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Here's where you can find various theories concerning the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Add your personal theories to the folder they best fit.

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    Emerald Empirical 
Thus far, Super Sonic, Super Shadow and Super Silver have been the only "true" super forms.
  • Super/Hyper Knuckles and Super Tails (of Sonic 3 & Knuckles fame) just look like glowing versions of their normal selvesnote . Super Knuckles and Super Tails were redesigned in Sonic Heroes, But then they didn't even glow, they just had a golden bubble around them. In contrast, Sonic, Shadow and Silver get golden fur, their spikes turn upwards and they get red eyes.
My point is, Super/Hyper Knuckles and Super Tails might be simple power-ups and not transformations like Super Sonic/Shadow/Silver.

The Chaos Emeralds have permanently mutated Sonic.
Sonic Generations shows that Sonic did, in fact, change from black eyes to green, get taller, skinnier and faster. In Sonic 2, Sonic gains the ability to go Super Sonic, and changes color and shape. In Sonic 3 and Knuckles, he also gains the ability to go Hyper Sonic with the Super Emeralds. This is a massive amount of power to stick into one being. Remember what just the Chaos Emeralds turned Chaos into? He went from a weak, small humanoid into a water god of destruction. Not only has Sonic used those same Emeralds, he's doubled up on it. Perhaps, due to the massive amounts of energy, he's absorbed some of it, and is permanently in a mode lock between "Normal" Hedgehog and Super Hedgehog, giving him a sleeker frame and green eyes. Super Sonic himself has red eyes, which shows that it can effect eye color.

The Chaos Emeralds from Sonic 1 are a different set of Emeralds from the rest of the series.
  • This would explain why there are only six of them, and why they look different and grant no power to Sonic. The good ending of Sonic 1 also shows the emeralds transformed into giant flower bulbs, which would explain why this original set never appears again.
    • The set of Emeralds from the Game Gear games could also be this original set of them as well.
    • Actually, what probably happens in the good ending is that the emeralds "purify" the area and cause the flowers to quickly grow. This is especially obvious in the 8-bit version, where the emeralds get rid of the pollution brought by Eggman. Where did the emeralds go, then? Probably the dimension the special stages take place in (as mentioned in the Japanese manual), hence Sonic must re-visit the special stages and re-collect them in Sonic 2. Or alternatively, they got scattered, as they seem to do between games nowadays.

The Chaos Emeralds are literally a physical embodiment of the concept of chaos
Perhaps before the dawn of Sonic's universe, there was nothing but a garbled mess of colorful nothingness. Just swarms of meaningless forces swirling about through an endless void...

Then, all of a sudden, some 'green' chaotic forces managed to smash together and create the Master Emerald, which had a bit of sentience. Upon realizing what process caused it to exist, it brought together all the chaotic energy and organized it by color, forming the Chaos Emeralds. However, when the Emeralds all came together, Chaos Control happened, sending blasts of "organized chaos" every which way and caused the so-called "big bang".

Now that the universe existed, the Master Emerald happened to teleport to the nearest planet with life on it, along with the Chaos Emeralds...

...But enough of the possible origin story... Let's get to the evidence:

  • The Emeralds have the ability to control time and space because the laws of physics do not apply around them, being made of pure chaos in a universe of order. This can cause even the user's craziest wishes to come to fruition. As Tikal said, they turn "thoughts into power".
  • The Emeralds scatter about after they're used. This may be because such large amounts of chaos energy being used weakens the continuity of physical reality, and therefore, causes the Emeralds' coordinates to be 'corrupted' and sent to some random location.
  • The special stages could be areas that are generated by the Chaos Emeralds themselves due to their instability. These strange places are remnants of what the universe was like before there was order (although with little bits of order in that there are 'rules' and physics in special stages).
  • Their 'chaotic' nature could also have something to due with the inconsistency regarding their number.

