (despite being friends with a Black Jew, but he takes it in stride). Also, a fan theory says Garrison is Cartman's real father and Garrison has been shown to be racist against Mexicans at least.
      • Cartman has an uncle who is in prison and was cellmates with Charles Manson. Plus, most of Cartman's family was pretty screwed up, his grandmother's reasons for giving him a million dollars in inheritance is that the rest would probably spend it on crack (which is likely, given his mom was on the cover of Crack Whore Magazine).
    • "Compartmentalization" is an easy explanation to some of this. Chef would be an exception to his racism.
  • Cartman has committed all sorts of depraved acts against people who piss him off, even if they just mock him for his weight. And yet, he very rarely seems to retaliate against Stan or Kyle when they point out he's a fatass beyond just insulting them back. Why doesn't he do some of the same things to them that he did to the child psychologist or Scott Tenorman?
    • Stan and Kyle don't sufficiently piss him off ENOUGH for him to get to that point, though, Kyle, as per a few episodes, has put Cartman in his place and Cartman can't take an ass-whooping, so the "staying on each other's good side" is mutual. As far as Scott Tenorman and the Psychologist go, Tenorman did scam him out of money, while with what he did to the Psychologist, he was already pissed.
      • So what about the kid who Cartman chained to the flagpole and gave a rusty hacksaw for calling him "chubby"? That kid seemingly did it to Cartman once, but it was enough for Cartman to force the kid to potentially amputate his foot. Meanwhile, Stan and Kyle have called him a fatass onscreen literally hundreds of times. So why doesn't Cartman get the same kind of revenge on them that he did on that kid he shackled?


  • How does Kenny eat if his parka covers his mouth?
    • He eats with his butt and poops out his mouth, natch!
      • He tends to eat offscreen or he lowers his parka slightly. Kenny's mouth has actually been shown onscreen when he's done things like eat a manatee's guts in science class or bite people to spread his zombie infection.
  • Kenny is Protestant not a Mormon, right? How did he get into Heaven at least twice?
    • First of all, Kenny is Catholic. And the "Best Friends Forever" episode explained that Heaven was letting in non-Mormons since they had a smaller army than Hell (But still, it seems most people end up in Hell anyways.) And in The Movie... well, he just sacrificed himself in order to reset a war.
      • If the writers are Mormons, then their view is that Mormons get a better Heaven than all the other Christians. Catholics and Protestants get regular choir singing Heaven for all eternity. Each Mormon gets to have his own planet where he is now the local god.
      • No, Mormons in the show are shown going to Fluffy Cloud Heaven where they make macaroni sculptures and sing and whatnot. Everyone else goes to hell, which is really cool, fun for all but the worst people, and run by Satan who comes across as being a really cool guy.
      • It seems unlikely the writers are Mormons, especially since the Mormon-only heaven was where Satan ended up sending Saddam Hussein because it was WORSE than hell.
      • It was worse for Saddam, the evil dickweed, because he would be forced to do "nice" things instead of torturing the damned like he wanted to do.
      • Trey was raised Catholic. Matt is Jewish like Kyle. Neither are Mormon and it's doubtful they'd still be with the church after putting this show out for years if they were.
      • As for why it keeps coming up? Colorado isn't that far from Utah, and Mormons are far more common in the intermountain West than they are in the rest of the USA.
  • If Kenny was alive during the entirety of the sixth season (or really just "standing right over there" unseen), then whose ashes did Cartman drink?
    • The ashes of Kenny's younger brother, Kenny, who was born in the episode "Cartman Joins NAMBLA". Duh!!!
      • If that's true, Kenny possessed Cartman's body how?
      • Kenny's brother is Kenny. Every time Kenny dies, he is reborn...literally. Which is why his parents comment that this is the 57th time that it's happened. Kenny being being reborn is also shown in "Coon Vs. Coon and Friends"
    • In the Season Finale, the last act of Jesus before he died was to resurrect Kenny outside of Cartman.
    • According to the Coon and Friends trilogy, everyone's memory of Kenny's death is erased as soon as he resurrects. He probably just lied to them, since they now forget that he died and wouldn't believe a real explanation.
  • Just how does Kenny keep coming back? Actually, given all the supernatural stuff in the show, was there ever a canonical explanation for it, or is it purely Rule of Funny?
    • Rule of Funny.
    • Rule of Funny still applies, but the show has offered two different explanations. "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut" shows Kenny just materializing out of thin air and "Cartman Joins NAMBLA" has Kenny's parents giving birth to a new Kenny after the original one died.
      • The latter was acknowledged as the canon explanation.
  • No one remembers Kenny's deaths now? But in previous episodes the gang appeared to remember, and grew bored of it at times. Also.. They kept that "Each time Kenny dies, a new baby is born" theory? That makes absolutely no sense, in more ways then one.
    • The implication seemed to be that, yes, Kenny is some kind of Eldritch Abomination, reincarnated into an identical new form after every 'death', and the new body grows while he sleeps to where the last one left off. That's the thing about EA's; they don't make a whole lot of sense to the minds of creatures as relatively primitive as humans.
    • Also in "Cartmanland" Cartman says "What, Kenny? He dies all the time!"
      • Maybe Cartman is a fellow immortal and therefore immune to the mind wipe? That would explain how he survived having his head explode in "Medicinal Fried Chicken".
    • Then again, there was also that time (in Cherokee Hair Tampons) when Kyle was sick and Stan was distraught because there was a possibility of Kyle dying, and Kenny said something along the lines of "Hey! You never seem to care when I die!" Stan completely ignores him (as if he had no clue what he was talking about?).
      • Though that could just be because he was too busy crying over his best friend to notice Kenny.
    • How does the new Kenny even remember everything? Is it reincarnation? Or is that supposed to be the same Kenny, just "healing" in a way? Also, what happened to the times when he just poofed in front of the guys? Also, back to him and the others. They have reacted to his death, and they have shown that they know he dies a lot.
    • Timmy also remembers Kenny's deaths. Remember when he tried to kill Jimmy by disguising him as Kenny?
    • It's a perception filter. People can know it happens, but they don't dwell on it or think about it and therefore it's easy to just forget.
    • Maybe he alternates between different methods of resurrection? And in addition, the only people that remember his deaths are the ones that wouldn't care?
    • It's just a continuity error, like Butters's dad being called Chris in his first episode and Stephen after that, or Craig's hair being brown instead of black in "The Losing Edge". There's no way you can make the Cthulhu trilogy fit in with earlier episodes as far as Kenny's powers go.
    • Rule of Funny, and it's the best excuse you can give for someone dying over a hundred times for a running gag.
    • Cartman might remember because at the end of the succubus episode for his ailing eyesight had Kenny's corneas put in and later on in the shows run drank Kenny's ashes. in other words he carry's a piece of Kenny in his body and much like people who get a new heart or other organ picking up eating habits and strange memories is why Cartman isn't amnesia wiped.
    • Actually during Mysterion's rant Kenny said that like how long is death take before he comes back people remembering it also is temporary, they will forget his deaths at one point or another.
  • Kenny's voice. In "Mysterion Rises" we hear his voice normally once, however it's more like the voice from The Movie. What gives? His voice was nasal up until then.
    • Kenny's voice is done by three different people. Matt Stone does Kenny muffled, and unmuffled as Mysterion. Mike Judge did a guest voice in the movie as Kenny's Goodbye. Eric Stough does Kenny unmuffled. It is a bit confusing, as Kenny has different voices with and without his hood.
      • But why the voice change? A lot of VA's can use the same voice, or similar sounding ones. Then again, as Wendy can show, this series doesn't care much for continuity in terms of voices.
      • The woman who originally voiced Wendy, Mary Kay Bergman, committed suicide. It might have taken them some time to find a replacement they were at all happy with.
    • Most other Darrin's attempt to simulate the previous voice. Wendy went from high pitched to mature for no reason; just like Cartman went from squeaky to his signature voice.
    • Wendy's initial replacement (Eliza Schneider) sounded a lot like Bergman's, only slightly smoother and more natural sounding, much like how Matt and Trey evolved the boy's voices. When she left the show April Stewart did an even more natural exagerration of that (and unlike the boys, didn't have voice pitch editing to maintain a wackyness to it).
      • In addition Vocal Evolution also often abides to personality changes. Wendy was shrill and childish in the early seasons so her voice reflected that, in later seasons she has a (usually) Closer to Earth personality much like the other kids so the replacement actresses possibly made their enterpretation accordingly.
  • What happens to Kenny's bodies after he dies?
    • They get eaten by rats.
  • If Kenny wanted people to remember his deaths, why doesn't he just video-record himself being killed and then when he gets resurrected, just show the tape to the others for proof! Then again would the video recording of the death still exist if he gets resurrected? Come to think of it in "Jared Has Aides" there is a Kenny McCormick Memorial Town Square, now that Kenny is revived is the Kenny McCormick Memorial Town Square still there or did it vanish upon the resurrection?
    • For the video one, how do we know the video tape won't explode due to the lovecraftian influences?
    • Maybe he just doesn't want to do it if they can't remember by themselves? Imagine watching a movie of your best friend shooting themselves while they're standing right there. It'd break your damn brain. And what if somebody got hold of that video and really did believe it, and could seriously prove it? Like Cartman? Say hello to being dissected in a lab forever.
      • Besides him being the spawn of Cthulu, his deaths probably act kind of like a Reset Button or the others block out memories of his deaths.
  • If Kenny is poor then how can he afford Chimpokomon toys and a PSP?
    • He's only very poor when it is convenient. In many episodes, it is implied that his family is not as poor as they claim to be, considering that they even have money for killer robots. Also, it has already been shown that Kenny is not above prostitution for even very low prices, so he most defenitely has his methods of gaining money (and considering how he is immortal, he has the advantage of being capable of getting into things nobody would want or be capable of getting into. Once you let that sink in, welcome your nightmares).
    • His parents have a meth lab. They're implied to do unpleasant things for money. But that's not exactly a stable income, especially when it's spliced with alcoholism. Sometimes they can afford things. Sometimes though, we see him with what are more obvious cheap substitutes. You can get pretty damn cheap fakes for electrical equipment. Decent clothes can be amazingly cheap at charity stores. The line between "Just barely getting along" and "Poverty-stricken" is pretty blurred right now.
    • In all fairness, he could have gotten those things secondhand or his family, in some episodes, have Skewed Priorities and would splurge whatever money they have on stuff they don't need.
  • Since we know of Kenny's "superpower" concerning death, and how he always returns from the dead shortly after being killed, is there an in-universe reason why he stayed dead for a season after season 5's episode "Kenny Dies"?
    • Probably because it was a natural death and not suicide or being killed by someone else or some unfortunate accident.
    • Maybe this is the universe giving him a sadistic little hope-spot. Besides, there's no time in Heaven or Hell, which is why it can last forever. If even a minute passes in the living world, it's already forever in Hell. Another good reason for Kenny to not want to die.
    • He wasn't. He was just standing over there.
  • If Kenny hates dying and being reborn so much, why the hell does he shoot himself in the head at the end of the Mysterion saga instead of just going home and going to sleep?
    • Fridge Brilliance: Because he's also rather apathetic and lazy in some episodes so he does it just to not have to walk all the way home. Or, more logically, he could be upset/angry that not only did his friends forget his super power but remember and continue to talk about Bradley's, so he does it just to scare them.
    • Well, and he says WHY he hates his immortality. Dying "fucking hurts". Shooting yourself in the head is one of the quickest and more painless ways to go.note  Combine that with his laziness and there you go.
    • It's really more simple than that. Mint Berry Crunch knows who and what he is, but Kenny is still confused about his origin and his purpose. He's not the one who defeated Cthulu. Nor did Cthulu end his life. And nobody even remembers the sacrifice he made in that other dimension to get his friends out. And we were shown that it hurt, too. This has been an exasperating, painful, and ultimately unfulfilling day for him. He really is tired of it all. He just wants to get today over with and this is the fastest and least painful way right now.
  • How are the boys able to understand what Kenny is saying when he's hooded? Are people in-universe the only ones able to understand Kenny perfectly fine while the real life audience just deciphers it as mumbling?
    • If your listen really closely, it's not that hard to decipher what he says, especially in later seasons. At least short answers or comments are fairly easy to get ("What the fuck is X?", "Dad, I want to play catch *gets no as response* But I want to play now!", "Yes, it does." etc), and keep in mind, we're the viewers. Imagine how much easier it would be to understand him when standing right next to him and being used to his muffled speech when hanging with him.
  • How come when Kenny had girlfriends their relationships only lasted one episode despite not breaking up? When he hooked up with Kelly in Rainforest Shmainforest their relationship was only mentioned again in the following episode, but they were never shown to be together at all afterwards. When he hooked up with Tammy in The Ring, their relationship only lasted one episode despite them not breaking up afterwards. Same can be asked for Kyle as for what happened to his relationship with Rebecca Cotswolds after Hooked on Monkey Fonics. What kind of continuity is this? As of this point, only Stan and Cartman have had long-lasting relationships.
    • Offscreen break-up, maybe? In the case of Kyle and Rebecca, it was clear that the latter had a warped view about romantic relationships, so perhaps she didn't get the idea Kyle wanted to legitimately be with her. Because of that (and her "whoring" out at the dance) he decided not to push it further.
    • Kelly lived halfway across the country, and fretted to Kenny about not being able to maintain a long-distance relationship with him. Given the McCormicks' poverty, Kenny probably couldn't stay connected with her. As for Tammy, he died from the blowjob she gave him. Given how much dying and resurrecting hurts him, Kenny probably decided staying with Tammy wasn't worth it if he kept getting killed.
  • When Kenny is turned into a zombie in the first Halloween episode, he starts biting almost everyone in sight except for the other boys. He simply accompanies them at the bus stop, in the cafeteria and when they go out trick-or-treating even though they're sitting ducks. Why doesn't he bite the other boys?
  • Why does Kenny have bright blonde hair, despite his dad having dark blonde/brown and his mom being a ginger? If we say Cthulu is his dad, then why doesn't he look like The Deep Ones in The Shadow Over Innsmouth? Different Lovecraftian monster but still!

