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During the series finale, Cartman will die
Other boys will decide that enough is enough and that Cartman is beyond redemption, and they will just brutally murder him to solve problem permanently.
  • Or, Cartman will actually succeed in wiping all non-whites, gingers, and hippies off the planet, but soon finds himself very, very bored because he has nobody to insult. So he commits suicide out of despair.
Eye Colours of the kids
  • Stan - Blue. In "A Very Crappy Christmas", Kyle criticizes Butters's paper cutout of Stan having the wrong eye color.
  • Kyle - Green. It's actually a fact that most red-heads really do have green or green-shaded eyes.
  • Cartman - Brown. He has brown hair, and most dark or brown-haired children have brown eyes.
  • Kenny - Light blue. It goes with medium-blond hair.
  • Butters - Sky blue. The colour of innocence.
  • Craig - Dark blue. In Craig x Tweek almost all of the Yaoi shows him with dark blue eyes. Possibly dull green instead if the animated yaoi special move in the recent game is taken as canon.
  • Tweek - Green indicates more activity. Much of the Craig x Tweek art shows him with green eyes. Possibly turquois instead if the animated yaoi special move in the recent game is taken as canon.
  • Tolkien - Brown.
  • Jimmy - Brown.
  • Timmy - Hazel.

Denmark is infested by Member Berries.
Aside from turning Denmark into a surveillance state on pair with China, they also caused Danes to turn down Europol, made Danish Peopleparty (DF) get power and plays songs from the first Pyrus christmas series.

In a future episode, Caitlyn Jenner will forcefully put Mr. Garrison in office.
Following their successful infiltration by the end of "Fort Collins" (and the election results), the Memberberries will turn him/her into the ultimate running mate. Making sure that Mr. Garrison wins whether he wants to or not.
  • Garrison apparently won on his own, but her actions in tandem with the Memberberries brainwashed him into accepting his position

The episodes "You're Getting Old" and "Ass Burgers" are a deconstruction of Not Allowed to Grow Up.
Stan becomes extremely depressed with the state of the world and his life. His parents get divorced, and, after some resistance, Stan eventually embraces changes and starts to enjoy the prospect of a new life. But, of course, Status Quo Is God, and the Reset Button is pressed. The last we see of Stan in the episode is taking a swig out of a bottle of whisky. And that's exactly what people do when every day is the same and nothing ever changes......

Why Butters' Grandma is so mean to him...
In the season 6 episode "Freak Strike", Butters' parents say that his Grandma had a "mild stroke" when she saw him on TV with balls on his chin. It was the stroke that made her irritable and violent.
  • Additionally, it could also be because he constantly has a dirty mouth around her; in his own episode ("Butters' Very Own Episode"), he mentions that his grandma once washed his mouth out with soap for saying "nut sack" in front of her.

Eric Cartman's real father is actually Mr. Garrison
  • Jossed. Eric Cartman's father is Jack Tenorman.

Alternatively, Herbert Garrison IS Eric Cartman from the Future or an alternate Dimension
Yes, we have been shown a future version of Cartman, but we have also known that South Park is a Timey-Wimey Ball. Considering the evidences from the above theory, would it really be that far-fetched that Cartman isn't a son of Garrison, but GARRISON himself trapped in an alternate timeline? Especially when in the later seasons when he became a Donald Trump Expy, he literally replaced Cartman as King Jerkass of the series and adopted his manipulative narcissistic behaviour!

South Park's water supply is badly contaminated with methylmercury.
Just enough more than most places so that by their twenties the locals have accumulated so much that they become freaking idiots.

The longer it takes for Kenny to die, the longer it takes for him to come back.

  • This would explain why after long illnesses, such as when he had muscular dystrophy, it took him an entire season before he was able to come back. Also, in Ring when he died of syphilis he was gone long enough for them to have a funeral, rather than him just being reborn the next day. Whereas with fast violent deaths he generally seems to come back much faster, as shown many times, but notably in the Coon saga, where he had multiple returns over the course of the story arc.
    • Also, his death in the movie was fairly prolonged, and he stayed dead for most of the movie.

  • Stan started as Green/Black, with switching to Blue/Black (or pure Black) lately because of the emphasis on his resistance to fads and cults, which kinda highlights his intelligence and individuality.
  • Kyle is White/Red, with either colour being more prominent depending on how the episode plays.
  • Cartman is White/Black, because he is a selfish bastard with Knight Templar tendencies.
    • Alternative option is Blue/Black/Red because of his temper and sadistic tendencies and he has a tendency to use everyone around him as a pawn to achieve his selfish desires. This color combo is better given his motivations.
  • Kenny is Red/Black.
  • Butters is Green/White.
  • Mrs/Mr Garrison switches between Blue/Red and White/Green depending on whereas his bigoted point of view or his sexual depravity are focused on.
  • Randy Marsh was originally Blue, then became Red/Green in latter seasons. It is implied that his mindless state is a facade, however, which means he probably only does that to have fun, so he is probably still Blue.
  • Sheila Broflovski is like her son, only that in earlier seasons both Red and White were well emphasized thanks to her near constant state of zealotry.

Kyle is the most attractive of the main four
This is based purely on in-universe character reactions to him, not to any personal opinion, but Kyle's looks are the most commented on of the main four. Also,
  • Kyle has managed to attract more girls than the others. Stan got Wendy, but it was him that approached her. Cartman had two girls to be attracted to him, Heidi and Wendy, though the latter was only attracted to because of enemy tension. Kenny got two girls to like him, but Kyle has had Bebe, Nichole, Rebecca, and Heidi all wanting a piece of him.
  • Bebe wrote a poem about Kyle's fine ass.
  • Cartman refers to Kyle as "handsome" in "Fat Butt and Pancake Head" and calls him "fresh and beautiful" in German in "Funnybot".
  • Kyle's place as the least cute on The List was a lie, and according to these calculations'Real_List' Kyle was somewhere in the Top 5 of the real list - either #5 or #1.
  • Kyle has been mistaken for attractive celebrities more than once - for Leonardo diCaprio in "Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls" and for Britney Spears in "Britney's New Look." The second time was a disguise, but the first was just Kyle.

The Flanderization is all due to the machinations of the Cult of Skaro
Alright, this might need some explanation, the characters of South Park's universe, along with Family Guy and The Simpsons, are being manipulated by the Cult of Skaro, who are making the characters behave in a way they wouldn't do normally, allowing the characters to help them proceed to their ultimate goal; reality itself being conquered. They are using different tactics with each universe; with this one, Sec, realising that this universe is pretty much a Crapsack World already, is not really focusing on this universe and is leaving it in the hands of his people there (Kyle and Cartman). Kyle and Cartman? Deliberately working with Sec and are currently manipulating others into helping them. The problem with them is that Sec picked a duo who do not get on very well and are trying to one-up each other to look good in front of Sec, by making sure the other fails. In Cartman's case, it's because he simply likes the idea of each universe being chaotic or Sec told him that he would have free reign to unleash his sociopathic tendencies on a universal level (which will ultimately revealed to be Sec lying to him). In Kyle's case, it's because he genuinely believes (or knows) that working with Sec will make his universe, as well as others, a better place, making him a Well-Intentioned Extremist who believes Utopia Justifies the Means.

Eric Cartman is clearly an Outer God.
Most probably Azathoth. Think about it; a big fat blob that sits around in one spot all the time, and insists on being entertained. Plus, the descriptor of “blind idiot”, and his completely amoral (rather than immoral) ethics: human concerns like common decency are simply beneath him, nor are they really even comprehended by Cartman. But the real evidence proving that Cartman is obviously an avatar or aspect of the Great Nuclear Chaos was the seeming ease with which he manipulated and commanded Dread Cthulhu. Only an Endless One could do that, and Cthulhu has been known to serve Azathoth…and in this case, his Cartman avatar…when the stars come right (thanks to BP, in this instance).
  • Azathoth is mindless, though, which contradicts with Cartman, who's more Book Dumb than anything. Another possibility is that his father was being used as a vessel for Azathoth, making Cartman his spawn.
    • Making him and Kenny cousins (possibly explaining how he knows about his deaths "what Kenny but he dies all the time".

Timmy is aware his world is a TV show.
"Living a Lie!"

Scott opened his Box of Faith early.
This was why all the other Canadians started calling him a dick.

Mr. Garrison is telekinetic, and suffering from split-personality disorder.
Well, it would definitely explain the whole Mr. Hat and Mr. Twig fiasco. Both are, in fact, effectively extensions of Mr. Garrison's personality, but he subconsciously animates them with his powers, explaining how Mr. Hat was able to move around independently in the episodes "Summer Sucks" and "Chef Aid", and why, in the latter episode, he was capable of driving a car (and freeing Chef and Garrison from jail, no less) without being physically able to push the gas pedal.
  • His psychic powers peaked in the later seasons, which means that Mr. Slave is in fact a physical manifestation of Mr. Garrison's deep subconscious. This would also explain Mr. Garrison's decision to be a woman. Now that his inner desires had separated from him, he no longer felt like himself and decided to have a sex change.
  • Of course, this didn't last. Mrs. Garrison quickly became a lesbian. And sometime off-screen, she may have created a lesbian version of Mr. Slave only to dump her and decide to become a man again.
  • Upon realizing he is still a he inside, and confronted with this reality, Garrison reverts to being a male.
  • The real reason why Mr. Hat disappeared after Mr. Garrison hired Mr. Slave is because Mr. Hat actually morphed into Mr. Slave as a result of Mr. Garrison's initial decision to open up as being camp gay.

Kenny's family is filthy rich.
  • They obviously put a life insurance policy on their son for a huge amount of money, he dies, they're the beneficiary, he comes back, rinse, repeat.
    • That's probably why their house is so gritty but Kenny is spoiled like any other average kids.
    • And the fact they have frickin' robot guards.
    • And the fact that Kenny was a robot for Halloween once.
      • To an extent, they could be. We are shown Mr. McCormick is not the best provider for his family. Kenny's death with the insurance would help the family, but being a dysfunctional one, they cannot manage it. While Kenny is allowed some luxuries such as a computer for WoW, some cool Halloween costumes and a PSP, ultimately, his situation is still not pleasant.
    • The problem with this elaboration is that no one remembers that Kenny dies, so how can they receive the benefits on someone who as far as anyone knows, never died? A better explanation for their income would be from their meth production, and their poverty is because Kenny's parents are irresponsible substance abusers who blow whatever money they have on alcohol and drugs, occasionally letting it trickle down into Kenny's various luxuries.
  • In the episode Cartmanland, Cartman gets a fine over Kenny dying in his theme park, to which he says "Kenny dies all the time!" This highly suggests that people remember Kenny's deaths (or at least, Cartman does). And, since he had to pay a fine over Kenny dying, Kenny's deaths do seem to legally count as normal deaths. If someone can be fined over a Kenny death, why can't they get life insurance for it?
    • Where would they get money to afford life insurance in the first place, though?
  • If all those deaths are recognized then it would be a literal Death is Cheap scenario and if I am the insurance company in concern I would refuse to pay up or even accept their installment after a few episodes.

Eric Cartman most probably thinks that Kyle's family is filthy rich.
  • Well, they are the most well-off of the four boys' families. And if Kyle's dad still has half the money from the school lawsuit episode...
    • No, according to the Indian casino episode, Mr. Broslovski has a compulsive gambling problem. Although Cartman wouldn't let that interfere with his fervent embrace of every anti-Semitic stereotype.
      • It's been played back and forth quite a bit with general tendency toward them being upper-middle class. Mrs. Broflovski likely wears the pants in the house and manages to shove enough money aside to keep Gerald from ruining them.
    • Kyle's dad being an Otherkin—who fulfills his dream of becoming like Flipper—might have diverted him from the "fast track" at the office.
  • Well of course Cartman thinks Kyle's family is rich, they're Jewish after all and we know what Eric thinks of Jews.
    • Two words: Jew gold. In the episode "Two days before the day after tomorrow", Cartman thinks that all Jews have Jew gold and tries to rob Kyle of his. Kyle does, in fact, have Jew gold. If all Jews in south park don't have Jew Gold, it's at least safe to say that Cartman thiks they do.

Eric Cartman grows up to become Peter Griffin from Family Guy
No, really. They're both fat jerks.
  • Except, Cartman is a lot smarter than Peter.
    • Yeah, Cartman isn't stupid so much as intellectually lazy. Not to mention Peter Griffin actually respects Jews.
      • You obviously did not see the episode "Family Goy". Lois discovers she is half-Jewish, and in keeping with what he believes his uber-Catholic father would want, attempts to murder her.
      • Yeah, but at first he embraces Judaism even more so than Lois until the ghost of his father confronts him.
  • Plus, Peter is said to have had a hippie-like lifestyle sometime in the past. No way Cartman would do that, especially since the timeline doesn't exactly allow for Cartman to have been born when and where Peter was and especially not to Mickey and Thelma instead of Jack and Liane. Also, the kids in South Park will always be kids, except when it would be funny for them not to be. Lastly, how the fuck does that even begin to work when Family Guy already exists as a TV show in the South Park universe, and Cartman blatantly loathes it?

When he was younger, Kenny's dad worked as a mercenary.
The genetic reincarnation theory up there would explain the respawns, and Kenny's sadistic tendencies would be explained if he found out about his father's past work.
  • Kenny's father was the Spy. He even gave his son his very own dead ringer.
    • That must have been one hell of a fall he took to end up where he would be now.
  • Alternatively, Kenny has a different mercenary father, explaining some of his personality and his reincarnations. Plus, I'm sure that Kenny's work as Mysterion can easily take a turn into Rule of Cool.

Imaginationland is the world of Grand Unifying Guesses
Seeing as they were tired of us tropers attempting to unify every franchise, the Trinity of WMG created a world that proves every theory made right. The dark side of the wall is the Dark World.
  • Also, Butters is the Avatar of the Trinity and God of Imaginationland. Other than O-Haruhi-Sama's Reality Warping, he is a Butt-Monkey like Shinji (and by extension, The God-Emperor of Mankind is Professor Chaos), and he has a TARDIS in the form of AWESOME-O.
    • After Butters follows through on his threat (at the conclusion of the "AWESOME-O" episode), what does that make Cartman? A Butt-Monkey's Butt-Monkey?

South Park is set in the same universe as Peanuts.
Hence explaining similarities in appearance and the incredible rudeness of the children. Charlie Brown and his friends grew up in The '50s South Park.
  • Funny you should say that. When I was around 4 and didn't understand that SP wasn't for kids, he actually did think that the kids were Charlie Brown characters.
  • Schroeder appears in "A Very Crappy Christmas", "Probably", and "Something You Can Do With Your Finger".
  • South Park has been called Peanuts on acid.

Garrison is homosexual
First Garrison thought he was straight, then admitted his homosexuality. After the sex change she later became a lesbian. This shows that Garrison isn't specifically attracted to either men or women but only to persons of his/her current gender. After the latest sex change he'll turn gay again.
  • In "The F Word", the gays of South Park have a meeting, and Garrison isn't present, so it's likely that he is still attracted to women, despite being a man again.
  • Chef once said, "There's a big difference between being gay, and being Mr Garrison."
    • It has been stated that Garrison is messed up. His sexuality seems to be connected to a bigger problem though.

Cartman is a Lady Gaga fan.
  • He sang "Poker Face" in the whale episode and he called Kyle "his Little Monster" in "It's a Jersey Thing". Lady Gaga calls her fans her "Little Monsters".

The four kids will grow up to become the Gun Show Anime Club.
  • Cartman get's the nickname "Mort", a corruption of his last name - and he once again has to wear glasses. Mark is Kyle's middle name, and their enemity didn't end as they grew older. Stan just let his hair grow. Dave is a nickname he started using after he started to develop as a computer expert (based on Dave from 2001). Kenny, unfortunately, didn't live, forcing the four to find a substitute fourth kid - Clyde.

Scuzzlebutt escaped from Imaginationland.
While the boys, Jimbo and Ned were out camping at Mt. Evanston, Cartman makes up the story of Scuzzlebutt. Once Scuzzlebutt came into existance in Imaginationland, he somehow found a way to escape from there and enter the real world. Judging from the reactions everyone got from Scuzzlebutt's appearance (with Cartman expressing the most shock and Chef and Mr. Garrsion showing apparent familiarity with the creature), it is possible that Cartman also told Chef and Mr. Garrison the Scuzzlebutt story beforehand.

Craig grows up to be...
Noah from Total Drama. Deadpan Snarker ahoy!

Cartman is the Big Bad of South Park
As was mentioned above, Cartman is a psychopath and a fan of Hitler. He has a higher death count than the devil and anti-christ put together. Hell, he revealed his darkness when he ground up his rival for the week's parents into chili and tricked him into eating it over a few dollars. When he gained the power to create, he made monsters. He closes his eyes he sees holocaust and flame and to him this is normal.

How did this start? I believe Pip gave us the warning way back in 'Damien.' Cartman was being made fun of until Pip arrived and all the kids moved their aggression to Pip. For an adult, being made fun of would be a ridiculous excuse. For an 8 year old with his mental problems, this is a motive worthy of murder. So, Cartman decided he was going to kill everyone in South Park, but he needed a cover so no one would take him seriously. Cue an episode of All in the Family where he saw Archie Bunker. That's when he discovered the perfect disguise, anger, rage, racism, chauvenism, all out in the open. It's brilliant.

The last season will be a time skip to the boys 18th birthday. South Park will be completely destroyed, everyone will be dead, except for Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski. They'll have to face down and defeat their old "friend." And give Kyle proper revenge for all the anti-semetic comments.

  • What about Kenny? He's well, chronicly unable to die.

Cartman is just big boned
Look at his family. They're all obese except for his mom. As an adult he keeps his general appearance though obviously slimmer due to taking care of himself and since he isn't a child.
  • Well, his mom is quite the whore, so perhaps she wants to maintain her figure or rather that is how she maintains her figure.

Cartman's father isn't Jack Tenorman
It was a lie and his father is someone else. Or they got the DNA test wrong.

It makes so much sense.

South Park inspirted Mean Girls
First off, the four main guys have a lot in common with the plastics.- Cartman —-> Regina George— Mean spirited, spoiled by a skanky oblivious mom, pushy, manipulative, binge eats and is made fun of for being fat, referred to as evil by the others, not even liked by their friends and somewhat feared, and inflict disapropriate retribution all the time-Kyle—-> Cady—Redheaded hero, nominally more nice and moral than the others but still capable of being mean and nasty, comes from a more conservative family, vulnerable to corruption, has a rivalry with Cartman/Regina-Kenny—->Karen—Quieter, more eccentric, blonde, weird sexual tastes, willing to do bizarre things for attention (like sticking a fist in their mouth), the most scatterbrained-Stan—-> Gretchen—Brunette, more normal than the others, able to adapt to other groups, the most emotionally vulnerable

There are two subspecies of humans in the South Park universe: mortals and immortals
The immortal ones can resurrect whenever they want to. Most celebrities are immortals, this would explain how could they come back in 200. Kenny is also an immortal. His long absence was caused by his unvillingness to resurrect; he wanted to take a break from being killed horrifically Once an Episode.
  • If Kenny can pick and choose when he resurrects, then why does he get angsty about it in the Coon and Friends arc?

Butters's parents aren't actually abusive.
Think about it. When he's his meek self, he gets picked on. And his parents ground him. When he was a "vampire" he had a ton of confidence and couldn't get grounded. His getting grounded never comes up when he pretended to be Professor Chaos. When he's acting sensitive, he has a Butt-Monkey complex and sees any actions his parents do as bad. When he has confidence, they're pretty good to him. As for "Jared Has Aides" and the episode with Ben Afleck and his parents? Cartman was pretending to be Butters, and Butters was imagining his picture as a normal one, respectivelly.
  • Heck, going by this, South Park isn't so bad. Butters just imagines all these bad things happening to him to make himself a Woobie, and his overactive imagination is stimulated by whatever's on the news at the time.

Butters' parents are VERY abusive.
  • Even before we started seeing him as a regular main character, as early as "Super Best Friends", he mentions that he wakes up most mornings screaming. And in a tone that is almost cynical for an innocent guy like Butters.
    Butters: I don't think I'm very happy. I always fall asleep to the sound of my own screams.
    Magic Workshop Leader: ...Right, yeah. Eh, see, the reason that you are unha-
    Butters: (coldly) And then I always get woken up in the morning by the sounds of my own screams. Do you think I'm unhappy?
  • Remember he mentions being sexually abused, and also how he subconsciously sees his father as some kind of monster.
  • Don't forget in "Butters' Very Own Episode", how he finds out that his mother tried to kill him, and then his parents tried to cover it up with some really awful lies. Stan asks him if he's okay after hearing that, and he says "Yeah, I'm fine" then adds, "No, I'm lying".
  • His treatment in "The Death Of Eric Cartman" is also rather horrific - if he didn't have issues before, I'll bet that after about 14 hours of anal probing he will now.
  • At the end of "Marjorine" his parents lock him in the basement. You don't see him in "Follow That Egg!" at all - and considering that the kids are named and paired for their Egg Project you'd think if he was there he'd be given somebody, but he's not there. He doesn't even show in the background at any point. The most rational explanation? That his parents kept him in that basement for up to a week before they worked out he'd only faked his own death.
    • Another moment in "Marjorine", when he's sobbing in the bathroom as Marjorine, Butters tells the girls tearfully, "You have no idea how hard it is to be me!" Not "the new girl" or "the new kid" but "me". That moment really suggests that for a long time Butters has been faking a lot of his smiles.

Kenny is Jesus
Yeah, I know Jesus exists in this world (it's pretty much the basis of the theory). Jesus' power is Resurrection, the ability to return from death. Kenny has done this constantly for the whole run of the show (even when he really DID die and had his ashes consumed by Cartman). He's the second coming of Jesus and South Park is Purgatory.
  • Trey Parker has, at one point, claimed that there might have been a correlation between Jesus' death in "Red Sleigh Down", and Kenny's reappearance in the same episode...
    • Kenny isn't Jesus. He's the result of a Cult creating an immortal kid. But definitely not Jesus.

Butters is a Transgender girl
He just gives me that vibe in general. He did like crossdressing a bit too much, more so then the typical crossdresser.
  • Though he did cross the line at dressing up as Courtney Love. "Awww, come on, fellas, don't make me be Courtney Love."
    • He doesn't like her possibly? Plus he was cross-dressing as a character, not as himself.
  • He could just end up being Gender Fluid, meaning some days he is Butters, other days he is Marjorine, just depends on his mood.
  • This does give some more insight to the line "You have no idea how hard it is to be me!" from the episode Marjorine. It may or may not also suggests a little bit as to why he is bi-curious.

The eye colors are like this.
Kenny - Blue. Originally brown as stated in "How to eat with your butt" (Cartman described him as having a "winking brown eye") and hazel according to the draft of The Movie. Now blue, as shown in his anime form, Major Boobage, and Starvin' Marvin.Kyle - Brown eyes. Well, they were in his anime form. He had black hair too, but maybe he just didn't think ninjas looked good with red hair or dislikes it.Cartman - Brown eyes. He should have blue now due to an eye transparent with Kenny, but a continuity snarl applies here. A few official drawings of him have him with brown eyesStan - Blue. Confirmed in "A Very Crappy Christmas" though his anime form had brown ones. Apparently ninjas can't have blue eyes either..Craig - Blue. His anime form.Wendy - Gray or brown. ..I can't remember where it was stated but I recall seeing it or at least it being hinted.
  • "Winking brown eye" refers to something... different, mostly in that context.
    • ...Seems like he was referring to his eyes.
      • His face wasn't peeking through the parka, something else was. Come on, skippy, you can figure it out.
    • It was a Double Entendre.

Mr. Garrison's Mom Molested Him
OK, that part is obviously canon. But the real guess comes here: she molested him as a young child, forever damaging the way he looked at sex (which may help explain his constant changes in orientation). He thought it was wrong, and so asked her why she did it and she replied "Oh ummmm. It's because I loved you sweety. That's a sign of love." Being a naive child, he believed her, later wondering why his dad wasn't "loving" him, and the rest is history. Their interactions years later is just his mom keeping up the charade.

Mr Garrison's mother didn't molest him.
He's such a naturally absurd character it wouldn't be surprising if he has no rational reason to be like he is.

Another Cartman/Wendy episode will happen within the next four seasons
Belligerent Sexual Tension by the bucket. I expect it to be something revolving around the gang and the pairing.

Homosexuality has complex ramifications in the South Park universe
Note that this might only apply to males, as lesbians have not really been touched upon.

Anyway, sexuality in South Park is a spectrum, although everyone is at least "a little gay," with some being "very, very gay" (i.e. Mr. Garrison). Suppressing homosexuality turns into an obsession with being in control of other males (Mr. Garrison is always in control of his relationship and is obsessed with being the teacher, Stephen is always in control of Butters, Cartman is obviously obsessed with authoritah, Jimbo is in charge of his "relationship" with Ned, Randy suppressed it with Gerald in the hot tub and has since turned into the de facto leader of South Park), and possibly insanity (the suicides in the conversion camp, Jimbo's crazed hunting, Randy's ever-increasing stupidity). The more homosexual and overall horny they are, the crazier they get (Garrison wanting to be molested by his parents, split personality, complete disregard for his students' lives, going through the entire sexual spectrum including the opposite sex and back). Had Garrison not suppressed it, he would have ended up more like Mr. Slave (proud, happily married, and acknowledging that the life of a whore is a bad one).

The Super Adventure Club learned of this and have been suppressing their feelings for adult males in order to become fully committed to authority and shed themselves of any remorse in their pursuit of power, while having sex with boys in order to prevent insanity. Members who lean closer to heterosexuality have sex with girls to prevent the opposite (chaos). They have also possibly been manipulating factions such as NAMBLA, the Church of Scientology, and Alcoholics Anonymous in their quest.

Butters may be the only organism to be 100% straight, and since he does not release enough of this heterosexuality (mostly due to his father's demands and friends' teasing), he occasionally has a desire to unleash chaos upon the world. Similarly, Big Gay Al may be the only organism to be 100% homosexual, hence why both characters are pretty much the purest non-Mormon people. Mormons are special and possibly ignore these rules. (Possibly connected to polygamous practices, although that aspect has never been touched upon by the show.)

The "other dimension" that DP drilled into was in fact Imaginationland
  • Perhaps the portals were disposed of by burying them in the Gulf and on the moon. This would at the very least explain why Cthulhu, well known as a character in H.P. Lovecraft's stories, is suddenly real in another dimension.

Butters will eventually be promoted to the opening title.
  • The relationship between Cartman and Butters has become as significant as Stan and Kyle. Thus, Butters will eventually be added to Cartman's part. Kenny's lines have supposedly been changed in seasons 3, 7, and 10b (plus he was replaced by Timmy in season 6), so rerecording the Core Four's lines so that there's an updated feeling all around doesn't seem too unlikely.
    • He's already in the front line right right behind the main four.

Kenny will blackmail the Joozians to let humanity back into the galactic community
  • They're likely already pissed that Earth had all contact forcibly cut off from it. All they need is a little push.

The newest episode will result in either Cartman or Kenny being Killed Off for Real
  • Evidence for Kenny: His immortality is implied to because of the dark lord Cthulhu, so maybe he has to give up that power and sacrifice himself to stop Cthulhu.
  • Evidence for Cartman: He controlled Cthulhu and partook in Mass Murder. I doubt that anyone is going to let him off the hook after this. Although there is less evidence for this theory because Cartman is the only reason a lot of people watch the show.
  • This is officially Jossed.
    • Thank god.
      • Not for lack of trying on Kenny's part.

Trey and Matt were lying when the said they killed Kenny off because they were 'sick of him'.
  • The South Park writers were genuinely annoyed with having to kill Kenny each and every week. So a plan was constructed to end the gag, semi-permanently; They already knew no one would question it when Kenny would be killed, so by getting rid of him in the Very Special Episode at the end of the fifth season, this helped give leeway for Butters as a popular character. They also knew if they had brought him back immediately and then just proceeded to not kill him anymore, fans would just question this new course of action. So to avoid this, Kenny remained dead for the entire sixth season, in order to throw everybody off. By the time he came back, you wouldn't question why he didn't die in "Cancelled", or "Krazy Kripples", or "Toilet Paper", you just accepted the fact he was here to stay.

Coon 2: Hindsight, Mysterion Rises, and Coon and Friends V.S. The Coon and possibly The Coon will be edited into a straight to DVD movie like Imaginationland
  • Just so I can say I called it.

Al-Queda diving aircraft carriers toward the end of It's a Jersey Thing is another big statement regarding the Muhammad controversy
It's apparently okay to show Muslim terrorists crashing airplanes into civilians, but not okay to show Muhammad.

Kenny is the spawn/mortal incarnation of an Old One/Outer God
During one of the cult's meetings they temporarily summoned one of the Old Ones (probably Yog-Sothoth, Cthulhu, or Nyarlathotep) and had it rape Kenny's mom while she was drunk.

Kenny was offered as a sacrifice to the Old Ones
  • When the Goth Kids were showing Kenny the Necronomicon, there is a picture of cultists doing something to a baby. Kenny's mother was drunk and pregnant at one of the meetings and offered fetus!Kenny to the Old Ones. It turns out the Old Ones are pro-life (the Outer Gods are pro-choice), so they turned Kenny into an immortal in order to curse the mother and, in their [many] eyes, bless the unfortunate fetus.

The Universe is trying to kill Kenny
  • The "Coon and Friends" trilogy failed to address why Kenny dies regularly. Here are some options:
    • Kenny, being a young Humanoid Abomination, is considered a foreign contaminate by the universe and thus it is always trying to get rid of him.
    • The Joozians know of Kenny's status as an Humanoid Abomination, and are either trying to get rid of him or exploiting his curse for entertainment.
    • Going along with the implication in "Cripple Fight" that his parka is the cause of his deaths, the parka is some kind of cultist cloak for your kids, some kind of creation by an Old One or Outer God, or, going along with the above two theories, was created by the universe or Joozians. Nothing happened when Butters wore the parka in "Jared Has Aides" because it wasn't the same kind, or because Butters was too pure/destined to save Imaginationland. Furthermore, the reason so much bad stuff happened at once when Jimmy wore it was because Kenny had grown resistance to it over the years, hence why he dies much less post-season 5.
      • In Sunshine the filmmakers used Kenny's parka as inspiration for the design of the super-heat-resistant spacesuits. How the memes are mutating...!
    • The universe might actually be killing him in an attempt to turn him into a full Eldritch Abomination. When he is killed, a bit more of his mortal side (or whatever he got from the McCormicks) dies and a little more of his Old One (or whatever he really is) is put in place. Why isn't he fully an Abomination by now? Hey, he's an Eldritch Abomination. 15 or so seasons of deaths and a movie is nothing to his kind. And yes, this is totally ripped off of Rasputin from Hellboy (2004).