Everybody can use Chaos Control.
Shadow doesn't have any innate Controlling powers, only training. Sonic could pull it off in Sonic Adventure 2 thanks to sheer force of will in a life-or-death situation. You don't have to be The Chosen One involved - Tails and the Robotniks have powered all manner of devices from the emeralds alone. Of course, if this is true, then it makes you wonder why people don't just teleport everywhere, since even fake Emeralds with similar properties will work.
  • Building that kind of a fake emerald (all the same properties, but reversed polarity or whatever) requires inventive genius on the level of Tails or Eggman, which is presumably rare. Eggman rarely holds on to an emerald long enough to study it (he tries to use it immediately and has Sonic right on top of him the moment it happens); Tails had the entire stretch between the first Sonic Adventure and the second to build his, leaving one person in the entire world able to make such a thing. Presumably he doesn't want that kind of power multiplying; his continued aging backwards makes that kind of thought process more and more unlikely, but also makes new Chaos Emeralds more unlikely.
  • In the anime, the Metarex were able to mass-produce knockoff Chaos Emeralds (which memorably gave us Dark Super Sonic), so... yeah.
  • Clearly, GUN hasn't been pursuing this because the GUN Commander is deeply unreasonable about anything relating to Project Shadow. Within GUN, pitching for a new Chaos Project would likely be career-limiting at best and terminal at worst.
  • Here's a fun experiment: go back and play Sonic Adventure 2. When Amy busts Sonic out of prison, you can see that the walls of his cell are literally covered in what looks like very complex mathematics equations. Quite simply, Sonic saw Shadow do Chaos Control once, and once he had enough free time, he figured out exactly how it works. This is a particularly odd scene because they make a point of showing Amy staring at all the equations in wonder but never reference them later or give any real indication of what they were meant for. The only logical conclusion is that Sonic figured out how to do Chaos Control. Whether or not other people could, though...
    • Wait. You seriously think SONIC wrote all of that stuff on the cell wall? Be serious.
    • Sonic isn't that smart. That cell, in-game, was hinted to be Professor Gerald's former cell.
    • Gerald was executed in that cell. Watch that prerendered cutscene; there's text behind him.
    • So it's assumed by most that Sonic read AND understood those detailed mathematical equations on the wall?
      • It's possible that it's a susceptibility thing related to the individual. It's like being able to do maths: almost everyone can do it, but some people are far better at it than others.
      • Sonic's thought processes are sped up just like his metabolism. It explains how he can think and react at high speed, as well as how he can keep up with Eggman mentally despite Eggman having a 300 point IQ. It's not that he was able to understand the equations better than anyone else; it's just that, in the time it takes someone else to glance at it, he's already read it in depth and is beginning to interpret it and think it over in a way that would take a non-superfast person hours, just like the speed reading ability the Flash sometimes displays.
      • No, it's not. Not at all. It's assumed he was able to do it for the same reason as Silver (pure desperation), and also because he had a fair bit of experience with Chaos Emeralds by then.
  • Silver was able to do Chaos Control in the 2006 game just out of pure desperation. But since the Reset Button got hit at the end of the game, it might not still apply.
    • Just because the events... unhappened... doesn't stop them from still applying. Anything that happened in 06 had to be possible, even if it was later undone. (That also includes the existence of Soleanna and human-filled cities.)
      • Silver is psychic. Psychic powers are often related to magic. Magic includes harnessing mystical energies to bend reality to your will. The Chaos Emeralds are full of mystical energies, and Chaos Control allows one to bend them to your will. Psychic powers are a cheat code for Chaos Emeralds.
      • Soleanna is definitely real, even after the Reset Button Ending.
  • I was the first person to take a screenshot of the paper Rouge had in Sonic Adventure 2 (depicting Biolizard) and put it on the internet (I know because I spent years looking for it previously). Apparently, Biolizard had an organ that allowed the use of Chaos Control. We can also assume that Shadow has this same organ. Silver and Sonic's access to Chaos control is a mystery, but Silver's could be explained in multiple ways.
    • Indeed. While having an Emerald allows anyone with the sufficient willpower to access Chaos Energy, Shadow is one of two beings able to access it without an Emerald. Having an emerald does allow him greater control, however.

Chaos Control is really getting its power from the Speed Force
The ones most capable of using Chaos Emerald power are incidentally super-speedsters, who are also capable of totally supercharging on it to become even faster. Technology can emulate this effect but only by using the blueprints of the Ultimate Life Form.
  • Explain Silver in 06 then, he was one of the slowest characters in the game and relys on psychic powers, but is shown to be just as good as Sonic at using Chaos Control
  • Chaos Control can also bend Space, as Sonic's first use of it is to escape from a sealed pod, and in fact seems to instantly displace himself back onto the ARK, rather than when Shadow used it when confronting Sonic, where the Control carried him across the field, past Sonic, at incredible speed.