    Other Kids 
  • Why does everyone draw Butters with blue eyes? It's never stated, and blondes aren't always blue eyed. Is it because of how the color duo is often seen as being innocent, or because it makes him more twink to them? To note his similarities to Kenny?
    • Maybe because blue eyes are often associated with innocent characters?
    • Because they make him look EVEN MORE freaking adorable.
  • Is Butters supposed to have blue eyes? Kenny has them, and Butters was mentioned to look a lot like him.
  • What's with Butters' hairstyle? It' atypical style.
    • It's a cartoon.
      • In some kind of buzzcut, where the hair around the neck is cut but the top is left untouched.
  • In Reverse Cowgirl the boys (except Cartman) show concern about how Clyde's mother treats Clyde and how Michael Jackson treats Blanket... now why hasn't the boys showed any concern about how Butters is treated by his parents? The most ironic part is that they are the ones who somehow get Butters in trouble with his parents.
    • Butters is the show's designated Butt-Monkey.
    • Also keep in mind that Butters doesn't really stand up for himself early in the series and when they know he's being bullied in Butterballs he dismisses the boys' suggestions to deal with it. He finds a way to stand up to his family in a way that is very appropriate for Butters in the end though.

  • Why is Wendy still friends with Bebe after she tried to murder her in "The List"?
    • Because young girls and boys are really stupid and Frienemies are a very common thing amongst them?
      • Common, yes. Practical when you were about to die to said Frienemies, no.
      • Practicality is not something little kids tend to think of.
      • Given her past actions, she's sizing her up for revenge?
    • Same reason the boys stick together.
  • Wendy's voice. It changes in pitch every few seasons. First it was low, then high, and now it's low, the lowest of all the girls in her class, again.
    • Wendy's had at least two, possibly three different voice actors. Couple that with the fact that she often goes long stretches without having a significant role, and that probably accounts for the change. Or it could just be Vocal Evolution... certainly her more natural sounding current voice is better suited to her role as a voice of reason than her earlier high-pitched squeaky voice.
      • It seems like vocal evolution. Even with new voice actors they could have imitated her old voice, or at least sound like it in terms of pitch.
      • Their second voice actress replaced the first after she committed suicide. She probably kept up the shrill voice in memory of her. But during her long disappearance from the show they may have changed her voice to make her character more tolerable for people to listen to and take her more seriously in episodes like The Breast Cancer Show Ever.
      • In addition, April Stewart said it was Matt and Trey's choice to not pitch her voice up as much after a while, so that Wendy could sound more "mature". Eliza Schneider apparently had her voice digitally altered a little as well, you'll notice that her voice pitch started out rather similar to Bergman's (who apparently did the Wendy voice naturally!), and then around season 5 or so, it started changing. Stewart's version also kind of started out a bit high, but the pitch change decision was quicker.
  • Since Pip was so hated by everyone at South Park Elementary (except Butters and Dougie), why didn't someone like Wendy defend him from those people hating on him because of his accent? She defended Lisa Berger in a similar way in "The Hobbit" where she told Butters it's not okay to make fun of Lisa because she's fat.
    • Pip is a Butt-Monkey, and he's from the show's early days, before Wendy was solidified as the activist she is in modern episodes. While she has shades of this in early episodes, it was usually about the topic of the week like changing the flag in Chef Goes Nanners.

Kevin Stoley
  • Why is Kevin not considered Chinese anymore by some fans? Just because he's drawn like the other kids? It's the generic style of the series; everyone is drawn like that. Plus he's American born, and it's been stated in series it's okay to stereotype based on nationality but not race.
    • This show has terrible continuity. Plus, at one point his last name was Brooks.
    • That, and the "Brooks" parents have reappeared at times with the other parents, leaving fans to assume that they're still meant as Kevin's (or that he's at least adopted by a Caucasian couple). Some fans still consider him Chinese, but others have figured that Matt and Trey forgot that detail, as they tend to.

  • It's understandable that Timmy has a handicap that makes it difficult to say specific words/speak in full sentences..but, he SHOULD be able to write just fine, right? If so, why didn't Mr. Mackey just offer a piece of paper and a pencil in Up the Down Steroid, if he knew that Timmy wouldn't be able to communicate any other way? (Charades doesn't seem to be working anyway.)
    • He didn't think about it.

  • If Pip doesn't have parents (as revealed in Summer Sucks), then why is he shown on one of the "Have you seen this child?" posters in City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks) and in the kids basement at the meteor shower party (where parents dropped off their kids since they had nowhere else to put them) in Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub?
    • That was only in the Great Expectations parody episode, which might be non-canon. However, if he'd canonically an orphan then he might have gaurdians or were adopted, suppossing the Hot Tub episode came after that episode.
    • Also "City on the Edge of Forever" was All Just a Dream, making the events non-canon.
  • Why exactly is he hated so much in the first place?
    • Matt and Trey REALLY hated reading Great Expectations. He's their outlet.

    Family Members 
Randy (Stan's dad)
  • We know that Randy's insane antics are a result of being unhappy with his life. Is he still unhappy and that's why he's still doing insane antics like buying Blockbuster?
  • Why would Randy tell his own son to call his friend an asshole? (He even specifically says "you call your friend an asshole this instant".) Was it just because Stan attempted to call Cartman "big silly goose", which is after Gay Al's phrase? Does Randy even consider Cartman an asshole per se? In "Goobacks", he and Sharon got furious with Stan for calling the future immigrants at the Wendell's Burgers "fucking goobacks", so it's a bit weird that Randy would want Stan to call someone he would say is his friend a name like that.
    • Randy was being a stereotypical "My son will be manly" dad, swearing is considered by some to be manly. And by Goobacks, he learnt his lesson.

Liane (Cartman's mom)
  • She's a hermaphrodite, right? Is she, from a biological standpoint rather than her gender which is obviously female, a male that has female features or a female with a penis?
    • Considering she was able to impregnate someone, probably the former.
    • "200" revealed that the thing about Cartman's mom being a hermaphrodite was a lie used to hide the identity of his real father until the 200th episode.
  • Is Liane Moe? No...Really, is she? She has the appearance but her doormat status is a bit over the ledge.
    • ...What?
    • There is some overlap between South Park fans and anime fans, but we should probably clue in the rest: It's a term used be anime fans to describe cute and childlike things. And no, Liane Cartman doesn't seem very Moe.
      • Perhaps not, however, her genuinely sweet demeanor makes her endearing, so she might be considered moe to some fans.

Mr. Kitty(Cartman's pet)
  • Who took that first picture of Mr. Kitty with bread around her face if it wasn't the kids? Liane probably isn't the memeing type.
    • Probably Mr. Kitty himself.

Stephen and Linda Stotch (Butter's parents)

  • How the hell does Butters' parents avoid being arrested for their treatment of Butters and Linda's attempt to drown Butters in "Butter's very own episode"? Susan Smith did this and she got arrested.
    • Well South Park and Park County's police are known for their uselessness.
    • The main characters never suffer the consequences for their actions, similar to The Simpsons and Family Guy, since that would screw up the show.
      • Adding onto the second point, a lot of the abuse they give him is more psychological/verbal, which doesn't typically warrant the attention of authorities anyhow. He did, however, in The Wacky Molestation Adventure, get authorities to intervene but that was on false accusations.

    Elementary School Staff 

Mr. Garrison

  • Now that Garrison is a man again, but liked women when he was a woman and liked men when he was originally a man, what exactly is he now?
    • Confusing as all get-out.
    • Since Garrison has always had non-standard sexual tastes, maybe he's back to men now.
    • You'd think that if they turned the No Bisexuals rule off, Mr. Garrison would be a lot happier, as he could just identify as bi...
      • Maybe he will.
    • Perhaps Mr. Garrison is actually asexual, but he just doesn't think that's an option. So, whenever he tries to engage in relationships, he's never happy. This repression could account for his promiscuity — he's overcompensating.
    • Considering Garrison fornicated with everything but a rusty keyhole (let's reiterate: Had sex with a pigeon, was hinted to have had sex with a pig, tried to have sex with kids, had sex with men both as man and woman, had sex with women both as man and woman, had sex with with his uncle ...) He has no defined sexual identity so arguing about it is pretty pointless.
    • Either he's homosexual regardless of gender, or he's just plain omnisexual.
    • Mr. Garrison cannot be a straight man. However, he can be and is absolutely anything else.
    • Even though Garrison's sexual orientation hasn't been discussed on the show since his sex-change back to a man, in "The F-Word", when the gays of South Park have a meeting, Garrison is not present, so presumably he was still interested in women.
  • What happened to Mr. Garrison? They made him come full circle and then just... dropped him. Particularly jarring is how Mr. Mackey now seems to be the main school staff character, which is very odd considering how all the gimmicky and/or cartoony characters have been killed off (Choksondik, Crabtree, Kenny for a season) or pushed into the background (Ned, Barbrady, Mephesto, Tweek, Timmy, Kenny until recently), and Mackey easily has the goofiest design in the entire series. He just sticks out so much. And yet Garrison is their first and most complex character. Did they just figure since they've made him had sex with both sexes as both sexes, practice bestiality, desire parental incest, and get charged for child molestation, there's nothing left for him to do?
    • Maybe they are taking a break from him, after he sort of stole the spotlight for a while, and have been putting more focus on Randy among the adults.
    • Sadly, this show has a nasty habit of dropping characters when the writers get tired of them.
  • When Mr. Garrison had that sex change, why doesn't he wear a feminine wig? He looks like a woman with male pattern baldness.
    • He's probably either too dumb to not get himself a wig or he doesn't have the money to buy one.

Mr. Mackey

  • How did Mr. Mackey keep his job as School Guidance Councilor despite setting up Principal Victoria to get fired from her job? Also if PC Principal is currently the principal then whatever happened to Principal Victoria and what happened to her that made her walk with a cane?

Principal Victoria

  • What kind of accent does Principal Victoria have? It's weird compared to the accents that some of the other adult citizens have.

  • What happened to Officer Tenpenny Barbrady?
    • He got boring, so they reduced him to the background.
    • Barbrady is still there, but he's more of a town cop now. Whenever they need real cops, they go to the Park County Police department. Apparently, bigot cops are more funny than cops with little experience.
    • The town of South Park became more realistic due to more mature writing and a larger animation budget. Comparing the school in the early seasons with the newer episodes, it's obvious that the world of South Park is now becoming less crude and childish. Officer Barbrady just would not fit in as well as Sergeant Yates.
    • Word of God is that he's too busy taking reading lessons.
    • He shows up from time to time. He was there to bust up the KFC Ring in "Medicinal Fried Chicken", surprisingly surviving and even made a little speech afterwards. He also appears in the Video Game.
      • Whatever happened to him after season 19 after the Ads threat ended?
    • His appearance that season was a one-off, after that, they retired his character.
  • Why on the main page is Scott Tenorman filed under the Teens Are Monsters label? All he did was pull a prank on a kid who more than had it coming to him.
    • A. This was the earlier seasons, before Cartman really became as bad as he is now, and B. Cartman had done nothing, personally, to Scott, and there's no indication Scott knew of the bad stuff Cartman had done at that point. So he cheated an 8 year old kid he didn't know out of 20 bucks, and mercilessly pranked him even afterward.
      • But Scott didn't really expect Cartman to take him seriously about the pube sale. And he could have laughed at him afterwards just to save face.
      • The pube sale is just what gets it started. He becomes unlikable about the time he makes Cartman beg for his money back by oinking like a pig (while getting soaked in a rainstorm). Despite having promised to give the money back, Scott takes out a lighter and burns it in front of him. When Cartman asks him why he did that, Scott says his parents give him a huge allowance, so he didn't even need Cartman's money.
  • If the identity of Cartman's father was so secret that Cartman couldn't be told, then who told Scott Tenorman?
    • They didn't want Cartman to find out because the Denver Broncos were having a good season and didn't want any controversy. When they didn't have a good season, the need for secrecy is lessened. Plus this would only affect a dead guy.
      • Okay, but even though controversy lessened, the truth was still kept from Cartman. Somebody decided that it wasn't okay to tell Cartman, but it was okay to tell Scott Tenorman (who was in a mental hospital at the time).
      • Doesn't Scott mention that he did research about Cartman when he was in the mental hospital? He probably just figured it out for himself.
      • It might be because they figured it would be harder telling the guy who killed his father (guilt and what-not). Also, Cartman is, y'know, 9 years old.
      • Cartman lost interest and by the time the danger was over, the rest of the town probably did too. This is South Park.
  • Whatever happened to Saddam Hussein? He hasn't been seen since his whole "Prime Minister of Canada" plot went down the drain. He didn't even get a Continuity Nod in 200 or 201, which was kind of weird seeing how much nods there were in those episodes.
    • Probably because he took a long fall at the end of a short rope back in 2006, so there's nothing new to make fun of.
  • Why does Al Gore always say "serial/cereal" in place of "serious"? Is there a reason for that?
    • It's funny?
    • It's a reference to his appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. At one point Oprah asks him, "What is your favorite cereal?" Gore thought she meant "serial", as in TV series.
  • In "It Hits the Fan" it's revealed that if someone can say "fag" and is straight then they get bleeped, but when Jimbo says "Fag" and doesn't get bleeped then Mr. Garrison points out that Jimbo must be gay, same thing happened with Cartman in that lord of the rings parody. Several seasons later in "The F-word", they must've forgotten about what Mr. Garrison said about "fag" because everyone can say the word and not get bleeped despite their sexual orientation (Stan has Wendy and he said "fag" without being bleeped) so now that apparently the "fag" curse is lifted... does this mean Jimbo is still gay or not?
    • In "The F-Word" it wasn't being used as a slur against homosexuals, it was being used as a slur against obnoxious bikers. (Also, the censors at Comedy Central have loosened up a bit since "It Hits the Fan").
      • It seems the censors have tightened up considerably since then, as they add the type of editing you used to only see on TBS or local stations airing it in syndication, like replacing scenes of defecation with a black screen with text informing you of who pooped.
    • That's probably not even canon anymore. Tons of characters have used that term over the years, so using that to prove that Cartman is gay is null and void by now.
      • It only has bad continuity because it sometimes has continuity, and sometimes doesn't. South Park occasionally acknowledges the past. The worst confusions revolve around Kenny's immortality, and even that is because it has been fully acknowledged by the writers.
  • It's common knowledge that South Park portrays all Canadians as flappy-headed and cartoonish. Yet, in "Raising the Bar", Canadian filmmaker James Cameron is drawn like the normal, non-Canadian characters. Were Parker and Stone merely unaware of Cameron's true nationality, or are they trying to say something more?
    • As established before, many times, Canadian celebrities are consistently drawn like their "normal" North American counterparts, likely for recognition purposes.
      • "As established before"? The only examples I can think of are Celine Dion and Rush, and they were both drawn in the cartoonish fashion.
      • Maybe being in America long enough makes them look American?
      • In "Handicar", Neve Campbell was drawn with a flappy head.
  • If Jack Tenorman was Cartman's father (as we found out in "201"), don't you think he would have known who Cartman was? At one point, Scott says to his parents that his friend "Eric" was telling him about the pony at Denkins' ranch, so maybe Jack would know who that Eric was. Unless he abandoned Liane before she gave birth to Eric (which is probably the case, as with most girls that get abandoned by guys who get them pregnant).
    • Liane Cartman was the town slut, at least back then, and all the potential fathers were people who had sex with Liane at the Drunken Barn Dance. When doing the paternity test, they had as potentials Officer Barbrady, Chef, Jimbo, Mr. Garrison, Ned, Chief Running Water, Gerald Broflovski, Mephisto, Mephisto's monkey thing Kevin, and the 1989 Denver Broncos. He had something like less than a 5% chance of being the father.
  • Why does that one sixth-grader have a picture of his own face on his shirt?
    • To symbolize his leadership of the Sixth Grader group. Some people wear t-shirts with themselves printed on them.
  • Jesus is a character on this show, and people know he exists. Why didn't He appear in episodes that would benefit His input, like Christian Rock and Passion of the Jew? Would've been really funny to see him laying it out on Cartman.