South Park is cursed
  • Time flows strangely in the town of South Park because it is cursed. Everyone outside of it ages normally. Kyle's cousin Kyle is really a short adult, hence why he has been on many flights by himself. Celebrities are immortal because they have so much money (remember money's healing power against AIDS). Also, money originates from R'lyeh and most celebrities are cultists.

Kenny's powers are not limited just to his immortality.
  • He also inadvertently gives those around him amnesia due to his presence as an Humanoid Abomination. When he's dead, his friends memories about his multiple deaths can resurface and they show awareness of them- but as soon as he's revived, they disappear. This is a protective measure he subconsciously takes so no one recognizes him as something inhuman and won't attack him/experiment on him/be driven mad by his presence/etc.
  • In addition, he doesn't have to use his mother to be reborn, it's just the way he's most used to and uses automatically. If something ever does happen to her, he'll just start materializing when he's reborn instead (as he's been shown to be capable of on occasion). He could do this consciously, if he ever became aware of just how he revives himself.
    • Maybe he makes his mother experience childbirth when he's mad at her.
  • Rather than a self-defense mechanism, it may be a natural Weirdness Censor. The insanity-inducing powers of Lovecraft's monsters were a result of their unnatural existence; they do not belong in our universe, so anything of this universe cannot take being around it. Kenny is only part-Eldritch, or influenced by an Eldritch Abomination, so his existence doesn't defy nature. However his deaths and rebirths do, and so to resolve the dissonance people just forget he died in the first place.

Cartman saved the world.
  • A reporter notes that Cthulhu is not behaving as scientists predicted, and the Goth Kids are also disappointed. Cartman directed Cthulhu to very specific targets, whereas on his own he may have indiscriminately destroyed everything or targeted more crucial points (i.e. Washington, NYC and other global cities, religious headquarters like the Vatican, etc.). Plus all the time spent doing "cute" stuff certainly helped. Had it not been for Cartman, Cthulhu would have likely taken over the world, or at least caused way more damage, by the time Mintberry Crunch received his father's message.

Cartman is part-Kenny.
  • Remember the episode "Succubus"? Cartman replaces his eyes with Kenny's in the end. Thus he remembers seeing Kenny's deaths from then on, hence his comment in "Cartmanland" and why he wasn't that surprised when he returned from the "dark oblivion." Being an Humanoid Abomination may explain why his evilness grew from that point and why he appealed to Cthulhu so much.
    • A Cartman look-alike in the "Jesus vs Frosty" short was actually named Kenny, so perhaps this justifies?

South Park WILL show Muhammad eventually.
There's no way Parker and Stone will give up on this. Every few seasons they will try again until Comedy Central relents and Muhammad is shown on the air. By the time this happens the taboo on Muhammad will be broken and the world will be a better place. After all, either all of it is OK or none of it is.
  • They already did, in "Super Best Friends".
    • True, but that episode will never air again until the Muhammad taboo is lifted, which can only be done by a future uncensored appearance of Muhammad. And South Park is the only show that dares to challenge this taboo.

South Park used to be known by another name: Innsmouth
OK, before I give this theory, let me acknowledge the flaws: South Park is in the middle of Colorado whereas Innsmouth was specifically stated to be on the coast of New England. I know that, but just put that aside for a minute. I don't know, assume South Park used to be on the Colorado River, and thats how they established contact with the Deep Ones.Anyway:South Park used to be known by the name of Innsmouth, where they worshipped Cthulhu, Dagon, and Hydra (the cult of Cthulhu is still their, but the Order of Dagon was disbanded following a combined U.S. Marine assault on the town). Following the plot of Call of Cthulhu: DCOTE, detective Jack Walters is sent to investigate the town, looking for disappeared person Brian Burnham. Walters investigates the town, and finds many... interesting things. Eventually, the Order decides he's too close to the truth, and attempt to kill him. They fail, and he sneaks and fights his way out of Innsmouth along with Brian. He eventually makes it to an army of U.S. Marines preparing for the assault on Innsmouth. A lot of the marines were killed by The Deep Ones and Father Dagon (whom Walters defeated later), but eventually the marines took the town. Everyone who wasn't a Cultist (and a few who were) were moved away from the town into a newly built town to solve the refugee problem: South Park. This may explain why all these strange events seem to happen in this otherwise unimportant little town. It's cursed, due to the deal with the Deep Ones that Obed Marsh made (I'm not spoiling that part of the games plot). Not only that, but many residents of South Park are descended from people who lived in (or traveled to) Innsmmouth. Lucas Mackey is an ancestor of Mr.Mackey. Henry Garrison (the crazy man in the jail cell) is an ancestor of Mr.Garrison. Captain Obed Marsh is an ancestor of Stan, Randy, Sharon, and Shelley Marsh. Most importantly, Jack Walters is the ancestor of both Cartman and Kenny (he was Kenny's great grandpa, but Cartman's great grandma was a dirty slut). Inheriting Jack's abilities and abnormal nature may explain why Cartman was so loved by Cthulhu and why he is immune to the memory wipe that usually happens when Kenny dies.

Eric Cartman is the reincarnation of H.P. Lovecraft.
They share not just a few character traits.

Mr/Miss Garrison is a parody of Easy Sex Change
Since s/he is exactly what would result from one in real life.

The kids will grow up to be Jordan Chase's Circle from the fifth season of Dexter.
See the Dexter Wild Mass Guessing page.

The other members of Coon & Friends (except maybe Cartman) will eventually get superpowers, too.
  • In fact, they all already have superpowers, even Cartman:
    • Mysterion has self-resurrection
    • Mint-Berry Crunch has super cereal powers
    • The Coon has pathos manipulation
    • The Human Kite has logos manipulation
    • Toolshed has Clark Kenting powers, gained from Lorde
    • Mosquito has betrayal powers; see South Park: The Stick of Truth, Make Love, Not Warcraft and Lice Capades
    • Iron Maiden has luck (stealing?) powers; see Handicar
    • and Tupperware has Iron Man-ness.

Kenny is sexually abused
It fits him. Plus how else would an eight year old, nevertheless a poor one, know so much about sex?
  • So why isn't he traumatized? (Apparently, his attitude towards sex is far from that of a traumatized kid.)
    • Some kids act like that as a cover, or he could be diverting it.

  • This seems very plausible to me. He shows a number of potential red flags:
    • Hypersexuality / precocious sexuality:
      • Kenny is consistently shown as having a far more adult knowledge of sex than his peers, one of the most common indicators of sexual abuse in his age group. He rarely shows childish misunderstandings about sex the way that Cartman does, for example.
      • He seeks out sexual contact in adult ways (e.g. giving and soliciting blowjobs), again as opposed to Cartman whose sexual curiosity is much more along the lines of what you'd expect from an 8-10 year old.
    • Reluctance to remove clothes or be seen naked/uncovered when it would be appropriate. I'm referring to the way that he rarely removes his parka or uncovers his face. Even when at a waterpark in Pee, he puts a towel around his face to conceal it. It's strange, somewhat neurotic behavior that should have an adult concerned.
    • Substance abuse: this is more typical of teens, but it is nevertheless a common reaction to sexual abuse, and he has it bad.
    • Probably other things I haven't thought of.
  • Of course, as in real life, those are just red flags and not for-sure indicators. Nothing in his portrayal so far absolutely requires sexual abuse as an explanation (they could mostly be covered by the abuse and neglect we already know about, plus the whole dying-all-the-time thing), but if Matt and Trey decided to take his character in that direction, let's just say it wouldn't be out of nowhere.
Half confirmed. While yes, Kenny is the victim of sexual abuse in an episode, this is in season 5 when his sexual tendencies are already established.

One of the kids is gay
But it isn't one of the main gang; not Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Cartman, or Butters. Also, another is either bicurious or bisexual.
  • Duhh it's South Park
  • Turns out Craig takes this position

Butters will grow up to be Dr. Horrible.
For some reason, at some time in the future, Butters will drop the name Prof. Chaos for Dr. Horrible. Dougie (General Disarray) might be Moist.

Kenny will grow up to become an ambassador between Heaven, Earth, and Hell
Being immortal has it's downsides, but it also opens up career opportunities.

Bradley will no longer be seen in school (or ever, except as minor cameos).
Keeping him around, even if he does absolutely nothing, will just make you ask "Why doesn't he just solve the problem of the week?" Plus, he said he's off to find out what happened to his birth parents. He also wasn't seen in Creme Fraiche, despite being a common Living Prop in cafeteria scenes. His vacant seat will probably be taken by Jason, Dog Poo, or just someone the animators like. (This is not unprecedented; Jimmy took Pip's seat halfway through season 11.)

The entire universe is an Eldritch Abomination.
Specifically, it's the very embodiment of Black Comedy. Every show that has been flanderized is a result of this horror visiting the universe for a bit. Some more than others. Plus Rule of Cool

Ms. Crabtree was killed off because none of the newer voice actresses could get her voice right
After Mary Kay Bergman's untimely death, Ms. Crabtree's voice was the one that suffered the most. Perhaps they decided to kill her off because she just wasn't the same without her old voice.

Kenny has never died.
Kenny has some sort of mental problem that causes him to hallucinate. The entire show is from his point of view explaining all the crazy things that happen. Due to his mental problem, he has a tendency to become hyperactive and excited. When he becomes too hyper, he has to take meds to calm him down. While taking the meds, Kenny likens his slowed down state to death and believes that he has died. This is why everyone denies his claims to have died because he never really died, he only thought he did. In Kenny dies, Kenny is taken to a mental hospital to be cured. His friends visited him for awhile, but then when his problems became too severe the hospital forbade anyone from visiting him. When his friends stopped visiting him, he believed that he died again. The hospital was finally able to help him out. He still hallucinates, but he no longer has to take the meds all the time which is why he no longer dies.

Kenny death unification theory
An attempt to unify all of Kenny's recorded deaths, resurrection and references to his death.When Kenny dies, there are three possibilities1) A short duration of oblivion. Kenny sees neither heaven nor hell. Everyone remembers him dying until he resurrects by child-birth. People are unable to wonder where Kenny was for the duration of time he was absent by death.2) Kenny goes to heaven. When in heaven, Kenny stays dead for several days and during this time, people are able to remember his death. Instead of resurrecting through child-birth, he resurrects through a ray of light.3) Kenny goes to hell. When in hell, Kenny stays dead for several days and during this time, people are able to remember his death. Resurrection in this manner has not been seen yet.Whether Kenny goes to heaven, hell or neither is determined by whether a deity cares enough to get him to his domain, despite only being capable of staying there for a matter of days.There is an exception to the memory erasure however, in the form of people who wouldn't care about Kenny dying all the time, because they are too busy with themselves, like Cartman.

Any holes in the theory?

  • Huge hole in theory 2: only Mormons go to Heaven. Mc-Cormack family are Roman Cthactholic. Huge hole in theory 3: Movie, Kenny going to Hell was presented as a huge sacrifice rather than same old same old. Kenny explained he dies and wakes up in bed.

There's an in-series reason for the Negative Continuity and floating timeline
They reference often to previous episodes, despite the fact the dates have retconned every year; for example, the gang should be born in 2002 now.

The reason Joe Biden isn't in About Last Night is because McCain and Obama cared enough about the country to make sure there would be a President.
Biden is clueless enough not to notice a huge conspiracy to steal the Hope Diamond, and McCain and Obama figure that if they and Palin are presumed dead that the electoral college, which votes six weeks after election day, will elect Biden as President (definitely if Obama won, and if McCain won, it's a toss-up between this and drafting Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney to take over as President).

Hat McCullough really did kill those 23 babies in self-defense
With this show, its not unfathomable.
  • Given his ramblings afterwards about "killing the innocent" and being Obviously Evil, it's more likely this is just Too Dumb to Live as usual. That or he has Tourette's.

Sooner or later, there will be a South Park episode about the male Periphery Demographic of shows like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
...because this is just the kind of weirdness South Park likes to deal with. (Also, it would be cool.)
  • Maybe that's what will cure Stan of his cynicism!
  • Church of Faust anypony?

The series is going to end with an epic Snap Back the very beginning of the show. The way it figures, things will keep changing for the more bizarre (Cartman and Kyle becoming closer friends, Sharon and Randy's divorce, Stan's cynicism, and there's probably a lot more status quo to break) until the very fabric of the South Park universe implodes in on itself and it all goes back to the early days. Yes, including the revival of characters such as Pip and Ms. Crabtree (and possibly Chef if they just recycle old clips of him from other episodes). And then it just ends.
  • Well, it kinda did snap back. Just not the way anyone thought.

Kyle and Cartman will team up to cure Stan's cynicism
The two will realize that they're becoming closer friends and become deeply disturbed by it. They decide to cure Stan's cynicism so they won't EVER become best friends.

The events of "You're Getting Old" was All Just a Dream.
(not the original poster) Oh god, please, please, please, PLEASE let this be true. DX

Beatrix Potter infiltrated the Hare Club for Men.
Somehow, Beatrix Potter became the first woman to learn about the Hare Club and learn the truth about St. Peter. She gave clues in her story "The Tale of Peter Rabbit". The name "MacGregor" means "Son of the All Watchful One", meaning Mr. MacGregor represents Christ. Peter Rabbit escapes MacGregor three times, just as Peter denied Christ three times. While escaping, Peter Rabbit loses his shoes and a blue coat with brass buttons. The shoes represent Earth while the coat represents Heaven. MacGregor uses Peter Rabbit's clothes to make a scarecrow just as Christ made Peter the first Pope. The signs are all there! You just have to look!

The series finale will reveal that South Park is actually the creation of an autistic child's mind.

Kenny is a reality warper / God
He dies in every episode as a way to escape his life of eternal control. He is aware of his prowess that's why every thing always works out for the best and he doesn't worry about things.

The whole show is seen through the eyes of a local drug addict tripping on LSD who lives across the street from the bus stop
It would explain why the characters look like construction paper, Kenny keeps dying, and weird stuff keeps happening around town. In the real world, South Park is a normal, quiet town.

In the future Kenney will become a scientist and will cause his own Immortality
During middle or High school Kenny will become intrested in science to try to learn how he keeps dying and coming back, leading him a carer as a quantom phycisist, years into the future he finally discovers how he came back to life over and over again and manages to create technology that allows other's to come back to life in much the same way, but since Kenny has to repeatedly die and come back to life so as to be inspired to create this machine in the first place, future Kenny instructs scientist's of the future that as soon as travel to the past becomes possible someone must go back in time to give past Kenny the treatment so he will be able to iinvent the tech in the future
Cartman embodies all of the Seven Deadly Sins at once.
Think about it. Cartman is fat and eats a lot (Gluttony), often motivated by money or gaining something (Greed), hates it when others have something he wants (Envy), is quick to anger and never hesitates to tell people he hates them (Wrath), gets sick pleasure out of weird places (Lust), is self-centered and arrogant, as well as prone to Self-Serving Memory (Pride), and is always the first (besides Stan) to leave when he doesn't like something (Sloth).

Additionally, he and the other boys are the individual sins, too.
Kyle is Wrath (he's usually motivated by anger), Stan is Sloth (he prefers to ignore his problems over actually dealing with them and complains when he actually has to do something), Cartman is Greed (he would be Gluttony, but he's more commonly motivated by greed), Kenny is Lust (for obvious reasons), Craig is Pride (he tends to look down on the boys), Tweek is Gluttony (the coffee addiction) and Wendy is Envy (she hates it when people pay attention to someone other than her).

Shelley Marsh sees things as turds the same way Stan sees things as s**t when he turned 10.
  • That can explain why Shelley calls everyone "turds", because when she turned 10 she started seeing things as turds and now that Stan turned 10 he sees everything as s**t... coincidence?
    • That it is rumored she might have constant periods.

Stan will cure his excessive cynicism by having himself vaccinated against HPV, in order to make himself "retarded."
Matt and Trey, in the next episode, will follow through on the vaccine derpitude alluded to in "Ass Burgers."
  • That depends, how many other easily discredited conspiracy theories have those two presented as anything less than utterly ridiculous?
    • Seriously now, it wasn't that the adults thought vaccines caused people to be retarded. They thought it caused Asperger's Syndrome (kind of the opposite in fact) and that was why Stan was so cynical.

Kyle and Wendy will get together sometime in S15.
Just to see those two random kids' (from the episode Ass Burger) reaction to this happening.
  • Oh, I thought it was a Take That! to shippers who see any interaction between characters as romantic interest.
    • OP - I'm sure it is, but I just loved how deadpan those kids were and would really like to see them again.

Stan has Gone Mad from the Revelation that Status Quo Is God, and will have an arc for the rest of the season trying to avert it.
Really, the ending seems to deny this, but look at how he's frozen in shock through the whole "everything goes back to normal" montage.

Kyle's turn at learning to grow up may involve suicidal tendencies
  • Kyle went through a lot of emotionally-damaging crap throughout the series, even more than Stan, and his turn may involve an adult breaking his self-esteem with certain words to address whatever problem he has might lead to an existential dilemma where at one point, Kyle contemplates suicide, but is stopped.
    • I am actually betting on his leaning toward dealing with his family in some way. Sheila would be a good candidate to be a type of Tiger Mom that's been popular in the media lately. Combine with her already overbearing Jewish mother stereotypes and Kyle getting closer to his faith's adulthood (13 years) could lead to this.

The series finale will involve the grey aliens from the first episode
  • seeing that aliens have been observing the events of South Park since their focus in the first episode, without practically any mention from the characters, it is possible that the finale will have an alien invasion (possibly involving some event that resets the show back to the pilot, possibly Retconning the whole show, or creating a Stable Time Loop).
    • I know! The real, historical Muhammed (not the one from Imaginationland, who was part of the Super Best Friends) engaged in some kind of ritual that left him immortal and looking like a grey alien. This would retroactively make every single episode as (or rather, more) offensive than 201.

In A Ladder to Heaven the boys abandoned their ladder when it was only a survivable jump away from finished.
And that's how Saddam Hussein escaped back to Earth.

Stan isn't cynical he just suffered from a puberty style Logic Bomb.
Ok this whole episode started with an argument about how Tween Wave sounded like crap right. Stan is at the age (in South Park style.) Where he is beginning to believe that what his parents say is finally coming true. Yet he doesn't like their music either because it also sounds like crap. In this mindset, he should be hating tween wave because he is becoming an adult. However as he is still a kid he still doesn't like the music his parents like. This goes on and on in his head driving him nuts until the bomb explode. In order for it to stop there was only one possible solution: Everything was Crap.

Stan as well as everyone else who applies literally sees and hears everything as crap.
As some cruel joke or whatever, Stan became "cynical" because something caused him to literally hear and see crap. The same applies to adults who probably think their kids love to listen to farting sounds all day.

Kyle is Cartman's personal scapegoat.
Just as Hitler blamed Germany's problems on those of the Jewish faith, Cartman takes out his anger of his own life on Kyle.

The Human CentiPad was a plot by Steve Jobs to teach people the dangers of blindly agreeing to terms and conditions without reading them.
Which is why during the announcement of the Human CentiPad he keeps emphasizing that the three victims AGREED to the procedure.

In "The List", Wendy thought out the plan to get Kyle to the bottom
Because of her feelings for him. She also helped out the overly complicated plot, which accidently got Kyle to the bottom, to get back in contact with Stan. They could easily "just" have promoted Clyde to first, then made the list from there. During the episode, it's said that "Craig had to be moved to number 12, Jimmy up and Jason down" (Something like that). Furthermore Kyle had to be moved down, as Bebe refers to Kyle as a "casualty". Wendy is often shown as intelligent and good with words, which means that she could talk them into making that list like that.
  • Except that this all hinges on Wendy expecting the reaction from Kyle and there really not being much of an indicator that he was all that concerned about his looks. In fact, even through the episode he never claims to consider himself good looking but botheed only by being at the bottom. Wendy's really never had any signs of being vindictive toward Kyle and if "Follow That Egg" is any indicator, they can actually get along just fine, removing jealousy as a drive.

Cynicism runs in the Marsh family
Note how Stan became an alcoholic—just like his dad. Shelley calls everyone a turd because that's what she sees them as. Marvin is suicidal because he is tired of seeing the world as shit and he's too old to just drown it away with alcohol. Also, Stan is slowly transforming into Randy—note how he acts suspiciously like him in "Bass to Mouth" (rallying a group of people to fight something he was supporting just a moment earlier). The alcohol is killing his brain cells.

Cartman is homosexual
In the Imagination Land episodes, at the end, Cartman forces an imaginary Kyle to give an imaginary Cartman oral sex, and the whole two following episodes involved Cartman following Kyle around, trying to get Kyle to give him oral sex. And, in another episode, Cartman kisses Kyle at the end, although I am not sure which one. Not to mention that him and Butters fooled around somewhat (while Butters was asleep).
  • Better wait a while before confirming or jossing anything here? Let's not forget Eric Cartman possesses a poor understanding about sexuality and he makes gay jokes everyone once in a while he could be bisexual or even straight for all we could know so it's best to wait for the future before making up our minds.
    • Some instances see him more gender-confused than gay but that leads to its own theory...
      • I think that Cartman has sexuality problems and is thus unsure about whether he's gay or not. After all, he is currently dating a girl (Heidi Turner), although there are speculations below that he's secretly eating 'member berries and that he automatically became interested in girls since the 'member berries are homophobic. But only time will find out if 'member berries are manipulating him (that is, if he even eats them).
      • Cartman never kissed Kyle...he's also displayed an attraction to girls (Bebe's boobs, Patty Nelson, Wendy) before- even before Heidi. He may be bi, but this could also be due to Cartman seeing sexual acts as a means to demean rather than anything romantic (which so far, is pretty accurate).

Bebe is going to grow up to become a Gold Digger
At the beginning of the series, she seems smart and proud of herself, but then later uses the Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset, and then experimenting with getting high on cough medicine, and then dating Clyde to get shoes.

Kenny will eventually get some girl pregnant
It seems all of the characters are starting to go through problems growing up, and Kenny, since he is always so horny, will be faced with teen parenting/pre-teen parenting.

Guess the sexual orientation/identity of the characters!
  • Stan Marsh - Bicurious. Probably leaning on homosexual (his Ho Yay with Kyle is epic), and he does have his relationship with Wendy (but it isn't as chemically strong as him and Kyle)
  • Kyle Brofloski - Gay. We haven't seen him have a relationship with a girl, and has a Ho Yay-rich relationship with Stan(and, though he hates to admit, Cartman.)
    • Jossed as of "Cartman Finds Love" considering he was legitimately interested in Nichole and was more than a little pleased at all the attention the girls were giving him before finding out the reason being that Cartman floated a rumor of them being a gay couple to keep him from hooking up with Nichole and allow for Token Minority Couple to take place. Kyle's not likely to ever be the Lovable Sex Maniac that Kenny is, but he does show occasional interest in girls.
  • Eric Cartman - Depraved Bisexual, with gender issues. May want to become a woman in the future.
  • Kenny Mc Cormick - Straight, Lovable Sex Maniac.
    • If "Princess Kenny" wasn't just a one-time joke, he/she might also be gender fluid. Kenny was also mentioned saying that he thought The New Kid was cute, implying bisexuality (assuming that The New Kid isn't just such a stud that Even the Guys Want Him, which is frankly a real possibility).
  • Butters Stotch - Camp Straight. Or possibly asexual. He really doesn't have any ideas of adult stuff like sexuality so it's tough to judge, but he does seem to like girls.
    • I see all of them as being straight, except maybe Stan (Word of God said he's the most likely to be Bisexual but the reasoning way pretty stereotypical) . Right now they're just 10 year olds.

When Butters grows up, he'll become the most successful Pimp in Colarado. And contend with Cartman.
Again. Yeah, I like Butters a LOT.
  • Watch "Butters' Bottom Bitch". Where Cartman manipulates people with fear and using their own ignorance, Butters is so kind and sweet and understanding that he can even make good friends with frickin' prostitutes and can make them a successful business because they are loyal to and trust him. When he grows up and understands sex a bit better, he'll do it again and make good money out of it. I mean, he worked out the basics of the business all by himself; the real Pimps just added to his verbatim and helped him make the step up to real hoes.
    • Do you know what I am saying?
  • I expect Kenny to work for him. He may even be his bottom bitch.

Religious figures in South Park aren't inherently divine, though religion can give them divinity.
The universe of South Park has shown to not fit with religious creation stories: if Earth is an alien reality TV show, what is God supposed to be here? Remember the "Blainetology" episode, where the Super-Best friends feared that Blaine would gain enough followers to become one of them. This is because the same applies to the Super-Best friends. Humanity in South Park was capable of making an entire reality from their imagination, but religious figures like Jesus, Buddha, ect were so venerated and idolized that they became real people. The same goes for well-known mythological locations, like Heaven and Hell. Notice how Jesus doesn't seem like the badass messiah we love when people lose interest in him, such as said "Blainetology" episode and when people started betting on Satan. These religious figures are real enough to not simply have their personalities predetermined by cultural perceptions: God is really weird looking because He was sick of conforming to the stereotype and Satan thought that Being Evil Sucks. The only real god who's appeared on South Park? It's Cthulhu.

The Cult of Cthulhu has been masterminding all the stupidity of South Park and Kenny's immortality.
The Cult of Cthulhu wanted to make sure that, when Cthulhu rises, he gets the job done. To do so, they needed to ensure no-one was smart enough to pull a Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu? on them, so they've spent their time lowering the collective intellect of mankind. Notice how certain characters like Randy Marsh were once intelligent, but now have become Too Dumb to Live. Blame the Cult.

They've also been lowering our intelligence with various authoritaHs. Mr Garrison was used to wear away our learning capabilities, Officers Barbady and Harrison to weaken our forces, and manatees to weaken our imagination. Speaking of imagination, the terrorists got ahold of Imaginationland and thanks to the Cult. Jesus, Santa, Satan and even God? They aren't. The only gods are the Outer Gods, and these figures are beings from Imaginationland.

Kenny serves as the Soul Jar of Cthulhu. Why is he immortal? Because he carries the soul of Cthulhu. The reason? If someone ever manages to kill Cthulhu, he'll regenerate as a lich. And, given the nature of the undead, being attacked by nukes will empower the zombie Cthulhu. However, they also knew Cthulhu could take them out. The solution? Find a way to take out Cthulhu. Since Kenny is Cthulhu's Soul Jar, if Cthulhu kills him, it'll backfire.

In short, the Cult of Cthulhu are a group of magnificent chessmasters. Thankfully, they do have enemies. There are another group of cultists, led by the Elder Gods(likely Kthanid and Nodens). They've been doing their best to thwart the Cult of Cthulhu, by bringing forth sanity. The Elder Gods have mated with humans in order to produce people to fight Cthulhu. These include H.P Lovecraft(hence why he knows about such entities), Bradle Biggy(as he did stop Cthulhu) and Eric Cartman(he seems to remember Kenny dying)

Kenny is an illegitimate child.
Nobody else in his family has blond hair. And it's not like Mr. and Mrs. McCormick are really devoted to each other.
  • The same argument could be made for Craig or Tweek, who both have hair colors that don't match anyone in their families.

There will be an episode with Kenny and Ms Cartman.
I say this because one is the town slut and Cartman's mom and the other is a Lovable Sex Maniac. I would find it funny if done right.
  • I can totally see this happening, as a sort of revenge for all the crap Cartman has said to/put Kenny through over the years.

Predictions for the jobs taken by the students when they grow up.
  • As mentioned above, when Butters grows up, he'll be a sucsessful pimp.
  • Kenny will be the world's greatest porn star.
    • Snuff porn, it'll be so popular because the feds will be convinced it's faked.
  • Cartman will become the President/King. He's a major Manipulative Bastard, so I can expect him to get the votes.
    • Jossed. Cartman ends up either the President of a Time Travel corporation or a mechanic depending on if he ever turns his life around from the craphole it is.
  • Stan would either become a vet as an adult or an ecoterrorist.
    • Seems likely. He's already been an eco-terrorist several times. A rather sucessful one, actually (Fun With Veal, Free Willzyx, Whale Whores, and he briefly belonged to PETA, (which in the South Park universe, at least, is indisputably an eco-terrorist organization).
  • Kyle will stick with something computer or tech related. If his parents try to push the family business on him he would threaten philosophy.

  • Jack can't die, but he can age. He wanted to stay young longer, so, he reverted himself to a baby, erased his memories, and went to South Park around the 90's. When he gets to a certain point, he'll find a way to get back his memories.

Kyle has Psychic Abilities, but does not believe in them himself.
  • Tooth Fairy 2000 has Kyle read huge amounts of existential philosophy and manages to remove himself from the field of reality before merging with it and saving the kids from the dentists.
  • Later, he spends an entire episode trying to dismiss Cartman's psychic abilities (and psychics in general) only for the episode to end with his outburst triggering a power surge.
  • Kyle tends to believe in scientific or logical explanations for the happenings around him. Even if he had such powers, he'd dismiss them as mere coincidence.

Kenny is the reincarnation of Rika Furude.
  • That sounds more legit if you put their personalities together (the fact that they can resurrect and are both pervs...but Rika is rarely shown as a pervert). The only differences are 1)Rika's parents died already. Kenny's didnt and 2)If Rika has Hanyuu, then who does Kenny have? But based on their personalities with the Cheerful to Cynical facade, it sounds legit.

Butters possesses the Element of Kindness
And adding to that;
  • Element of Laughter: Jimmy
  • Element of Honesty: Gary Harrison (All About the Mormons)
  • Element of Loyalty: Stan
  • Element of Generosity: Token
  • Element of Magic: Kenny

    • I actaully think Kyle makes a good Element of Honesty.
      • Him or Craig due to him never blindly follows people and take control of his life like in "Pandemic"

Faith Hilling will become a Memetic Mutation in real life

Headed on town to Panem, gonna have ourselves a time...
The Capitol is South Park, Colorado. The first President of Panem was Eric Cartman, who finally and successfully seized power. He then began his plan to re-locate and separate the hippies, gingers, Jews, etc. District 1 got all the hippies, which is why they have silly names like Glimmer and Marvel, and he punished them by forcing them to make spurious luxury goods.
  • Likewise District 11's recreation of Southern slavery.