    Season 1 
  • Shouldn't Kenny have died once he chugged down the gasoline?
    • Rule of Funny. They decided to postpone his death to getting hit by a lava ball since supposedly it'd be funnier that way.

An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig

  • If pig and elephant DNA just won't splice, why didn't Kyle try splicing DNA with a similarly sized creature that wasn't a pig?
    • There are no similarly sized creatures in South Park.

Tom's Rhinoplasty

  • How does Kenny not know what a lesbian is if he knew what a dildo (a sex toy used by lesbians) was in "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe"?
    • Straight women and gay men use dildos too. They aren't lesbian-exclusive contrary to popular belief.
    • It's been established that Liane is something of a sex-hound, so, of course, with hanging out with Cartman, he'd had to have gone through her things at some point, in which case he'd know what a dildo is. In South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, it is her antics that lead the boys to learn what a "rim job" is.

    Season 2 
Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut
  • There is a blackout in the middle of a surgery, so Kenny has to connect wires at the cost of his life. While the others watch TV and drink cocoa, which also has to be boiled first. Why do they use electricity to watch TV and heat up cocoa but not to finish the surgery?


  • The Book Mobile Driver admits he made love to chickens just to get Officer Barbrady to learn how to read, if that's true then why did he perform the crime BEFORE Barbrady admitted to the town he was illiterate?
    • He just knew. Clearly he has some kind of mind-reading power. Either that or he's just a pervert who needed a convenient excuse.

Ike's Wee Wee

  • Are the boys not circumcised, minus Kyle? A few people say that the episode "Ike's Wee Wee" stated that they weren't circumcised. It seems vague though. They could be and not know.
    • Some might be. Some might not be. Who cares?
    • It seems likely that Kenny at least isn't, as he's born in a brand-new body every time he dies. His parents would have to be anti-foreskin fanatics to circumcise him each and every time.
  • What was up with Kyle reacting so negatively to Ike being adopted? Is he just prejudiced against adoptees, or is there something else? He's usually supposed to be the voice of reason within the group, but the way he acted in that episode seemed more of a temper tantrum that fits Cartman.
    • Maybe he didn't like the idea that either his parents never told him Ike was adopted or his parents left out important info he never knew about.


  • Why was Stan so desperate to kiss Wendy when he always pukes on her after his unsuccessful attempts?
    • He was trying to overcome his nervousness that causes the puking.
  • Why did Bebe dare Stan to shove a stick up his peehole if he never did anything bad to her in the episode? It would seem more logical if she had dared Kyle to do it due to his disgusted reaction after kissing her and his overall reluctance to be around her.


  • Evil Cartman's beard is brown and Evil Stan's beard is black, so why isn't Evil Kyle's beard red?
    • Probably because Matt and Trey hadn't, at that point, decided that Kyle's hair should be red. It in fact wasn't established until two seasons later in "How to Eat with Your Butt" when he has to take off his hat in order to have his school picture taken.
  • It's confirmed that Kenny's parents knew about the curse of Cthulhu that causes Kenny to be reborn every time he dies, but in this episode why was Kenny's mother acting like Kenny died for real if she knew he would be reborn anyway?
    • She was drunk at the time. Kenny's parents are alcoholics and it's possible she was drunk to the point when she had no idea what was going on.
      • Why is it in episodes PRIOR to "Coon vs Coon and Friends" that Kenny's mother acts like Kenny dies for real when she knows she will rebirth him eventually? Go and watch "Ladder to Heaven" and notice she acts like Kenny dies for real!
    • She's not upset he's dead. She's upset that she's gonna have to go into labor all over again.

Merry Christmas, Charlie Manson

  • Why wouldn't Stan's parents let him go to Cartman's grandma's house for Christmas?
    • Because "Christmas is a family time."
    • Yeah but why was Sharon being harsh about it? She even screeches at Stan about it and that's what got him to run off anyway.
      • She was hardly being harsh about it. It IS awfully ballsy for an eight-year-old to request to spend Christmas elsewhere.
      • Well, when she left up to Randy and he said it was all right, she then yelled that he wasn't going and that was final. That possibly kinda pissed him off.
    • That and a good many of Cartman's relatives are unpleasant as hell, so, knowing Cartman, they had to have met his extended family at some point.

    Season 3 
Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub

Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery

  • If the Ghost Pirates (or Pirate Ghosts) were fake the entire time then how did they kill people, fire cannons at people, decapitate people, etc.? There is no way Father Maxi was capable of killing people using illusions; this was never revealed!
    • They might've been real all along...

    Season 4 
The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000
  • Cartman's family going broke. Maybe Cartman already spent all the money, thus preventing him from simply giving it back, but it's been established that Liane is a prostitute and a porn star. She could easily get that money back within weeks.
    • True, but they still have no money until then. Liane specifically said that they can't buy groceries for at least a month. Maybe it'll take that long to catch up again.

Quintuplets 2000

  • The quintuplets and their grandmother all have the surname "Vladchik," which is obviously of Slavic origin (or at least it's meant to be). Did the South Park creators mistake Romanian for a Slavic language, when it is in fact from the Romance family?
    • They probably made the assumption based on the fact that Romania and Moldova are surrounded by countries that speak Slavic languages, and some people may justify it on that note.
    • Keep in mind that you do get some Slavic and Hungarian names in various parts of Romania and Moldova because of the historical background of the region. Particularly during the Soviet era where Russians and other Eastern Slavs were encouraged or even forced to relocate to other regions to force the others to integrate. Short answer: Eastern Europe is only consistent in being a mess.

Cherokee Hair Tampons

  • Kyle throws up some bean with bacon soup when he's sick in bed. How is that possible when he's Jewish?
    • Turkey-bacon?
      • Many Jews, possibly even most American Jews, don't keep kosher.
      • But when Kyle sings his song about being a Jew at Christmas in another episode, he mentions that he can't eat ham, so bang goes that theory.
      • Rule of Funny. The joke for many Jews is that they can't eat ham; that doesn't mean he follows all kosher regulations, just because of one lyric. He was also shown cutting himself a slice of ham at the Thanksgiving table in an earlier episode, "Starvin' Marvin".
      • It could be soy-bacon. Or one of any other alternatives.

Something You Can Do with Your Finger

  • Cartman says he needs 5 members for Fingerbang. Hasn't he heard of bands such as 98 Degrees, which has 4 members?
    • Nope, he didn't. Who is the go-to model, Backstreet Boys or them?
  • Seeing how this episode made fun of boy bands who were popular at the time like Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC and how the Jonas Brothers were lampooned in a later episode (The Ring), how come South Park never made fun of One Direction? Justin Bieber was lampooned in the series during "Coon and Friends" trilogy, so why not 1D? Everyone could've seen a South Park parody coming around when they reached their popularity but that never happened.
    • Maybe it hasn't crossed their minds, but that's a miracle considering their popularity. However, if you think close enough, there are many things they could be parodying but hasn't yet or never plan to.

Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?

  • How was Saddam Hussein able to come back to life when Satan killed him off for good in the movie after throwing him off a stalagmite?
    • Saddam wasn't killed by that; he sings along at the end with everyone else, still impaled on the stalagmite.
    • It was already explained in the show: "Yeah, you killed me. So where was I gonna go, Detroit?"
  • Why is Kenny so nervous about going to Hell if he's already been there, hundreds of times, and knows it's not that bad of a place? Secondly, if he's so worried about going, why doesn't he just become Mormon? Once again he's been to Hell enough times to know that only Mormons go to Heaven.
    • Well, do you have to be an "official" Mormon or an actually "good" Mormon? Because good Mormons are family values and don't look at porn or anything, and...well, Kenny's probably comfortable with the choice he made.
      • True, but it still raises the question of A. Why he's so nervous of going to Hell and B. why he's trying to become a good Catholic if he knows only Mormons go to Heaven.
      • Who says he has any memory of the afterlife when he gets resurrected?
      • In "Mysterion Arises", he states that he does remember all of his deaths, and has memory of seeing Heaven and Hell. As to whether or not he remembers any specifics of being there, or if he just remembers the concept that he was there has not been told.
      • Kenny doesn't like dying because, frankly, pain is painful. And Hell is still Hell. We find it hilarious that he's just had an arm chopped off. And finally, it's in the human nature to fight for every moment of your life. A man can be burned over 90% of his body to the fourth degree but he'll still fight for his life. Fighting for his life is what makes Kenny human to us, even when he's canonically immortal.
    • If you recall, Priest Maxi describes Hell as a place where "you live forever in horrible pain, in burning agony, and all sinners are there in misery, dying over and over." Sounds an awful lot like what Kenny's already cursed with, doesn't it? Perhaps he's afraid of the fact that if he ever DOES die permanently, he'll still have to go through the torture of dying over and over unless he can get into Heaven. And as we see later on with Chris and Saddam constantly killing each other, that fear is probably warranted.
  • Why do Jewish people still not believe in hell if the armies Satan have already attacked Earth?
    • Well, to quote "A Ladder to Heaven" episode from Season 6 (specifically, where Kyle tells Cartman that his faith includes a heaven, just not the one that Cartman believes in), it's possible that South Park Jews don't believe in a Christian Hell, not that they don't believe in Hell.

    Season 5 
Cripple Fight
  • The boys fight to get Big Gay Al back to the Boy Scouts of America (who kicked him out for being gay) and succeed. But at the end of it, BGA rejects coming back on and says the BSA have a right to deny gays to join their organization. It feels more like the episode unintentionally endorses institutional segregation as BGA actually got to go back to the BSA and then, after rejecting the offer said he's going to try again to get the group to accept gays. In fact, the official policy on not allowing gay adults is summed as straight people have more moral fortitude than gay people. Institutionalized racism is an ever present threat to society and this episode is saying it's okay to deny people rights based on sexual orientation alone?
    • It was more about Big Gay Al wanting to be a Scoutmaster for the kids, and insisting on his 'rights' would hurt Scouting and the kids. (It also reinforced that he had no ulterior motive for wanting to be a Scoutmaster, incidentally.)
    • In his speech at the end of that episode, Big Gay Al said it was more about how they see the light at their own pace instead of being forced to do so. When he won the lawsuit, the scout masters were locked in shackles and had food thrown at them for their homophobia toward Big Gay Al which he might of saw as them overdoing it on the punishment. Big Gay Al said if he's allowed to express himself, then so are the Scouts despite their homophobic policies. It seems as though Big Gay Al would love it if they allowed gays in scouts, but his speech implies he would much rather have the Scouts accept gays because they're okay with it rather than they're being forced to by the government, even if it'll take longer to do so.
      • Exactly. He wanted them to let him in because they knew it was right, not because everyone else wanted them to.
  • Where was Kyle?
    • He's already a Jew Scout (see: "Jewbilee").

Scott Tenorman Must Die

  • What is the point of the townspeople keeping the secret of Jack Tenorman from Cartman even after Jack was killed and made into chilli? One can also wonder if Mrs. Tenorman knows about the affair and for some strange reason never reacted to it. It's also unknown if Chef knew about this or he took the secret to the grave.
    • Chef was probably in on it, since when we see him in "The Wacky Molestation Adventure" he's just had sex with Liane after supposedly learning she was a hermaphrodite.
  • If Kyle voiced he should never piss off Cartman ever again then why does Kyle continue to piss off Cartman (he got AIDS because of it)? Does he want his parents to be eaten in chili too?
    • Cartman probably has differing levels of revenge depending on whatever his beef with the person is. Scott scammed him out of some money and made him look like a fool, while Kyle was making fun of him for the irony of him contracting HIV. Basically, Kyle meant that he wouldn't piss Cartman off enough to that level of taking revenge, as opposed to just making him mad.