Kenny's mom is his Soul Jar.
Consider that, whenever Kenny dies, he's literally reborn from his mother. Ms McCormick is a living Soul Jar for Kenny (probably because she spent time with the Cult of Cthulhu). She might have some level of control over this-when Kenny died via muscular dystrophy, Kenny's mom used her strength of will to let Kenny rest. At least until she starts missing her a whole bunch, of course. Kenny may actually know this, but doesn't do anything about it because Kenny isn't the kind of guy to kill his mom. Even Cartman loves his mom! It's possible that Ms McCormick is immortal due to the Cult (read my "Cult of Cthulhu rules everything" WMG), however, if she isn't, it means that Kenny may eventually stay dead(hopefully). In the meantime, there's drugs and sex for Kenny.

There will be an Anime-style high school episode of South Park.
It would be a nice nod to the fan's love of college-aged members of the main characters, and an anime style.
  • This seems pretty unlikely. Why do another anime-styled episode when Fun Times With Weapons did the job so extremely well?

Randy Marsh is, to an extent, Obfuscating Stupidity.
There is some stupid in there, of course(this is South Park after all), but it is possible that he's isn't a complete idiot. It's been revealed that many of the wacky adventures he's had are just to cover the fact he's unsatisfied with his life. Given that these adventures highlight his "stupidity", I posit that he is, at best, The Ditz. Randy takes the view that "ignorance is bliss", and feels that if he acts Too Dumb to Live, it might help him get over the suckiness of his life.
  • It could be a mix of this and possible brain damage. It would kinda make sense.

Butters/Professor Chaos will get back at his parents.
He's already becoming quite badass, having become a Messianic Archetype to the Mexicans. "The Tale of Scrootie McBoogerballs" shows that he's growing a backbone, so I don't think he's going to take their crap forever. I can see Mr and Mrs Stotch ground him for doing nothing wrong in any way(as opposed to ground him for some minor inconvenience. Cue Butters realising what his parents really are, and eventually leading them to a Humiliation Conga that makes them treat him better.
  • He's already done a lot to get back at his family. He stops taking the pointless punishments as of "The Ungroundable" and his ultimate CMOA may be his Take That! speech to his Bullying grandmother.
    • While under the influence that everything was Virtual Reality... Butters FINALLY punched Steven in the balls for grounding him one too many times in "Grounded Vindaloop"

Stan is starting to take after his father.
Recent seasons (14 onward )has Stan being much less of the Straight Man and have had him take a few levels in Jerkass. He's engaged in ecoterrorism, become an alcoholic, exploited Butters for a video that would make him famous (and subsequently jack off in San Diego, and subject his friends to a boring trip to get a 5th gen Ipod Nano.
  • Contrast from seasons 5-14 where he was consistently the Only Sane Man, particularly to his father.

Randy Marsh is a satire of South Park's older fanbase.
Or, rather, what people think the show's 35+ year old male Periphery Demographic acts like.

Sooner or later, the show will pull a Reverse Cerebus Syndrome and cease being a Dramedy.

Dr. Pepper is Trey Parker's favorite beverage.
Because come on, why else would it represent over half of what people drink on the show, with its logo directly in front for all the viewers to see? It's not like SPS needs Coca Cola Corp.'s money anyway, and if it were about the money they'd give the same treatment to other famous products of theirs, as a variety of soft drinks would give them more revenue.

There will be an episode that mocks the Brony subculture.
The Subculture is growing at a moderately high rate so eventually there going to do it. As a brony, this troper can't wait, I'm just so intrested to hear how there going to poke fun at us.

The Evil Eric Cartman from the episode "Spooky Fish" is the Cartman we've seen in South Park since that episode
The whole episode prior to sending their Cartman to the evil universe was a ploy by the Evil Cartman to appear as good, perhaps as a Xanatos Gambit involving the future of South Park and possibly the end of the world. The "I Hella Fooled You Guys" remark was an evil boast after the original Cartman was sent to the evil dimension (which would explain the "Screw You Guys" remark as he's being shot by that gun.) Plus this explains why every memorable evil act that Cartman did came after that episode.

One of the upcoming episodes will be about the Anita Sarkeesian incident.
While it wasn't covered much in the mainstream media, within the gaming community it was a big deal at the time. With Trey being an avid gamer himself, this could very well hit close enough for him to dedicate an episode to. Plus, it could easily coincide with the show's take on Kickstarter, which has been ripe for parody in the last several months.

Cartman will be revealed to have some sort of gender identity issues
Or at least others will think he does and send him to a therapist.
  • Considering how his friends treat him, they probably won't consider it an issue unless they get inside his head and experience his thoughts for a moment.

Some of the children will get design changes
Considering Bebe has had breast growth and Butters can now ejaculate it seems like they're entering puberty little by little. They may finally become fifth graders.. If you look at the sixth graders they're noticeably taller than the iconic design used for the other kids. Maybe one of the episodes will revolve around one of the kids hitting a growth spurt.

They'll never do an episode on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
It's too expected of them.
  • The same could have been said for Family Guy, and look how that turned out.
    • They actually were trying to pick a fight and cause the fandoms to make a rivalry.

Lizzy's parents were a part of the Cult of Cthulhu.
In the early seasons there was a girl named Lizzy that was very much a Distaff Counterpart to Kenny. She wore a parka, had a vile mouth (though not as vulgar since it wasn't garbled like Kenny's), and apparently got killed by a bear. Despite this she appears in future episodes unharmed.

Patty Nelson will pop up again
They had no problem bringing back Karen despite her not appearing for years. A future episode will delve into Cartman's crush on her.

South Park Studios will eventually start doing commercials for Dr. Pepper.
Bart Simpson wouldn't let anyone lay a finger on his Butterfinger, and Brian and Stewie can't seem to agree on how to pronounce "Wheat Thins". Since the product is already all over the show itself, advertisements wouldn't be that big a leap. And just imagine the killing Coca Cola corp. could make plastering the show's characters all over their packaging.

Kenny's body must be decomposed for him to be reborn
This explains the rats that usually show up to eat him. Also why he takes longer to be reborn in episodes where his body is preserved for some amount of time (like Sexual Healing). Because, how weird would it be for there to be over 50 Kenny corpses littered around the town?
  • The Rats could be from the same place as Cthulhu!

The "amnesia effect" that Kenny dying causes is actually increasing with every death.
Hence why early episodes seem to contradict the whole "not knowing Kenny dies" thing. Each time Kenny dies, he accesses his more Humanoid Abomination traits more and more, generating a stronger psychic effect. The growing amnesia is likely a self defense mechanism from people to protect their minds from the Spawn of an Old One-that, and the fact that someone can die and come back with seemingly no explanation would strain the senses. Symptoms would start with being somewhat apathetic(even in his first appearance, their reactions to his death were rather blase), to only able to vaguely recall Kenny dying("you didn't die this time Kenny"), until they outright repress all memory(Mysterion Rises). Eventually people will start to forget Kenny dying while he's dying, if not start to go mad. Cartman could recall Kenny's death not just because he drank his ashes/shares one of his eyes, but because he's already mentally unstable, meaning the spawn of an Old One wouldn't jar him that much.

We have seen Saddam Hussein die at least two times throughout South Park's run, with one more reference to his death at the start of his movie (namely, he was killed by a huge cloud of flatulence, by a pack of wild boars and thrown back to Hell where he got impaled by a stalagmite). Through this, the cause of Saddam's death wouldn't be conflicting. Saddam would be in a similar situation as Kenny in the South Park universe, where he can't die and he keeps popping back up.
  • Wasn't Not Without My Anus an in-universe drama show? It didn't actually depict "real" events within the universe, so Saddam actually didn't die at that point.
    • The In Universe Ret-Con for his first death was being killed by a pack of wild boars. The News reporters mention this in the movie.

South Park is in a time warp.
The series started during the Clinton administration, spanned the entire Bush administration, and into the Obama administration, yet somehow only two years have passed within South Park. Time passes differently in South Park, much slower than in the outside world.

Kenny can control when he comes back to life.
While Immortality Hurts, Kenny generally just wants to live his life, so he will come back as soon as possible. The reason why he stayed dead for so long was because of how his friends were reacting-Kenny was so enthralled that his friends were actually concerned for him and were mourning him that he wanted them to remember as long as possible that he can't truly die.

The Stick of Truth will have a pack based on Jesus Vs. Frosty
It will revolve around the appearance of your character, leading to comments like, "What the hell's wrong with your eyes?" and "I thought only adults have noses."

Karen is immortal just like Kenny
I'm combining this with the "the longer it takes Kenny to die, the longer it takes to bring him back" theory. His little sister Karen has the same "curse" as him, but has only had one offscreen death, and doesn't remember it. This is why we don't see her for long periods of time.

Or maybe it takes a while to gain the ability to remember deaths, so Kenny remembers because he has died so many times, but Karen just thinks it's a bad dream or false memory.

OR Kenny and Karen know about this, and this is another reason why Kenny dubs the Mysterion "guardian angel" disguise, so that Karen feels like she has someone to relate to.

Eric Cartman was rather ill as baby/toddler

He's a spoiled brat because Liane is afraid to discipline him because well... do you want the last thing you said to someone before they died to be a scolding?

KENNY was sexually abused...

Mainly based on the fact that's he rather precocious when it comes to sexual terms.

They will do an episode that mocks the shipping community.
It's rather odd that South Park of all shows is a haven for the shipping community, especially the Slash Fic sub-genre. I can imagine the writers doing an episode which mocks this by having the girls ship characters and write fanfiction in-universe, and the main characters reacting to the many ships. Bonus points if they have women try to ship them and be portrayed as pedophiles, considering how they're shipping under-age characters.

All of the events of South Park are taken in Stan’s perspective, and are actually a figment of his imagination.
The series isn’t taken place in his steps as we see him on the screen, but rather still happen because of his perspective. Even the intro for seasons 1-5 and 12-onwards show that the show is meant to take place in the way Stan sees it.

Before the series, Stan spent the day with Jimbo and Ned and they gave him a bottle of whisky. Out of innocence and naivety Stan tried the whisky, and ending up getting drunk which resulted in fascinating illusions that interested him. In the beginning of the series, he kept secretly stealing his father’s whisky to continue seeing these illusions.

By season five, he started to use the whisky as coping mechanism for the depression he felt after Kenny died, as a way to repress it and hope that Kenny can return again.

By the time Stan turned ten, he made a pledge that he would stop drinking and become a better person. But by doing so, he failed to realize how severe his depression had become because he had never went for therapy, and his parents never suggested it to him. When he was introduced to the alcohol again, it offered a major boost of endorphins, but he realized he was hurting his best friend and found that to be unbearable, turning away from the alcohol just like he tried for his tenth birthday.

Now Stan uses the whisky to deal with the annoyance of everybody (except his best friend) along with repressing his depression and insanity.

Rather than being the Only Sane Man, Stan is the only character in the entire series who represses his insanity, which is at intensity worse than Eric Cartman.

Randy uses alcohol in a similar case where he has become entirely bored with life and believes that being drunk is the only thing that keeps him entertained.

Grandpa Marsh uses alcohol as a way to possibly remember happy memories, but to no avail.

The only members of the Marsh family who don’t drink are Sharon and Shelley. Shelley already sees the world as shit, but she hates her family and avoids alcohol so she does not become them. Sharon has a less severe case of depression, but it has caused her to be unable to deal with change which is the only reason why she’s still married to Randy.

In "The Jeffersons" Cartman saw Michael Jackson/Jefferson as a father figure
Cartman cries himself to sleep at night because he doesn't have a dad. He wouldn't know what a good father was because he doesn't care about his friends' dads, so Michael Jackson's ways of connecting to children make Eric think that he would be a fun father. An alternative is that, on the outside, he thinks he just wants an adult friend (like in the NAMBLA episode) but his subconscious is aware of his need for a dad and will attach to anyone it thinks fits that role.
  • This theory is supported by the beginning of "The Return of Chef". Everyone was sad to see Chef go, but Cartman was literally sobbing, and was the only character to do so. He probably took the Reasonable Authority Figure role that Chef provided way more seriously than the other boys ever did.

The kickstart of Imaginationland gives us a message.
  • The kickstart to the Imaginationland story, where terrorists invade our imaginations, is supposed to represent that we're becoming so paranoid about terrorists attacks, we're basically letting them in.

Veronica Crabtree is Shelly Marsh from the future.
Crabtree is miserable all the time and has No Indoor Voice. She yells at everyone and threatens people to keep them in line. Shelly threatens people as well and nearly yells as much as Crabtree while being miserable.
  • Considering the state of Ms. Crabtree's teeth, the headgear clearly didn't work. This might explain her personality.

An episode in the next season will be based around Grumpy Cat

Saddam Hussein was behind Tooth Decay taking the Canadian Princess.
He also hoped the Canadians would be too preoccupied with Scott the Dick, who was told that the Inuit's took the Princess, to think of tooth decay doing it. If tooth decay succeeded, then Saddam Hussein not only could use it to take over Canada, but maybe even the whole world! And he would have gotten away with it, if the Inuit's didn't know about the Princess's horrible mouth condition.

Kenny's immortality has something to do with the series' Comic-Book Time.
And the Laser-Guided Amnesia has something to do with the fact that nobody questions why only 2 years have passed after 3 Presidential Administrations and about seven or eight Christmases.

Butter's parents abuse Butters because they're paranoid.
Notice how whenever something happens to Butters or some general problem occurs in South Park, Stephen and Linda Stotch always go to the worst conclusion. While this could just be Rule of Funny ("There's nothing to fear, except for Super AIDS"), it could also be a sign of paranoia. Butter's parents are actually incredibly paranoid, thinking that the outside world is always trying to get you. This is the reason they punish Butters for relatively minor offences-to them, you have to follow a set rule to keep yourself safe, and Butters having all these crazy adventures result in "being raped and sodomized." The crueler emotional abuse comes from another element of their psychosis-overreaction to everything, which worsens their paranoia. Linda is the most obvious, considering how her response to Stephen cheating on her at a gay parlor was to go nuts and try to kill Butters. Basically they're the Knight Templar Parent trope Gone Horribly Wrong.

At the end of Crack Baby Athletic Association Slash wasn't the one who paid the crack baby house
There was only one person who knew about Kyle's plans to create the house for the crack babies. As out of character as this sounds for him, I think it was Cartman that made the donation. First of all, in the scene where they lose their money, the only one complaining about the losses is Kyle. Cartman, who would usually be the first to complain about getting gypped, instead complained about the fact that Slash wasn't real. So that could mean that he had secretly stashed a lot more money somewhere (this is Cartman after all) and for once in his life decided to use it for a good intention.

Alternatively, he already paid for it, but was still annoyed about Slash being a fraud that it didn't sink in how much money he lost. Once he did realize it, though, he decided to put the guitar in the corner to make it seem like Slash was the donor. Not out of humbleness, though, he was probably embarrassed by how much he lost and decided to put the full blame on the fraud.

  • However, that requires two things: One: Cartman actually caring about either the Crack Babies or Kyle (He only wanted to use the Crack Babies for money, and while in some twisted way he does care for Kyle, it's not to the point where he'd actively do something nice for him like that), and Two: He would have had to get over being told Slash was a lie. Knowing Cartman, he doesn't usually let go of things that early. The second option is more realistic, but still, it would require Cartman to almost instantly get over Slash's fraud.
    • And even at that, his "caring" for Kyle is thriving off of his reactions for boredom, and saving him for the sole purpose of finding his anger amusing. It's the most twisted definition of care if I ever saw one.
Cthulhu mistook Cartman for one of his kind.
Consider Cartman from Cthulhu's perspective: you're as old as the stars and just as alien. You can kill a biosphere with ease. To you, we're microbes. Then suddenly one of these Puny Earthlings not only comes up to you while remaining sane, but demands your help. Since most people know to run the fuck away from something like Cthulhu unless they're THAT badass, the leader of the Star Spawn thought that Cartman wasn't human-he just looks like one. This is why Cartman was capable of befriend Cthulhu instead of the Old One ignoring him/swatting Cartman like a bug. Now who did Cthulhu mistake Cartman for? The only member of the Cthulhu mythos who not cares what people do, but manipulates them with impunity: Nyarlathotep.

Cartman can remember some of Kenny's death because of his connection to Cthulhu.
Either retroactively by Reality Warping, or because Cartman had some pre-existing connection that would let him make friends with Cthulhu, but either way, Cartman mentions in Cartmanland that Kenny dies all the time, so he is able to remember, at least some times. How? Kenny's immortality is tied to Cthulhu, so if Cartman can have some connection too, he can bypass Kenny's death obliviousness.

In the Series Finale, everyone except Kenny will die.

Canadian celebrities appear American because they're wealthy.
Most of the Canadians that appear are rich in American money, James Cameron for example. Because they have lots of American money, they appear American.
  • Does this mean Celine Dion is poor?
    • No, it means she's only rich in Canada.
  • Or because they can afford plastic surgery.

Kenny will become a real superhero.
Sure, his body is normal. But look at it this way - he can practice all that awesome Batman shiznit to the extreme without worrying about dying. And he's used to pain - not numb, but he knows agony. All he needs is a Mentor to teach him Kick-boxing or something suitable.

Predictions for future Call-Back episodes simaler to 200
  • The Cult of Cthuhlu will return but this time, the Big Bad will be Nyarlathotep. Being Nyarlathotep, he will have an explination for Kenny's immortality, but will hold it over his head.
    • In addition to this, he will bring a Call-Back from the movie; make it seem like Shelia is on another crusade that could start a war, so the public can have somthing to scapegoat.
  • Return of old characters such as Saddam and Darth Chef and Ensemble Dark Horse Characters such as Damian, Gregory, and Kelly.

Predictions for the finale of the Black Friday saga

Kyle's anime version in Good Times With Weapons is his idealized version
Stan and Kenny both have blue eyes, which they have in canon. Kyle has brown eyes but straight black hair. His eyes are probably accurate but Kyle has been shown to hate his curly hair so he probably wishes it was straight. It's unknown if he dislikes that his hair is red too though.

The Kids in the Future

One of the writers of "Cartman Finds Love" is a Kyman shipper.
You couldn't be more blatant about the Kyman subtext with outright admitting it. The reason they weren't was because a)the other writers would've complained about their pairings not being canon/they don't think Cartman should be able to love/they just don't want anything concerned and b)it's more fun to mess with the shippers. Though if the Rule of Funny applies on a meta level, I'm going for option b. Which may also apply across the entire series.
  • Riiiight. Yeah, no, pretty much jossed due to Trey being the only writer on the episode. But nice try.
Kim Kardashian (in the South Park universe) has the same power as Kenny.
A crazed gunman killed her at the end of "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs". She was mentioned several times in "The Hobbit", but as someone living, with no memory that she had once died- just like Kenny. Continuity applies to Kanye West, who refers to himself as a "recovering gay fish" in the episode, but not to her unless she's in a Kenny-like loop perhaps related to her status as a hobbit.
  • Many celebrities who've been killed reappear later on, like Bill Gates. He's shot in the head in the movie, but reappears later on with a scar on his head. In "Die Hippie Die" the mayor shoots herself in the head, but is shown with a bandage on her head later on. It's very possible in the South Park universe to recover from a gun to the head.

Cartman is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.
On top of his hatred of the Jews, hippies, and gingers. He's dressed up as Hitler at least twice, once was trying to create a group of Neo Nazis under the guise of a Mel Gibson Fan Club.
  • If Hitler is reincarnated into Cartman, how is he still in Hell?

Two Episodes in Season 13 were Take That's against Time Warner
It's not unknown that there are rivalries between Viacom and Time Warner. Since South Park is one of Viacom's Cash Cow Franchise's, it was the perfect opportunity to bash their rival. The first was in "The Ring". The episode features a slut named Tammy Warner, which isn't very subtle nor discernible from Time Warner. This could be use to imply that Time Warner loves to sell out. The second was a bit less blatant but still there in "Whale Whores", where at the end the Japanese become bent on wiping out the cow and the chicken. This one may be a stretch, but you never know.

Harry Potter exists in the South Park universe
There have been references to Harry Potter in the series before, but not a single Harry Potter character ever appeared in Imaginationland. If the books exist in the South Park Universe, but the characters aren't anywhere to be found in Imaginationland, it's possible that the characters are real and that perhaps the books were published by a Squib or a Muggle who knew about them.
  • Kyle's Psychic outburst at the end of "Cartman's Incredible Gift" strongly resembled Accidental Magic, which could indicate that Kyle is a Muggleborn.
    • That's not the only possible magic performed by Kyle. In "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000", Kyle accidentally phased himself out of reality before merging with it and eventually returning to normal.

There will be an episode mocking Tumblr Social Justice Warriors
Because Matt and Trey would totally want to jump on that.
  • Seemingly confirmed with the new episode "The Cissy", which is set to lampoon Tumblr trends like "transtrenders"note .

His mom ignores him and his friends hate him, so he'll do anything to get attention. Maybe the AIDS episode was also a hoax.

The episode "You're getting old" was just Stans dream.

There will be an in-universe explanation for season 18 episodes referencing each other.
They would be referencing the change in the format.

The bathroom labeled "Cissy" will be shown again.
Because the show has tighter continuity now.
  • Confirmed in "The Magic Bush."

As a result of the "Cissy" episode, Mr. Garrison will have his own episode in which he tries to figure out what defines him.
Possibly season 18 episode 4.

There will be an episode that deals with Butters' desire to burn down the school's gym.
Once again, tighter continuity.

The money Randy was hiding in the wall will show up again later in the season.
At some point in the season he will need that money for something important.

The show will continue to have continuity this season, but will quickly change back to Negative Continuity
Matt and Trey are both known to play the Trolling Creator trope to a T, and could also revert back to Negative Continuity just to piss off the fandom
  • OP still! As a counter WMG: The show will actually STAY with the continuity since it has become popular in Western Animation'

The South Park main cast, with a small exception to Cartman, are Hipsters.

Taking into account that Stan, Kyle, and Kenny tend to hate anything that is popular they fall into this category.

Season 18 episode 7 will deal with Randy's "wine tasting" problem.
"Freemium Isn't Free" seems to foreshadow this.
  • Jossed.

An episode will reference Keira Knightley's topless photoshoot.
It was recent and it would inspire other actresses to take pictures of themselves nude to prevent people from Photoshopping pictures of them. This could be a follow-up on the plot of "The Hobbit."

All of South Park has been a virtual reality.
In "Grounded Vindaloop," we see that the real world looks just like our world, whereas the two-dimensional world that we have seen is virtual. This would explain Negative Continuity and how Kenny keeps coming back to life.

There will be an episode on Gamergate.

It's becoming increasingly obvious. Perhaps it'll be for the season 18 finale.

  • Jossed.

Hatsune Miku will join CartmanBra's hologram revolution.

Season 18 will end up being South Park's version of the 8th season (aka the Dream Season) of Dallas, with all the events being nothing more than one of the characters experiencing Oculus Rift.
The way things are shaping up (with the events of part 1 and the preview clip of part 2), the two-part finale of South Park is definitely going include references of some sort to the previous eight episodes of the season. The only problem: how will part 2 be able to sneak in a nod to "Grounded Vindaloop", an episode that is pretty much set in a VR version of South Park. Hence, it's likely that the final scene of "#HappyHolograms" will reveal that the whole season was basically the experience of one of the main characters using Oculus Rift.

As for which one, the most likely choice would be Randy, given how he was not only missing from "Grounded Vindaloop" (the only episode this season to not include him in one scene), but also it would explain the on-going plot of Randy being the true identity of Lorde.

  • Jossed.
    • Although Steve and his Customer Service office do make a cameo appearance.

The Previously on… for #HappyHolograms will be an epic recap of the entire eighteenth season.
Plus, an irrelevant clip from a non-Season-18 episode, just like how the recap in the last part of the Black Friday trilogy had a clip from "Taming Strange" for no reason.
  • Jossed.

The season 19 premiere will have at least one season 18 reference.
Hopefully they keep the continuity.
  • Who knows, what if Cartman is trapped in his room due to the alloy that kept others from going in when he was "Cartmanbra", plus many people would like to see what happens to Shelley once she discovered that Randy and Lorde are one and the same.
  • Confirmed! While not as united as season 18, PC Principal makes several references to the show, including to Cissy when stating South Park was un PC.

Sgt. Yates and his Police force formed after the "Chickenlover" incident
  • According to that episode Officer Barbrady was the ONLY lawman in South Park, perhaps after the "Chickenlover" incident The Mayor played it safe and formed a much bigger Police force with Sgt. Yates heading it.

Cartman is becoming a powerful narrator.
His Cartmanbra persona manifesting in the classroom and the producer's office and other physical non-recording locations are probably either a narrator quirk or a sign of power.

Kenny has Irish heritage.
Because "McCormick" is about as Irish as a surname can get. Also because of the poor Irish stereotype.
  • Plus, there is a city in Ireland called kilkenny.
  • "Mc" is Scottish, "O" would be Irish. So, no.
    • "Mc" is used by both Scots and Irish, it's short for "Mac" which means "son of" in both dialects of Gaelic.

Kenny is a trans male, or maybe a really devoted cross dresser.
He wears the parka to hide his girly voice.

Shelly is lesbian.

The old man in “Insecurity” is the milkman.
It explains his role in the episode. The old farmer used to be the milkman, and still hasn’t given up on his old habits. In order to avoid suspicion, he pretends the milkman was someone else, and uses the GPS man as a scapegoat.

In season 19 episode 3, Butters will Skype with Charlotte.
She said that she would Skype with him when she got home.

Kim Davis will be the topic of a season 19 episode.
She has certainly been all over the news recently.

Kyle will finally be able to deliver a speech again in the season 19 finale.
The finale will involve him finally being able to resolve things with honesty again. He may even take back what he said about Caitlyn Jenner being a hero.

Mr. Garrison's presidential campaign will carry into season 20.
It would be airing 2016 in the weeks leading up to the US Presidential campaign. Garrison may or may not become president, if only for a little while.

Cartman's feelings about having Whole Foods in South Park will be explored.
It was established in "Coon vs. Coon and Friends" that Cartman does not like "organic crap", and he and Cthulhu destroyed every Whole Foods in the country at the time. Now that South Park actually has a Whole Foods, we have a potential motivating factor for Cartman to get fed up with South Park's ongoing PC attitude.

Reality will make a return during the season 19 finale, if not sooner.
Reality never can stay dead, after all.

Craig really is a homosexual.
He was just upset that someone outed him before he could confess.

Ike's experiences in clown school will show up later in season 19.
This could happen season 19 episode 5 at the earliest.

Craig x Tweek will become canon.
Currently, the South Park website, is asking for Yaoi fanart for the two. This may end up with Tweek and Craig dating canonically on the show.
  • This has been confirmed.

Instead of it becoming canon, it'll be a Running Joke.
It's South Park, guys. I have my doubts that it'll become canon.
  • This troper has a feeling that the episode will be similar to "Cartman Finds Love."

In the promotional pictures, Craig was only trying to button up Tweek's shirt for him - Tweek wouldn't let him and it led to a messy argument.
This probably isn't true, but the theory came from Tumblr.

PC Principal is secretly Crab People
Forcing the town into a more docile, less threatening state: check.Rarely walks normally (only once) and mostly moves through a strange scuttling movement: Check!
  • The ending of Naughty Ninjas seems to suggest that he is plotting something sinister.

Leslie will never learn to keep her mouth shut
No matter how many times PC Principal tells her, that girl just never seems to keep her fucking pie hole shut. At this point the poor girl's probably a lost cause.

The woman who complained about Lorde using the ladies' room has something to do with PC Principal
One of her daughters closely resembles Leslie, only the daughter shown earlier in "The Cissy" had lighter hair.

The Entire Season is an
Ad for the Upcoming South Park Game.

PC Principal kept telling Leslie to shut up because...
...the "PC" in his name stands for "Premium Content," or "Paid Content." Seeing as how it has been revealed that Leslie is really an advertisement and that PC Principal is likely an ad himself, or used to be one, this would make a lot of sense. Paid and premium content are often touted as being ad-free. Seeing as how Leslie is an advertisement, PC Principal is conforming to his nature by shutting her up. That is, shutting down ads.

The Season 19 Finale won't be more epic than Season 18 Finale
But Season 20 will have even more ContinuityNod and ContinuityPorn.

If Donald Trump actually wins the presidency, Mr. Garrison will continue to serve as his stand-in, in this show.

There will eventually be a South Park/Simpsons crossover
Based on the success of the Simpsons Guy and Simpsorama, and how the show has referenced this series countless times. Both series nowadays deal with wacky off-the-wall storylines so it could work. The only problem with this would be how to make the two art styles work alongside each other.

South Park takes place in the same universe as Undertale
The reason why Kenny always comes back whenever he dies, and no one else remembers? He's filled with determination.

The Ads were deliberately misrepresenting South Park online
When PC principal is introduced, he goes on a rant against South Park, but several of his facts are very plainly wrong. However, he also mentions that he got the information from googling the town. And what's one of the plot points for the season? That ads are taking over so much, news has become indistinguishable from them. What if the ads were deliberately making South Park look more wrong than it was, so that PC Principal would push for change that much harder? Publish new versions of old stories to make the town look worse (Chef's death, the great wall of south park), don't have stories with minorities mention their hometown (Timmy founding Handicar and Token being a member of Faith+1), cover up local communities (Disabled from the handicar episode, Iranians and lesbians from D-Yikes), etc.

Celebrity life is cheap because of cloning.
The U.S government has a bunch of cloning facilities. Whenever a celebrity dies in some undignified manner(which is pretty common in South Park), their bankers just pay the hundreds of thousands needed for the expense of cloning them. It's not a true means of immortality as the clones will still age and only famous people get to use it it, but it does help the media cover up incidents from the Momus of domiciles. If they can't be revived(ie: they died in Real Life), either the DNA samples have been tampered with, they request it no be used or it's not something they can reconstruct. Kenny is wholly unique in that he's flat-out resurrected with eldritch magic instead of the rich-people cloning club. As for Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, Hussein managed to sneak him out of Hell, while for Jesus it's kind of what he's famous for.

The ads were a tool of the big corporations.
The ads were actually part of a nefarious plot by the corporations to outprice the middle-class residents of America, so they could bulldoze entire suburbs and build giant factories. Why? MONEY. That's all the corporations care about. Also because they wanted to stop outsourcing manufacturing to China so they can bring back the "Made in America" label, but above all else, MONEY.