  • How could Kyle lose his faith in God when he had personally met both Moses AND Jesus prior?
    • It's agreed by a lot of people that believing in God is not the same as having faith in Him. So what if God (and Jesus and all those other various messiahs we saw in Super Best Friends) exist? Does it matter if Cartman gets his own amusement park and millions of dollars while Kyle gets a painful rectal disease? God existing won't make that seem any more fair. In that episode Kyle reasons that God simply doesn't care. It's His love that doesn't exist. And being fairly devout, this hits him hard. After all, if God doesn't care about him, why should he care about himself?
  • How did Kenny's family win a lawsuit against Cartman with no trial?
    • Ever heard of a settlement?
      • Cartman isn't that responsible. Maybe there WAS a trial, he didn't show, and the family won by default?
  • Why didn't Cartman use the money from Cartmanland to buy himself another amusement park and keep that one for himself, further using the profits from the first to hire a guard and maintenance man for it?
    • He could also have just a rule made, stating that the park owner (him) shouldn't have to wait to get in the rides...
      • The first, probably because any profits are offset by the expenses of the first park, which as Cartman discovered is a pretty expensive operation even if you only intend on one person using it; even if you did have enough to buy an entire second theme park, you'd still face the problem of incremental expenses in maintaining the second one meaning that eventually you'd have to open that one up to the public as well. The second wouldn't have helped, because he was clearly still managing to get on the rides; the problem was that he didn't have them all to himself and other people were enjoying them at the same time.
      • Yeah, it's not like you can rule the world just from owning one business.
    • And in the "Make Love, Not Warcraft" Episode, couldn't they just have, you know, gone to another server? But, of course, Rule of Funny wins again.
      • Actually, that probably wouldn't have solved anything, because the no-life would have probably just found the new server and started the whole process over again.
    • The moral of "Proper Condom Use" is arguably an example of this, as the episode's debate about what age sex education should be taught at is answered by Chef telling everyone that sex education shouldn't be taught in schools at all, and that parents should do it, because whoever the school gets to do it could be clueless about sex, have a bad opinion of it, or just be a total pervert. You know, because there's no chance at all that a parent could be any of those things. Granted, they probably wouldn't be clueless about how to have sex (barring some very weird circumstance like being an adoptive parent who is also a virgin), but that doesn't mean they'd necessarily know about the risks.
    • In "Canada on Strike!", the Anvilicious Aesop is apparently that nothing on the internet makes money and the Writer's Guild strike was "[trading] real and immediate opportunities for income for the promise of future online revenue." But websites make plenty of money off of ad revenue or subscriptions, and track the number of views, so it's easy to determine how much an artist earns from putting their art online. Expecting to be paid for online video content you had a part in creating is perfectly reasonable.
  • Kyle's parents try to cheer him up and get him to believe in God again by telling the tale of Job. They get all the facts right...but why do they stop the story halfway and don't tell the ending, where Job gets all his possessions back tenfold, marries again and gets children and new friends because his believes didn't falter. If their goal is get Kyle to believe again, why they cut the Aesop from their tale and stop at the darkest hour?
    • Simple. Because they're both morons.
    • They probably wouldn't like Kyle to think that loved ones are expendable. Like, your beloved wife, children and friends die in an horrific way? No problem, just remarry and get yourself some new children and friends. As Kyle himself remarks, God kills a lot of innocent people and cattle just to spite Satan. Letting Kyle now that it doesn't really matter because people can be easily replaced wouldn't help the cause.

    Season 6 
The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer
  • Why couldn't the boys just DVR the Russell Crowe episode instead of having to go through all that hell?
  • Butters is sent out to get the tampons because he loses the "If your name is Butters, you have to go." game. His name is Leopold, why didn't he just say that instead?
    • It wasn't established that his first name is Leopold until one season later in "Casa Bonita".
  • Why couldn't the boys just go to another kid's house, like Clyde's, who has a working TV?
  • Why would the boys need toilet paper and Kleenex to use while watching TV?

Professor Chaos

  • Why did the boys choose Pip and Towelie, of all characters, in the final round of their game show parody? It would make sense for them to choose Tweek, Token, Timmy and Jimmy as finalists since they're on good terms with them (Tweek was ultimately chosen). However, they have an extreme hatred of Pip (even more so than Butters who they kicked out in the beginning of the episode) and Towelie is generally regarded as unlikable in-universe.
    • To them, it's because Pip is blonde (like Kenny) but is easy to rip on (like Butters), while Towelie did save their lives in the previous season. To top it off, they have an odd taste in friends, as the other three did hang out with Cartman on a regular.

Free Hat

  • The boys complain about directors changing their movies for special edition releases, and want to preserve the originals. Why no mention of the National Film Registry?
    • Not everybody is familiar with the NFR.
    • Rule of Funny mostly.
    • Maybe the problem is 'Special Edition Releases'; they don't want the new versions being the only ones publicly available....

Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society

  • What happened to Bebe's boobs after this episode? She was never shown or mentioned having them again nor was she wearing the cardboard box over her chest anymore, but there's no Continuity Nod after that episode, which seems odd since they just grew on their own due to her entering puberty, and she probably wouldn't have been able to get them removed since the doctor refused to give her breast reduction surgery at first.
    • They weren't too obvious anyhow, however, it's possible that she just covers them up.

The Return Of The Fellowship Of The Ring To The Two Towers

  • The Teens can learn what Back Door Sluts 9 is on the Internet, but they can't find it on the internet themselves? Sure the internet in 2002 sucks, and it's probable if they found it they'd get a virus (or a couple of viruses), but if they really want to see it, surely they'd be able to find it online?
    • The movie's company may have removed it due to copyright issues.

The Death Camp of Tolerance

  • In "Chickenpox", when Mr. Garrison assigns the kids homework, Stan says he's a sick weirdo and Randy agrees. Why does Randy find the boys to be intolerant in this episode when the boys are complaining about Mr. Garrison?
    • This episode parodied the then-upsurge in political correctness and obsession with tolerance that was appearing in popular culture. Also, until season 4, Garrison wasn't openly gay, and thus Randy presumably just thought he was a perverted straight man.
      • Well, they know Garrison is one nasty dude (he did do a pig and pigeon, the latter being a reason he's not allowed to care for animals), however, in the case of this episode, the parents didn't see what the kids were complaining about.

The Biggest Douche In The Universe

  • Stan said that it was bad that John Edward claimed he could talk with dead people. Kyle even said something like, "You're right! My grandma's not floating around somewhere!" and that there were plenty of things in the real world people could be fascinated by. However, in that same episode, Chef's parents exorcise Kenny's spirit from Cartman. So why is Edward a douche for claiming that he can communicate with them?.
    • Kyle's grandma died a natural death & genuinely crossed over. Kenny always dies before his time. Besides, The moral isn't that there is no supernatural, but that John Edward in the world of South Park is a fraud performing a very easy parlor trick which Stan learned to replicate in just a few minutes.
  • "Cold reading" isn't just throwing out vague generalities, it's a particular method of reading clues from the people in front of you (age, gender, social class, etc all provide clues). Why, then, is Edward described as using cold reading when he clearly isn't, simply saying "did those things involve stuff"? If that works, why would he need to put in the effort of learning to cold read? IRL he's also significantly better at whatever he's doing, whether it's fake or not.

Red Sleigh Down

  • If curing Cancer and AIDs in a week wasn't going to get Cartman off the naughty list (if he did both, he would still owe Santa 2 Presents, down from the 306 he would owe without it), why would bringing Christmas to Iraq be any better?

    Season 7 
  • If the entire day is a repeat of "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe", shouldn't Kyle be worried about Ike getting kidnapped by Aliens again? Once they realize they're in a repeat the rest of the events of "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe" are just kind of dropped/ignored...
    • Presumably the aliens were sidelined by tracking down Chef and the boys, and thus were too busy to carry out the rest of the events of the pilot.

Fat Butt and Pancake Head

  • The title obviously refers to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, but which one is Fat Butt and which one is Pancake Head?
    • People have made jokes about Jennifer Lopez's large rear from day one, so she's obviously 'Fat Butt'.

Casa Bonita

  • How did the police know Cartman's motivation for tricking Butters when Butters himself doesn't?
    • Butters is extremely gullible, which is why he falls for Cartman's trickery all the time (that and Status Quo Is God). Once he was found, he realized that Cartman tricked him just so he could go to Casa Bonita; he even later mentions to his "robot friend" in "AWESOM-O". So Butters' parents informed the police about it afterward.
  • Why did Kyle's mom postpone Kyle's birthday party to a week later? That is far from Kyle's birthday.
    • If they weren't looking for Butters at the time, it's possible that a week from Kyle's birthday was the day Casa Bonita had an open spot for booking.
    • Some people have to postpone their birthday parties and other celebrations due to interferences. One week isn't too far off. "Better late than never" after all.

All About Mormons

  • If only Mormons go to Heaven, how come there are no Gray-Head Aliens or Joozian Aliens or any other kind of Alien in Hell? And for that matter, is Mormonism an Earth Religion only and thus Humans can only go to Heaven because of it, or do the Marklarrs worship something similar to Mormonism?
    • It all began 75 million years ago. Back then there was a galactinc federation of planets which was ruled over by the evil Lord Xenu. Xenu thought his galaxy was overpopulated, and so he rounded up countless aliens from all different planets, and then had those aliens frozen. The frozen alien bodies were loaded onto Xenu's galactic cruisers, which looked like DC-8s, except with rocket engines. The cruisers then took the frozen alien bodies to our planet, to Earth, and dumped them into the volcanoes of Hawaii. The aliens were no longer frozen, they were dead. The souls of those aliens, however, lived on, and all floated up towards the sky. But the evil Lord Xenu had prepared for this. Xenu didn't want their souls to return so he built giant soul-catchers in the sky. The souls were taken to a huge soul brain-washing facility, which Xenu had also built on Earth. There the souls were forced to watch days of brainwashing material which tricked them into believing a false reality. Xenu then released the alien souls, which roamed the earth aimlessly in a fog of confusion. At the dawn of man, the souls finally found bodies which they can grab onto. They attached themselves to all mankind, which still to this day causes all our fears, our confusions, and our problems. Essentially, Alien souls go to human bodies.
      • But that's not every alien in existence: Lord Xenu isn't constantly capturing Aliens, killing them, and confusing their souls (Or if he is, they certainly haven't shown it), otherwise there would be no Grey Head Aliens or Joozians or Marklarrs still around. Plus, the show treats Scientology as one big scam, so it's possible that Lord Xenu didn't actually exist, nor did he kill Aliens and confuse their souls on earth.
  • Why is it okay for Mormons to practice a faith they "know" is "made up", but not for John Edward to do the same thing?

Butt Out

  • Cartman considers Rob Reiner a hero because of his tactics to manipulate people. Rob Reiner is Jewish, so why didn't this bother Cartman?
    • Cartman probably doesn't know about that.
      • Add in that Hitler himself admired a number of Jews, mostly entertainers. He was known to have remarked that he was sad they weren't Aryan.


  • Who owns Raisins? A kid or kids? How do they maintain a building and business like that?
    • They cater mostly to kids, who don't usually have any income aside from money given to them by their parents, and even then, it isn't a lot. Is that really enough revenue to negate the costs of running such a business?
    • Since Adults Are Useless in South Park, it wouldn't be too off-limits to assume that the place is owned and operated by adults who don't care that the place sexualizes minors and caters to pedophiles.
  • Why exactly did Wendy break up with Stan in "Raisins" anyway?
    • Stan unknowingly explained why. "Wait, what did I do wrong? I haven't even talked to Wendy in weeks!"
    • Watch the part when she had Token over at her house, too. Could possibly be because of him.
    • The likeliest explanation is that she grew bored of him.

It's Christmas in Canada

  • Why would Saddam Hussein make sodomy illegal in Canada when he is shown to have an explicitly sexual relationship with Satan?

    Season 8 
Good Times With Weapons
  • Why didn't it ever occur to the kids to just bury their weapons in the ground?
    • Cartman tries to tempt Kyle into ditching his weapon but (his words) —>"Okay. Go ahead, Kyle. Throw your nunchakus away. If you can. But you know well that the Jew in you won't let you. You can't throw away something you paid fifteen bucks for. Go ahead and try."
  • Since when are real, high-quality Japanese weapons only fifteen dollars?
    • They aren't. They're just hunks of metal that are sharp enough to cause injury, and hawked as real to kids and gun nuts who don't know any better.
    • Go to any flea market. You will likely find somebody selling poor-quality weapons for near those prices.
    • Adults Are Useless.
    • Also, a lot of that was the kids using their imagination. They probably imagined those weapons a lot more awesome than they really are.
  • Did the boys actually transform into anime form but with the superpowers only visible to them? It seems that the adults only see these kids playing around with weapons and are confused as to why they're having so much fun. Did they remained as they normally are, with the fighting sequences animated in anime style to give the episode's theme context?
    • The second, obviously. Cartman didn't turn invisible when he was "sneaking" across the stage naked. The transformations were all in their heads.
    • Those were an Imagine Spot.
  • Kyle's anime self. Is there a reason he had black hair? Does Kyle dislike his hair color? On another note, how much hair does Kyle really have?
    • Kyle has a lot of hair. He was most likely just imagining himself looking more Asian.


  • Who helped Cartman get himself into a wooden box that was nailed shut, and then onto Butters's doorstep?
  • Where was the videotape, if Cartman searched Butters's room all night (or for a good while) and didn't find it? Even if it wasn't in Butters's room, where else in his house would he possibly have put it?


  • The time traveling immigrants kept coming and coming because in the future, the world would be extremely overpopulated, dirty, and poor. Why didn't the people of South Park stop and think that the Goobacks were lying to them? The original Gooback didn't even prove anything when he first appeared; nobody from the present got to see the future for themselves. If the Goobacks really were so poor, how were they able to invent time travel?
    • What does it matter if they are from the future or not? They are willing to work for peanuts, that's what important. And they could've invented Time Travel BEFORE their world went to shit.
    • The residents of South Park tend to be idiots.
  • The episode's conflict hinges on the Goobacks being willing to work for Third World sweatshop wages. Except that while they're living and working in the 21st century, they'd still have to pay for housing and food and so forth, which raises the question: How? Even in a pissant Midwestern town such as South Park, the cost of living can't be that low.

Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes

  • That guy wrote "Meet me out back in 5 minutes"... and then he killed himself... why did he give that message, if he was going to kill himself anyway?


  • Why does a four-year-old get sent to prison for five years? Especially since Cartman (who is nine) has committed far worse crimes.
    • Rule of Funny. Also, Cartman's a Karma Houdini.
    • Wasn't he in the South Park version of juvenile hall? Isn't that the same place Cartman ended up when he was accused of a hate crime for throwing a rock at Token?
  • It is revealed that the boys have known Butters ever since they were preschoolers. If that's the case, then why was he a background character who was never spoken to when they were in third grade in the first 3 seasons? Why does Stan call him "Swanson" rather than his real name in Season 2's "Conjoined Fetus Lady"? If they've known Butters ever since they were preschoolers, then why did they never speak to him or recognize him when they were third graders in the show's early seasons?
    • They knew him in preschool, yes, however, they probably didn't get to know his name or whatever until later. In terms of why he was mostly in the background, it was because he didn't directly interact with the other boys up until about Season 4ish.