Oh, and the middle-class residents? They would be enslaved as free labor, and force them to work 24/7 without rest. ALL FOR MONEY. And if the government tries to invervene, the corporations would signal the Russians to invade.

When commenting on the 2016 Election the show will use a Call-Back to their previous Douche and Turd episode.

However, there will be a twist: Hillary Clinton will be the Douche, and Donald Trump will be some other option that would be truly catastrophic if selected. The boys will be dumbfounded by people's inability to pick the bad option over the Civilization-ending one.

  • Confirmed for Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich on the 2016 Election, but Jossed as Hillary Clinton is Turd Sandwich and Mr. Garrison is Giant Douche. Time will tell for the rest, though.

Timmy is the only one who knows of Kenny's immortality.

In "Cripple Fight" he tried to kill Jimmy by dressing him up as Kenny, hoping whatever force kept killing Kenny would be tricked into killing Jimmy. Timmy's mental handicap makes him immune to whatever force is wiping everyone's memories.

Chinpokomon Go will be a thing in Season 20.

Because why not?

Garrison will cross the Moral Event Horizon when he mocks Timmy and or Jimmy
If he's going to be the Trump stand-in on the show and with Jimmy's aspirations to be a reporter, Jimmy will absolutely take him to task over his preposterous plans for the country and how impossible they would be (much like John Oliver's deconstruction of Trump's border wall rhetoric). After doubling down his already flawed arguments, Garrison and his fans would relentlessly bully and intimidate Jimmy and likely, Timmy, For the Lulz only to find that everyone regards him as a bigger piece of shit than Cartman.
  • At this point, he'd be more likely to do this to throw the election.

Cartman ate Fluffy

It's an unpleasant thought but it makes so much sense.

The next game will have everyone as ninja's

And there will be a three part episode with them as ninja's to set it up.

"Chickenlover" will be called back in an episode centered around the recently infamous McChicken incident.

After the controversial real-life incident regarding a guy showing a video of him having sex with a McDonald's McChicken sandwhich, there will be an episode centered around that controversy, thus making a callback to the Season 2 episode "Chickenlover".

Member Berries will be responsible for most of the problems in Season 20
Near the end of the Season 20 premiere, it is revealed that Member Berries, along with all the good parts of the past, also makes people remember the darker aspects as well. The berries have already shown to be in effect when one of the Senators asked J. J. Abrams that they need his "Member Berries" in rebooting the anthem, and a lot of viewers believe that Gerald being the "skankhunt42" that's been harassing the female students on the elementary school message board is a result of him having the berries (with some speculating that the wine he drank before getting on the board is made out of them). As for Mr. Garrison leading the polls in terms of the 2016 Presidental Election, given how he's serving as South Park's Expy of Donald Trump, who most people remember from his business deals in the 1980's and The Apprentice, and you can buy the theory that people are supporting him not due to his politcal beliefs, but rather due to the power of the Berries.

The Ads will return
Did you honestly think PC Princpal killing Leslie would stop the ads? She said there will be more of them and they would eventually strike back and continue what they started in season 19.
  • Further to this, the ads are responsible for the creation of the Member Berries. They killed Gerald and replaced him with a sexist ad to start a gender war and hope the boys and girls of South Park Elementary wipe each other out physically, leaving their corporate overlords free to bulldoze the school and create a massive factory.
    • After all, why did Garrison run for President to begin with? He was fed up with PC Principal.

the rare obscure characters from the past will reappear and lampshade their disappearance in time of the 20th anniversary
Seriously? When has anyone last heard from Terrance Mephisto, Scuttlebutt, Super Adventure Club, Pirate Guinea pig, the visitors, Mecha-Streisand, and that muslim prophet no one is supposed to say the name of?

Each episode of Season 20 will be a reboot of a past South Park episode.
With all the talks about rebooting from the 1st episode, it could be guessed that the other episodes of Season 20 will be a reference to a past episode.

Wendy will rebel against the girls and go back to Stan.
In "Skank Hunt", it's quite obvious Wendy doesn't want to dump Stan, but does so out of peer pressure. At some point in Season 20, Wendy will rebel against the girls and side with the boys. After all, she's quite the tomboy herself, and she expressed doubt about the breakup plan, but went through with it anyway after Annie coerced her.

This will make the gender war complicated.

Ike's going to become a cyberbully
In "Skank Hunt", Gerald sits down with Ike and tries to downplay the amount of damage skankhunt42 has caused, emphasizing how famous he's becoming. Ike is young and impressionable, so it's possible he'll take Gerald's words to heart and start cyberbullying people in order to become famous. Since Ike is a fan of Youtubers, he may start by trolling Youtube comment sections.

There will be a Troll Episode about Mysterion interrupting a major cliffhanger.
That's why Kenny isn't appearing in recent episodes.

Mysterion/Kenny is the one who knows that Gerald is skankhunt42.
  • Jossed.

Gerald's reason for trolling
During the montage in Skank Hunt, he dealt with a few inconveniences, but took them well. It's possible that he became skankhunt42 as a way to blow off steam for his stress.

Gerald's wine is made with 'member berries.
Randy heard the 'member berries saying odd things. Perhaps they remind Gerald of a time when it was easier to say politically incorrect comments.
  • Jossed. He doesn't know what Member Berries are.

Randy is the one who knows the identity of Skankhunt42.
He's been doing some investigating regarding 'member berries, and maybe this has led him to a conclusion about the troll's identity.
  • Jossed.

The upcoming Dreamworks movie Trolls will be referenced.
Season 20 focuses on internet trolling, after all.

The upcoming Netflix series Trollhunters will be referenced.

The Member Berries were created by Crab People.
They hope that the gender wars will cause humanity to destroy itself.

The Member Berries will be destroyed by Randy by season 20's end..
Randy will find out what the member berries are doing to the people who eat them, and take it upon himself to get rid of every last one of them.

Cartman and Heidi are scheming.
I suspect that Cartman is still capable of engaging in the kind of plots that he has pulled off before, but now has recruited Heidi into his plans. Perhaps they are scheming together, but I also suspect that Cartman is scheming over her as he makes her think that they are scheming together.

Harambe will be referenced.
Butters has already started a "wieners out" movement, and in real life people have been saying "Dicks out for Harambe!" The two things will probably get connected somehow.

The gender war at South Park Elementary will come to blows.
Towards the end of the season, the boys and girls will engage in a massive brawl that will leave many named characters dead.

But then it'll turn out that everyone who died was a reboot created by JJ Abrams. How is this possible? Think Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Member Berries were made by Premium Content to make people forget about them/ or distract them.
Also J.J. Abrams and Heidi are premium content.

An episode will have the DDoS attack that made sites like Twitter, Netflix, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Amazon inaccessible.
This season has been about Twitter and trolling, so the creators are bound to jump all over this.

Cartman really has no ulterior motive.
It's Heidi who's manipulating him.
  • Alternatively, they're manipulating each other, or are co-conspirators.

Cartman secretly eats Member Berries.
It could explain why he's been obsessing with funny women and his like of the new Ghostbusters movie... and since the super fruits are homophobic it can explain why he fell in love with Heidi Turner and hasn't done anything Hoyay with Kyle or Butters so far this season.
  • This could almost be confirmed. In "Fort Collins", while he and Heidi are talking to Kyle while he goes to the bathroom, Cartman says the following quote: "I remember not that long ago, Kyle, when you told me in this very room I believe, that you were going to prove who the troll was no matter what. Do you remember that, Kyle? Where's that Kyle?", and then he nostalgiacally reflects on the old Kyle. This could very well indeed imply that he secretly eats 'member berries.

Member Berries were created by JJ Abrams jerking off into a bush.
It's the only possible explanation why the Member Berries are capable of sentience, have faces, and the ability to talk.

Even if Trump loses the election, Garrison will still become president in the South Park universe.
Christie and his staff will drag him back kicking and screaming if they have to. Also, this would hardly be the first time the writers have deviated from real life.
  • Jossed. Trump actually won the election. And thus Garrison will become the new POTUS. He'll probably be dragged kicking and screaming into the Oval Office.

Freja Ollengard was murdered.
When we see her allegedly jump to her death, it looks for a moment like she is trying to stop herself from actually falling. Moreover, isn't it a little odd that someone who has run a support group for women with breast cancer for years is suddenly made suicidal by the type of prank Bart Simpson would pull? Her death is the perfect catalyst for Lennart Bedrager to seize control of Denmark and destroy everybody's privacy... and as it turns out, his name is Danish for "imposter". Could he not be what he seems?

Kyle thought that Sheila was pissing on Gerald because of her contempt for him.
The South Park kids may know more about sex than their average Real Life counterparts, but I don't think they have ever been established to know what fetishes are. Kyle walks in on his parents having urination sex, and is completely disgusted. Was this just because it's gross, or does he think that the gender war has gotten so bad that even the adults have been dragged into it? Note that this is among the last things he sees before joining Butters's movement.

Mr. Garrison will be forced back into the race by Vladimir Putin.
In real-life, Russia clearly wants Trump in the White House they can have a puppet who will ruin America and give Russia free reign to do whatever they want in Eurasia. What if South Park!Putin wants Garrison in the White House because he knows Garrison will ruin America with his lack of experience?

The only one who can destroy the Member Zack Snyder.
It seems logical that the one who's managed to harsh a lot of people's nostalgia buzz would be the Member Berries' natural enemy.

The girls will apologize to their ex-boyfriends and get back with them after realizing none of them were skankhunt42, and we'll get to see who all the boys' girlfriends were.

Heidi will inform all of South Park elementary how she found out that nobody at school is skankhunt42 based on the emoji analysis she used. This will result in the girls apologizing to the boys and getting back with their ex-boyfriends, and most importantly it will be revealed who was dating who (except for Stan and Token because we already knew they were dating Wendy and Nichole) since some of the major characters (like Kenny, Jimmy and Clyde) were shown heartbroken after presumably receiving breakup notes from the girls and we never got to see who they were dating.

Or alternatively the girls would feel like jackasses once they realize skankhunt42 is neither a student nor a teacher but an adult and the boys would be so pissed off at them for this and their betrayal that they might not want to have anything to do with the girls because of their mistake.

  • It appears that when Stan tries to reason with Wendy, the rest of the boys (Butters in particular) call him out on it. This indeed implies that the boys will never forgive the girls for their mistake, but Stan is the only wise one who's willing to forgive his girlfriend and get back with her.
  • On the other end of this theory, the girls will refuse to get back together with their boyfriends because they believe admitting they were wrong would make them inferior. This will cause many of the boys to snap and try to force themselves on the girls, leading to many recurring kid characters being Killed Off for Real.
Gerald's fate

By the time this season ends, Gerald would either be..1. Arrested for his internet crimes.2. Surprisingly and unexpectedly killed off as a Cruel Twist Ending or Wham Episode.or 3. Gets away with it seeing as the Crapsack World of South Park rewards evil idiots like Cartman, Randy, and Officer Yates.

  • To add to #1, in addition to being arrested, Sheila will divorce his ass, and Kyle will take Cartman's place as the most-hated kid in school.
  • When the latter happens, Kyle will constantly have to inform everyone at school that he wasn't responsible for Gerald's action, but everyone will be oblivious to this fact and still hate on Kyle, much to his annoyance. This will result in Kyle trying his hardest for everyone to appreciate him again and to put Cartman back as the most-hated kid at school.
  • But Cartman, having gone back to his old self after Heidi either dumps or is killed, will push back at Kyle's attempts to regain his lost reputation by using it as an opportunity to turn the entire school against the Jews. This will ultimately bring the gender war to an end as the boys and girls unite against a common enemy, and come to realize that skankhunt42 was one of the parents.
    • #3 has been confirmed; Gerald got away with it.

One day there will be a Greater-Scope Villain behind South Park's stupidity.
With the Member Berries we know that some of the stupidity is due to a conspiracy/outside forces. As a massive twist, it'll turn out that there's an actual force responsible for the world of South Park's idiocy and acting like some sort of satire in-universe; a conspiracy by a pastiche of the creators trying to take over the world. They'd probably be the Final Boss of the series, and will be the closest the series has to a Complete Monster (though The Comically Serious as well).

The current changes in South Park (e.g. PC Principal, the spread of political correctness, the meta serialization of the show, etc), and especially Heidi Turner in Season 20 were the Restraining Bolts keeping Cartman as a Nice Guy from returning into the bigoted sociopathic Jerkass we all know and love. But since the Trolltrace project was a success which will inevitably result in exposing all of the Antics and Trolling Cartman committed in the past (e.g. feeding Scott Tenorman his own parents, plotting to use Tourette's Syndrome as excuse to deliver the most Anti-Semitic speech ever, taking control of the Eldritch Abomination Cthulhu himself, attemping World Domination via Commentary, etc) will definitely make Heidi erupt into an epic rant about how Eric is the lowest of the low, that he deserved having his electronics destroyed, and that Heidi herself will never, ever want to speak to the "fat abomination" ever again. The only person Cartman sincerely loved and adored all the most was Heidi, his only true love and reason to reform himself, and if this fragile link is broken it will drive him into the Despair Event Horizon and revert back to the sociopathic Straw Nihilist self that he was before, but this time turned up to eleven. Everyone, especially the boys who destroyed his electronic equipment will be annihilated under Infernal Retribution that would make the Scott Tenorman incident look like Care Bears.
  • On the bright side, perhaps the return of Evil Cartman is the final key to stop the Member Berries from taking over the world. But then again, "Member when Cartman was the poster boy for Jerkass?"
  • It is also a possible way to reset the series, since Fans have been complaining about the loss of Cartman's legendary Politically Incorrect Jerkassery in the past.

The Member Berries are a metaphorical Fuck You to the complaint They Changed It, Now It Sucks!
The creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone want to innovate, but because of their decision to take South Park from a lighthearted (though vulgar) episodic Sitcom into a serialized Political Current Events Drama, many of the former fans were outraged and are complaining that the new South Park sucks. Of course, Member when Kenny keeps dying each episode? However, the creators know that if they don't change and keep up with the times, then the entire series will rot like what happend to Family Guy. So, they deconstructed it by portraying the symbol of nostalgia, the aforementioned Member Berries, to, instead of being a force for good, have become the causa prima of the world's problems including the deconstruction of Donald Trump's pseudo-Reaganist political platform (in the show Randy explained to Mr. Garrison that the reason why xenophobic conservatives want to vote for him is due to Member Berries.)

If/when Heidi breaks up with Cartman...
She will look at him face to face, and she will say, "Screw you, Cartman. I'm going home." She will then walk away, and Cartman will give some last few glances towards her before walking off in dejection, in a Call-Back to "Chef Goes Nanners".
  • More realistically, Cartman will pull out the gun he got at the end of Season 19 and shoot her dead, before going off to end the gender war by beating up Butters and calling everyone out for their utter stupidity, telling them there's a much bigger threat. Of course, no one believes him, the boys will accuse him of taking the girls' side, and the gender war becomes deadly as nameless background boys and girls are killed in a massive, bloody battle.

There will be an episode mocking the series' fanfiction.
Among the things that will show up include Fandom Specific Plots, rampant yaoi shippings, the sudden appearances of Mary Sues, and Charlie Pierzynski. The boys would find every element (except Charlie) undesirable, and work to get rid of it all. In the end, they succeed, and there's a Tear Jerker moment when they realize they have to destroy Charlie as well, but she's made peace with this fact.

Mr. Garrison will be President and be Put on a Bus
Because of Real Life Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 elections. Like how Principal Victoria was replaced by PC Principal the status of teacher for the boys will inevitably be someone else or a new character. Mr. Garrison will of course still appear as cameo in the show, but as President his role in the town of South Park is severely diminished, and will only appear in big highly-political scenes.
  • From a writing point of view, why would they do such a thing? Now they have their very own non-copyright stand in for the president, he's to South Park what Mayor Quimby is to Simpsons

In real life, thousands of voters wrote in Harambe. Perhaps in the show, he will win the election and be brought back to life to be president. Considering that Resurrection is possible in South Park (just ask Kenny) this is entirely possible. Also:
  • It ends Garrison's political career and brings him back to South Park while acknowledging Hillary Clinton's real life loss.
  • It's a jab against Donald Trump and criticism of his policies by adding a primate as President.
  • By having an animal president the Crapsack World of Stupid the show is infamous for is kept consistent. Hey, a Rabbit became proven as the successor of St. Peter, so why not?

There's going to be a reference to Sausage Party.

The villain of the season is actually Rob Schneider as A POLAR BEAR!

Ok, now hear me out.

Norm of the North has already been compared to the fake trailers from Season 6's "The Biggest Douche in the Universe" and it's garnered itself the reputation of being one of, it not, the worst animated movie ever made. So with those two things in mind, it's hard not to see him being brought back for this season with him being the true villain responsible for everything that's happened in the season.

  1. He was the one responsible for making Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich the presidential candidates.
  2. He is the real creator of the Member Berries and had them make constant references to Star Wars in order to make J. J. Abrams a Red Herring (which Randy fell for).
  3. Tying into a WMG above, he was the one who murdered Freja Ollengard and made it look like a suicide.
  4. He is the one actually in charge of TrollTrace with Bedrager being The Dragon.
  5. He was the one who got the Member Berries to turn Caitlyn Jenner an Unwitting Pawn in his plan and got Garrison the win as President.

And what would be his motivation for doing all of this? People didn't like Norm of the North.note 

  • We can now say this is Jossed.

The Member Berries will infect Stan.
One of Stan's brainwashed family members (well, his dad Randy) will infect him and then he will infect Wendy by vomiting over her like he used to, only with Member Berry juice.

Cartman is getting brainwashed by Amy Schumer.
Cartman saying that every time Amy Schumer talks about her vagina he "loses his mind" is foreshadowing that she's brainwashing him.
  • Doubtful, Cartman has been fixated on vaginas ever since "Butterballs", Inside Amy Schumer aired in 2012 and before that Cartman was too much of a sexist bigot to care.
  • Alternatively, watching Amy Schumer is killing his brain cells.

Heiman is a dysfunctional relationship.
Heidi before s20 hated Cartman to the core, but after both of them were driven from the Internet and drove them to Despair everybody treated them as dead- in other words, social stigma and ostracism. When the entire world has expelled them, who do they turn to? Each other of course. And the first thing Heidi, crippled by severe loneliness and who had nothing to lose, did for Cartman? She, apparently due to Despair Event Horizon, offered to show him her vagina e.g. metaphor for sex. Yes, in Real Life sexual promiscuity is a common response to depression (e.g. Sex for Solace) and it does not completely solve the true problems in a person's psychology. Despite their external appearance of complete satisfaction it is still clear that they are still dysfunctional, Heidi being obsessed with hunting down Skankhunt 42 resulting in her alliance with Trolltrace, and Cartman trying to sabotage her plans as he fears that his past crimes will be exposed thus destroying whatever remained of their love. Cartman and Heidi may have feelings for each other to the point of having sex but their past agendas still dominate their minds to the point that Cartman, instead of the normal way of telling the Truth to Heidi and saying sorry for all he has done in the past, plans an utterly unrealistic ambition: banishment to Mars. This is a sign of Cartman's paranoia and by trying to escape Trolltrace's wrath and keep everything secret from Heidi he is only creating more strife against his love's ambition to expose Skankhunt. When Skankhunt is exposed as Gerald Broflovski all their troubles which they try to keep secret will have been All for Nothing, thus, since they had sex will definitely cause massive conflict in their relationship as they call each other Traitor.

If there's one person who is highly resistant to Member Berries infection then there's one: PC Principal
In Season 19 PC Principal and his fraternity appeared to be major villains but in the end after killing Leslie and the Ads he had Character Development into a Reasonable Authority Figure. PC Principal turns out to be a Well-Intentioned Extremist, he may be strict in promoting progressive ideals and the issue of being offensive, but he can still be reasoned with, while the Member Berries on the other hand seeks to brainwash Humanity to return to the past. The reason why PC Principal's fraternity is strictly training themselves in ensuring progressive behaviour is because he actually knows about the Member Berries, and to prevent the Member Berries from destroying the world he had to become ruthless. Considering that Randy and most other adults are being infected by Member Berries it is possible that PC Principal possesses enough willpower to resist the Infection and team up with survivors such as Stan.
  • "Member the late 60's where the hippies dominated and everyone could be almost anything they wanted to?" "Member the collectives?""Oh I member!"

Stan and Wendy will get back together and be considered traitors.
Stan will hear from Cartman about Heidi's emoji analysis and come to realize skankhunt42 was one of the parents. He informs Wendy, who believes him because she never considered it, and feels remorse for dumping Stan over the matter. Not that she didn't feel remorse before, as she reveals she never wanted to go through with the plan in the first place, but Annie and Nichole, in private, threatened to rat on her to the police for beating up Cartman in "Breast Cancer Show Ever".

So, they get back together...and are immediately viewed as traitors by the boys and girls. Everywhere they go, they're jeered at, and it comes to a head when Butters has Stan kidnapped and he personally beats him. On the girls' side, the police are informed about Wendy beating up Cartman. The police don't care, saying Cartman has committed so many crimes (chief among them imprisoning Butters, feeding Scott Tenorman his own parents, and killing Justin Bieber with Cthulhu), but he hasn't been arrested because the cops don't want to arrest a minor or incur the wrath of the PC Fraternity, not to mention they're too focused on trying to hunt down rogue holograms and living ads.

None of this tears Stan and Wendy apart. Instead, they form a third faction for any couples wise enough to get back together, and go around spreading the message of gender-equality.

PC Principal is delighted by the third faction, and uses it as an example of boys and girls coming together for a greater cause.

Cartman will attempt to kill Butters and as a result Heidi will break up with him and get in a new relationship with Butters.

Since it's pretty obvious that Butters is trying to steal Heidi from Cartman, this will anger him so much that he will go as far as trying to murder him and thus go back to his old makes-you-eat-your-own-parents self. As a result, Heidi will be shocked beyond words about how cruel and dark Cartman truly is, and will dump him to be in a relationship with Butters.

  • A few problems:
    • 1. Butters' nice behavior isn't necessarily trying to steal Heidi from Cartman, he's just genuinely sweet.
    • 2. Butters probably still has feelings for Charlotte.
    • 3. Cartman isn't likely to resort to murder against Butters; he knows Butters is terrified of him anyway, and threatening him would probably solve the problem just as well.
  • Jossed; Butters really isn't trying to take Heidi from Cartman.

In Season 21, Kyle will have a story arc dedicated to the aftermath of his parents' actions.

Not only did his mom instigate a war with Canada in the movie, but his dad's trolling led to most of the problems that happened in Season 20, including a war with Denmark. Even if Kyle tries to ignore the problem, everyone else will remember what his parents, particularly Gerald, have done. Cartman would be able to use his parents' actions as examples to justify his anti-semetic beliefs, and perhaps convince people to join him, assuming he goes back to being his old self. Considering how the girls were willing to judge all the boys for the actions of one internet troll, and how ugly the gender war got in Season 20, he might be able to get everyone to judge Kyle, particularly because his dad is the troll responsible for the school-wide gender war. Unlike the gender war which split the school into two factions, only two students would suffer from the discrimination Cartman would instigate, assuming Kyle and Ike are the only Jewish students. Because of this, Kyle will become too afraid to stand up for anything fearing that he'll end up starting a war of his own, just like his parents.

He's a Star Wars fanatic; what did you expect?

We'll get to hear Heidi's skeleton and skunk joke later.
She'll tell it to someone who's above patronizing her and she'll realize she's not funny.

There will be a nostalgic episode based on what South Park used to be before fans thought They Changed It, Now It Sucks!.

As part of the series' 20th anniversary, there will be an episode based on the show's early seasons, with numberous call backs and Continuity Nods to the old episodes: Kenny will die for the first time in forever, Stan will barf on Wendy when she comes near him, the boys will be shown at the bus stop, and so on.

  • Since a lot of fans missed the character, Pip might come Back from the Dead in the episode.

Lennart Bedrager IS Freja Ollegard.
Now that we know what Denmark is up to, the whole Trolltrace thing is a set up for world domination! Now some WMGs say that Freja Ollegard was murdered and was made to LOOK LIKE a suicide... but what if (alternately) Freja Ollegard FAKED her death and has a new identity to make the plan into a reality... also as a foreshadowing that further proves this claim... "Bedrager" roughly translates to "con-man" or "impostor" in English... so he is a imposter or fake identity...

Prior to Season 20, Cartman was still the self-centered asshole he had always been, but then in s20 he all of the sudden became politically correct and even got a girlfriend, neither of which any fans saw coming. Since Cartman's new personality seems unbelievable, I'm guessing that the ending of the Season 20 finale will consist of all the characters waking up and realizing that those crazed events (ie. The gender war, Cartman getting a girlfriend, Kyle's dad trolling, the memberberries etc.) were All Just a Dream, in Call-Back to the Season 2 episode "City on the Edge of Forever". I mean whoever heard of Cartman actually liking a girl despite the Hoyay with Kyle, Butters, and Ben Affleck in the past seasons?

Episode 9 will begin with the other internet trolls beating the ever loving shit out of Gerald or alternately have Dildo Schwaggins outright telling Lennart Bedrager that Gerald is skankhunt42.

Because seriously... WHO THE FUCK WOULD FRAME THEIR OWN TODDLER SON FOR HIS SELFISH NEED TO TROLL?!? That and Dildo seemed shocked Gerald would not only do his vicious trolling for fun but would do it despite having a good family and good life... what Gerald did crossed that line!

  • Jossed: the other trolls do not harm Gerald.

There will be an episode calling out the fandom for letting Cartman off the hook for all the crap he's pulled over the years while being pissed off at other characters like Gerald.

Gerald has definitely crossed the Moral Event Horizon by framing Ike, and fan reactions have involved people hoping he dies for his actions, and these wishes for Gerald to die go as far back as the second episode of season 20, before we saw just how far Gerald was willing to go. And why were people mad? Because the other boys destroyed Cartman's electronics. Gerald was only indirectly responsible for that, yet people wanted his head on a platter before he framed Ike, and even before the Olympian killed herself.

Cartman, on the other hand, has fans demanding he go back to his old self, the same kid who made a kid eat his parents over some prank. Odds are, the episode would be a giant Take That! to the fandom's tendency to gloss over Cartman's actions while getting pissed off when other characters do similar things. Because of this, the writers will turn Gerald into a Karma Houdini to make a point about how hypocritical some of the fans are in wanting Cartman to be as cruel as he is while getting mad at others when they act similarly. The Tweek X Craig episode from season 19 proved Matt and Trey are willing to make fun of their fandom.

The Member Berries are Aliens
The Member Berries are obsessed with Star Wars and the time when the franchise ascended to massive popularity, and do you know what else happened during Star Wars' time? The Space Race between America and the Soviets. The Cold War was the height of the Space Race, and the US even outright named their anti-Soviet Kill Sat system "Star Wars!" This was the era that the US established SETI and sent both radio broadcasts and probes such as Voyager to send messages from Humanity to any aliens out there, and the aliens were clearly impressed by this Human Culture and decided to set a course for Earth... only because of the problem of FTL Travel, they arrived in an Earth totally unlike that which they encountered, the complete opposite they heard from the broadcasts during the Reagan era. This is why they seek to sabotage Earth's governments, to return Humanity to what the Member Berries saw as the truth.

Also, "Member when the first episode of South Park involved Cartman getting ass-raped by aliens?

Season 20 will end in another reprise of Mountain Town.
To tie in to the nostalgia and reboot theme of the season, and if it's a Take That!, then the version will be just the original plasted onto the end.

Everyone will attempt to go to Mars in the next episode.

Since Kyle ran off with Ike at the end of the "Members Only", it can only be assumed that he was trying to go to Mars along with Cartman, Heidi and Butter. Kyle will probably inform everyone that his dad is the troll and is thus responsible for all the problems caused in Season 20, which will result in Kyle attempting to take Ike to Mars and everyone else will follow suit.

South Park will become the new capital of America, or Garrison will refuse living in the White House
Just to keep the President back to where all the action is. There are also rumours that Real Life Trump will not live in the White House.

Member Berries might be vulnerable to the CRUNCH of Mintberries
The Member Berries might be a alien species... hell if I know since their origin hasn't been fully explained yet. But what if their presence on Earth summons MINT BERRY CRUNCH to battle them and win!
  • Well, every episode of Season 20 has featured a cameo of Bradley...

The Member Berries are what make the green goo that turns people into Nazi Zombies
There are several points that support this
  • The Don member berry reminds the other berries of the Stormtroopers and his intentions to bring them back. Not those ones but the real-life ones
  • The member berry that was shot by the Don member berry bleeds green.
  • The many similarities between Donald Trump (whom Garrison is the stand-in of) and Adolf Hitler. In particular, the German-language version of Trump's book Crippled America has many of his phrases left in English because when translated into German they are literally Nazi phrases.

If the girls reconcile with the boys, Tammy Warner will return and will thus turn out to have still been Kenny's girlfriend.

Since at the end of "Skank Hunt" Kenny was shown as one of the heartbroken boys who received a breakup note but we never got to see who he was dating, my guess is that when the girls reconcile with the boys, Tammy Warner from Season 13's "The Ring" will return and still turn out to have been dating Kenny. I mean, I can't imagine that any of the girls at South Park Elementary would want to date a perv like him unless they were a slut, so I'm assuming that Kenny and Tammy were still dating after "The Ring" but the couple became an Offscreen Romance after said episode.

Heidi will become a female version of Cartman.

If all attempts to go to Mars fail, the two will unfortunately return to their normal life in South Park, and much to Cartman's fear, Heidi will find out his entire internet history and instead of dumping him she will start behaving selfishly and rudely like Cartman had always acted prior to Season 20 and will thus become the female version of him, much to Cartman's relief. It's unknown whether the girls are still friends with Heidi or not; Bebe and Annie didn't seem to be too fond of the fact that her and Cartman are in a relationship, but as a result Heidi's low popularity status among her friends will reach the lowest of the low, it will be safe for Cartman to go back to his old self, and the rest of the boys won't care that Cartman always choses to hang out with his girlfriend and the girls also won't care about Heidi choosing to always hangout with her boyfriend over her "friends" due to her shocking Face–Heel Turn.