Cartman's Incredible Gift

  • Who is driving the school bus since Crabtree is dead? Has the bus even been seen since then?
    • There's a new male bus driver, but he's most likely a prop character who'll stay in the background. Presumably the school has a new chef, too.
      • When Chef was gone for one episode, his replacement was one-shot character Mr. Derp. Oddly enough, the new bus driver looked just like Mr. Derp, possibly as a Continuity Nod.

    Season 9 
Die Hippie, Die
  • Why did Cartman go to the trouble of inventing a giant drill to rip through the hippie crowd when he could have just used a helicopter or something?
    • To rip on The Core. And also because it made it more exciting. Rule of Funny and Rule of Drama.
    • Because the pot smoke would be the densiest there making it impossible to navigate.
    • Also, why did Stan and Kyle join the hippies?
      • Because they were manipulated by the college know-it-all hippies into believing their propaganda.

Best Friends Forever

  • God made the PSP and the game Heaven Vs Hell. The game is very clearly an RTS, so why did he make a console not suited to RTS games for the main purpose of having this game, especially since it's used to control the fate of an entire war?
    • As an extra challenge, to determine the absolutely best player.

The Losing Edge

  • How did those kids the kids faced off against get so good at being bad, and yet make it so far? Shouldn't they have gotten themselves beaten a long time ago?
    • They obviously faced off against other teams who were even better at losing than they were, but they (unlike South Park) practiced getting bad. The South Park team didn't practice at getting bad once in the entire episode, and the fact that they made it to the state finals (and almost won 23-0 at that!), not to mention they mentioned that the other team had practiced getting bad, backs up the claim that South Park just waltzed into each game expecting to lose.
      • Kyle even point this out that while they simply recruited his crappy cousin thinking one player can suck hard enough to drag the whole team the champion practiced so they could lose by themselves.
    • Is it supposed to be pure coincidence that every single little league team in Colorado hates baseball and wants out of it just as much as the SP boys do? Not a single team actually wants to become champions? And in "Raising the Bar" at the beginning of the episode, the boys were at Wal-Mart looking for a catcher's mitt for Cartman, so they might have regained interest in it before that time.
      • This is the summer sports you are forced to play phase not the because you want to. It's like soccer clubs where kids play it because their parents want them to do something outside.
      • Adding onto this, if the kids had said "we don't like this, we want out", the parents would probably say that little league is about the parents' bragging rights, and the kids have absolutely no say on threat of being grounded until school resumes as punishment for trying to deflate their egos.
      • Rule of Funny.
      • The episode itself was more of a Take That! against Soccer Mom type parents. The whole little league baseball thing was clearly in the favor of the parents of the respective players. They saw their kids winning as a sort of validation for themsevles....well, except for Randy, who went only to get into drunken fights.
  • Why does the South Park team have 10 players (11 when Kyle 2 shows up) instead of 9?
    • Backups.
  • If the Little League has a no-tolerance policy for fighting, then why is that not enforced until the Championship game? How did Randy not get them disqualified prior to then?
    • Before the championship game the fights hadn't actually affected play yet. The cops managed to take care of it while the game was going on.

The Death of Eric Cartman

  • During his montage of making things up to people, Cartman is shown in a booth recording the song. Shouldn't he have known he wasn't a ghost if the guy in charge of recording could see him?
  • The other three boys complain that Cartman has eaten the skin off of every piece of fried chicken, but there are clearly still remains left on every piece. Why didn't they notice that? He only ate the top layers of skin; the bottom ones were intact.
    • It wasn't much skin left and they probably didn't look careful enough, considering how pissed they were at Cartman it's understandable. Alternatively, they saw there was skin left, but they were still angry at Cartman because the act was still awful.
    • Also, they said the skin's the best part. They like it more than the white meat.
  • Cartman ate up all the chicken skins from the KFC Bucket then he gets a bad bathroom trip that ends up damaging his toilet. The toilet repairmen claim they found a whole bunch of chicken skins clogging it up. But how is it still recognizable as chicken skins? Shouldn't it be all feces by now?
    • They were referring to the digested food being in its fecal form, not its pre-digested form. Although considering that Cartman was once able to shove food up his butt and crap it out his mouth, it wouldn't be surprising if he had the ability to crap the food out of his butt in its pre-digested form.


  • Garrison says Marjorine is from Dallas. Is that Butters' accent?
    • Considering in "The Ungroundable", when Butters accidentally plays a tape of him being "Big Texas Butters" while spying on the Vampire Kids, that is definitely his accent. Though why he still has that accent and not one of his parents is unknown.

    Season 10 
The Return of Chef
  • If the Super Adventure Club's purpose is to have Sex with Children to gain immortality, why didn't they have sex with the main four boys? Chef wants to, but none of the other adventurers do...
    • Because they consider having sex with ordinary boys from the neighbourhood to be boring, while they crave exoticism.
    • The only people who think that sex with children makes them immortal are The Super Adventure Club. Chances are what they're saying is Blatant Lies to justify their paedophilia, and their founder's long life is an unrelated fluke. Even if you can become immortal through child molestation in the South Park universe, having sex with neighbourhood kids would make the police catching you easier.
  • Where are Thomas and Nellie, Chef's parents, during his funeral? How would they miss the funeral of their own son? Or are they aware that the Super Adventure Club resurrected him so they didn't bother to go?
  • Is Chef canonically dead or alive? The ending of the episode confirms that he was revived by being put into a Darth Vader-esque armor, but he never returned, most likely due to Isaac Hayes' death. However, what does this mean for Darth Chef? Is the scene still canon? In South Park: The Stick of Truth, Chef appears as a Nazi zombie and vague references to the events of this episode are made, but the Darth armor is nowhere to be seen. By the way, can't Darth Chef return if he was voiced by Peter Serafinowicz?

Smug Alert

  • How did Cartman manage to get a whole family out of San-Francisco a few moments before it got devastated?

Make Love, Not Warcraft

  • This is a long list of inconsistencies in the Warcraft episode:
    • The boys go to the human starting area to train to fight the Griefer.
      In this episode: The area is full of boars.
      In the actual game: It is full of wolves.
    • They also kill 65,340,285 boars for two months and level up to max level.
      In this episode: They kill low-level boars and level up to- you get the idea.
      In the actual game: You can only go to a certain level to get experience points, then you stop.
    • Butters, whose character was just created, joins the group, albiet interrupting Cartman's speech.
      In this episode: He is wearing the same gear Cartman is wearing(which consists mostly of plate, which requires level 40 to be worn).
      In the actual game: Butters would be wearing starting gear, which doesn't have shoulder wear.
    • The Boys' characters in general.
      In this episode: They are wearing mid-to-high level equipment.
      In the actual game: They would be wearing low-level gear rewarded from quest, which does not feature headgear or shoulder wear, nor plate armor.
    • Stan is an addition to this:
      In this episode: He is wearing a Frostwolf Battle Tabard.
      In the actual game: The Tabard is only available to Horde players, which are neither seen nor mentioned.
    • The main antagonist is a human, an Alliance character.
      In this episode: He is somehow able to kill other Alliance players(and Blizzard's administrators).
      In the actual game: He is unable to kill other players or NPCs on the same faction, except in the Gurubashi Arena.
    • Additionally, there's also half the armor he wears.
      In this episode: He is wearing a plate helmet and leather gloves.
      In the actual game: Mages (he is most likely this class because he uses Fireball, Fire Blast, and Arcane Explosion) cannot wear plate, mail, or leather. Only cloth armor.
    • Something else about this guy:
      In this episode: He is able to kill admins, mentioned above.
      In the actual game: The administrators should've banned him by now.
    • One more thing about the Griefer:
      In this episode: He seems to be a much higher level than anybody who plays the game.
      In the actual game: There is a level cap (They were playing Vanilla WoW, so the level cap was 60).
    • There's also the part where Cartman orders Stan to give his Cloak of Tiger(which has +15 Agility) to Kenny, and the moment where Randy(who is a "newb") gives the Sword of a Thousand Truths to Stan.
      In this episode: They are able to be given to said characters.
      In the actual game: Mister high-powered items, especially if they bind-on-equip or bind-on-pickup, would be Soulbound, which means they cannot be traded to other players.
    • And also Kenny and Randy's characters.
      In this episode: They are human hunters.
      In the actual game: Humans were unable to be hunters (until the third expansion, Cataclysm).
    • Finally, how the Sword of a Thousand Truths was removed from the game.
      In this episode: It is stored on a flash drive(1 GB).
      In the actual game: Items can't be stored on portable devices.
  • And that is the list of inconsistencies in this episode. Did the writers just not care or what?
    • The very premise of the episode was impossible. So no, they didn't care about being accurate to the real game, they never do.
    • 1. Gameplay and Story Segregation 2. Gameplay and Story Segregation 3. Butters is actually somehow really good at WoW and obtained all that gear in an impossibly short amount of time. Then Cartman made him give it up so he'd remain special. 4. Why couldn't they have quested and obtained high level gear before their eventual run-in with the griefer? 5. Possible graphics glitch in the South Park universe WoW. 6. It's made clear in the episode the griefer has broken the game and is able to get away with this. 7. Again, broke the game, and can now use any spell, weapon or item. 8. Even the admins did not foresee how someone could become so powerful and break the game to prevent a ban. 9. Again, the rules don't apply to the griefer anymore. 10. Cartman may not understand the rules. Also, the Sword of a Thousand Truths was probably deliberately left tradeable by programmers for this specific case. 11. South Park's WoW was apparently ahead of RL vanilla WoW. 12. Not specific items, but the data pertaining to them could have been removed and stored on a thumb drive and all copies of the item removed from the game.
  • Why doesn't Kenny's character wear an orange bandit mask (which would correspond with his parka, which in turn muffled his voice) and why is he bald, when we see in the movie that his hair is blonde? Additionally, why is Cartman's character bald and has red hair, when the one thing he hates is gingers?
    • Why is Kyle identifying as a woman? Don't question Role Players whose character does not match their real life appearance and gender. And Cartman probably thought his gingervites made him an extra dangerous dwarf.
  • If the Sword of a Thousand Truths was so powerful, why didn't the game developers pass that over in the first place to defeat Jenkins before the guys dedicated their lives to killing boars?
    • Because the admins didn't notice the boys until they had jumped so many levels in such a short period of time and by the time they had, they had a discussion about whether they should, then went all the way to Colorado to give it to Stan.

Mystery of the Urinal Deuce

  • Why do several people actually believe that Kyle was involved with 9/11 just because Cartman accused him of it for his own pleasure?
    • Because "one fourth of the population is retarded," as was stated in the episode.

    Season 11 
With Apologies to Jessie Jackson
  • How come when Randy said the N-word on national television, Token spent the whole episode getting angry at Stan? Misplaced Retribution?
    • It was because Stan was constantly getting in Token's face about what happened. From the way it seemed, Token would've been able to let the whole thing slide if Stan weren't trying so hard to get his apology, and his patience with Stan was wearing thin. Another issue was that Stan was saying that he understood what his dad did, saying the N-word on national television. Except the episode ends on the aesop that Stan, being white, doesn't understand the full implications of the n-word, which contrasts his behavior the whole episode when he was going on about how he did get it.

Cartman Sucks

  • The ending of the episode was confusing. Cartman ends up showing the photo of him with Butters' penis in his mouth to the whole class without hesitation and doesn't show any dismay over it, and suddenly Mr. Mackey walks in with an important note from Cartman's mom confirming that Kyle didn't steal the picture after all and it was right under Cartman's desk the whole time. Assuming the picture Cartman showed during show and tell was the same was that was hiding under his desk, why didn't he Photoshop it to make it look like Kyle was the one putting Butters' penis in his mouth? That was his original intention and he promised he would do it to get revenge against Kyle showing the original photo.

Fantastic Easter Special

  • Who gave Stan Professor Teabag's name?

More Crap

  • If Bono is the world's biggest pile of shit and has been for decades, wouldn't the smell have tipped people off?
    • Money and fame cover any smell.
    • Maybe his shit doesn't stink.
    • It's been 40 years, so it wouldn't smell anymore.


  • How can Jesus be on the Council of Nine in Imaginationland if he's a real person in canon?
    • An equally good question is why other historical figures like Joseph Smith and Buddha are running around there before the terrorist attack.
      • The historical figures are the actors, not the characters they play. It seems Imaginationland Jesus didn't recognize Kyle or Stan, so it could be argued that he isn't the same person as the Jesus they've met, just as Morpheus isn't Lawrence Fishburne. The difference lies on how people actually were, and on how they were perceived. Because back in the fifties some children really thought that George Reeves was Superman, and, if they died in an accident before realizing he was the actor, not the character, that would mean that, in their opinions, George Reeves really was Superman and not an imaginary character.
      • Real people can still appear in fiction. Just look at the amount of Special Guests.
    • Anything regarding religion on this page can be explained by Negative Continuity and the Rule of Funny.
    • It was seemingly a subtle way of breaking the fourth wall. It was acknowledging that show's characters were imaginary. This is supported by when Imaginationland was destroyed by the bomb including the show's main cast, and they're all imagined back to life by Butters.
  • How did the terrorists get into Imaginationland in the first place?
    • The DVD commentary for that episode actually covers this - it's mentioned that other countries were also trying to get in, and the terrorists just got their hands on one of those portals instead.
      • So it wasn't all of us letting our fear run wild?
      • They might have gone with that if they thought of it, especially after "201". At the time, they were probably going by the reports that terrorists were trying to steal atomic weapons from Pakistan and other countries.
  • At the beginning of Imaginationland, they capture a leprechaun that Cartman has seen a few times before. Then the leprechaun bitches about not being able to warn people and that sets off the events. First off, he gets out of there in ten seconds and could've easily continued (he could teleport) secondly, he has been there for days and didn't tell anybody, and third, who was he going to tell? To anyone else he would've just been a midget in a costume.
    • It's possible that he only learnt about the attack the day he was inconvenienced for 10 seconds but it the weird thing is that the terrorist attack didn't happen until the next day. That may be linked to The Mayor searching for him but then why would he take the kids all the way into Imaginationland before asking about the message?
  • What does making our imaginations run wild actually do to us? It sucks that good imaginary characters have their eyes removed and then get pee'd into their eye socket, but... How exactly does that screw us up in any way? It didn't look like the Evil Imaginary characters wanted to take over the earth, just Imagination Land. It didn't seem like it was actually doing anything in the real world (until Man Bear Pig arrived, but that was temporary and in a secluded area), and no human was suffering because of it (until, again, Man Bear Pig). What does letting our imaginations run wild do to us that would warrent a Nuke?
    • Maybe they were worried someone like Galactus or Kid Buu would show up to eat/destroy planets or someone like 02 from Kirby 64 or The Lich from Adventure Time would show to destroy all life.
  • Imagination Land is split in two for good characters and evil characters. What about the morally grey characters? Or characters who did a Heel–Face Turn or Face–Heel Turn? What about imaginary beings that are neither inherently good nor inherently evil? (Fantasy/Sci-Fi wildlife, for example)
    • They're probably the characters who created the wall in the first place.
  • The Imaginationland trilogy: After the terrorists attack, we see a bunch of fictional characters, one of them being The Flash. So if superheroes exist on the "Good" side of Imaginationland, why couldn't they take out a bunch of puny (by superhero/deity standards) terrorists? If every single superpowered fictional entity that mankind ever created exists in Imaginationland, they should have mopped up the terrorists in about 4 seconds while standing on their heads. Even with the "They were attacked without warning" excuse, there would also be great detectives on the good side of Imaginationland— Sherlock Holmes, Batman, etc. Even with the element of surprise, the terrorists should have stood no chance. Would it not make sense to have some sort of system where all the most physically powerful fictional characters act as protectors to any potential attacks?
    • The fictional characters don't seem to have their powers for some reason, not the most powerful ones anyway. You can see Darkseid and Pinhead among the villains, neither of whom uses their powers, they seem to stick to using guns. It may be to keep the story from just being about the overpowered characters clashing, and reeling it back to a field battle on relatively even terms.
      • In all fairness, the MST3K Mantra should only apply if someone is making a huge deal and throwing a temper tantrum or something over an issue that could be explained as "It's a TV show."
    • All the fictional characters act more like actors who play a certain role in fiction which isn't who they really are. For instance, none of them actually utters catch phrases they are well known for or acts dumb, smart or strong in line with their character. The only character who seems to be somewhat like that is Popeye, who still speaks in his gobble-di-gook voice. It seems that all the characters are only powerful in their own specific works of fiction (novels, films, cartoons, comic strips, TV series). Imaginationland is their shared universe where they are at will of the fantasy of human creators. Since nobody in the real world believes fictional characters or Imaginationland exist they don't have much of a chance of gaining their powers.
  • Why is the Frankenstein creature on the evil side of Imaginationland?
    • It's the villainous Universal version, which had the brain of an executed convict.
      • But even the universal "canon" version (i.e., the version that actually exists in the book, and not the version that someone beyond the fourth wall, like the reader, can see) isn't evil at all— this is assuming "evil" and "good" are judged based on a combination of actions and intent, which is why a mass murderer like The Punisher would probably be on the good side.
      • No, not that Universal, its the Universal Studios horror movie version, which is a villain, originally with the brain of a murderer, later with the brain of another mad scientist. You can tell because of the character design, which is the old Boris Karloff version.
      • So this Frankenstein creature is the complete opposite of the one whom Mary Shelley wrote about (who was misunderstood and simply wanted companionship)? This version basically sounds like Jason Voorhees.
      • Pretty much, he had SOME shades of the novel version in the first film from the 30's, but those scenes were deleted and was quickly abandoned in the sequels,. These days, most people are more familiar with the Universal Studios design, though they can go either way with making him an outright villain, or a confused, misunderstood creature. It's just the version thats most ingrained in pop culture, which is why its the version that shows up in Imagination Land, most people wouldnt recognize the character design from the book, which is very vague in the first place.
  • Why is the Blue Meanie from Yellow Submarine on the good side of Imaginationland?
    • Well, they do turn good at the end of the film. At least their leader does.
  • Why is Wiley Coyote on the evil side? He's too incompetent to be really evil.
  • In the "Go God Go!" two-parter, Cartman was frozen for five hundred years, so it's assumed everyone he knew was long dead... But what about Kenny? Wouldn't he still be alive 500 years in the future? You'd think he would've heard about a kid from his time being found, then gone to see if it was someone he knew from his childhood.
    • Kenny's mom gives birth to him every time he dies and is reborn. If she died, it's possible that would kill Kenny off for good.
    • Immortality doesn't always mean eternal life. It's never been implied that Kenny will live forever, just that he can't die an untimely death. Presumably he can stay dead if he dies due to old age for example.

Imaginationland III

  • How did Butters survive the nuke?
    • Butters was invincible in his floating imagination bubble.
    • Aslan did say Butters is Imaginationland's Chosen One. A lil' ole nuke isn't going to change that.
  • The four boys got killed in the nuke and were imagined back by Butters, does that mean these are not the real boys and they are dead for good?
    • Since Cartman was a "creator", able to imagine Kyle sucking his balls, they can't be imaginary. You could take the perspective that Butters didn't re-imagine each character/object individually, but rather re-imagined the timeline/reality itself.
      • Maybe he simply imagined their resurrection. They came back to life, but they are still the same people.
  • If all the boys were killed by the nuke, why does Butters imagine back Cartman?
    • Because Status Quo Is God and Butters wanted to restore everything to the way it was before terrorists attacked.
    • Because he's too nice not to.
  • Cartman imagines Kyle sucking his balls. Why doesn't Kyle instead of whining imagine something in retaliation that will stop imagine-Cartman?
    • The last thing you'd ever want to do is get into an Escalating War of imagination with Eric Cartman.

Guitar Queer-O

  • Stan asks the Guitar Hero expert to play Jordan by Buckethead acoustically. He does, or at least appears to. He then asks him to play John the Fisherman by Primus. Now, supposedly he asked for these songs as challenges to the kids skill. The thing is, Jodan, by far, is the much harder song. Even in the next sing they play John the Fisherman and it's pretty standard compared to Jordan which is all weedilydeedilydeedildidilleedillo for four minutes. He got confirmation that the kid could play a really difficult song, then asked him to play an easier one. Just should've been reverse order is all.
    • It's most likely a shout-out to Primus because they did the theme song to the show.
    • It seemed that he was checking for breadth of knowledge and not just depth. The Primus song is more obscure meaning that the kid would have to have a larger base of knowledge.
    • Rule of Funny. The episode was just for ripping on Guitar Hero. They didn't care about being 100% accurate.

The List

  • The explanation Bebe gives is so complex. Why didn't they just move Clyde to the top and anyone who was above him down a peg?
    • The voting process alone made no sense. Neither does changing the list. Also Rule of Funny.
  • The explanation for why the girls couldn't date Clyde prior to forging the new list because he wasn't popular enough doesn't make sense. Who decides whether or not someone is popular enough to be dated? Furthermore, it implies that only the most popular kids are "allowed" to date, which, as Season 20 shows, isn't the case, as the majority of the kids are shown to have been in relationships.
    • Didn't Clyde's father own a shoe store and Bebe wanted access to those shoes?
    • Also South Park retcons stuff all the time. "The List" aired 9 years before Season 20 premiered, thus invalidating that defense of continuity.

    Season 12 
Britney's New Look
  • How does Britney Spears stay alive after blowing up the upper half of her head? She can't see, she can't hear, she can't smell, and her brain is gone!
    • The same way as [1].

Breast Cancer Show Ever

  • What is wrong with Butters? Wendy hasn't done anything to Butters that would make him want to see her get beaten, and yet he says he wants Cartman to "kick the crap out of her". When the actual fight occurs, Butters is giddy with excitement, smiling and hopping up and down. In fact, he quickly switches sides and starts cheering on Wendy when it's clear that she's winning— meaning that he was into the actual violence more than anything. What made him so OOC in this episode?
    • Maybe he was excited about witnessing a fight occur, no matter who was fighting?
    • Butters knows exactly how a fight between Cartman and Wendy will go down and he really wants to see Cartman get his ass kicked, so he gives Cartman encouragement to get him to do it.
  • At the end, all of the kids tell Cartman that they never thought he was cool and that they've always disliked him. For people like Kyle, Stan etc., this isn't a surprise at all, but even Butters agrees with them. Doesn't Butter consider Cartman to be a genuine friend?
    • Well, in "AWESOM-O" he calls him an asshole so perhaps it's a Depending on the Writer situation?
    • Just because Butters is the nicest kid on the show doesn't mean he can't sometimes be sick of Cartman.
    • It's strongly implied in many episodes he doesn't really like Cartman. Like mentioned above, in "AWESOME-O", he mentions wanting to get revenge on him for the incident in "Casa Bonita" with the video tape of him cosplaying as Britney Spears, and also calling him an asshole. Then, at the end of "Christian Rock Hard", he farts on Cartman and says "Fuck you, Eric" while flipping the bird at him. At one point in South Park: The Stick of Truth, during the Bard Arc, when you're told to heal Cartman with Butters' healing powers, he says: "Should I heal him right away, my lord, or let him suffer just a little bit more?" There are more subtle hints on occasion that imply his opinion of Cartman is just as low as everyone else's; the reason he hangs with him is because he's insanely gullible, easily manipulated, too nice and too innocent a kid; an easy plaything for someone like Cartman. Not to mention his desire to always try to see the best in people and want to think them nice, like Cartman, but not realizing he's beating a dead horse.


  • Craig spends the entire two-parter mad about the boys dragging him into an adventure he wanted no part in, stating that no one can stand them for getting into situation after situation. With Cartman this is understandable, but Stan, Kyle and Kenny on the other hand are shown to be decently behaved kids who are on fairly good terms with their peers. Where did the dislike for them come from?
    • If you go by his "The Reason You Suck" Speech, he might've been referring to how the main four, in some some of the incidences, had some involvement or otherwise should have left it alone, which the other kids probably got sick of by that point. On the other hand, with Cartman being Cartman, it could be a "guilty by association" thing for the other three. Maybe this is a Depending on the Writer scenario.

About Last Night

  • Where was Joe Biden?
    • He's not a member of the conspiracy. Obama had to pick a running mate to keep up appearances and Joe Biden was a sensible, believeable choice.

    Season 13 
Eat, Pray, Queef
  • This episode is a bit confusing about what its Aesop actually is. The episode initially seems to be a satire of feminism, where women start enjoying something they never liked men doing anyway, and want the equal right to do it. They somehow become offended when men dare to have the same reactions that they do. It's somewhat akin to complaining that there aren't enough female janitors, or that parents don't push as many girls to join the army. Simply put, a woman who doesn't like farts is Closer to Earth, wheras a man who doesn't like queefs is a Straw Misogynist.

    As the episode continues, however, it starts to feel increasingly earnest. Sharon's speech at the end gives the impression that the episode is actually meant as a legitimately (and awfully Anvilicious) pro-feminist Author Tract. Given that Trey isn't exactly a stranger to this sort of thing ("Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", "D'Yikes!", "Breast Cancer Show Ever"), it does seem that the latter was most likely the overall i
ntent. That said, there are just far too many signs of the episode being a Take That! at feminism for it to be a South Park-styled straight play of it.
  • The Aesop of "Eat, Pray, Queef" seems to be that there is no female equivalent to the "men being men" phenomenon in media (i.e., there is no female equivalent to Jackass), and that people hold women to different entertainment standards. The men of South Park do not feel threatened by queefing; they're disgusted by it, in a Hypocritical Humor way. Terrance and Phillip loathe the Queef Sisters at first because of their act, not because of their personalities or identities as people. The end does go into a pro-feminist Author Tract: it's pro-feminist in that it flat-out states that men have no reason to be appalled by what women do for humor when they trivialize women when they are appalled at their brand of gross-out humor. It's why Sharon gives the speech she does at the end about Randy et. al taking away "this one thing" from them.
  • To add to the above: It just seems kind of weird that Trey would do a pro-feminist episode, given his Real Life experiences with women. After all, he had an older sister who abused and tormented him just like Shelley, and Liane was inspired by an ex-fiancee of his who cheated on him.