  • Confirmed in "Moss Piglets"

Emoji Analysis is a two-edged sword.
Heidi created Emoji Analysis for Exactly What It Says on the Tin, yet in "Not Funny" she is somehow able to use it in situations where there are no emojis at all; by replacing the equations to go to Mars with emojis in her head, she is able to see the underlying patterns and spot an error that eluded everybody who worked on the problem before her. Humans have a knack for finding patterns, and, for reasons which are evolutionarily sound but too complex to explain here, are especially good at deceiving themselves into thinking that there are meaningful patterns in what is actually pure randomness. Just because Heidi replaces the data with emojis doesn't mean that she is justified in doing so, and furthermore, she was completely exhausted, and didn't come up with anything until she had a sudden flash of insight. You know who are the best at finding patterns where none exist? Full-blown paranoid schizophrenics. This isn't the only symptom she's showing, either— she has started to speak in a flatter affect than she has before Season 20. Since Emoji Analysis works correctly when analyzing actual emojis, Heidi is, quite simply, a mathematical prodigy. Especially in mathematics, the line between genius and madness is very thin indeed, precisely because mathematicians are trained to look for patterns and become unable to stop. And of course, a String Theory wall is a characteristic of a Room Full of Crazy. Hanging around Cartman for extended periods can't help Heidi's sanity either.

Season 20's storyline will have No Ending
In keeping with the season's two major themes, trolling and nostalgia, season 20 will rap up by trolling the audience with something nostalgic. Namely, another Terrence and Phillip episode. Season 21 will either return to the classic negative continuity format, or will start another storyline that completely ignores everything that has happened in season 20. With the way things have been going, and South Park only having a 30 minute run time, it really looks as though Only the Author Can Save Them Now.

The loose ends of Season 20 will spill over into Season 21.
This includes the Member Berries and the gender war.

Season 21 will return back to an episodic format while keeping background elements from season 20
The season 20 final episode title maybe a hint that serialization may end for South Park. Of course we are dealing with Trey and Matt who fit the Trolling Creator trope quite well sometimes.

The Member Berries will not be defeated until Donald Trump leaves office.
Since they were pretty much Demoted to Extra, but not defeated, after "Oh, Jeez", which was initially written with the assumption of a Clinton victory. The writers saw an opportunity but were too late to wrap it up this season, so the Member Berries will still be around until the end of Trump's (or his successor's, if he manages to be even worse) Real Life term of office.

Season 21 will involve a huge war of many groups wanting to take over/destroy South Park while fighting amongst eachother
As the 20th anniversary of South Park, how about a story arc where the town is threatened by the following groups... The Visitors, Scott Tenorman and the Gingers, The Celebrities minus Tom Cruise, The Crab People, the Ads, The Super Adventure Club, and most importantly... the Member Berries... and they will "member" the others as they do battle with them.

The show will be more careful in basing their plots on current events from now on.
After what happened with this year's election, I doubt Trey and Matt would want to end up in another "The Very First Gentlemen" situation again.

The show will have a lot of Take Thats to Donald Trump
Considering that Trump's victory threw off much of Season 20's plotline and resulted in multiple plot threads being left with no conclusion, I highly think that Trey and Matt will include plenty of insults towards Donald Trump, even moreso if Trump complains about South Park on Twitter.

The rest of the girls will become Ascended Extras as well.
Heidi was mostly a Living Prop prior to Season 20, but eventually became one of the season's main focuses. Up until that point, Wendy and Bebe were the only girls to recieve any prominence; the rest mostly just stood in the background (unless, of course, it was a scene involving their popular girls clique). All of the male students who consistently appear in Mr. Garisson's class have played at least one major role in an episode, whereas the girls (other than Wendy, Bebe or Heidi) just remain as props. This is even mentioned in "Skank Hunt" where Annie says that she's tired of her and the girls being put in the background. If they had no problem turning a former Living Prop (Heidi) into one of the leading heroes of Season 20, it can be assumed that the rest of the girls (ie. Red, Annie, Lola) will receive more major roles the upcoming seasons as well.

The Member Berries were Ads (like Leslie) created by Disney to promote Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Hence the massive nostalgia brainwashing. Disney knew that Star Wars fans hated the prequels and wanted to go back to A New Hope. The Member Berries were the perfect weapon to brainwash the populace for profit... but as an unfortunate side effect, it led to Donald Trump's Rise to Power. Hopefully PC Principal (who has the ability to kill Ads) will use his progressive skills to eliminate the Member Berry menace once and for all...

Somebody transplanted Cartman and Garrison's minds to each other
Notice the massive reversal. Once Cartman was the premier King Asshole of the series, now he's a pathetic Politically-Correct cuck. Once Garrison was just a minor pathetic nuisance but since "Where My Country Gone" and mutating into Donald Trump he surpassed Cartman as premier Racist Asshole by ranting all about how he wants all minorities/immigrants/people he generally don't like to be subject to "FUCK THEM ALL TO DEATH!!!" Sounds like Cartman from the previous seasons who was a neo-Nazi who wanted all Minorities and people he generally don't like (e.g. how he wanted to annihilate all the Gingers, Jews, Mexicans, etc.) to be Fucked until they die? It is clear, Cartman lost his Jerkassery, and somehow it went to Garrison who became the new Cartman. Why did Garrison become Cartman and Cartman became a pathetic minor character? Who did it? PC Principal? The Ads? The Member Berries? Or even... Heidi?

If the Creators knew what would happen in the elections, then it would be Eric Cartman who would be President
The episodes were made with the assumption that Trump will lose to Hillary Clinton, which resulted in the debacle of "The Very First Gentleman." But look at Eric Cartman from the previous seasons. He's the kid version of Donald Trump! Narcissistic, extremely aggressive, shameless, despises immigrants and minorities whom he claim to steal America away from him (In the previous seasons, how many times did he wanted to expel Gingers/Jews<insert minority here>), heavily strong-headed and will do anything it takes to achieve power and profit, and will let no rivals detract him from his Ambitions (as Scott Tenorman learned the hard way) Everybody hated him for being Politically Uncorrect but in a meta perspective is arguably the most popular character of the entire show. If it wasn't for PC Principal beating the shit out of him he would surely have replaced Garrison as Donald Trump and you can just transplant some of Trump's exact speeches to Cartman's and it won't feel out of place.

But then again, the scene of Garrison raping Canadian Trump was absolutely hilarious, and I can't imagine a fat kid doing the same... Though he did force Kyle to suck his balls in Imaginationland...

When Garrison delivered his Breaking Lecture to PC Principal, that he was his creator as Donald Trump, he meant it...
We know that PC Principal has the ability to kill Ads, which are abstract concepts. And what one of the most notorious acts did he do in the first episode? Beat the shit out of Cartman for his politically incorrect bigotry. This started his redemption (or mutation) from King Jerkass to being so excessively politically correct he bows to Heidi. Somehow, that also beat the racist crap out of Cartman from his mind and what happened next? "Where My Country Gone..." where Garrison was very annoyed by Canadian immigration. Previously, Garrison wasn't a massive racist, but this was the perfect magnet for assimilating the abstract concepts of xenophobia that previously came from Cartman into Mr. Garrison, turning him from a pathetic sexually-troubled teacher into Donald Trump. So, From a Certain Point of View, PC Principal was the creator of Garrison Trump... <cue stank face>

The Gerald Broflovski we saw in Season 20 wasn't actually Gerald Broflovski...
HE'S ERIC CARTMAN. The Real, Evil "Troll everybody to Death and I made you eat your Parents" type we all know and love.

Okay, Cartman's defining characteristic in the past seasons is his compuslive trolling that caused worldwide disasters, and more especially, his immense undying hatred of Jews. Because of this, God, or some other power, was so fed up with Cartman's antisemitism that He inflicted onto him the ultimate Punishment: turning him into a Jew. More specifically, one of the relatives of his most significant love-hate relationship, Kyle. Unfortunately, as the episode Ginger Kids have shown us, that doesn't work. Making him a minority only amplifies his trolling skills to the point it can turn into a worldwide disaster, e.g. he turned all Gingers into a neo-Nazi domination group when Stan and Kyle played a prank on him dyeing his skin and painting his hair red! What about the Cartman dating Heidi? He's an impostor created by God so that nobody could suspect that a massive switch happened. That's why, instead of feeding all the boys their own parents for destroying his electronics, he turned into a total submissive pussy to Heidi.

Like with the Running Gag of Kenny dying and resurrecting each episode, the Creators are clearly tired of Cartman being the single most defining Villain of South Park. Why does it always had to be him who should be the premier poster boy for the trope Jerkass? There's a reason Jerkass is a Trope, not named "The Eric Cartman." That's why they transplanted some of Cartman's personality to other characters, like Gerald with his Trolling for the Lols and Garrison Trump with his xenophobia. This is to show that being a massive asshole need not be limited to a single fat kid, and to allow Cartman room for Character Development. Unfortunately, because of this the Creators had a massive George Lucas-level backlash from old South Park fans. But, as a form of Takethat Audience, they created the Member Berries to say "Fuck You and your nostalgia!"

Season 21 will have alternating episodes on which political side they mock
If one episode mocks the extreme left, then the next episode will mock the extreme right, and vice-versa. By doing things this way, they'll have something to call Donald Trump out on in case he uses Twitter to complain about South Park being unfair and overly biased against him, like what happened with Saturday Night Live. Matt and Trey will be able to respond with something like "The last episode was mocking left extremists, but you only got mad because of this episode. Did you stand up for those left extremists last week?" This will also keep the fandom satisfied since in Season 20, some backlash occurred when people thought they were shilling Hillary Clinton and lost their sense of political neutrality. Anyone who cries bias on either side will be called out by use of a Straw Character, the same way the Member Berries were a middle finger to older fans who wanted the show to go back to its old ways. The extreme left will be portrayed as a bunch of violent hypocrites who start riots when things don't go their way, and the extreme right will be portrayed as paranoid bigots who think the entire world is against them.

Kyle has feelings for Cartman and is jealous of Heidi.
Going specifically by recent events, it's clear that Kyle didn't want to destroy Cartman's electronics, despite supposedly hating him. He cries over Cartman's "disappearance" during the montage of the boys being dumped. And then he joins the Wieners Out cause after finding out that Cartman and Heidi are dating, and it's outright said that Kyle doesn't like Heidi. In general, his behavior seems very reminiscent of a jealous unrequited love whose love interest is already spoken for.

  • Jossed in Season 21 where its revealed that Kyle actually has feelings for Heidi and is jealous that Cartman is in a relationship with her.

To get back at the boys, the girls will start a "Vaginas Out" movement.
If the gender war continues to be a major plot point in Season 21, the girls will give the boys a taste of their own medicine by starting their own movement where they show off their private parts in the school hallway. All the boys will be grossed out by it to say the least....except for Kenny.
  • Adding onto this, this will be suggested, and encouraged, by a pedophile who only cares about fawning over them and not their cause.

What will happen after Heidi breaks up with Eric:
Heidi will get a new boyfriend and when he asks whether Cartman is okay with it, Heidi will respond "Fuck Cartman! Fuck him right in the ear!", resulting in Eric frowning with a displeased look on his face, in Call-Back to Wendy dumping Gregory to get back with Stan at the end of The Movie.

Season 21 will surprise us with a Made-for-TV-Movie that wraps up the currently unsolved problems from Season 20.

There will be a Wham Episode where Timmy is able to talk properly.
Much like how we saw Kenny unhooded and voiced unmuffled for the very first time at the end of The Movie, they might do something similar with Timmy where he's able to talk properly and say more than just his name. It could either be for the 20th anniversary special that's been speculated or if they make a sequel to Bigger, Longer & Uncut (which Matt and Trey have stated would be the series finale if it were made).

The Member Berries will be defeated via an Enemy Civil War

It's cleared that the Don berry terrifies the 80s-themed Member Berries, so it's possible there are multiple factions of member berries. In time we'll get 60s-themed member berries ("'Member Martin Luther King?" "'member the I Have a Dream Speech?'" "'member the Civil Rights Act?'") who see the writing on the wall and want to help humans not regress to the 1930s and 40s, as well as early 2010s member berries who remember life in the years immediately before Trump ('member Obergefell v. Hodges? 'member Obamacare?). These member berries will help our heroes fight those under the control of the evil 'member berries. Although even in defeat, the older 'member berries will gloat that they'll never be truly defeated as long as people 'member only the good things about the past.

The Trolls will send Sheila a backed up copy of Gerald's actions as Skankhunt
Because Dildo probably would want to see Gerald taken down a peg for what he's down.

Cartman has heterochromia
That is, each of his eyes are a different color. One is blue, one is brown. Since there's debate in the fandom over what color his eyes are, this would be a good compromise.

Hollywood has a cloning lab.
Kenny's inability to stay dead is explained by his parents being involved in the Cult of Cthulhu. Saddam Hussein managed to weasel his way out of Heaven and Hell. But all the celebrities that have died have yet to get an explanation. However, what if there is? We saw in "Kenny Dies" it was possible to clone things with stem cells given Cartman did it to duplicate Shakey's Pizza. Christopher Reeve became super-strong by sucking stem cells from fetuses. Hollywood has far more money than that, so they did something better. To ensure that celebrities don't get killed, they use cloning vats to preserve them, while making sure as little people know about this and start questioning things. It's not a perfect science, as over time the genetic stock is too worn to make cloning feasible which is why they die in-universe around the time they die IRL. This also goes to explain why the characterization of the celebrities can change; issues with the cloning alters their personality.

This is why, say, George Lucas seems a sympathetic antagonist in one episode yet is caught raping a Stormtrooper in another episode-the latter was a buggy clone. Whenever a celebrity is treated as a caricature for a Take That! but treated normally in another episode, it can be explained by botched cloning. The process costs millions of dollars, so only important people get the treatment. What about Osama Bin Laden, however? George Bush admits the government started the 9/11 conspiracies as a conspiracy on itself, so for their own schemes cloned him back from the dead. He dies in Barack Obama's presidency because he disagreed with that policy and smashed Osama's cloning tube.

In one of the upcoming episodes of season 21, Gerald will be Killed Off for Real.
  • Jossed.

Season 21 will constantly go From Bad to Worse.
Butters will tell Cartman that Stan, having been told by Kyle who skankhunt42 was, tries to tell Wendy, but she thinks he's lying to try and get back together with her. She then goes on to state that she knows the boys all trolled to overload Trolltrace, and that she will never, ever get back together with him for as long as she lives. Stan snaps, stating his intent to kill her, and decks her. The fight sparks a massive battle between the boys and girls, ending with several background kid characters being killed in brutal ways. Kyle stops the whole fight, and presents evidence that his dad truly was skankhunt42. Cartman, though, having been dumped by Heidi between seasons (and, in continuing the nostalgia theme from Season 20, kills her, makes chili out of her remains, and feeds her to her parents, and also sends some to Scott Tenorman for good measure), convinces everyone that it was a plot by the Jews to create a corporate police state. This causes the gender war to end, as all of the surviving boys and girls get back together and unite under Cartman, who has dressed himself as Hitler and started making speeches in Gratuitous German.

PC Principal finds himself conflicted about this whole thing. On one hand, he's glad the gender war is over and that skankhunt42 has been exposed, but he can't sit idly by while a whole religion is targeted. To show that he's really back to his old self, Cartman exposes all the non-PC stuff PC Principal did in pursuit of being PC, leading to him getting arrested, while Principal Victoria takes her position back.

President Garrison is completely apathetic to Cartman's movement, having just commenced a full-scale invasion of Mexico. Publicly, he invaded so he could wipe out the drug cartels and make all of the illegal immigrants legal, but in truth, he plans to exterminate all Mexicans because he feels they're racially inferior. When Cartman offers to hunt down the Mexicans living in South Park, Garrison refuses, stating Cartman is just a kid. This causes Cartman and his movement to usurp the office of POTUS, and Cartman becomes president. After invading Mexico and Canada, he declares the United States has now become the First American Empire, vowing to rid the world of anyone who isn't white or Christian (he doesn't care about sexual orientation, political leaning, or nationality, just race and religion), and replacing the American flag with the Nazi flag.

Over the course of the season, Kyle and Ike go on the run, Gerald having been lynched by the other trolls and Sheila having been sent to a concentration camp by Cartman. One of the big conflicts is Stan turning on Kyle, believing he was the reason Wendy dumped him, even though they're back together. Another major plot point is Butters becoming utterly depraved, grounding his parents and torturing them on a daily basis, as well as the Member Berries being an Enemy Civil War and also fighting the Ads.

The season will end with every nation on Earth invading America after Cartman nukes the entire Middle East, Kyle and Stan in a fistfight, Butters killing his parents, and the Member Berries setting their final plans in motion. At the end of it all, everyone stops fighting and bands together when they find out the truth behind all this madness. The Ads, PC movement, Member Berries, and Trolls were all the work of JJ Abrams, wanting to become filthy rich.

It seems that all is lost...until Kenny is given a mysterious button by Satan that sends him back in time to the end of Season 18. As Mysterion, he kills PC Principal, stops the ads from taking human form, and prevents JJ Abrams from creating the Member Berries. Returning to the present, Kenny finds everything has changed. Victoria is still principal of South Park Elementary, Leslie, Gerald, and Butters' parents are still alive, the Member Berries and Trolltrace never existed, Cartman and Heidi never got together, the gender war never occurred (and as a result, all of the couples are still together), and Harambe was never shot and became President of the United States after Donald Trump was impeached (it's bound to happen, people).

And all was right with the world...until Kenny gets hit by a truck.

What is Season 21 about? How increasingly violent media is becoming.

  • We can pretty safely say this is Jossed.

There won't be any references to Despicable Me 3 in Season 21
We're all expecting at lest one during the season, it would be funnier if they break expectations and avoid it comeptley.
  • Confirmed.

Characters will start giving Heidi the Last-Name Basis to complete her parallels to Cartman.
  • Jossed. Heidi leaves Cartman before his influence completely transforms her and everyone still calls her by her first name.

The 6th Grade Leader has an Asian heritage.
Seeing as his facial proportions mildly resemble those of the Asian characters.

Kenny's deaths can only be remembered when he's already dead.
Sometimes, people will act like he dies all the time, but this is only possible after his death has occurred. Only after he dies does the mental block that keeps everyone from realizing this even potentially turn off.

One of the three boys will see a string of Kenny's grave.
And he will eventually solve the mystery of Kenny's multiple deaths.

Season 22 will have an Story arc dedicated to PC Principal's relationship with Vice Principal Strong Woman.
Given that both PC Principal and Vice Principal were last seen getting caught having sex by the people of South Park in season 21, it would be no surprise that there story will spill over to season 22. The parents and will become furious and disgusted to learn that they are having a romantic relationship trying to get one of them fired from the school believe this will affect their children's learning. Meanwhile this will also cause the gender war between Boys and Girls to resume and even escalate as the Boys will blame Strong Woman for "seducing" PC Principal into having sex while the Girls will blame PC Principal for not keeping it "In his Pants". However none of this tears PC Principal and Strong Woman apart as they hold a school assembly for both children and parents to attend to and call out on all of them for overreacting, claiming that so long as relationship is non-abussive and healthy, it doesn't really matter if they happen to be Co-Workers. Everyone decides to accepts this, and the two no longer have to hide their relationship from the public.

However everything is not what it seems as now they have to have Strong Woman's family to accept her relationship with PC Principle. They leave South Park and go to a private community where PC Principal meets each member of Woman's family; Her father happens to be a surgeon, her mother happens to be a psychiatrist/hypnotherapist, and her brother likes making micro aggression towards black people, which infuriates PC Principal but tries to keep his cool so he wouldn't look bad in front of his family. He then goes out to get some air where he notices someone from PC Delta running all over the community.

The next day the Woman family have an annual get together inviting everyone in the community. During the get together, PC Principal notices a young white cis male with a PC Delta tattoo with a much older woman (or Kevin Spacey). PC Principal takes a picture of the male on his phone and sends to Mr. Mackey back at South Park, which causes the male to go hysterical he implores PC Principal to "get out". Woman's father claims that he simply suffered an epileptic seizure, but PC Principal doesn't believe him and persuades Strong Woman to leave the community with him when he notices her father holding an auction with PC Principal's picture on display. When they prepare to leave PC Principal notices a small box in Strong Woman's bedroom and inside the box there are various photos of Strong Woman with various men with the PC Delta tattoo as well as a picture of her with one of his former students Leslie Meyers. PC Principal confronts Strong Woman about this, only for her to reveal her self to be a willing accomplice of her family's schemes, blocks escape, and has her mother hypnotize him.

Meanwhile Mr. Mackey receives the pic and recognizes the male as a missing person. He connects this with similar cases that involves missing people with the MO being young white cis males with a PC Delta tattoos all in a relationship with Strong Woman before their disappearance. He puts two and two together and realizes PC Principal is in grave danger; he tries to get the South Park County Police involved but due to them being a bunch of corrupt idiots don't believe with and simply laugh. Luckily Barbrady who is now a Private Investigator hears this story from Mr. Mackey and believes him because he too is investigate cases similar Mr. Mackey's. Realizes that they are both working out the same case Barbrady and Mr. Mackey decide to work together solve these cases and save PC Principal from certain doom!

Back at the private community PC Principal wakes up and finds himself strapped to a chair. Appearing before him is Jordan Peele (who can voice himself here given that his show Key & Peele is on the same network as South Park) who explains PC Principal's dilemma. He reveals to PC Principal that everyone here including the Woman family and Peele are actually Ads. Not only that, but Peele also reveals himself to be the leader of the Ads and kidnapped PC Principal where they brainwashed him with PC culture before sending them to South Park, with Leslie Meyers to supervise him, so they could make the town "Politically Correct" and gentrify it, thus making it too expensive to live allowing the Ads to take over. However, PC Principal broke from his brainwashing, killed Leslie, and raised awareness of the Ads. This caused the Ads to go into hiding and hatch a new plan. This new plan involves Strong Woman luring various white cis males to the private community, have her family trap them there where they proceeds to transfer the Ads minds to the white males bodies then send them out into the country to spread PC culture; the consciousness of the host remains in the "sunken place", watching but powerless to do anything.

Not only that but it is also revealed the Jordan Peele formed a Big Bad Duumvirate with J. J. Abrams who created the member berries that caused people to become bigoted and actually had Mr. Garrison and Caitlyn Jenner arrive here against their will so they could transfer the Member Berries minds into their bodies and rig the presidential election to make Garrison the victor. This will cause the people supporting PC culture to come into conflict with people supporting bigotry and create another Civil War in America which is exactly what Jordan Peele and JJ Abrams wanted because they can now promote their new show Lovecraft Country and have people buy HBO subscriptions to watch it, thus the two would make tons of money. However now that PC Principal knows the truth, Jordan Peele decides to transfer his mind into PC Principal's body so that he wouldn't be able to tell anyone about this and will be able to spread the Ads influence in South Park.

As they prep for the mind transferring surgery PC Principal take some of the stuffing out of the chair to put in ears to block out the hypnotic commands. When Strong Woman's brother comes to collect him for the surgery, PC Principal bludgeons him, impales Strong Woman's father with the antlers of a whitetail deer mount, stabs Strong Woman's mother, and kills Jordan Peele. As PC Principal arrive to the car Strong Woman starts shooting at PC Principal with her rifle. As PC Principal drives away Strong Woman calls out to Caitlyn Jenner, which out of nowhere Caitlyn Jenner appears and crashes into PC Principal. The brainwashed Caitlyn Jenner proceeds to strangle PC Principal, however he is able to awaken "the real" Caitlyn Jenner with with his phone flash; Caitlyn takes Strong Woman's rifle, shoots her, and kills herself. PC Principal begins to strangle Strong Woman, but cannot bring himself to kill her. Then a police car arrives and Strong Woman calls for help. However the driver happens to be Barbrady, who is accompanied by Mr. Mackey who together were able tracked PC Principal's location through their investigation skills.

As the trio drive away while Strong Woman dies, another car crashes onto them, this time its JJ Abrams who is accompanied by President Garrison. JJ Abrams makes sure Mr. Mackey and Barbrady dies by shooting at their heads while he orders the brainwashed president to take PC Principal to the White House and prepare the mind transferring surgery, where JJ Abrams will transfer his mind into PC Principal's body, so he would no longer be a thorn in his plans and can finish what Jordan Peele started.

Oh and if you all haven't noticed already this story arc for season 22 is suppose to emulate Jordan Peele's critically acclaimed horror film Get Out (2017).

  • Confirmed. While it doesn't follow the storyline above, there is Story Arc in Season 22 centered around to PC Principal's relationship with Strong Woman, where he inpregnates her with five PC babies and they are trying to keep the truth of how the PC babies were conceived hidden from the public.

Heidi will start a support group for victims of Domestic Abuse.
Since Heidi just got out of an abusive relationship and reverted back to her normal self, she will learn that she is far from the only victim of domestic abuse and will form a support group in South Park revolving around said subject. She will help victims of domestic abuse realize that if they keep on justifying the abuser's behavior it will only get worse for them to the point where they adopt the abuser's behavior, using her experience with Cartman as an example.

Plots for Season 22.
  • An episode dealing with the Weinstein effect.
  • An episode in which Stephen finally goes overboard and grounds Butters for life over a very minor reason. Everyone in town treats it as a hostage situation, and Cartman, being Cartman, tries to find a way to make it work in his favor, either for money, attention, or to get Heidi back.
  • An episode which reveals the status of Stan and Wendy's relationship.
  • An episode based around the California wildfires.
  • An episode centered around Heidi getting together with Kyle.
  • An episode centered around Cartman killing Heidi and framing Kyle for it.
  • An episode in which Kyle exposes his dad as skankhunt42, causing the girls to feel like jackasses and Sheila to divorce Gerald for nearly causing World War III, and beginning a story arc in which Kyle's entire life falls apart, much to Cartman's delight.
  • An episode in which Cartman gets obsessed with Chinpokomon Go, only to find that the craze surrounding it has long since passed and it's considered lame.
  • Further satirization of the Trump presidency, including the comments about "shithole countries".
  • An episode satirizing the Hawaii ballistic missile false alarm.
  • An episode satirizing the Broken Base reaction to The Last Jedi.
  • An episode continuing Marcus' crusade against opioids.
  • An episode satirizing the backlash against loot boxes.

The Greater-Scope Villain behind the events of the serial seasons (18-present) will be be a Complete Monster.
Yes I know, with the jacked up heinous standard South Park has the CM forum has concluded that this show cannot have a Complete Monster. However Trey Park and Matt Stone are known for surprising people's expectations and if they have caught on with the CM forum, they could create a monstrous villain with no redeeming qualities, played absolutely seriously, whose depravity make Cartman look like a Nice Guy by comparison, and if he/she is behind all the bad events of the past surreal seasons (the holograms, the Ads taking over South Park, the trolls causing world chaos, Mr.Garrison becoming president, etc.) as well as the upcoming seasons he/she can easily surpass the heinous standard. This villain will be Trey Parker and Matt Stone's Take That! to the CM forum for assuming that their show can't have one and there will be a huge debate by the forum that finally ends with this villain being approved.

A love triangle will be formed between Bebe, Heidi, and Kyle.
As Heidi lost all that weight she gained in Season 22, she'll try to reconcile with Kyle, only to find out that Kyle has hooked up with Bebe, which wouldn't be surprising as Kyle seemed to give up on Heidi at the end of season 21 while Bebe had a crush on Kyle in season 2 and could still have one now. Upon learning of this Heidi will become jealous and will do everything in her power end this relationship between Bebe and Kyle and have him all to herself. Heidi will remind Kyle that Bebe had Kyle ranked as the ugliest boy in "The List", try to convince him that Bebe's only interested in him because of his parents wealth. Bebe will not only learn of Heidi's attempts at sabotaging her relationship with Kyle, but learn from Kyle himself that he still has lingering feelings for Heidi. Bebe will retaliate by reminding Kyle of all the times he tried to help Heidi only for her to reject him in favor for Cartman and constantly mock him afterwards.

Eventually Heidi and Bebe get into a massive fight for Kyle which either ends with one killing the other, Kyle finally choosing between the two, or like Satan Take a Third Option and decide to leave both of them.

Whiterose will make an appearance in the 22nd season of South Park.
Given that in her universe she played a role in getting Trump elected president, her theories of other universes, and her ability to "hack time", she or at least an Expy of her might make appearance in South Park reveal herself to be the true mastermind behind all the recent events in South Park.

As Whiterose she will have been behind the trolls, giving them the capabilities to create all of the chaos in Season 20. She will even have their IP addresses backed up to her flash drive prior to the internet being shutdown and will use it to blackmail the troll into joining the Dark Army and following her orders. Speaking of the Dark Army will have a cell in South Park who will rally any information about the towns activity to her. This Dark Army cell will be led by Kevin Stoley who will also tell her about Star Wars and how she can use that for her own plans.

As Chinese Minister of Security Zhang, she will be behind several elections of world leaders planning to plunge the world into chaos. She'll not only be something of a Distaff Counterpart for Lennart Bedrager, but she'll also reveal that she arranged Lennart,a member of the Dark Army, to become the leader of Denmark so he can create Troll Trace to plunge the entire world into conflict all on her behalf. Not only that but she will also rigged the 2016 presidential election so that Mr. Garrison becomes President.

She will also have a third persona as actor B.D. Wong where she will be responsible for instigating the Weinstein Effect. Not only that but she will also be collaborating with J. J. Abrams, whom like Lennart is also a member of the Dark Army, having him create the Memberberries on her behalf. She will use the Memberberries to influence the public masses into voting Mr. Garrison while brainwashing Mr. Garrison into accepting the Oval Office. From there she will have Mr. Garrison to commit his slew of atrocities that will weaken world relations, including sending bigoted tweets to North Korea, rape anyone to death when they know too much, and Nuke Canada.

When Whiterose learns of the events of Seasons 20 and 21 from Kevin Stoley she decides to take more direct matters. She meets with Gerald and forces him and the other troll to work for her under the threat the exposing his wife as Skankhunt 42. Likewise she will also learn of Heidi and Cartman's break up and exploit Heidi's weaken state to manipulate her into joining her Dark Army.

Whiterose will use Heidi's Emoji Analysis to pin point all the people working in the 71 E Corp buildings. Whiterose will then have all the trolls, including Gerald, overload the system boxes in those buildings causing massive explosions killing thousands of innocent people. Likewise, Whiterose has President Garrison to further weaken relationships with other countries by calling all Third-World Countries "Shitholes" as well as having him nuke Congo.