Pinewood Derby

  • First, why is it that aliens came down now instead of around the time of "Starvin' Marvin in Space" when they got to hyper-speed or whatever it was. Second, they banned Earth from the Universe for some bullshit secret test? The aforementioned Starvin Marvin had four boys (one a known sociopathic racist jerk) go out of their way to bring an entire group of suffering people (the Ethiopians) to the planet Marklar, showing humans' capacity for good. Cartman had no reason for wanting to help, but went along anyway, proving there is good in him. Next, "Space Jail"? "Space Cops"? "Space Cash"? Seriously? These are the laziest aliens ever. Finally, "Space cash could be whatever amount you wanted it to be," is a screwed up system considering the differences in currency, thus meaning there isn't a standard.
    • "Space Cash" was somewhat of a Take That! to the American Government printing money like crazy. It also showed how ignorant the people were because at the end of the day, unless a currency in on the Gold Standard, the money we use only has value because we believe it has value, like how Mexico used the space cash to build Water parks even though the currency was worthless. The last part of the episode was basically economics 101.
      • Wait, in a broad sense, doesn't gold also only have value because we believe it has value, but in the end, it's largely just a rare, shiny, pretty metal that doesn't tarnish easily?
      • But there is a limited amount of gold in the world (think of how oil is referred to as black gold). If someone were to discover 1,000 lbs of gold tomorrow the price of gold would drop because it just became slightly less rare.
      • There is also a limited amount of space cash, it's all the space cash in the ship. Of course something that exist only in space is gonna have values higher than gold. But to aliens they just went crazy over bottlecaps.
      • It's still an arbitrary distinction. Why should humans care at all whether or not gold is more or less rare (at least before the arrival or electronics equipment)? Why should humans have cared at all about the rarity of gold for so much of its civilized existence, except for goldsmiths and artists?
      • Being pretty is value in itself. The rich being willing to spend resources to get jewelry made of gold gave it its value. Moreover, anything can be given value if the government accepts it as currency. The problem is that currency is still subject to the laws of supply and demand. Printing cash doesn't create wealth, it just devalues your currency.
      • But how is the currency inferior to the gold standard: 1: On Earth, there is a limited amount of Space Cash and with no galactic printing press there isn't going to be any more until some aliens show up (much like with gold). 2: Space Cash would be tremendously valuable as a cultural artifact, since it is some of the first concrete evidence of extra-terrestrial life.
      • Really demand for gold is similar to demand for money. Mostly, there's demand because there's demand. But unlike money, it can be used for computer processors, jewelery, etc. Also unlike money, it can't be printed any time, which helps keep demand up ("If the gov't decided to print 100 trillion dollars, my money would become less valuable but not my gold." The govt's of the world understand this and manage their money production accordingly, but there's still less of a guarantee as to what the supply will be in the future compared to gold).
    • Seriously? It was all fake. The Space Cops, Space Jail, it was all part of the act and explicitly pointed out as not being real. The Space Cash doesn't work as a currency because it's not a real currency. They spell this out explicitly at the end of the episode, while they're mocking Earth for believing in any of it.
      • The headscratcher is more about "how did Mexico buy water parks with fake money?" The reason is that other countries thought Space Bucks were valuable (when aliens come to visit), so they gave real money to Mexico in exchange for some of their Space Bucks, hoping for a good return later.
    • As for the aliens not doing their act at the Starvin' Marvin episode, they said they did it when a world discovers hyper-drive. Not when they swipe a ship that already has it.
      • Yeah, but why did the alien policemen keep up the act when they were flying away from earth and nobody could hear them?
      • Maybe they're really dedicated to not breaking character?
    • First, they explicitly state that the "space cash" had the value that they gave it. Second, it's when they discover hyper-drive technology, not steal it from another alien species. Third, it was a secret test of character for the whole planet, not just four little kids. You wouldn't base all pirates on Luffy's crew, would you? Fourth, what would a planet with hyper-drive technology also have? Bugs? X-ray-vision lip-readers? You can't assume they are stupid.


  • Cartman stated that Jews couldn't be pirates. But why did he allow Ike? Ike is a Jew by adoption.
    • Just to piss Kyle off.
    • A person cannot be adopted into Judaism. Since Ike's biological parents were not Jewish, Ike is not Jewish despite him being raised by the Broflovski's. Ike would have to convert into the faith through a modified process of conversion via parental assistance.
    • Or Ike just stated that he's not Jewish; he's Canadian and that was good enough for Cartman.

Whale Whores

  • Why didn't the Japanese people get arrested for killing all those animals and people?
    • It's just a wild exaggeration of how Japan is allowed to kill dolphins and whales while hunting in the name of Rule of Funny.

The F Word

  • When the boys see that the Dictionary Head Editor is Emmanuel Lewis, Kyle exclaims "That explains everything". Could somebody please explain the joke?

    Season 14 
Sexual Healing
  • Is it ever explained why Kyle couldn't see the yellow handkerchief in the suggestive picture? Kenny could obviously not see it because he is a sex addict, and Butters was distracted because he had never seen a woman's genitalia before. We don't get anything on Kyle. Is he color blind or something?
    • He failed so that the writers could showcase how insane the standards are for diagnosing someone with sexual addiction. If someone is shown a picture of a vagina and the picture happens to have a yellow handkerchief, of course a regular person will focus on the vagina in the center of the picture. It's like if someone were shown a fight scene from an action movie, and asked what color the walls of the room were. They would be focused on the action scene taking place, not the decor of the room.

The Tale Of Scrotie McBoogerballs

  • How is it that children can write the book and not vomit but adults can't even get through the first paragraph without vomiting? Not even Butters was disgusted by the book.
    • The kids were probably just used to thinking of gross things, being immature school boys. However, that doesn't explain how Morgan Freeman didn't throw up from the sequel The Poop that Took a Pee, in fact, nobody else did either.
      • It's because Butters wrote it, and Butters sucks at writing.
    • It could just be that the act of writing sort of "buffered" them from the effect. When you're making something up you're thinking about it carefully, so it seems less gross/funny/scary/whatever than when somebody reads it and just gets hit with the full effect.
  • The Kardashian sisters are murdered along with Bruce Jenner. Since they are confirmed as dead, what is the canonical explanation for Kim Kardashian being continually mentioned by name and confirmed as alive in Season 17's "The Hobbit" and Caitlyn Jenner making sporadic appearances throughout Season 19?
    • Perhaps Caitlyn is somehow a reincarnation in the South Park world? Trey and Matt strive for the show to keep in touch with current popular events, and back in 2015 after Bruce's transformation, anyone could have seen a South Park parody coming.
    • If Kenny can come back from the dead as many times as he has, who says the Kardashians and Caitlyn Jenner can't as well?

200 and 201

  • Why didn't Ben Affleck call out "Jennifer Lopez" when he should already know it's really Mitch Conner?
    • Well, there are two Jennifer Lopezes. Maybe he just got confused again.
  • Where was Richard Dawkins?
    • Richard Dawkins was never actually mocked by the people of South Park; just disgusted when he found out Garrison was only female via sex-change.
    • Also, Richard is not famous enough, beyond being known by some who get fully into the subject on the internet.
  • We now know Lianne is not a hermaphrodite. Apparently, the citizens of South Park lied to Cartman about his father because Lianne asked them to. Why exactly would they do that? Everybody in the show hates Cartman, and they probably wouldn't be fond of Lianne either because she, well, gave birth to Cartman and is a giant whore.
    • They had to protect The Denver Broncos.
    • To screw with Cartman? Because there is little continuity?
  • Now that we know Liane isn't a hermaphrodite and actually is Cartman's mother, what was all that adoption talk about in "Cartman's Mom Is Still a Dirty Slut"?
    • Wasn't she trying to give him up for adoption because of how seemingly unhappy he was about the lack of a father? Besides, we're talking about a show that came close to being canceled three or four times before they were out of Season 3. It's doubtful they ever considered doing a massive 200th celebratory episode mash-up that would retcon the status of Cartman's father.
  • Why did the show drop the whole "Cartman's father was Jack Tenorman and Scott is his half-brother" reveal after "201"? There was a gold mine of possible episode or plot ideas, or a way to shake up the status quo a little. Lianne taking in the orphaned Scott, wanting to do the right thing for the son of her once-lover. Scott tormenting Cartman. Cartman having to deal with having a sibling, even worse if that sibling bonds with his friends. Kyle and Scott bonding over how much they hate Cartman would set up for some great Escalating War plots between them and Cartman.
    • Possibly the writers don't wan to recall anything that occurred in episodes 200/201 in fear of the show getting another Muhammed controversy (guilt by association) and being censored again.

Poor and Stupid

  • If Cartman thinks Nascar fans and drivers are poor and stupid, then why would he want to be like them instead of trying to be talented and good at it in comparison?
    • Cartman's ideals, logic, and behavior are all highly questionable. He performed the greatest revenge plot on Scott Tenorman, yet it's well known that he doesn't do well in school.
      • Yeah, but at the beginning of the episode it's implied that he's crying over the fact that he's not "poor and stupid" enough to do what he wants. Why would he want to be something that would want him to be poor and stupid? Even Stan and Kyle try to convince him that he is poor and stupid, but as seen in the past (like in "Breast Cancer Show Ever"), all he sees their insults as is them trying to make him feel better.
    • He probably didn't want to be poor and stupid as such, but he loved Nascar and wanted to be a racer, which, in his twisted mind, required that he became poor and stupid, and he was willing to make this sacrifice.
    • Also, this point brings up the Following Question: If Cartman only thinks poor and stupid people like Nascar, but he likes it, wouldn't that make him confused? Cartman doesn't think he's poor or stupid, but he keeps claiming that Nascar fans and drivers are poor and stupid. He is a Nascar fan, so why isn't he confused by this?
      • Hence his attempts to grow poor and stupid to become a true fan and eventually racer.

Coon 2: Hindsight

  • Butters spends several days in the Coon-Cell. What about his parents? Sure, they are assholes, but they DO usually pay attention when he disappears for long and go search for him (like when Cartman persuaded him that a comet hit Earth and he had to hide in a bomb-shelter).
    • Cartman tells Liane to tell them it's a sleepover. If they ask to speak with him on the phone, Cartman pressures Butters into saying everything is okay. If anything, all Cartman probably has to do is say he was a villain and he's now "grounded" in the game they're playing and they'd probably be okay with it.
  • After Butters gets kicked out of Coon & Friends, why'd the others keep Butters locked up? While they can be mean sometimes, that's way above their usual.
    • One of the more recent episodes had Craig telling Cartman and the others that Butters is "someone who you can never remember if they're around". It's very possible that, between Cthulhu and Cartman killing people, Captain Hindsight vanishing, and Mysterion dying a few times, they simply forgot Butters was in Cartman's basement.
    • They were probably still playing, but just improved their treatment of Butters to comply with the Geneva Convention.
  • How come the other members of Coon and Friends don't seem to care that Cartman is basically holding one of their classmates captive?
    • The other kids probably don't really care because they're supposed to be playing and Butters'character is supposed to be the villain.

Mysterion Rises

  • Since we now know that Kenny is Mysterion, does this mean that some parts of season 6 never happened to the other boys, since Kenny died two episodes before that season began?

Coon vs. Coon & Friends

  • Mint-Berry Crunch banishes Cthulhu back to his own dimension... somehow. What exactly happened to all those other things from the other dimension? Aren't they still out there? Also, why wasn't the army or the national guard or the coast guard in the gulf helping out? Surely conventional weaponry won't hurt a god like Cthulhu, but there is nothing to suggest those other creatures from the other dimension couldn't be killed with a few bullets.
    • They were likely taken care of off screen and Mint-Berry Crunch didn't recap it for the viewers.
  • Where did Cartman get a "Coon and Friend" T-Shirt to fit Cthulhu anyway?
    • From a tailoring factory, naturally.
      • It's the same size as Cartman.
  • The end reveals that Kenny's mom gives rebirth to him every time he dies and he is reborn as a baby, yet when he wakes up after jumping off a cliff he is shown as his normal eight-year-old self. Does it really take Kenny a short amount of time to age every time he's reborn?

Crème Fraiche

  • All it took to bring Randy back to normal was one good handjob. But didn't he jerk off himself constantly?
    • There is a big psychological difference between doing it yourself and having someone else do it for you.
  • This episode had some moral plot hole. Randy's obsession with cooking was tearing his family apart, but couldn't Sharon just appreciate that he just has a hobby that he likes to do that has positive side effects?
    • Because the cooking was a metaphor for masturbation.
      • Also, there were no positive side effects. Randy was a terrible cook, left huge messes expecting her to clean up, and displayed tendencies consistent with with the definition of hypomania.
      • While the second response makes sense, the first one... It starts out as a metaphor for masturbation, but once Randy becomes the cafeteria's chef and goes against the Food Network guys, it loses its metaphorical value.

    Season 15 
  • Is there any reason that the Apple guys needed to stick three people together to make a new iPad thing other than Rule of Funny?
    • This was an excuse to bash Kyle.
      • It wasn't really "bashing," it was just making him the Designated Monkey of this particular episode.
    • According to Steve Jobs, the HumancentiPad was so people could take their videos, music, and photos, and all their shit, and share it with other people, who could do the same with all their shit. It was just like the iPad, but could also walk and read.
      • The entire Kyle plot was basically a satire of the idea of what you could secretly be agreeing to without bothering to read it. And as stated above, Kyle was the Butt-Monkey for the episode. It happens.
    • It's amazing the things companies will do for publicity too.


  • The penis sizes... How does Kevin have a 0.5 and Kenny a 6 - 9? The former isn't even micropenis, and the latter seems too big for a nine year old.. Also, what was with the lesbian? Even if she was a transgender man, it's unlikely she'd be over the length. It's Rule of Funny, but still confusing.
    • Actually, the boy's sizes range from Cartman's 1.2" to Justin Hall's 3". Kevin's is 2.2" and Kenny's is 2.0". Compare the rest of the sizes here.
    • Yea. Either the board was wrong, or people couldn't read it right.
  • Why was the lesbian (or maybe a trans man) happy about the new regulations for penis size?
    • She's a hermaphrodite.
    • Assuming that he was a trans man, hormones cause, among other things, the clitoris to grow in size, and the clitoris is in many ways similar to the penis. It's entirely possible that it would have reached a length of longer than 1.4 inches.
    • As she said during the anger management class her "mental" penis is bigger than that teenage punk. She is projecting but not good enough to feel like a big dick.

You're Getting Old

  • Did Stan move away from South Park?
    • No, he didn't. He can still be seen walking down the main street of the town at the end, they just got a different house, probably half a duplex or townhouse.
  • Why are Kyle and Cartman friendly at the end? Is it just them "getting older"? They loathe each other with a horrible passion, and they weren't friends before; the only reason Kyle hanged out with Cartman was because of Stan.
    • That's sort of the point. To show just how much has changed.
      • People change.. But that's too big a change. They go from being mortal enemies with no liking of each other, to acting like buddies.
      • They don't "act like buddies", they smile at each other. They're simply recognizing that the other isn't as bad as they thought.
      • Besides, this sudden civilness is comepletely reverted at the end of "Ass Burgers", due to Status Quo Is God. The two once more resume the title of arch enemies, in order to fit the theme that sometimes "it's better to stick with what you know".
  • Where was Wendy? It's understandable that the birthday party would all be Stan's guy friends like most kids prefer, but why no mention of her after?
    • Maybe it was on one of those driven apart days.
  • If Stan sees things as shit... then what does he see Mr. Hankey and Bono as since they are already pieces of shit anyway?


  • Why would anybody punish the kids just because Cartman isn't physically fit?
    • There are systems like that in real life. It's generally done with the assumption that the average score is indicative of the average student (and not one terrible score throwing it off).
    • Because some people actually think that everyone should suffer just to protect one person. Plus Adults Are Useless in South Park.

The Poor Kid

  • Since Kenny dies, well, a LOT, how come the only time Cartman has ever had to look into who the new poor kid is was in this episode? In other words, how could he have been unaware that it was him?
    • Cartman kinda lives on momentary whims and was mostly fueled on the belief that he was beating out Kyle on investigating. And other than when Kenny died for a season it was the only time he was likely gone long enough for Cartman to have to think about it.

    Season 16 
Reverse Cowgirl
  • How are you supposed to use the "laundry hole" according to the toilet inventor?

Cash for Gold

  • How did Randy not find out about Stan telling Dean to kill himself? He only appears at the beginning of the episode and doesn't appear at all after we find out how badly the people are being frauded. And for the record, it Dean's selling people overpriced jewelry that wasn't worth much that Stan (and the three elderly people at the end) wanted him to kill himself for, correct?
    • Knowing Randy, he probably felt the same way.


  • Aside from the Foreshadowing to the ending, why did we need for Stan and Kyle to fight? Kyle at one point says something about what Butters should do, but the rest is inexcusable.
    • Somebody needed to call Stan out and Kyle was obviously the best choice.
    • Whenever Stan holds the Idiot Ball for an episode, it's Kyle who ends up playing Only Sane Man by virtue of him being The Conscience of the group. And vice versa.
  • Why is it that everyone hated Stan when Butters was the one who attacked Dr. Oz on national television? That wasn't even Stan's fault! How exactly did Butters beating up Dr. Oz make the school look bad? If anything, Butters is the one they should have hated, because he was the one that went out of character there. His parents would not be to blame at all if they had grounded him after that as hard as they were going to in "Going Native". Also, what purpose did his grandmother even serve in the episode?
    • First, the school knows Butters isn't really a violent psychopath, and that he is being picked on. It's Stan's music video, and his idea to market it. Second, it's to carry on with the message that people are picked on for things entirely beyond their control. And as for Butters being called a violent psychopath at all, people advise victims to stand up for ourselves all the time. Then, the moment we fight back, they suddenly consider us the villains for taking it too seriously and reacting badly. Apparently we should just ignore our bullies and the pain they're causing and pretend it's not happening. Take it from personal experience.
    • Butters' grandma was there to show that anyone can be a bully, even your close family. This also made it harder for her to be caught, and for it to be more shocking.


  • Producing enough semen to market as a sports drink is Refuge in Audacity. But from 10 year old Butters?
    • It's South Park - Adults Are Useless and Rule of Funny perfectly explain why no legal action was taken over the consumable disturbution of a minor's bodily fluids.

Raising the Bar

  • With all the stuff about handicapped accessibility, where was Timmy?
    • The episode focused much more on obesity and being fat than just about handicapping, because that's the reason Cartman got the motor scooter in the first place. Timmy doesn't meet either of those criteria.

Obama Wins!

  • Why was Ike crying over Obama getting re-elected? The first time it was part of an act, but this time there didn't seem to be a reason.
    • Most likely trying to keep up the act.
    • He could legitimately support the Republican part the second time around.

    Season 18 
Gluten Free Ebola
  • What would happen if a woman ate gluten? She has no dick to fly off.
    • Nothing, obviously. You basically answered your own question.
    • Nothing that we see, though there is more room for Fridge Horror.
    • Well, there is a possible exception for transgender women...
  • Why is Gluten inconsistently harmful? It didn't hurt the characters until they knew it was harmful. Yet, as soon as they did, even eating pizza dough caused their dicks to fly off and explode.
    • Kenny's parents are alcoholics and Kenny's dad's dick never flew off and exploded from all that beer he drinks!
      • That's the joke.
    • The whole point was to tell the people who are obsessed with gluten free diets that the whole gluten allergy is part of the nocebo effect.

The Cissy

  • Was Wendy/Wendell serious about being trans or was s/he just trying to make a point?
    • Wendy was just screwing with Cartman. Cartman abused policies designed to be more tolerant, so Wendy absued them right back to piss Cartman off.
    • Wendy wasn't serious. At the end of "The Magic Bush" you can see she's back to being Wendy again.


  • How come Nathan is able to endure all of those crazy karmic accidents and still be alive and walking in the next scene, whereas if another character in that position would get harmed?
    • Nathan is a Looney Tunes parody, and has the same cartoon immunity to damage.
  • Why did they not even attempt to replicate Elon Musk's South African accent and emotionless speaking style? In the first scene in the boardroom the accent was kind of there but not really and in the subsequent scenes he just sounded American. Though perhaps it can be explained by the disclaimer at the beginning of the show where "All celebrity voices are impersonated.....poorly".

Grounded Vindaloop

  • Did this episode even take place in the same universe as the rest of the series or was the final shot the normal universe and they just used the live action shot for the sake of the joke?

    Season 19 
  • What is PC Principal's beef with Leslie? As a middle to upper class white girl you'd think she'd be at the top of his white knight priority list.
    • It turns out this might be part of a deeper conspiracy based around the fact that Leslie is an internet ad that has gained sentience. Really.
    • Not to mention, being a middle to upper class white girl would still piss him off because the stereotype for white middle class SJWs like him is that they are all self loathing and only white knight when attacked by actively anti PC forces. Leslie didn't really experience that.
    • Because PC Principal isn't a white knight. His defense of people is based on being PC, not out of chivalry or getting laid. In fact, he reacts badly when it's suggested that's why he does it. The only person he white knights for is Strong Woman - there his defense of her is rooted in impressing her. Since he's not into Leslie, she falls into the same bucket as everyone else.
  • So what was PC Principal doing in that ad with Leslie? Is he an ad himself?
    • It appears he's a real person and the ads created that fake ad in an attempt to confuse him.

Stunning and Brave

  • PC Principal gave Butters and Mr. Mackey detention for accidentally saying something offensive while correcting him. Mr. Mackey calling Token black is probably what got him detention, but what did Butters say that might be offensive?
    • Talking back to PC Principal after he ranted about Chef in a misinformed manner (Saying that Chef committed suicide because of the kids and Butters tried to tell him that it was because of a cult), something that some SJWs take big offense to.

Naughty Ninjas

  • This episode ended with Officer Barbrady losing his job after shooting a child for the second time. Except, all of the boys witnessed Randy tackle Barbrady and cause him to shoot one of them. We don't even see Barbrady mention Randy's interference, which would make all the difference. Now for the big Headscratcher: South Park's officials let the rest of the police force beat up their homeless population, several of whom were ethnic. Since they value a victim's ethnicity over their age, why did they suddenly show a double standard so soon after kicking Barbrady off the force?
    • The adults didn't care about racism, so much as they cared about their reputation, which meant they had to make it seem like they care about racism. But they also wanted South Park to seem like a clean and progressive town, which is the main reason they worried about the homeless problem. When the homeless were living in Kenny's neighborhood, no one cared because it was the bad part of town and only Kenny's family had to deal with them. But when the boys playing ninjas were mistaken for ISIS, the homeless moved into the newer part of town, which meant most of the town had to deal with the homeless problem, and it made the town seem dirtier than anyone wanted it to be. Also, Randy seemed to be closer to the mayor than Barbrady, due to his contributions in making the town more PC. This means the mayor probably would've let Randy off the hook anyway even if Barbrady spoke up. This episode and the 19th season in general called out people who preach about social justice for the sake of seeming virtuous to others. The adults of South Park fall into this category of people who pretend to care about social justice, but only for the sake of their egos and reputation, not a genuine desire for justice.

    Season 20 
  • Why doesn't Mr. Garrison just withdraw from the election? You can do that, right?
    • You can resign, you could probably refuse to take the oath right out the gate but he's probably far enough along that the ballots have been printed. There is no reason why if enough Americans were to write in say PC Principle that he wouldn't be president. So yes he could withdraw but it might not do him any good and he tried pretty hard to essentially do that. Just Hillary is clutching that Idiot Ball pretty tight. To be fair in her shoes a lot of us might do the same thing imagining that Garrison is setting up a clever trap.
    • Ok, so it seems that when he does withdraw, his supporters try to murder him for failing them. Never mind then.
  • Why can't the boys just trace the IP address of skankhunt42? They did it with Wikileaks in "Bass to Mouth".
    • Trey and Matt probably thought of that but never used the idea most likely because they didn't want the identity of skankhunt42 to be revealed to South Park elementary so soon, especially not to Kyle.
    • Knowing Gerald, he probably used a VPN.
  • What happened to Heidi's Emoji Analysis? She already reached the conclusion that Skankhunt42 is an adult and not a teacher nor student, did she abandon this and why didn't she tell the girls the boys had nothing to do with Skankhunt42 due to her conclusion?

Fort Collins

  • The Member Berries are shown to be indestructible when Randy tries to destroy one, to no avail. Yet, on numerous other occasions, we see Member Berries get squashed note , shot, eaten, etc. That seems like a pretty glaring continuity error in a serialized season.
    • Maybe it's just the way that Randy tried killing them (by pouring acid and zapping them) that didn't cause them to die. Their only way to die would likely be to either get squashed or get stabbed by a knife. Randy wasn't smart enough to think of that because, well, he's The Ditz.

Oh, Jeez

  • Did Stan and Wendy make up or not during the talk with Cosby and Clinton?
    • That's a tricky one. On the one hand the gender war is still lingering (or at the very least Kyle thinks so) in "Doubling Down". On the other, "The Fractured But Whole" relationship chart says that they're dating again and Stan was not seen at dinner with his family later in the episode when Randy puked memberberries on them, meaning something probably happened during that time.

Not Funny

  • Why couldn't Kyle just simply tell Sheila that Gerald was Skankhunt 42 and that Ike was framed by him but instead decides to piss off Sheila even more... also why couldn't Kyle just tell everyone at school about Gerald ergo it would've ended the gender war and make the girls feel like jackasses for breaking up with the boys over something Gerald did?
    • Kyle probably thought Sheila would do something drastic like trying to divorce Gerald, or even kill him. He wants things to go back to normal.

    Season 21 
  • Cartman is being a lot more of a jerk to Heidi, because of things she didn't actually do but he thinks she might have, yet he's okay with his friends openly making his life worse? Destroying his electronics, getting him into a relationship with somebody he believes to be abusive, and Stan in particular publicizing his private message to Heidi and having the others make fun of him for it are all Easily Forgiven, enough that Cartman agrees to help Stan out with his grandfather's issues. He basically lets them walk all over him now with absolutely no resistance. What gives?
    • Probably because Cartman has a lot more experience with his friends treating him like shit than he does being in a relationship. Stan and the guys making fun of him isn't new, they've been doing that for over twenty seasons, and he thrives on it. Furthermore, this episode shows that he has got most of his electronics back, possibly bought for him by the guys to make amends, so he probably isn't bitter about that. Being "friends" with people who don't really like him is nothing he hasn't done before. However, what is new to him is the expectations that come with being in a romantic relationship, which requires Cartman to actually take another human being's feelings and desires into consideration with his own. Heidi requesting that Cartman be considerate of her feelings is completely alien to him and comes off as her being abusive, and is something he has no idea how to process and deal with.

White People Renovating Houses

  • Why was Sharon looking so miserable? Was it just because of Randy's next stupid antics? But this time he, shockingly, seemed to actually know what he's doing.
    • Just because Randy knows what he's doing doesn't mean that Sharon is all that thrilled with being roped into another one of her husband's schemes, this time one that requires her to be an active participant.

Doubling Down

  • Anniversary means that it has been a year, except that both Mr Garrison became a president and Heidi and Cartman hooked up last season.
    • They've also been in the fourth grade for nearly two decades. It's South Park, time is negotiable.
  • Are the girls and boys still feuding? From Kyle's motions they are.
    • They could be, but remember that they worked together in "Put It Down" and that that scene was simply a reused scene from a deleted Season 20 scene. Then again, they may have resolved their differences, but given last season he may be afraid he might say something to offend them and he thinks that the girls still hate the boys. The fact that he was never in a relationship might leave him in the dark about whether or not the genders actually made up or not.

Super Hard PCness

  • Was anyone else bothered by everyone's behavior in this episode? Specifically, how everyone repeatedly joined in on Heidi and Cartman's taunting of Kyle? Granted, the South Park kids aren't the nicest people, but just an episode ago they couldn't stand Cartman and Heidi's Jerkass behavior, but as soon as it's directed at Kyle, they partake in it. Even Stan and Wendy were laughing at him.
    • They were saying true-ish things about Kyle. Things that everyone, including Stan and Wendy, likely believe privately. Things that Kyle chooses to make a part of his personality.

     Season 22 

Tegridy Farms

  • If Cartman didn't want Kyle to interfere with his vaping business, why did he tell him that Ike was vaping?
    • Because Cartman trusts and is cool with Ike for some reason and it's probably not like Ike would actually tell Kyle.

Time To Get Cereal

  • ManBearPig is the antagonist of this episode. The question is, how? It's previously been established that ManBearPig doesn't literally exist in the show's universe. The only time he was actually seen was in the Imaginationland trilogy, which implies (if not outright states) that he is merely a product of Al Gore's overactive imagination. So how is it that ManBearPig is shown to be real in this episode?
    • Remember how demons of the likes of ManBearPig work, you make a deal with one of them, you recieve fancy things and the demon leaves this world and in exchange the demon re-appears in a few years with complete freedom to slaughter everything on it's path. So, Chances are the deal Marvin Marsh and the rest of the South Park seniors made with ManBearPig expired by the time Time to get cereal started. Well, that or the imaginary ManBearPig managed to escape The Pentagon and has been causing chaos off-screen until now.

     Season 23 

Band in China

  • Randy is arrested upon arriving at the Chinese airport due to the large amount of marijuana he has in his luggage. Given how he carried the weed in an incredibly unsubtle way, just packing his luggage full of bags for anyone to see when opening it, why didn't U.S. customs spot the contents of his suitcase and stop him before he got on the plane?
    • Back in season 5, in The Entity, airlines in the US are portrayed as annoyingly incompetent and understaffed - a member of security control shots Kenny dead for his carrying a nail clipper, then the other boys just get to the take-off runways through a door without passing security. Probably that's what happened with Randy's marijuana-stuffed suitcase - no one in the airport of origin noticed or cared.

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