When Kyle learns of this tragedy on the news as well as his father's involvement in it he decide that he is beyond redemption at this point and exposes his identity as Skankhunt42 to the rest of the town. This angers Sheila so much that she decides to divorce him, not to mentioned makes him an outcast by the rest of the town. Likewise, the girls will feels very awful for how they treated the boys and will get back together with them. Kyle will also tell everyone about the Dark Army being responsible for the trolls, the gender wars, and for getting President Garrison elected president. Likewise Cartman will learn of Heidi's involvement with the Dark Army and form an Enemy Mine with Kyle, so he can get a chance to kill Heidi himself because she dumped him. Together, Kyle and Cartman unite the town to fight Whiterose and the Dark Army.

The town learns of the Dark Army's headquarters in South Park where they proceed to troll it to overload their systems. This causes a mass explosion killing everyone their with the exceptions of Kevin and Heidi who managed to escape earlier. Cartman will track down Heidi and kill her personally, finally getting his revenge. Kevin reports to Whiterose about the incident that happen in South Park and how it will delay her plans for another year. This causes Whiterose to have a momentary breakdown where she kills Kevin for letting the situation spiral out of control.

Despite winning the battle South Park has yet to win the war. Kyle will learn of Whiterose, the true perpetrator of the events of Season 20 and 21, is still a very large threat that must be stopped. Kyle later comes into contact with Eliot and fsociety offering him and his town help in stopping Whiterose. Likewise Whiterose will learn that Kyle has joined forces with fsociety and the serious threat they oppose together making preparations herself, leading to a Sequel Hook for Season 23.

  • Jossed

Season 22 will be Kyle's Protagonist Journey to Villain.
Given that Kyle’s actions got the President to nuke Canada last season he will be shunned by both boys who will be convicted Cartman to ostracize and girls for simply being of male gender, making him an outcast.

From there he will meet JJ Abrams who reveals himself to Kyle as the true mastermind behind all the events from Season 18-till now (The Holograms, The Ads attempt to take over South Park, creating the divisive Star Wars: The Force Awakens the trolls causing world chaos, Mr.Garrison becoming president, and nuking Canada, etc.) and will explain his reason for doing all of this is to bring the world into complete chaos and rebuild it under his control and influence and tries to convince Kyle to join him.

Kyle refuses and threatens to expose Abrams for everything he did, only for Abrams to retort back that by trying to expose he will also expose his dad the infamous troll Skankhunt42, thus destroying his family. Afraid of what JJ Abrams might do to his family he keeps quiet. However Kyle’s dad will overhear this conversation and believing Kyle is planning to expose him as the troll and will try to frame Kyle as the troll like he did with Ike. When noticing his dad trying to frame him as the troll, Kyle mentality snaps and murders his dad and destroy his house. Kyle will then come to believe that humanity is a lost cause beyond redemption and will join JJ Abrams in destroying the world to rebuild it under their control.

Together Kyle and JJ Abrams sews conflict throughout the world with Kyle trolling various countries into going to war with one another while JJ Abrams will create even more decisive movie to turn the people against each as well as use the President to nuke countries that he has referred to as shitholes. Likewise Kyle will make time to kidnap Cartman where he will subjugate to horrendous torture for all the things Cartman has done to him.

Meanwhile Heidi Turner has check herself in a rehabilitation clinic to change herself for the better. She will receive some sort of mental connection where Kyle can telepathically communicate with her and she will know about Kyle’s decent into villainy. Out of concern for Kyle, Heidi meets him somewhere only to learn that it was all a ploy design by JJ Abrams to lure Heidi into a trap. Fearing Heidi to be an interference to his plans, he orders Kyle to kill reminding him of all the mistreatment Kyle was given by her when she was a female Cartman.

However there was one flaw to JJ Abrams’ plan, as he didn’t direct Star Wars: The Last Jedi, he doesn’t know about a particular plot twist which Kyle exploits to kill JJ Abrams, his body guards, and usurp his position as Big Bad. Kyle then decides to continue Abrams plan anyway so kill that he deems corrupt and rebuild it under his own image and offers Heidi a chance to join him. When Heidi refuses Kyle attempts to kill her, and frames her for Abrams murder when she escapes. He also forces Heidi’s ex-boyfriend, Cartman, to work for him using his skills with the force to cull him into submission.

Wanted for murdering Abrams Heidi goes into hiding at South Park. Meanwhile Kyle pinpoints Heidi’s location and with the help of Cartman convinces President Garrison to send the U.S. Army to South Park using them as the reason people that are not white are living in America. Kyle leads the US army to South Park which the residents there barricade themselves to South Park Elementary. Heidi uses this opportunity to convince to people there, especially the students on how pointless this Gender War is and unite them together to face a greater enemy.

However Kyle and his forces close in at the barricade school, his little brother Ike appears before him. Enraged that his own brother would turn against, Kyle orders every one to fire at him. This however, does nothing to Ike so Kyle goes to confront him and demand why he would turn against his own brother, only for Ike to retort back saying he is no longer his brother. Kyle then finds out that Ike is using his own life force to create a force hologram to give Heidi and the rest enough time to escape the school. Using his last bit of strength Ike disowns Kyle as his brother and tells him that he has become exactly like their mother before dying. Season 22 ends with Kyle questioning himself on what he has turned to and if this is all really worth it.

Oh and which villain is Kyle suppose to emulate. Why Kylo Ren of course give their tempers and their names only differing one letter, Kyle and Kylo.

  • Jossed. Kyle's remains a good guy throughout Season 22

Butters' parents aren't really his parents and his real parents are either dead or locked away.
Gerald is the founder of Kiwifarms
To Dildo Shwaggins Freja Ollegard is a political target but to Gerald she's just another lolcow.

Heidi will decide to leave both Kyle and Cartman
Heidi will hook up with the more kinder and compassionate Kyle, but will soon grow bored with Kyle's passiveness. Likewise, Heidi will sill harbors a strong attraction for Cartman, but knows what his abusive nature turned her into and will try to avoid him as much as she can. Conflicted Heidi asks God for help, with Satan showing up as an angel and gives her advice using his similar dilemma with Chris and Saddam to help her

Meanwhile, Kyle and Cartman will have a big fight over Heidi. Heidi will break off the fight and resolve the issue by leaving both of them in favor for herself, calling Cartman an asshole who will never be the friend she want and calling Kyle a pussy who will never be the lover she wants, just like Satan did.

Heidi will also resolves Cartman's constant harassment towards her by filling a restraining order against him.

Kyle will travel back in time to set things right
Still, Guilt-ridden for causing the President to nuke Canada in Season 21, Kyle do anything he can to atone for his Tragic Mistake. However, believing he can't atone for his mistake in the present, decides to travel back in time to the events of Season 20, before he and his friends decided to break all of Cartman's electronics. He would either enlist the New Kid to use his/her fart powers to travel back to that era, convince Dr. Mephesto to build a time machine for him, or somehow get time traveling powers of his own in a similar vein to Life Is Strange and ERASED.

Upon arriving at that era Kyle decides to expose his dad, Gerald, as Skankhunt42. This creates a time paradox where the girls decide not to initiate their school-wide break-up and the boys decide not break Cartman's electronic, meaning Cartman doesn't meet Heidi, and therefore they don't hook up. While Sheila decides to divorce Gerald for being the troll, Kyle is cool with that because he is able to receive solace for finally redeeming himself. Afterward Kyle finds Heidi at the bridge where she threw her phone in season 20. Heidi then notices Kyle before the credits roll leaving the scene at a Maybe Ever After.

Stan and Wendy have gotten back together in secret
There will be a Story Arc which reveals that Stan and Wendy have gotten back together in secret, and the boys and girls find out, pissing them off. They attempt to make things miserable for them, such as the boys destroying Stan's Playstation 4 and the girls snitching on Wendy to the police about about hiring Iraqis to kill Ms. Ellen, beating up Cartman, and breaking into the school to read Cartman's essay . In the end, the boys and girls just decide to kill Stan and Wendy so what do they do? Why, kick their asses, of course! And they do so while taking very few hits. After the ordeal Stan and Wendy, after all these years, manage to kiss without Stan vomiting.

Someone has been keeping the Gender War active
And the boys and girls find out that someone is Heidi Turner. Her reasons for continuing the Gender War is because she wants see the boys and girls kill each other. She wants revenge on the boys for letting their "friend" Cartman corrupt her and revenge on the girls for insulting her. Then Cartman shows up, kills Heidi for dumping him, and puts an end to the Gender Wars.

She broke up with Cartman because she realized what his influence turned her into and by Season 22 she has regained most of her former attributes, while losing her excessive weight. That said she will retain some Cartman-like attributes; these attributes includes showing prejudice toward non-white races, saying some of Cartman's catchphrases, and being manipulative.

Heidi Turner and Jenny Simons will form a romantic relationship
Given that both Heidi and Jenny were both victims of Cartman's treachery, with Jenny having soiling herself by one of Cartman's spiked cupcakes and Heidi entering an emotionally abusive relationship with him, the two could find comfort in each other, forming what could possibly be the Distaff Counterpart to Tweek and Craig's relationship. The two could even collaborate and get back at Cartman for what he's done to them.

Heidi Turner will get killed off in Season 22
Either Cartman will kill her for breaking up with him, Gerald (or Kyle) will kill her after she figures out that he's Skankhunt42, or she will commit suicide at the same bridge she threw her phone. Her death will mark a Cerebus Syndrome that will plague the rest of Season 22.

  • Jossed. Heidi is shown to be alive and well near the end of Season 22

Eric Cartman will grow up to become The Dominator
Think about it if Cartman has done one of the cruelest acts in "Scott Tenorman Must Die", as a child, imagine how inhumane he could be as an adult. One of the villains Samurai Jack's 5th Season The Dominator might be who Cartman grows up to be. Both are Sadistic sociopathic Fat Bastards who have commit Moral Event Horizon act over petty reasons or none at all. However both are also Dirty Cowards who are easily defeated by a female. The Dominator even has a southern accent similar to Cartman's own accent, and all of the Dominator's victims look different compared to other characters, matching Cartman's racism. The Dominator isn't even given a name and has brown hair just like Cartman, increasing the chances that the Dominator is Cartman. While the episode "My Future Self And Me" has Cartman grow up to be either, a multibillionaire or a mechanic, if Cartman exist in the Crapsack World created by Aku for evil to flourish, Cartman would only get worse to the point where he becomes The Dominator.

Kyle doesn't actually have feelings for Heidi; He's only Loving a Shadow
Think about it when has Kyle showed any interest to Heidi prior to season 21? In fact he was most recognized as the one boy to show the least interest in girls. Its only when Heidi starts dating Cartman that he shows any interest in her because he can't stand the fact that his arch-rival manages to get a girlfriend before him. So when Kyle learns that Cartman has become an emotionally abusive boyfriend to her, he uses this opportunity to break Heidi and Cartman apart so he can date Heidi himself all to prove that he's a much better boyfriend than Cartman.

One of the future episode will feature Kenny and Timmy talking to each other.
For the bonus, one of the other boys will joins in the conversation as if he understands them both.

Leslie Meyers will be Back from the Dead
Though killed by PC Principal in the Season 19 finale, her corpse will be given to the U.S. Government for research purposes. Scientists will re-animate her and use her for their own purposes, only for Leslie to rebel against them and pursue her own agenda. It will either be leading the ads to take over South Park or something else entirely, and will manipulate many people into serving her cause, one of whom will be Kyle whose feelings she will exploit, again.

Season 22 will be an Immediate Sequel to Season 21
Given that Season 21 ended in a Cliffhanger it would be obvious that Season 22 would continue right where Season 21 left off.
  • Jossed

Heidi will still be fat in Season 22
Heidi won't just automatically lose all that fat by the time Season 22 starts. She will have to work at it and will likely have an story arc about going from a female Cartman back to her old self.
  • Jossed. She appears in "The Problem With A Poo" having lost all that excessive weight with no explanation.

Vanity from Freak Strike wasn't as out of control as she seemed to be
Maybe she knew Butters was faking having balls on her chin so she came up with the same plan as Cartman to fake being an out of control child to get a prize out of, she and her mom just put on a better act than Cartman

Heidi will change schools in Season 22
Even with her Heel–Face Turn, Heidi still has to put up with the gender war, her friends betraying her, her abusive ex being at the same school as her, and possibly guilt for betraying Kyle the way she did. She might just ask her parents to change schools so she can start anew and be in a much less toxic environment.
  • Jossed in "The Problem With A Poo" where Heidi is still attending South Park elementary.
  • However it could be confirmed later on as she hasn't appeared at the school after the episode. She isn't seen with her friends in "The Scoots" nor among the evacuated kids in "Time To get Cereal", only making another appearance at the end of "Bike Parade" which doesn't take place at school. This seems more confirmed in season 23 where Heidi has yet to appear in school, she didn't even appear in the school assembly in "Let Them Eat Goo".

The adults act stupid in response to the inherent ridiculousness of the world.
The South Park universe has proven to be inherently ludicrous; celebrities have died and come back like nothing happened (at least until they die in Real Life), there are various absurd conspiracies and groups like guinea-pig pirates and crap people, not to mention everyone else that runs on Rule of Funny. The children of South Park have only begun to be exposed to the ridiculous nature of their universe, so they treat it as any rational human should. Eventually however people give up on trying to make sense and expect the stupidest, becoming idiots themselves. Of course what people don't realize is that the Rule of Funny means any attempt to match the insanity will cause the universe to start acting normal and them to be the ludicrous ones instead. Thus making a Vicious Cycle of the world's ridiculousness perpetuating people's ridiculousness, which perpetuates more of the world's ridiculousness. Occasionally there are some only sane people like Sharon Marsh and Chef who decide it's better to enforce sanity and reason in the world rather than become it, but they're a rarity because it's like trying to swim against the ocean tide.

Heidi will have a Shadow Archetype
It will be one of the background girls who will reveals themselves to have gone through similar hardships like Heidi in terms of having an abusive boyfriend and adopting said abuser's behavior. They will differ however in that while Heidi learns to take responsibility in her role of the unhealthy relationship, forgo her victim-mindset and leave her abuser, this girls doesn't and only grows worse to the point where she become far more evil than her abuser (and to an extension Heidi) ever was.
  • Conformed, thought it's not one of the girls but is actually Mr. Hankey whose ever-growing obnoxious behavior causes him to leave South Park in "The Problem With a Poo". Fun Fact "The Problem With a Poo" is one of the only two episodes in Season 22 (the other being "Bike Parade") that Heidi makes an appearance. coincidence?

Heidi will be Demoted to Extra in Season 22 onwards
Since she’s no longer Cartman's girlfriend, there isn't any point to keep her as a major character.
  • Confirmed. She appears in "The Problem With A Poo" as a background character, just as she had been for years.

In the upcoming episode "Dead Kids" Eric Cartman is the one that started the school shooting.
  • Jossed: Cartman too busy finding out why Token didn't let him cheat on the math test, during the school shooting.

Heidi Turner is behind the school shootings
Since she hasn't been seen throughout "Dead Kids" and given what happened to her in season 21, it would be no surprise if she was orchestrating them from afar hoping to kill as many kids as she can, seeking revenge on the boys for being corrupted by Cartman, and the girls for insulting her and driving her back to Cartman.

Heidi Turner won't appear in Season 22
Given that Heidi didn't make any appearance in the first two episodes of Season 22 and many fans are desperately wanting to know her fate after she broke up with Cartman, the creators will simply not have her appear at all in Season 22 as a way to troll these fans
  • Jossed. She appears in "The Problem With A Poo", but has been demoted back to her old background character role.

If the series ever ends. The final season will be a harsh Deconstruction of the whole show's world.

  • The first episodes deconstruct Adults Are Useless by showing how people would realistically react to a town like South Park having adults like Randy Marsh and the fact they have a fetish for Murder Porn by deeming most of them to be mentally unfit to be parents.

  • Stuff like PC Principal beating Cartman and Gerald being skankhunt42 will come to light.

  • The final episodes will deconstruct Cartman's whole character and show how someone like him would be seen by a completely sane person leading to his arrest and eventual murder in prison.

Mr. Hankey will actually become a part of the Simpsons TV Show
How could the ending of The Problem with a Poo be made even funnier? Just imagine Matt and Trey Parker struck a deal with Matt Groening and actually arranged that Mr. Hankey is now a character on the Simpsons.

"The Problem With a Poo" marks the beginning of the hashtag in the Season 22 credits being used as a Couch Gag.
Do you think they'd let "#CancelTheSimpsons" be a one-off change?

Season 22 will have one episode focused around Heidi Turner
While Season 22 definitely dialed down Heidi's importance after she broke up with Cartman, it would still be interesting to see an episode centered around her life post break-up, especially since she's back to her old self.
  • Jossed. Heidi stays a background character throughout all of Season 22

The E-scooters in "The Scoots" are the Member Berries' latest plot.
The revelation that Kenny doesn't have a smartphone is the reason why he didn't collaborate with the other boys to smash Cartman's electronics.
The girl in the Power Cord costume is Heidi Turner
Given Heidi didn't make an appearance in "The Scoots" but this girl appears in the 4th grade classroom, we can assume that they are the same person.
Heidi was one of the unfortunate victims of the school shootings or ManBearPig's rampage
Given that she only made one appearance in "A Problem With a Poo" and hasn't been seen since then perhaps she was killed in a school shooting or ManBearPig killed her.
  • Jossed. Heidi is shown to be alive and well in the Season 22 finale "Bike Parade", after ManBearPig's rampage.

Heidi is the Big Bad of season 22.
Not only is she the school shooter, she was also the one who made the deal with ManBearPig, going as far as to convince Marvin Marsh he did it to allay suspicion. Her ultimate goal is to frame Cartman for it all and get him executed as revenge for corrupting and abusing her. She also targeted Stan because she overheard Wendy wanting to get back together with him (Wendy having been one of the girls who insulted her), Kyle for letting Skankhunt42 get away with his trolling, and Kenny for being trailer trash. Everyone ManBearPig killed, and she killed, were necessary losses to reach her ultimate goal: to Take Over the World and build a society that publicly executes trolls and people like Cartman.
  • Jossed. Heidi doesn't really have any involvement in Season 22 remaining a background character. It's Jeff Bezos that becomes the Big Bad of Season 22

Alternatively Bradley Biggle, AKA Mint-Berry Church, is the Big Bad of season 22
Given the revelation that he and his race are known to enslave other races in the Bring On The Crunch DLC, the missing posters of appearing this season, and its use for bringing back many old characters into prominence, this could all foreshadow his return. He would be behind the school shooting, the one who convinces the folks of Shady Acres to summon ManBearPig, and the numerous other events in the season. The Memberberries would also be members of his race and Bradley would tell them about Earth and how dumb the humans are, making him the Greater-Scope Villain of Seasons 20 and 21. The reason behind all this is that the previous race Bradley enslaved by force rebelled and he had to kill them all. Bradley believes that by making the Earth too dangerous to live, humanity will give away their freedom and willingly let his race enslave them, and in return they would clean up the messes, give them security and let them play Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Jossed. Bradly doesn't make any appearance in Season 22 aside from in the missing posters. It's Jeff Bezos that becomes the Big Bad of Season 22

Heidi still had feelings for Kyle during her "Cartman" phase
Notice how hurt she was when Kyle delivered his Armor-Piercing Response to her in "Splatty Tomato"? Compare that to how she responds when anyone else insults her, which is usually to insult or outright threaten them in retaliation. It's likely that her excessive hostility towards Kyle throughout her "Cartman" phase was due to her projecting her own faults onto him (remember how Kyle said that Cartman always blames others for his own shortcomings in "Doubling Down"), but deep down, she still harbored some feelings for him since he was the only one to try to help her in her abusive relationship. So having him flat-out tell her that he no longer returned those feelings caused Heidi to have a Heel Realization, because the one person who was there for her, even at her lowest, is now gone.
Call Girl will make an appearance in a future episode
Mr. Garrison has broke free from the Memberberries' control and has turned himself to the police.
Given that a scene near the end of Season 22 has Mr. Garrison smiling in handcuffs, its possible that he's found as way to break free from the Memberberries brainwashing and has turned himself in to atone for all the atrocities that he has committed as President.
Heidi and Kyle are now dating each other
While Kyle and Heidi don't interact with each other in Season 22 that doesn't really mean that they aren't dating. Kyle declared that he could never have feelings for Heidi as a female Cartman, but given that Heidi has broke up with Cartman and returned to her old self by Season 22, there isn't any reason why Kyle wouldn't regain his feelings and hook up with her. Plus, there's the scene in the music room where Heidi is sitting closer to Kyle than she is with Cartman increasing the possibility that she's now dating Kyle.

Then there's the status of the other couples that broke up in Season 20. Nicole reveals that she's trying to make her relationship work with Token again. Plus, Stan and Wendy haven't interacted with each other at all in Seasons 21 and 22 but the video game, The Fractured But Whole which takes place during Season 21, heavily implies that they've gotten back together behind the boys and girls' backs. All of this evidence could possibly mean that like Stan and Wendy, Heidi and Kyle have gotten back together between seasons or in Token and Nicole's case, the two are trying to make their relationship work again.

Cartman is still bitter at Heidi for breaking up with him
While Cartman hasn't specifically mentioned Heidi in Season 22, when he was saying that he has anxiety because he's had bad social interaction and cannot stand people anymore in "Buddha Box", he was grouping Heidi as among of those people.
  • Confirmed when Scott Malkinson brings up his failed relationship with her in "Basic Cable" where Cartman compares girls and relationships to diabetes times ten.

Cartman wants to win the Bike Parade to win back Heidi
Cartman said that he thought of winning the Bike Parade to get money and chicks, suggesting that he wants to win the bike parade to impress Heidi and win her back, and when the possibility of him losing the bike parade increases and the thought of someone else winning the parade (ex. Larry) and Heidi's heart, Cartman has an anxiety attack and threatens to shoot up the school.

Stan wants to win the Bike Parade to win back Wendy
When Cartman said that he thought of winning the Bike Parade to get money and chicks, Stan followed Cartman statement saying that he wants to do the same. This could possibly mean Stan wants to win the Bike Parade to impress Wendy to win her back.

The reason the other boys helped Kyle search for Ike in "Splatty Tomato"...
Was because they also felt partially responsible for the episode's events (Ike's disappearance, Garrison haunting the town, Canada being nuked). Throughout the latter half of the season, the boys had been noticeably apathetic to Kyle's issues, from not helping him deal with Cartman and Heidi's relationship, to joining the couple in mocking Kyle for being like his mom. All of these factors directly contributed to Kyle Jumping Off the Slippery Slope and causing him to unwittingly convince the President to nuke Canada. While Kyle definitely had a My God, What Have I Done? moment, it's not hard to believe that the other boys may have also harbored some guilt for setting those events in motion, even if they didn't flat-out say it. The way they immediately offer to assist Kyle, without him even asking for their help, gives off the impression of them wanting to atone for not helping him before.

Season 23 will have a Story Arc parodying It: Chapter Two
Given that Season 21's finale parodied It (2017) and assuming that Season 23 will premiere on September, the same month It Chapter Two is supposed to premiere, it wouldn't be surprising that Season 23 would parody the sequel to IT. While President Garrison was last seen in handcuffs in Season 22's finale, the arc can parody the Federal Government shutdown, where Garrison escapes captivity and is back in South Park.

The arc will also reveal the children's lives after their last encounter with the President. Stan Marsh reveals to have moved to a farm (as seen in Season 22) and is back together with Wendy, Kyle became book writer of the mystery and horror genres, Tweek became a drug addict believing the drugs will help him find a way to defeat the President, Craig broke up with Tweek because he couldn't stand his drug habits, Ike traveled back to Canada to help the survivors of the President's nuclear attack, Heidi reveals to have lost weight (as seen in Season 22) and has a new boyfriend, and nothing has changed for Cartman other than he's jealous of Heidi's new boyfriend, especially if that new boyfriend happens to be Kyle.

These children will see the President in their town again and decide to join forces once more to put an end to the Trump-esque monstrosity once and for all. Oh and Al Gore (or Justin Trudeau) will parody Maturin, The Turtle, and help the children stop the President for good

Clyde didn't invite Stan to his birthday party
Because he didn't want him to show up at the roller rink in case Stan's Love Interest Wendy might appear. Clyde has shown to flirt with Wendy in The Fractured But Whole and Phone Destroyer suggesting that he has a crush on her, so not inviting Stan to his party could mean he wanted to steal Wendy from Stan in case she does come to the roller rink. She doesn't.

Tweek and Craig will break up at some point.

Plots for Season 23
  • Having all the children get drafted into the military by President Garrison, with no one batting an eye to it, and being shipped off to fight in a third world country.
  • Another Coon and Friends episode (featuring Call Girl)
  • The return of the Ginger Kids, with Red getting dragged into the conflict.
  • An episode focusing on the girls of South Park elementary.
  • Heidi Turner getting a Day in the Limelight episode about her life post-breakup.
  • A proper conclusion of the Gender Wars with all the couples getting back together.
  • An episode satirizing the Government shutdown.
  • An episode satirizing colony collapse disorder (CCD) within bee populations and RoboBees replacing them.
  • An episode satirizing China's social credit system.
  • An episode based on South Park: Phone Destroyer, featuring costumes from the game.
  • An episode satirizing Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox.
  • An episode based on the Notre-Dame de Paris fire.
  • An episode continuing Marcus' crusade against opioids.
  • An episode dealing with sexual abuse allegations.
  • An episode based on Butch Hartman's OAXIS Entertainment controversy.
  • An episode about the illegal wildlife trade.
  • An episode satirizing crazy BTS fans.
  • An episode satirizing how Spider-Man won't be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore.
  • An episode satirizing crappy live-action remakes of Disney animated movies.
  • An episode satirizing Peppa Pig (perhaps focusing on Ike?).
  • A story arc talking about the forthcoming 2020 election.
  • An episode satirizing the war between PewDiePie and T-Series.
  • An episode talking about Minecraft's huge resurge in popularity as of 2019, and Fandom Rivalry with that of Fortnite.
  • An episode satirizing the overuse of horror anthologies.
  • An episode satirizing the people's reaction of Ash Ketchum winning a Pokemon league after 22 years.
    • All of this is jossed for Season 23, except for the Disney-Fox merger. While not specifically focused on it, "Band in China" does mock Disney's expanding corporate empire. It also makes fun of China's government, but not the social credit system. The closest to the A Day in the Limelight episode for the girls is "Turd Burglars," which focuses on the mom characters.
The boys and girls are actively trying to reconcile from the Gender War.
Season 22 is thus far the only season to have not made any references to the Gender War from Season 20. However, there are a few instances that seem to imply the boys and girls are making an effort to improve gender relations between the two: Token and Nichole are mentioned to be trying to make their relationship work again in "Dead Kids"; several girls are shown to have been invited to Clyde's birthday party in "A Boy and a Priest", and in a few episodes, several boys and girls are shown sitting together in the cafeteria, whereas usually they'd be seated separately. Also, in "The Scoots", when Kenny sits with the girls, while they're visibly confused, they don't show any hostility towards him.

Heidi wants to make amends for mistreating her friends and Kyle in her "Cartman" phase.
While we don't see Heidi interact with them much in Season 22 since she's mostly Out of Focus, in her limited appearance in "The Problem With a Poo" we see Heidi, as her old self, in close proximity with them. This could mean that Heidi is trying to reach out to them to seek their forgiveness for mistreating them while she was in her "Cartman" phase.

Alexa is an ad
Given that Alexa purpose is to make people happier, it's a strong possibility that she is an ad that exploits people's desires to weaken them. This could make her the mastermind to Jeff Bezos as his plans would align with her plans in that using the Amazon fulfillment center to close down numerous businesses in South Park becoming vacant in the process would allow the ads to take over the town similar to Leslie's plan in season 19.

Also tying into the other theory that Leslie Meyers will be Back from the Dead, Leslie is actually Alexa who took the alias Alexa and is discreetly manipulating people through Amazons' devices, while making Jeff Bezos an Unwitting Pawn in her own plan to make the town vacant for her kind to control. Given that be Leslie and Alexa are both voiced by April Stewart and what a Manipulative Bitch Leslie was in Season 19 (remember how Leslie said that if one plan fails another one will arise), it wouldn't be a surprise that Leslie as Alexa would come up with this complex plan.

Season 23 might be the final season
Given that Comedy Central has yet to renew the show for more seasons, it's looking more likely that the Season 23 might be the final season of South Park. Given that numerous other shows are coming to an end in 2019 (Game of Thrones for ex.), the network might even promote Season 23 as the "final" season, similar to how they promoted the show to be "canceled" in Season 22 when numerous show were getting cancelled during 2018.
  • Jossed: South Park has been renewed for Season 24, 25, & 26 so Season 23 won't be the final season.
The truth of the PC Babies' conception will be discovered by the public
And PC Principal and Strong Woman will be fired from South Park Elementary for inappropriate misconduct and leave town allowing Victoria to return as to the town as principal.

The Marsh Family will move back to the suburbs at some point
Seriously how long can they live in Tegridy Farms? And how long can Stan wear his Hemp T-shirt?

The Heidi Turner seen in season 20 onwards isn't actually the real Heidi
In other words the Heidi we've seen since season 20 might is actually an imposter trying to impersonate Heidi.

It might sound far fetched but it could be possible since Heidi pre-season 20 and Heidi post-season 20 have different appearances and personality. Pre-season 20 Heidi had no hat, was an Alpha Bitch, and showed disgust with being partnered with Eric Cartman in the episode Follow That Egg. Post-season 20 Heidi wore a hat, was a Nice Girl, and had no problems dating Cartman. Plus Heidi was among those who witnessed Cartman's Moral Event Horizon crossing, why would Heidi go out with someone whose committed such a horrible crime.

The only possible explanation could be that an imposter, an Ad, had the original Heidi killed or trapped somewhere and then take her identity as her own. Now why would the imposter do that. Well she would have grown tired of working for the Ad's agenda and would want a life she can call her own even if that means stealing someone else's.

Now if the imposter chose the latter option, then the it might hold problems for the imposter Heidi as the original Heidi would return to South Park to claim the life that was stolen from her and lead an army of ads looking like the adults and children in the future, helping them take over the town. This could all be a Whole-Plot Reference to the 2019 film Us, especially if this takes place in Season 23 which air on the same year.

Heidi is trying to avoid contact with the boys
This could be the reason why she's so Out of Focus in season 22 since the Boys are the main characters and she is actively trying to avoid them especially her ex-boyfriend Eric Cartman not wanting his influence to corrupt her like it did last season, especially since she just lost weight and returned to being a Nice Girl. She could also be avoiding Kyle because she possibly holds immense guilt for rejecting Kyle and her mistreatment of him afterwards and is afraid to that Kyle will still hold her in contempt. Her reasons for avoiding Stan and Kenny could just be that they're closely associate themselves with Cartman and Kyle.

Memberberries will return in season 23
Mirroring the European parlamental elections, memberberries plan to conquer Europe. Their archenemy is Emmanuel Macron who at the end will beg Americans not to vote on Trump/Garrison next year.

Or, they could be an attempt to bring Saddam Hussein Back from the Dead.

Cartman is the anonymous tipper in the upcoming episode, "Mexican Joker"
Given Cartman's dislike for Kyle and him gleefully watching ICE raiding Kyle's house in the preview, it would not be a surprise that he was the one who tipped ICE in the first place.
  • Confirmed

Alternatively Cartman is not the anonymous tipper
It would be too cliche to Cartman be the tipper, plus he seemed surprised (though still happy) to see ICE raid Kyle's house in the preview. Perhaps it was someone else who tipped off ICE about the Broflovski's hiding illegal immigrants.
  • Jossed

Randy Marsh will become the Big Bad of Season 23
Well given his actions in the premier episode "Mexican Joker", it is obvious that he going to get worse throughout the corse of Season 23 and which will lead to him becoming the Big Bad of Season 23 or as refer to him as a "Mexican Joker".

Randy Marsh will start dressing up/looking like The Joker over the next few episodes
Similar to the above theory. Randy will be this seasons villain and he'll slowly start transforming/turning into The Joker.

Season 23 will have continuity for the remainder of the season.
The way Mexican Joker ended indicates that they're allowing them to make more episodes which end on an abrupt Cliffhanger

Cartman and Satan soul-swapped.
Just think about it, who else would come up with the monstrous schemes and outright sadistic murders. Cartman with Satan's soul is a catastrophe waiting to happen. I am wondering why anyone hasn't reversed the scam or possibly sent Cartman's body to hell. Although I suspect Kyle can see what Cartman really is and is trying to do some attemptive-Messiah stuff?

Cartman and Kyle will be out the ICE detention center by "Band In China".
Well they can't keep the two stuck in the detention center for the entire season and they have to come back to South Park at some point. Why not just have them return to the town by the next episode as a Cliffhanger Copout so other stories can be made.
  • Confirmed.

Heidi Turner will help Cartman and Kyle escape the ICE detention center.
Cartman would contact his ex-girlfriend Heidi and ask her to help him escape the ICE detention center. Of course Heidi would refuse to cooperate with Cartman at first due to their history, but Cartman would tell her that Kyle is also in the detention center and tell her of the parallels between the ICE detention centers and Nazi concentration camps, reminding her of time she mocked Kyle for his Jewish heritage during her "Cartman" phase, guilt-tripping her. This would cause Heidi to reluctantly break Kyle and Cartman out of the ICE detention center.
  • Jossed. Kyle and Cartman were able to escape the detention center on their own.

Eric Cartman will become a Complete Monster.
Cartman is already border-lining on this trope and already considered as such by many due to his many inhumane actions, but it seems that a few militating factors somehow keeps him away from officially being one. However by the end of the series, Cartman will looses all his militating factors and will committ his most deplorable atrocity ever, which will not be Played for Laughs, officially making Eric Cartman a Complete Monster

Kyle will search for the rest of his of his family
While Kyle himself is out of the detention center and back in South Park, we don't know if his family has returned. If they haven't Kyle will spend the next episode trying to find them.

Randy is possessed by Satan's soul.
How else can you explain his psychotic behavior in "Mexican Joker" and him killing Winnie the Pooh in "Band in China"?

Randy will become a parody of Walter White.
Randy already has many things in common with Walter White. Both started off as bumbling scientists before coming involved in the drug business, becoming more amoral and ruthless in the process and try to justify their actions and reasons with noble intentions but in truth they are all done out of Greed and Pride. It would not be a surprise if Randy shaves his head, wears a pork pie hat, says some of Walter White's catchphrases, and even calls himself Heisenberg, further highlighting that Randy is meant to parody Walter White.

Cartman in "Let Them Eat Goo".
He has a heart attack according to the preview
  • My theory is that the episode will end with Status Quo Is God happening as per usual and to be expected in a show like South Park.
  • Second theory is that they'll play him out recovering from it for the rest of the season, but next season start out as if nothing happened. My second idea is it's only mentioned in dialogue and not shown on screen of his recovery
    • The first theory is confirmed; the second one is Jossed.

Heidi Turner won't appear in Season 23
Given that Heidi has yet to make any appearance Season 23 and didn't even appear in the "Let Them Eat Goo" episode which centered around plant-based food options despite Heidi herself being a vegan, it's pretty much certain that Heidi will not make any appearance in Season 23.
  • Jossed. She does make a Continuity Cameo appearance in the Season 23 episode "Board Girls".

Alternatively Heidi will make a Continuity Cameo in the Season 23
She will at least make one appearance in season 23, most likely in a non-speaking cameo.
  • Confirmed. she makes one near the end of "Board Girls".

Heidi was killed by a bomb planted by Randy
Perhaps Heidi's parents were growing marijuana in their backyard like all other residence in South Park, and Heidi was going check on the crops, only to get killed by a bomb planted by Randy Marsh. This could explain why Heidi has not appeared in school this season since she's already dead.
  • Jossed. She does make an appearance in "Board Girls" after Randy's bombing.

Randy will be out of jail by the end of the episode or season
As said about the Cartman heart attack WMG above... The show will just do a Status Quo Is God and let him be out by the episode end. This is not unusual for South Park to do this of course.
  • Or they could surprise us and actually have Randy stay in prison till the next season starts.
    • Confirmed about the former

Mr Garrison and/or Towelie will break Randy out of jail
Would also make a lot of sense to have Towelie break him out of prison. Garrison would hear about it and pardon Randy from jail for some reason or another
  • Confirmed about Mr. Garrison breaking Randy out of prison.

The final four episode for Season 23 will revert back to the "South Park" format
Given the ending in "Season Finale" it seems that the Tegridy Farms Story Arc has been concluded there and the remaining four episodes for Season 23 will revert back to the traditional South Park standalone episode format.

Alternatively The final four episode for Season 23 will continue the Tegridy Farms Story Arc
Just because the marijuana season is over doesn't mean it is the end of the Tegridy Farms storyline. Randy will probably think of other ways to make money will will last until season 23 officially ends.

Season 24 will continue the Tegridy Farms Story Arc
Judging by the ending of the Season 23 finale, it seems that Tegridy Farms is going to continue its story onto Season 24.

Randy will get more drugs legalized in Season 24
As a way to continue the Tegridy Farms Story Arc mentioned above, Randy will get other illegal drugs legalized, like he did with cocaine, to expand his product variety. These drugs included but not limited to, crystal meth, heroin, acid, etc.

Season 24 will have a Story Arc that will parody the 2020 presidential election
Since Season 20 did that for the 2016 presidential election and that Mr. Garrison is a major character and is still president, the season will most likely focus on that though they will be better prepared for the outcome compared to Season 20.

Season 24 will satirize the coronavirus epidemic
Aside from the above mentioned 2020 presidential election, the coronavirus epidemic that has been occurring throughout the world is arguably the biggest event in 2020 as of now, which means the show won't miss an opportunity to satirize it.
  • The set-up could be that Randy will be paranoid that he caught it during his trip to China in season 23, and his attempts to quarantine his family will lead to Tegridy Farms going out business.

Season 24 will feature the grand return of Saddam Hussein and Damien.
Saddam will reveal the be the new ruler of Hell after Satan's death and treats everyone like shit, including Satan's son, Damien, whom he tries to molest numerous times.

The Flash in Imaginationland was a cosplayer/impersonator
The Flash, as seen in comics and cartoons was a trained fighter and could run at blinding speeds, and would be able to handle an army of non-powered human terrorists effortlessly. The one in Imaginationland stood by helplessly as they held everyone at gunpoint, and when the evil characters arrived, he ran away at normal speed.

Season 24 will kill off another reoccuring minor character
The past two seasons have gotten rid of three reoccurring minor characters, Mr. Hankey and Satan in Season 22 (disowned by the town of South Park moving to Springfield and getting killed by ManBearPig respectively) & Jason White in Season 23 (killed by a police car), so season 24 will most likely continue this trend. Feel free to post who will get killed off below.
  • Principal Victoria - She hasn't had any recurring roles since season 19, so they'll most likely kill her off in this season by making her a victim of the Coronavirus or something.
  • Randy Marsh - Everyone hates him at this point.
  • Wendy Testaburger - PC Principal will find out the whole ordeal behind Ms. Ellen's death and expell Wendy from school for killing a lesbian teacher and planting false evidence, which she was not aware of at the time. Considering how Wendy and Stan never got any significant scenes since "Oh Jeez", they might kill her off.
  • Grandpa Marsh - Elderly are at high risk and is related to one of the main kids which will get the Marsh family aggressively quarantine.
  • Gerald Broflovski - He's caused many of the problems in season 20 by posing as an internet troll named Skankhunt42. His crimes can only go unpunished for so long, and so now would be the perfect time to kill Gerald and let his Karma Houdini Warranty go void.
  • Heidi Turner - Her last major role was in the season 21 finale "Splatty Tomato" when she broke up with Eric Cartman and ever since then Heidi barely has any role in the show only appearing sparsely in a few cameos. Similar with Pip, Parker and Stone will get tired of fans constantly asking them to bring her back and just kill her off instead. They'll likely have Cartman kill her as payback for dumping him.
  • Token Black - It will be a reference to the George Floyd protests in the United States. Token will be killed by police somehow and causes a huge uproar, with people wearing the Token's Life Matters shirts again. The Whites will also appear and rant about how nobody cared when their white son Jason was killed by police (in season 23's "Season Finale"), further inflaming things, and President Garrison will hide from it all while playing toughguy on Twitter. (If not Token, then perhaps his father, or Nichole.)
    • Token was shot but not killed. He is in the hospital and the police blamed it on COVID. It is likely the storyline could continue.
    • As for recurring minor characters being killed off, a nameless recurring background kid with a red shirt was gunned down by the police.
  • Confirmed: the correct answer was Mrs. Nelson

Season 24 will have an episode focused on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Season 24 will cover the Black Lives Matter issues
Not only with the protests and the riots, but it will turn out that the reason the more hardcore Garrisonites (especially someone like Cartman) are eager for a race cause the Memberberries are trying to get people to 'member the Civil War the same way they wanted people to 'member stormtroopers.

Season 24 will have Stan's Grandpa run for President
Like how Mr. Garrison became a stand-in for Donald Trump, Marvin "Grampa" Marsh, will serve as a stand-in for Joe Biden, where he will become the Democratic Party nomination and run for President during the 2020 President Election.
  • Alternatively, Randy Marsh will run for president as the Joe Biden stand-in.

EVERY kid in South Park elementary has a superpower.
South Park is notorious as a World of Weirdness, so a closeted Superhero School was built to prevent humanity’s extinction.

Season 24 will be delayed.
There was no announcement during July (which is when they announce the season premiere) when Season 24 will premier, so it is likely that Season 24 would be delayed as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • Seemingly jossed. We're getting a 1hr special on September 30. No word yet on if we're still getting a full 10-episode season, however.

DogPoo Petuski, Marvin Marsh, and Token/Nichole will die in Season 24.
Not only will Season 24 unavoidably touch the topic of Coronavirus pandemic (and might even feature a season-long arc about it), but the pandemic will claim some casualties.

As you may have noticed, the creators have a tendency to kill off or write off characters who they deem no longer funny, relevant or replaced by someone else, with this especially happening in the most recent seasons. They intended to kill off Kenny for real, being tired of his gag. They had killed Pip for real long time ago because Butters was a better Butt-Monkey. Officer Barbrady has been replaced by Harrison Yates and the police force, although he got heavily involved in an arc before getting written off. Principal Victoria has been replaced by PC Principal and also written off after being involved in an arc. Mr. Hankey was written off. Satan was killed for real. So was Jason White, a background character who's been around since the beginning and never got to do anything.

Now then, there are two topic that have a very high chance to be included in the next season - Coronavirus pandemic and Black/All Lives Matter (although they've already done episodes about racism). In case of the latter, Token or Nichole (or alternatively, at least one of their parents) may die to kick off the plot. Nichole would have higher chances since Token has been in the show for longer and has a more established personality.

As for COVID-19, there are a few elements of it they can use. We're reminded that hygienie is important, older people are at higher risk, and there was a craze to buy toilet paper. Therefore, potential deaths may be as a result of bad hygiene, being old, or Toilet Humor involving holding it in for too long because someone didn't get a chance to buy toilet paper. And who are the best candidates?

  • Kenny: because They Killed Kenny Again. His death could be as a result of bad hygiene or lack of toilet paper (both could be attributed to his family being poor). He could be the first death that kicks off the plot or die later on. If there's a season-long COVID arc, he'll likely remain dead for the rest of the season, returning either in the finale or the next season. He might also survive, considering they rarely use this gag ever since Season 7, and there's a better candidate below:
  • DogPoo Petuski: Another character connected to bad hygiene and another one whose death might kick off the potential arc. Like Jason White, he's been a background character since the beginning and never got to do anything. Furthermore, his character is obsolete. His design suggests he could be used for bad hygiene or poverty topic, but that's something that can already be done with Kenny, one of the main characters. Therefore, DogPoo also fits the pattern of pointless characters who can be removed from the show.
  • Marvin Marssh: as one of the casualties among the elderly. He's pretty much the most important elderly in the show. However, he was the only Marsh not involved in the Tegridy Farms arc, which might mean he's been turned obsolete and therefore isn't needed in the show anymore.
    • Kenny does die but not from COVID. He is gunned down by the militarized police. Token is shot, but not killed. Only hospitalised. Dogpoo and Marvin aren't even mentioned.
      • Marvin is Jossed. He got his second dose in "Vaccine Special".

Mrs. White's first name will be revealed as Karen.
  • The show will have an episode about Karens, refusing to wear masks, causing a scene in public, going on racist rants, etc.

Season 24 will not premier during September
This is very likely given that its already September, yet there is still no announcements for when season 24 will premier.
  • Jossed, if the fact that we're getting a 1hr special on September 30 is any indication. Though the special may possibly all we will get in terms of South Park content this year.

Heidi Turner will not appear in Season 24
Given that Heidi's role in the show post-season 21 has been reduced by each season, with Heidi only appearing in two episodes in season 22 and only making one cameo in season 23, season 24 will just have Heidi not appear at all.
  • Jossed. She appears as a background character in "The Pandemic Special". She even got her hat back.

The Pandemic Special is a special standalone episode
It is possible given that there is no official confirmation that "The Pandemic Special" is part of Season 24.

More one-hour specials will air in 2020.
Producing episodes week-in and week-out during a pandemic is not feasible. At the end of "The Pandemic Special", Randy says he's gonna do more specials. This is an obvious Sequel Hook. There will be a special for the election and Christmas.

Annie was killed offscreen.
She was right beside Kenny with the militarized police shooting at her with rifles and even a tank shell. It's doubtful she could have escaped, and even less likely that they'd simply let her go after showing how homicidal they are.

Should more specials be made in 2020, one will deal with Garrison getting COVID-19.
The real Donald Trump tested positive on October 1, 2020, a day after "The Pandemic Special" aired. Said special will see Garrison realize he shot himself in the foot in killing the pangolin, and desperately tries injecting himself with bleach and hydroxychloroquine to no avail.

Jimbo and/or Token will die in Season 24.
Or however the next "season" will be formatted. Jimbo is bedridden with COVID and he knows that Randy is responsible for the outbreak which makes him a threat. I don't know if Randy would go so far as to kill him, but someone else with an interest in covering up the truth could, like Garrison. Token could likewise become a threat since the police lied about him being in the hospital for COVID when he was actually shot. They might finish him off, either in the hospital or even in the street, since they have no qualms about openly murdering children. That's when all hell really breaks loose and the Token's Life Matters thing comes back.
  • Jossed for Token, he's seen alive in the Vaccination Special trailer.

The Marshes will leave Randy.
The Special showed us that Stan is losing his mind during the lockdown and Sharon isn't doing much better. They will finally have enough and move back to their old house of their own volition, leaving Randy all alone at the farm.

The next South Park video game will be a Deus Ex parody.
The game is about a virus used by government officials to control the population that got out of hand and discusses what the government is allowed to get away with in regards to protecting the people. Do the math.

The next standalone special will be about the 2020 Presidential Election.
They're more or less obligated to cover it, but the current format of isolated hour-long specials will allow more time to prepare the story and more flexibility with how much it affects the continuity, given how their 2016 election plotline was infamously botched.

If there's an election special, a character will step in for Biden similar to Garrison stepping in for Trump.
Chances are it will be Randy, trying to atone for his reckless behavior by preventing Garrison's plan to let everybody die. This would also allow more flexibility in the continuity since they won't be bound to either real-life candidate.

Heidi Turner will create the cure for COVID-19
Given that Heidi is said to be very smart and is shown figuring out a way to travel to Mars, perhaps Heidi will be able to use her smarts to create a cure, or at least a vaccine, to end COVID-19.
  • Of course, Cartman will ruin it. He'll try to be first in line for the cure, but Heidi gets a restraining order, so Cartman takes revenge by killing her, destroying all of her research, and framing Kyle. Initially, Kyle is indeed blamed and set to be executed, until President Biden finds out what's going on, and decides to shift the blame to Garrison, using his killing of the pangolin as an example. Kyle is exonerated, Cartman gets off scot-free, and Garrison finally faces the music for everything he did during his term.

Saddam Hussein will return
The last time we saw him, he was sent to Heaven as an Ironic Hell punishment, since he found being surrounded for eternity by the Mormons far more torturous than actually being in Hell with Satan. But now Satan has been "killed" by ManBearPig and has gone to Heaven himself (despite not being a Mormon. This obviously sets up the possibility that he might meet Saddam again. And I don't expect either of them will be too happy about that.

No more new episodes will premier 2020
There is current no new announcement when another new episode will air after "The Pandemic Special" so it should be assume that no more episode will arrive until 2020 ends
  • Confirmed.

Alternately new episodes will come out before 2020 ends
  • Very unlikely, considering 2020 will end soon.

Karen will return the favor to her brother Kenny for taking care of her
At one point Karen will save or at least help her brother Kenny. It's possible that she will help him while he's dressed as Mysterion, so she might not even know it's her brother she helped.

President Garrison will have the mother of all Villainous Breakdowns.
And it will be more than inspired by the January 6, 2021 protest with Trump supporters storming the Capital.
  • Jossed, he dropped the entire president role very quickly and cleanly.

New episodes will air in the early part of 2021
Given that no new episodes, other than the Pandemic Special, have aired in 2020, they have to arrive around winter-summer time rather than in September.
  • Confirmed, the Vaccination Special is set to release in March.

The Vaccination Special will give proper closure to the Member Berries plotline.
Their only appearances since Season 20 were cameos in "Put It Down" and "Doubling Down". Now that Trump is no longer president, the creators may finally do the grand finale of the Member Berries plotline they originally envisioned back in 2016 before the election derailed their epic storyline.
  • however there could be a chance the writer would’ve forgotten about them or were ashamed of them due to how season 20 turned out. But yeah something has to be done about the member berries since they had a part in Garrison being president and what would they do now that Garrison isn’t president anymore.
    • Adding on to this, Gerald will start spreading misinformation about the vaccine as skankhunt42, only this time, Kyle will say something, causing the Gender War to come to a permanent end.
    • Jossed, they never once appear and Garrison goes back to normal without any of their influence (or lack therof).

Another recurring background kid will be killed off in the Vaccination Special.
Like that red shirt kid in the last special. For the lols and shock value.
  • Jossed, everyone lived.

Sharon is gonna find out that Randy caused the pandemic in the Vaccination Special.
The next new episode won't come out until six months after the Vaccination Special aired.
This seems very likely since The Vaccination Special did not come out until six months after the Pandemic Special aired.

Alternatively another new episode will come out before six months

Now that the four boys seem to be splitting up, we will get episodes with them starring alongside different groups of kids.
This will allow the writers to expand on different characters who have been support characters up until now. Eventually, the main boys will reunite.

Stan will finally interact with Wendy
Now that Stan has cut ties with Kyle and Cartman, he now has more time to interact with Wendy and possibly rekindle his relationship with her.

Kyle will starting dating Heidi
Despite Kyle and Heidi developing feelings for each other during Season 21, Kyle never pursued a relationship with Heidi after the season, despite Heidi having broken up with Cartman and returning to her old self. The reason for this could be that Kyle was spending most of his time hanging out with Stan and Cartman and now that Kyle has cut ties with the two of them, he has more free time, which he will use to spend time with Heidi and eventually start a romantic relationship with her.

Heidi was Killed Offscreen during "The Pandemic Special"
Given that Heidi made no appearance in the "Vaccination Special", it could be assumed that she was killed by to cops who were chasing the school children throughout the previous episode.

Cartman is an Evil Counterpart to Stan
Cartman is normally an idiot, but besides that he really feels like an Evil Counterpart to Stan. Both can be good at reading people, both had shown manipulative skills and both have a sensitive side. While Stan doesn't have malicious intentions, is usually an All-Loving Hero and Knight in Sour Armor and also sensitive in a good way, Cartman is a Manipulative Bastard who is very selfish, inconsiderate, discriminates against a lot of groups and is sensitive in a bad way (being a whimp). Even their clothes look similar. Trey has stated that when he's doing Cartman's voice "it's the same as Stan's, but adding "fat" into it". The reason (or one of the reasons) why Cartman respects Stan somehow is because deep down, he knows they are not so different. When Wendy had trouble choosing between Stan and Cartman it might've also been due to their similarities.
  • Also, Stan is Kyle's best friend, while Cartman is his Arch-Enemy.

Cartman will try reconnecting with Heidi
One of the main reasons why Cartman's relationship with Heidi fell apart during Season 21 was because Cartman was spending more time with his friends. Since Cartman has cut ties with Stan and Kyle, Cartman will try to reconnect with Heidi only for Heidi to reject Cartman, having already moved on from Cartman.

In “The Pandemic Special, Cartman giving up the pangolin wasn’t as selfless as it appeared
So as we know, at the end of “The Pandemic Special”, Cartman was about to destroy the pangolin in order to stay inside and away from school. However, after hearing an emotional speech from Stan, he decided to give the pangolin up. According to most people, this was an act of sacrifice on Cartman’s part. However, I have a theory about what would happen that would mean it’s not as selfless as people say it is. You see, even without the cure he would most likely still have to go to brick-and-mortar school as we saw earlier in the episode. Theoretically, whether or not he destroys the pangolin wouldn’t have any positive outcome for him. Perhaps instead of trying to think about someone other than himself, Cartman simply realised this and decided to just give the pangolin. After all, it’s not exactly in character for him to think of anyone else.

Another special will air before the next regular season in the fall.
Since it looks like COVID might be coming to an end, they will return to the regular fall schedule, but one more special will come out before it.
  • Jossed, as there will be two specials in November and December, and the next proper season will air next year.

Kenny's mom and Darryl Weathers (the "They took our jobs" guy) are siblings.
They have a similar appearance, both sporting choppy red hair and green shirts, strong Southern drawls, and serious anger issues. Their names even rhyme — Carol and Darryl. They probably had a difficult and poor home life that made them so bitter, but also took that anger out on each other, hence why they never speak anymore. Darryl's Never My Fault attitude about losing his job is similar to Stuart's attitude about his lack of work, which may be part of why Carol gets so angry about Stuart's laziness, as it reminds her of her no-good brother.

Similar to above, Stuart McCormick and Mr. Testaburger are cousins (possibly even siblings).
The episode "Death" featured a character named Mr. McCormick who was the first person to throw himself at the New York TV's headquarters. Though not confirmed, we can assume this Mr. McCormick is a relative of the other McCormicks. Looking at Mr. McCormick himself, however, he looks more like a prototypical design of Mr. Testaburger. In fact, Stuart and Mr. Testaburger themselves do actually look kinda alike, both in their facial hair and even clothing. Therefore, it's possible that Mr. Testaburger is Mr. McCormick, and that "Testaburger" is actually his wife's surname, which he adopted to disassociate himself from his disowned alcoholic relative. This would also mean Wendy and Kenny are cousins, and it could indicate why they have almost never interacted, as Mr. Testaburger doesn't want his daughter to associate with his disowned relative's son.

There will be another special which focuses on the Delta Variant
This seems very likely since the Variant is now the dominant strand of COVID, and forcing the staff of South Park to work at home again, where they would make another one hour special, possibly to replace the normal fall schedule, like they did with "The Pandemic Special" in 2020

None of the Paramount+ specials will be actual canon.
To prevent the confusion of Comedy Central viewers who don't have the service, and to allow Matt and Trey more leeway with the South Park universe, the content exclusive to Paramount+ will be "what if" stories instead of official canon episodes. The first special, as indicated by the trailer, will present one possible timeline for the characters' future but it will not be "canon."

Eric Cartman doesn't know "Heck" is Hell and thinks it's an unrelated afterlife for black people

In “The Death of Eric Cartman” Cartman says “I’m not going to Heck, Butters. I’m not black.” This is strange for several reasons.

1) The most obvious being that Cartman has no problem with swearing and wouldn’t call Hell “Heck”.

2) Cartman has said several times that Hell is “reserved for the Jews”.

3) Whilst Cartman is a racist, he doesn’t actually hate black people, or see them as hereditary bad. Most of his bigotry towards African-Americans come from him believing stereotypes as fact.

So, maybe Cartman doesn’t know Heck is just a family friendly word for Hell, and (for whatever reason) thinks it’s a separate afterlife for black people.

The Post Covid special will be all just a dream or a time travel plot
Or like someone else said, the specials maybe a "what if" sort of thing as not every viewer may have or want Paramount+.

In the second part of Post Covid, they will travel back in time and change events in the past
This will lead to the last two specials and parts of the last couple seasons being retconned.

One of the children (not Kenny) will die as an adult
For shock value. But since it's in the future that gets changed, it won't matter.

  • Confirmed. Adult Clyde is shot to death after travelling back in time. It's safe to assume that child Clyde is fine, though his adult form's fate is unknown since he is not shown in the modified future.

Mila Potts is actually Leslie Meyers reincarnated
One of the kids in the future (her full name is Mila Potts) looks exactly like Leslie Meyers, albeit a different color headband and clothes. Given that Leslie was an ads along with her statement that no one can truly kill off ads, It is entirely possible Leslie has been brought back to life 40 years later and has taken the alias, Mila Potts, so that no one can while be able to notice her.

Adult Clyde now lives in Florida
Very possible since Clyde is wearing a palm tree shirt and shorts and refuses to get vaccinated, while Florida has a warm climate, a low vaccine rate, and one the highest amount of COVID cases in the US.

Eric Cartman will get a Karma Houdini Warranty in the 2nd Paramount + movie
In the first movie we see Eric Cartman be a Karma Houdini by have a loving family. However, the movie ends with Stan and Kyle vowing to change the future for the better, while Cartman plans to stop them so he wouldn't lose his happy life. Of course Stan and Kyle will succeed in fixing the future during the 2nd movie, while Cartman fails to stop them and will finally get his comeuppance for all the horrible things that he has done in the past.
  • Confirmed, and then some.

Heidi Turner will help the Boys fix the future
Since Heidi is shown to be very smart, is considered to be the best science student of her school, and has yet to appear in the future, Heidi will show up in the 2nd movie to help Stan and Kyle perfect time travel and change the past, while also erasing Cartman's happy life as payback for being a horrible boyfriend to her during their childhood, which can also tie-in to the above theory of Cartman receiving his long awaited karma.

Fixing the past will not only ruin Cartman's future.
Doing so will affect the other children's for the worse.

  • Cartman's was changed for the worse. The others, for the better.

Child Eric Cartman while help fix the future and restore the boys friendship.
The Kid and anti-smectic version of Eric Cartman will learn that his adult self, to his horror, will become Jewish so he'll help the adult version of his friends change the future for the better so that he won't become Jewish, regardless if this gets rid of his adult-self's happy life.

One of the 2023 Paramount+ movies will be about the return of Man Bear Pig.
At the end of ManBearPig's last appearance, the citizens of South Park made a deal with ManBearPig that he would leave town and be allowed to return five years later, but 1000 times as powerful. Since this episode aired in 2018, by 2023, that time would be upon South Park.

Scott Tenorman is Victor Chaos
Butters is just a Red Herring. He was absent from Kenny's funeral because he got grounded, even at 49. It would be odd that Butters would take up an alias as Kenny's partner since they've known each other since preschool. However, Kenny only saw Scott Tenorman a handful of times and never even spoke to him. Scott wanted to help Kenny achieve time travel so that he could prevent Cartman from meeting Yentl and take his family from him.

  • Jossed. It's Butters.

Leslie Meyers will have an important role in the 2nd Paramount + movie
Given that she made a brief cameo in the 1st movie and assuming the girl, Mila Potts, is Leslie Meyers, Leslie will have a major role in the 2nd movie where she would either serve as the Big Bad trying to stop the boys from changing the future or will have a Heel–Face Turn and help them in fixing it.

Adult Eric Cartman is really a Serial Killer
Given what a psychopath Cartman was as a child, its really hard to be convinced that Cartman is content with having a family and settling down. He's probably a Serial Killer who uses his facade as a family man to cover up his true rotten nature and has been killing people as a way to deal with his psychopathic urges.

Fixing the future will require more than just stopping the COVID pandemic
To fix it, one of the following two things must be stopped as well:

Possible Negative Factor #1: The downfall of Mr. Hankey. Face it, Randy taking up pot farming is one of the big reasons the future is crappy to begin with (especially given how the COVID pandemic was a by-product of his attempt to sell pot in China). Thus, if that can be prevented, then there's a good chance the future may turn out better. To do so, Stan and Kyle would need to prevent some of the events that led to him moving to the country to start a pot business. With school shootings and perverted priests out of the question (and the idea of stopping Cartman's vaping business will depend on whether or not the younger version of him will cooperate), the one thing that can do is to stop Mr. Hankey's Ambien addiction, which led to him basically being disowned by the residents of South Park.

Possible Negative Factor #2: The Washington Redskins. The whole "crappy future" situation is basically Trey and Matt wanting to incorporate serialization into South Park (in this case, having the specials after the COVID one be about the boys having a fallout in their friendship and the effects that it causes). As such, what better way to prevent the crappy future than to prevent the one incident that led to the start of the show going the serialization route: the boys (and Butters) deciding to quit school and use Kickstarter as a means to get rich quick?

Fixing the future will be the overarching story for the Paramount + movies

Trey Parker and Matt Stone both said that they want to do something different with the Paramount + movies. Perhaps the Story Arc revolving around the Boys fixing the future won't conclude in the 2nd movie but will serve as a Myth Arc for all the Paramount + movies going forward.

Stan and Kyle will tell their past selves not to neglect their love lives
Given that both Stan and Kyle are single in the future, they'll want to remind their past selves to also give focus on their romantic relationships. Stan will tell his past self to not take his relationship with Wendy for granted or else he'll loose her to a guy named Darwin in the future, while Kyle will tell his past self not to give up pursuing a romantic relationship just because his previous attempts failed, which leads to Kyle once again trying to start a relationship with Heidi.
The Boys won’t believe their future selves
They’ll think that they are motivation Corp employees

Liane died in the good future and led to Cartman having a mental breakdown
It explains why the normally devious and calculating Cartman is on the streets at the end of "Return of COVID". Sometime later in their lives, the rest of the boys got fed up with Cartman's shitty behavior and stopped hanging out with him. Then Liane died of unknown causes. The grief of losing the one person who truly cared about him to a fault destroys Cartman. He spirals into alcoholism, loses the house, and ends up on the streets, spending the rest of his days as a bitter hobo blaming everyone and everything except himself for his misfortune.

Kyle's wife in the future
Given that we see Kyle's kids in the new timeline, it's heavily implied that he's married. However its never confirmed who Kyle's wife is so one can speculate the below to be potential candidates:
  • Bebe Stevens: She had a brief romantic interactions with Kyle and is seen in the Christmas party, while Kyle's daughter has wavy hair like Bebe.
  • Rebecca Cotswolds: She was Kyle's first romantic relationship in the series.
  • Red MacArthur: Possible, given that Kyle's children have red hair and Red is also a redhead.
  • Heidi Turner: She briefly dated Kyle during season 21 and since she broke up with Cartman, there's no reason she wouldn't get back together with Kyle and eventually marry him.
  • Yentl: Possible given that Kyle's children look somewhat similar Cartman's in the old timeline. It would also serve as another cosmic middle finger to Cartman.
  • Sophie Gray: While she was portrayed as Scott Malkinson's Love Interest in "Basic Cable", Since Scott was a priest in the old timeline and is nowhere to be seen in the new timeline, while Sophie is a redhead and Kyle's children has red hair, it could be possible that she could have married Kyle instead.

The next twelve Paramount + movies will still take place 40 years into future
Possibly to differentiate themselves from the main show, the next 12 movies will still take place 40 years into the future. They would either focus on the main cast as adults like the previous two movies or will focus a new cast of kids in the future.
  • Jossed; the Streaming Wars special appears to take place during or shortly after Season 25, since it shows Cartman and Liane living in the hotdog shack from "City People", with both characters the same age.

Season 26 will premier in the fall of 2022
Given that Season 25 will premier February 2 but will only consist of 6 episodes, South Park will premiere a full 26th season in the fall which will consist of 10 episodes (or even 14 episodes to make up for the shorter season 25).

One episode in season 25 will be a Valentine's Day special
Given that Season 25 will air throughout February one of the episodes will have to be focused around Valentine's Day.

Pete Thelman and Theresa are siblings
Given that Pete is shown living in a trailer in "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers" and Theresa is said to also live in a trailer in "Moss Piglets" while both kids have black hair, it is very possible that the two are each others siblings.

Randy and Steven's feud will last throughout Season 25
The way "The Big Fix" ended with Randy and Steven declaring war on each other seems to be setting up a Story Arc that would last throughout the rest of Season 25. (or a large portion of it)

Tolkien didn't mind the name 'Token' until Stan pointed out the connotations
Before then, he always thought 'Token' referred to the coins people put in arcades, and he took it as a compliment as it implied he only needed one to get the high score.

Tolkien only started hating the works of J.R.R. Tolkien after he saw the "cursed" version of The Lord of the Rings back in The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers
He was fine with it before, but then he saw Back Door Sluts 9 thinking it was The Lord of the Rings and it broke him so badly that anything associated with it repulses him.

Season 25 will be split into two sections
With the announcement saying that Season 25 will start with 6 episode, its very likely that Season 25 will be split into two sub-seasons that will air in different parts of the year. The first 6 episodes airing in the beginning of the year starting on February 2, while the remaining 6 episodes will air around fall, mostly likely in September.

Liane will eventually cut all ties with Cartman
By the end of "City People" its clear that Cartman's actions have caused his relationship with his mother to disintegrate (or at least become heavily strained) and the only reason Liane doesn't get rid of Cartman now is because he still a child. Thus, when Cartman turns 18, Liane will legally be able to cut Cartman out of her life thus forcing him to face reality, which leads to Cartman becoming homeless and completely alone in South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid.

Liane Cartman's lifestyle was being funded by Jack Tenorman
Liane was being paid hush money and child support for bearing Jack's child, which allowed her to live as an unemployed single mother with a decent-sized house and a good amount of luxuries. Unfortunately, with Jack dead and Cartman exempted from any inheritence thanks to the Slayer Rule, her funds eventually ran out. Hence why she needed the job in City People. She couldn't go to the Denver Broncos with the threat of a controversy because Jack is a perfect fall guy in that scenario, and Liane herself is trying to set a better example as well as cleaning up her act.

Eric Cartman doesn't like St. Patrick's Day because of Heidi Turner
Throughout "Credigree Weed St. Patrick's Day Special" Cartman sounds like he isn't fond of St. Patrick's Day. Cartman's distate for the holiday could be related to Heidi who broke up with Cartman and is of Irish decent, the people that celebrates St. Patrick's Day.

Butters being labeled a sex offender affected getting a job for him
Being labeled a sex offender makes it very difficult to get a job and Butters still being a waiter 40 years later implies that his label as such prevented him from getting a better job.

Eerie foreshadowing Clyde's death
The reason Clyde wasn't present in the fixed future in Return of Covid is because he is going to be killed as a child at some point. (After all he is probably the most 'boring' and undeveloped of the well-known kids and therefore the most expendable.)

Tegridy Farms will come to an end
With the introduction of Credigree Weed and proving itself to be far better at doing its business than Tegridy Farms all while not committing any immoral acts like the latter, Tegridy Farms will go out of business forcing the Marsh family to leave the farm and move back to their old home.
  • The Streaming Wars Part 2 seems to be heading to that end as Randy has become sick of Tegridy Farms and has reverted back to his old self. Whether Randy and his family will move back to the town in Season 26, a later season, or a future special has yet to be confirmed however.

One of the reasons Cartman chose the name The Coon is because he doesn't want an Affirmative-Action Legacy Hero using the name/mantle
He doesn't want someone "stealing" his idea or takin' his job so he uses a word that can also be an offensive slur.

Cartman from the reformed future will try to Make Wrong What Once Went Right
The Homeless Cartman will learn that he had a happy life in the Bad Future so he will try finding a way to go back in time and change the past so that he can have his happy future, even if it will cost his peers of their's.

Kyle forgave Heidi Turner and eventually marry her
To tie-in with the Aesop of Forgiveness found in "Return of COVID" Kyle would forgive Heidi and resuming dating her, leading to him marrying her in the future. It would explain why Kyle was single and alone in the Bad Future, while Kyle is married and has children in the good future. For the former Kyle still held a grudge against Heidi for all the things she did when she was Cartman's Distaff Counterpart and refused to forgive her in leading to him not to pursue a relationship eventually ending up alone in the future. However for the latter, Kyle eventually decides to forgive Heidi for her past actions and try making their relationship work again, which leads to Kyle to eventually marry Heidi and have children with her.

There will be a Mysterion movie.
Where we will learn more about Kenny's past and his powers.

Mintberry Crunch will return to Earth.
Confirmed but it's in a DLC for TFBW.

The Subplot for South Park: The Streaming Wars will focus on Scott Malkinson and Sophie Gray.
While the main plot will obviously focus on Eric Cartman and his mother, the subplot of the movie will focus on Scott and Sophie. The subplot could continue where "Basic Cable" left off and have Scott once again try to convince his dad, Clark, to get streaming services to impress Sophie. Of course Clark would refuse to do so and rally his co-workers to sabotage streaming services again thus would create an epic conflict that could as the synopsis said "threaten South Park's very existence".
  • Jossed.

By the end of the South Park: The Streaming Wars, the "Cartman is homeless" arc will have begun.
The trailer for The Streaming Wars shows Cartman failing to take any responsibility for him and his mother living in a hot dog (screaming "I'm not comfortable living in a fucking hot dog!", even though it was his fault they were there to begin with), threatening to run away, and insulting Kenny (who he once considered his best friend). Given that Liane Grew a Spine in later seasons, and that Cartman has already pushed her to the breaking point (as well as her nonchalant reaction to him leaving), Cartman may run away and try to return. Unlike last time, Liane will not take Cartman back (or maybe he simply won't return after realising he can't manipulate her anymore), and his friends won't want to take him in either, meaning that Cartman will have nowhere to go. There may also be a Time Skip showing Cartman's desent into alcoholism and complete alienation of his friends (or what's left of them).
  • Jossed, although Liane does put her foot down and vow to never give in to Cartman again, meaning that the possibility is still on the horizon.

Jason was revived by the time travel/"ruling elites" shenanigans.
As some observant fans have noticed, Jason White was seen alive in the schoolyard after his death in season 23. The reason is due to the time travel in the Post-COVID specials, and/or "ruling elites" meddling in the Vaccination Special. Likewise, his parents haven't been seen since his dad was turned into a giant penis the Vax Special. This was a soft-reboot of sorts that retconned the Garrison/Trump/Whites plotline and thus restored Jason. Even MORE observant fans also noticed tha nameless recurring background boy killed in the Pandemic Special was also seen again, lending further credence to this throry.
  • Of course the whole thing is likely just animator error or carelessly reusing assets without removing the characters concerned, but it's fun to speculate.

Heidi Turner will appear in South Park: The Streaming Wars
Heidi will be one of the people Eric Cartman will ask to stay with if Cartman chooses to leave his mother. However Heidi will not let Cartman stay in her house given that they ended their romantic relationship on bad terms.
  • Jossed

Al Gore will appear in the 4th special
Given that his Arch-Enemy, ManBearPig, appeared in South Park: The Streaming Wars and it seems that the 4th special will continue where Streaming Wars left off, it's most likely that Al Gore will appear to stop ManBearPig and his partner Pi-Pi.
  • Jossed

Wendy will make fun of Cartman's breast implants
Given that Cartman laughed at her when she got breast implants and later make fun of her efforts to raise awareness of breast cancer, Wendy will notice Cartman getting breast implants and recognizing the irony will laugh at his expense.
  • Jossed.

Randy will battle ManBearPig
Since the teasers for the 4th paramount plus special is depicting Randy as an indestructible force and is demanding entrance to Pi-Pi's waterpark, Randy will come face-to-face with ManBearPig, whose working with Pi-Pi, and the two will clash with each other.
  • Jossed

A Paramount + special will focus on the girls
A special or two will probably focus on a different cast of kids to make them feel different from the show. They could give focus to the girls of South Park, most likely Wendy and her friends

Rob Schneider dying as Kenny played a role in his return
In "The Biggest Douche in the Universe," we see Kenny's spirit possessing Rob Schneider after its exorcised from Cartman, and Rob Schneider dies shortly afterwards. Despite Kenny being "permenantly" dead from his illness in "Kenny Dies," his spirit being inside Rob Schneider when he died resetted this, counting as a normal Kenny death, thus allowing him to come back as usual. Kenny returns just two episodes later.

The Danish we see in “Canada on Strike” are actually Greenlanders.

They look like South Park style Canadians except with regular eyes, while the Danish we see in season 20 are portrayed in the typical style. Greenland is a part of the Kingdom of Denmark and next to Canada, which could explain their look.

Kenny is not as vulgar/profane as we think he is

While he is the more raunchier out of the other kids, the South Park Archives transcripts of a fair amount of episodes where Kenny has a muffled speaking role has him either using less dirty/profane sentences than normal or not uttering a curse/sexual remark at all! Although, this is debatable as his muffled dialogue is barely audible.

If Saddam Hussein shows up again, he'll be an ally of ManBearPig
And possibly try to seduce him like he did Satan (not that it'd work). Being an even greater threat than Satan and the one who killed him, Saddam would jump at the opportunity to side with MBP to cause mischief. Since he went to Heaven after he died Satan could be brought back to get his second wind after being trounced, possibly even having the comedy of working with Jesus to defeat the menace or some other wacky plot.

The Cartman from Season 5 onwards is, in fact, Evil Cartman from "Spooky Fish"
The episode "Spooky Fish" from Season 2 gave us a nicer version of Cartman, known as "Evil Cartman". However, is turns out that the niceness was just an act, and Evil Cartman is indeed evil, and he someone got back into South Park in between the fourth and fifth seasons, while thrusting the "real" Cartman back into the alternate universe, explaining the change in personality.

One of the Paramount+ Specials will be about the boys becoming teenagers and the effect it has on their friends, family, and lives. It may also tie into Cartman's fate as an alcoholic hobo in the future
One Season 25 episode has the main four characters encounter a group of teenagers who are so obnoxious that they make Cartman seem tolerable by comparison. The end of the episode has the boys' fathers mention that they still have a few years before their own sons become teenagers and that they should enjoy the time they have left until then. Both Season 25 and the Streaming Wars two-parter has Liane become beyond fed up with Cartman's behavior, and he's only 10 years old. Cartman is a lonely alcoholic hobo in the future (as revealed at the end of the "Post Covid" two-parter). The Paramount+ special in question would be about Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny becoming not that different from the teenagers they previously encountered, especially Cartman, whose behavior is already bad enough. The end of the special would have Stan, Kyle, and Kenny mellow out and apologise for their obnoxious teenage behavior, while Cartman would take the Teens Are Monsters trope to a new level and never go back, and Liane would have to kick Cartman out for her own safety (bonus points if Cartman is 18, meaning that Liane can legally kick him out without risking charges of child abandonment). This would then tie into the "Cartman becomes a hobo" part of "The Return of COVID".

Season 26 will have an episode revolving around Valentine's Day
Since it was announces that Season 26 will premiere in February, it would be a great opportunity for an episode to focus on Valentine's Day.
  • Confirmed!

Kyle and Kenny will move house, as well.
First, Stan moved in Season 22, then Cartman moved in Season 25, both permanently. It would make sense that the writers plan for both Kyle and Kenny to change residence to freshen things up a bit.

The Cartmans are now the poorest family in town.
Up until City People, the McCormicks were the poorest people, but after Liane quit her job to be a full time mom and lost her house in the process, the Cartmans took over that spot. Eric will find out and be royally pissed.

Kenny is a non-practicing Mormon

Because Kenny has died countless times, and been to both Heaven and Hell, he knows that Mormons are the only people who go to Heaven. So after one of his early trips to Hell, he made sure to nominally convert. However, since God himself is a Buddhist, he rarely performs shit tests to see if the new arrivals are sincere. The times Kenny's gone to Hell, such as in the movie, were because St. Pete was actually doing his job that day and found out Kenny wasn't living up to Mormon values. (Anybody who's had a job for a long time can tell you that you inevitably get lazy after a while)

Season 26 will make a joke about the death of Technoblade

Considering South Park is the king of recent events, there's gotta be at least one.

Kenny cares about personal hygiene

He's the only member of the McCormick family that isn't permanently covered in dirt. Considering the filthy house he lives in and the state of his bedroom, he likely has to put in extra effort to keep himself as clean as he does, even if that effort doesn't extend to his bedroom. It's also possible that he wears the parka to protect his body from dirt.

The episode "DikinBaus's Hot Dogs" will bring about a conclusion to the Story Arc of Cartman and Liane living in the hot dog stand
From the teaser trailer, Cartman gets jealous of Butters receiving his first ever paycheck, wanting one as well. Given the premise and the title, Cartman may end up selling the many hot dogs in the hot dog stand he now lives in, with the episode ending with Cartman making enough money to finally move out of the hot dog stand and avoid a repeat of the "Streaming Wars" two-parter. Of course, the "Cartman ends up homeless" aspect of the "Post COVID" two-parter could still happen afterwards, but it will probably be for a different reason.
  • Mostly confirmed. Cartman does go into business like Butters does...but he's so lazy that he quits after one day and manipulates Butters into financially backing the hot dog stand so he can spend the money on himself. Cartman and Liane do get their house back at the end of the episode, but only after Cartman spruced up the hot dog stand and Butters sold it to give them the house back.

There will be at least one more episode/special that ties the storyline of Cartman's fate in the future together
By the end of Season 26, at least three aspects of Cartman's miserable fate in the future at the end of "The Return of COVID" together and the reasons why they (likely) happened have been explored:
  • Cartman's relationship with his mother is ruined, due to Cartman costing her the home out of selfishness, shown at the end of "City People" and expanded upon in the "Streaming Wars" two-parter. This would explain why Cartman ended up out on the street; his mother finally had enough of him and kicked him out.
  • Cartman screwing his friends over for the last time, meaning that they completely cut him out of their lives. He screwed them over in the "Streaming Wars" two-parter, and he screwed Butters over in "[DikinBaus's Hot Dogs" to the point that Butters fought back. As such, when Cartman end up homeless, nobody will want to take him in, not even Butters.
  • Cartman is too lazy and selfish to do anything with his life (despite having a penchant for elaborate money-making schemes), which "DikinBaus's Hot Dogs" expands upon; Cartman wants to earn enough money to move out of the hot dog stand by getting a job at the same place Butters did. He quits after one day and spends the rest of the episode trying to manipulate Butters out of the money he made through hard work. Because of this, Cartman would not get a job in the future, leaving him as a Basement-Dweller until Liane finally kicks him out.

These three things mostly set the path to Cartman's fate in the future. However, there are still a couple of things that have not been explored yet, such as Cartman not meeting his future wife in this timeline and Cartman becoming an alcoholic (whether he became one before or after he ended up homeless remains to be seen). It has also not been fully explained how the rest of the people Cartman knows cut him out of their lives, but there may well be a future episode that showcases this. For example, Cartman still treats Kenny with respect in the latter episode (while treating Butters horribly), but Kenny is Butters' best friend and business partner in the future, not Cartman. As such, even if Kenny is the last of Cartman's friends to disown him, it's bound to happen in the near future.

Liane will start dating somebody in a future episode.

  • She never pursued a relationship even though she wants one, and she gets clearly fed up with Eric, so she will start to date somebody without his permission or blessing. Additionally, Cartman trying to sabotage this relationship could be a potential last straw for Liane. Liane's had to put up with a lot from Cartman, but him driving them into the poor house, refusing to apologize or atone for it, and sabotaging an attempt at happiness would prove to Liane that Cartman is nothing but a parasite that won't change.

Kenny is rich now.
  • Or at least he does have a lot more money after DikinBaus. Butters surely would've paid him out, especially after Cartman's speech about Kenny living in filth, which was why he sponsored them in the first place.

Wendy and Kyle will team up in a future episode.
  • They both have pretty similar backgrounds and ethics. They also stand up for what they think is right. Fighting together for a good cause (or against Cartman) would make sense for them. It would also not be too weird if the Testaburger's and Broflovski's start to be friends and hang out, given that they are both upper middle class, snobby, and the same age, making Wendy and Kyle spend time with each other by default.

Kyle will get a girlfriend.
  • Since it was confirmed in "Deep Learning" that the children are dating again, Kyle may finally get a girlfriend; Kyle's girlfriend could be Heidi, Yentl, or another girl entirely. Given that Kyle has children in the new future, Kyle's girlfriend may become his wife who gave birth to his kids.

Trey and Matt planned a redemption episode for Chef, but Hayes' death made it impossible.
  • The ending of "Return of Chef" was the Super Adventure Club resurrecting Chef Darth Vader-style. Based on this, Trey and Matt were preparing for a Return Of the Jedi-type of Redemption Quest in case Isaac Hayes would leave the Church of Scientology and come back to the show. Sadly, Isaac Hayes' death made that impossible.

Kyle will question his sexuality.
  • Kyle will look at his track record with girls and how healthy Tweek and Craig are, and will try to figure out if he is straight to begin with. Though the end of "The Return of COVID" shows that he's married with kids who look just like Cartman's kids in the old timeline, suggesting that he married Yentl instead (assuming the timeline of said episode is the one that comes to pass), he could also be Ambiguously Bi.

The 7th and 8th Paramount+ specials will focus on the 2024 election
The Season 26 finale shows Mr. Garrison "slipping back into bad habits", though he does seem to grow out of it (again) at the end, and the episode before this one mentions Joe Biden. As such, whether Garrison goes back to being a Trumplica just in time for said specials, or whether he quits politics for good and the focus is on Biden (or maybe even somebody else entirely), there should be enough material for a spoof on the election. To avoid a repeat of Season 20 (in which the outcome of the season's storyline was gambled on the outcome of the 2016 election and lost), the 7th special would air in early November (just before the election results) and will act as if either candidate could win, while the 8th one would air in late November or even December, with the storyline being planned out after the election results had come through. That way, the second half of "The Election Special" won't be scrambled like the last few episodes of Season 20 were.

Cartman is gonna get kicked out of the house by Liane, leading to a Story Arc
  • Considering Cartman's behavior has deteriorated to the point of destroying his mom's career prospects, and he hasn't shown any remorse for this, Liane is reaching the point of straight up disowning him even before he turns 18. This could lead to a Story Arc that explores whether Cartman can be redeemed or not. It could end one of two ways:
    • Cartman is put on the path of becoming Rabbi Cartman and reconciles with Liane.
    • Cartman goes down the path of becoming a deranged derelict.

Jason's parents also went to Cthulhu cult meetings.
It's been established in canon that Kenny's parents did so before he was born and that's why he's immortal, and everyone forgets his death. Same with Jason's. It would explain why Jason has been shown alive in episodes since he died and nobody has mentioned it. It also fits the characterization for his parents, especially his dad, getting involved in crazy cult/conspiracy things like Qanon.

Jason faked his death because his parents are embarassing.
  • He is still around because he is a kid and couldn't start a new life. His parents don't care enough to find him because they can weaponize his death and believe their own truths, anyways. Everybody knows he lives with one of his friends, that's why nobody cared when he "died".

Cartman will regress back into a baby.
  • If the future of him being a drunken hobo in Return of COVID is truly the canon future, Dr. Mephesto will find him and decide to bribe him with money into being a test subject for an experiment. This will lead to Cartman being turned into a baby with no memories of his past life and another married couple will take him in to Raise Him Right This Time. Bonus if Kyle or Yentl take in a baby Cartman to raise him into a better kid.

Butters has not actually forgiven the girls at school for the mass breakup in Season 20.
Though he officially retired the "Wieners Out" protest he created, it was implied at the end of the season that the bitter feelings he developed hadn't gone away. While "Deep Learning" revealed that Stan and Clyde have reunited with Wendy and Bebe respectively, Butters hasn't been shown to have reunited with his girlfriend, Charlotte, who broke up with him virtually while she was in Canada. She has not been seen since then, potentially implying that she was a casualty when President Garrison nuked Canada. Since then, the first time Butters interacted amicably with another girl at his school was with Sophie in "Basic Cable" who wasn't even present when the Gender War was happening, and the only time he's interacted with any of the girls who were involved since then was when he told Bebe to go fuck herself in "The Worldwide Privacy Tour", which led to her beating him up to a bloody pulp.

Tolkien and Nichole have not actually gotten back together.
In "Dead Kids", Nichole claims that she and Tolkien are trying to make their relationship work again following their breakup in "Skank Hunt". However, not only do we not hear of any word of this from Tolkien himself, but the two of them are never seen together again after this episode despite Tolkien's increased prominence in the show. Because of this, it appears that Nichole's talks with him to get back together ultimately didn't work out.

Sergeant Harrison Yates and Jack Tenorman are siblings.
They look identical. Yates came to South Park to solve the death of his brother and sister-in-law, but didn't understand that "Cartman grounded them up and made them to chili" wasn't just a saying, leading to Scott's mental decline, which culminated in 201.

Kenny stayed dead for most of season 6 because of Karen.
During that time his mother was pregnant with Karen. Once she was born, Kenny was able to be resurrected by her again.

Scott Malkinson and Sophie Gray are now a couple.
Given that Scott and Sophie were given Ship Tease in the latter's debut episode "Basic Cable", are seen together while watching Bebe and Butters' fight in "Worldwide Privacy Tour" and it's confirmed in "Deep Learning" that boys and girls are dating each other again, it's very possible that they have decided to become a couple.

Jason appearing alive again the background of several episodes is some kind of Meaningful Background Event.
Possibly as some kind of Foreshadowing to this year's hour-long specials, which he may play a major part in.

If Chef ever returns to the show, he'll be voiced by Isaac Hayes' son.
As a form of Passing the Torch. It wouldn't be the first time Chef was voiced by someone else.

The reason Cartman hates rainbows
He doesn't hate rainbows, he just misheard it as "anal probe".

One of the 2024 episodes (or even Paramount+ specials) will serve as a prequel to South Park: Snow Day!
The previous two South Park games (The Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole) had canon episodes that tied into them (the Black Friday trilogy in Season 17 and the episode "Franchise Prequel" in Season 21, respectively). With another game coming out, and with at least three more years of episodes and specials left, history may well repeat for the new game.

Lennart Bedrager is still alive
While Lennart is seen falling in massive heights, his body is not seen afterwards, making it possible that Lennart survived the long fall and will appearing again as the Big Bad for a future season and/or Paramount Plus special.

Kyle is a single parent
While the confirmation that Kyle has two children implies that he's married Kyle's wife is nowhere to be seen nor is Kyle shown to wear a wedding ring. It's also possible that Kyle is a single parent whose raising his two children on his own and Kyle is either divorced, his wife passed away, or Kyle's never had a spouse and he adopted those two children.

Leslie Meyers will return and become the Big Bad of the South Park: Joining the Panderverse (possible) two-parter
Given that Leslie Meyers was both A.I. and the Big Bad of season 19, while this special, and possibly the next one, will focus on A.I., it's only logical that Leslie will return somehow to serve as the Big Bad.
  • Jossed. It's Panderverse!Cartman whose the Big Bad.

Kyle will seek Heidi Turner for help in South Park: Joining the Panderverse
Since Kyle is shown to confuse at the whole situation of grown women being his four friends he may seek someone to help him on what's currently happening. Kyle may seek Heidi for help given that he previously witness Heidi's Awesomeness by Analysis skills and the two shared a history, assuming that Heidi is also confused about the whole situation, she may be willing to help Kyle solve it.
  • Jossed.

Wendy will have a major role in South Park: Joining the Panderverse
Given that Wendy had an important role in "Deep Learning" which focused on A.I. and South Park: Joining the Panderverse will be about the same subject, Wendy will have an important role in this special (and the next). Wendy will definitely want to know why her boyfriend, Stan, is suddenly now a grown woman, which could lead to Wendy learning that Stan was using A.I. to write texts to her.
  • Jossed.

Tweek and Craig will have a major role in South Park: Joining the Panderverse.
It would be disappointing if they didn't utilize the couple in due to how the start of their relationship (and its eventual canonization) was percieved as Pandering to the Base. It's possible they could be the only or one of the few people left in South Park who are immune to further "panderization", and end up having to fix everything before it's too late.
  • Jossed.

Cartman will try to get Dikin Baus back in South Park: Joining the Panderverse.
After the events of "Dikin Baus Hot Dogs," Liane and Butters get revenge on Cartman for using them by selling the hot dog, which he came to enjoy after all the renovations he made with Butters' money, and moving back to their old house. According to the official synopsis of "Joining the Panderverse," Cartman has dreams about the end of his own world, so I believe that Cartman thinks the only way to save himself from such a fate is to try and get Dikin Baus back.
  • Jossed.

The 2nd Paramount + Special of 2023 will focus on the Arab–Israeli Conflict.
Since there's one more special left after South Park: Joining the Panderverse and the Hamas-Israel conflict is the most recognized event in 2023’s end, the 2nd special will focus on that conflict.
  • Jossed.

Heidi Turner is dating Daniel Tanner.
Heidi is seen talking to a boy (Daniel Tanner) in South Park (Not Suitable For Children) and the two are implied to be dating one another, since they are smiling at each other while talking about their Cred. Since Heidi permanently broke up Cartman in "Splatty Tomato" along with the confirmation that boys and girls are dating each other again in "Deep Learning", it is very possible for Heidi to be dating other people, eventually hooking up with Daniel, who got dumped by his girlfriend in "Skank Hunt".

While he doesn't say it out loud and sometimes gets fed up with Stan's behavior, he does indeed see Stan like a big brother and someone too look up to.Stan is often very caring towards Kenny, like going out of his way to save him and putting a coat on his back in the "Jeffersons", while Kenny doesn't have that great of a relationship with his actual big brother and parents.There have been instances of Kenny not caring or outright abusing animals in the past, but since "Whale Whores" those moments became almost non-existant and he cared about Mcnuggets. While, Kenny might've not turned to like animals as much as Stan does, he seems to have made great progress.Pay close attention to Kenny's alter ego Misterion: wears black, has a very deep and raspy voice, seems to have a cynical expression, but beneath this dark and gruff exterior, he is very compassionate, heroic and protective. Now look at Stan, he has the deepest and raspiest voice from the group (when you compare their normal voices at least), in fact, he can pull off harsher and deeper vocals than Mysterion's voice. Kenny probably can't pull the same and it is possible he learned to make his voice sound deeper from Stan. Stan is quite cynical, gruff and can be even strict. He also wears dark fashion sometimes and even turned goth once. However, beneath his harsh exterior, Stan is very sensible, caring, kind and heroic. Now you might be thinking that Kenny simply got inspired by Batman. He most likely did, but one does not exclude the other, he probably likes Batman so much because he reminds him of Stan. Probably subconsciously.Kenny must've learned how to fight from somewhere, but he most likely didn't take lessons, considering he's poor. Stan did take Karate lessons and he proved to be a One-Man Army on occasion, it is very likely he taught Kenny how to fight. It's also very likely that Kyle also helped, considering he too took Karate lessons and is a very good fighter himself.