The universe runs on Spiral Energy
According to Sonic Adventure, the Chaos Emeralds are unlocked when they are used with The Power of Friendship. This can be an allegory for fighting spirit, A.K.A. Spiral Power.It has also been proven that humans are not the only race able to use Spiral Energy. Aside from that, Sonic's Heroic Willpower prevents him from being hypnotized. This explains the vast amounts of parallels between Kamina and Sonic and Tails and Simon, and pretty much everything about the Gaia Colossus

Moar evidence for this theory - "Human" Boota is all but the spitting image of a Sonic-style anthro-(pigmole). Going by the comic histories, the "radiation" that mutated normal Earth animals into Mobians was in fact an explosion of Spiral Energy, explaining both the Mobian's rapid evolution and their notable lack of horrifying deformities. This explosion may or may not have happened shortly after Gurren Lagann's Distant Finale.

Chaos Mechanics
OK, so this is basically my theory about how the Chaos Emeralds and the Chaos Energy in general works in the Sonic Universe, taken from in-game usage and the lore of the Sonicverse.

  • As we all know, Chaos Emeralds are like infinite batteries, storing a bottomless amount of "Chaos Energy" that can be used to power machinery or empower creatures with the ability to focus them. The energy can also be stored in other objects to act as a power source when the emeralds themselves are not handy or too valuable to spare. The energy an be stored in "lesser" gems, and in animals. GUN uses their emeralds to mass-produce Chaos Energy-filled gem-batteries for their robots, which they call Chaos Drives, and Robotnik irradiates Flickies and uses them as a combined power-source and easy A.I.
    • The idea that both the Chaos Drives and Flickies are full of Chaos Energy is supported by SA 2's Chao Garden. Chao are deeply linked with Chaos, and lived for who knows long at the Shrine of the Emeralds. They react quite easily with Chaos Energy, which is in both the Chaos Drives and the Flickies you rescue in SA 2. However, after interacting with one once, they drain the energy from the power source and are empowered in a specific physical by the energy. More on Chao later.
      • Chaos Energy only appears in Sonic the Comic and made its way into Fanon, but it isn't canon. The energy given off by the Chaos Emeralds isn't specified to be any specific type of energy in the games, or different from any other source of energy. Also, its implied in the games that the tiny animals are more of computer brains for the robots, and not an energy source like the English translations assumed (such as Sonic the Comic).
      • WRONG! Chaos Energy was mentioned and called by that name in the Japanese backstory of Sonic 3 (heck, it's the reason Sonic and Tails traveled to Angel Island), then in the name of the weapon Eggman uses at the beginning of Sonic Unleashed to break the planet apart using the emeralds' energy (specifically, its name is "Chaos Energy Cannon"[1]), and then in the description of one of the moves in Sonic Chronicles. It may be rarely called by its name, but it's definitely official and canon.
  • Chaos Energy is effected powerfully by emotions. There's many ideas behind why this is (the Emeralds are sentient, Chaos Energy is really Dust, etc.) but the fact stands. This is reflected in the prayer used by Tikal and Knuckles on the Master Emerald. "The Servers are the Seven Chaos"(emeralds) "Chaos is Power, Power is enriched by the Heart. The controller is the one who unifies the chaos." Basically, a person who is focused on one aspect of their emotions can control the Chaos Energy into one of the many powers we have seen from them. This is all over the place: in Sonic Adventure, Chaos was only able to focus on his rage and pain and drew the power of his negative emotions out of the Emeralds, becoming an enormously destructive beast made out of pure liquid malevolence, while Sonic drew on the other, positive power of the Emeralds and became Super Sonic, a more controlled, less crazy super-mode. The Karma Meter of Shadow the Hedgehog is another representation of this aspect of Chaos Energy; it becomes an uberdestructive blast when Shadow is enraged, and manifests as Chaos Control when he's feeling less like causing wanton destruction. The building of the karma meters is emblematic of Shadow focusing his emotions, "unifying the chaos".
    • The Chao come in again here. Anyone who's used SA 2's Chao Garden enough will know that Chao change a lot depending on how they're treated. Chao that are tended to exclusively by Hero characters and treated nicely become shiny and angelic, while Chao that you abuse, and tend to with Dark characters become evil little imps. The emotions surrounding their upbringings changes their mindset and thus changes their appearance.
    • This is also where I should mention that Chaos Energy does not only come from the Emeralds. Or if it does a lot of it is ambient in the Sonicverse by this point (since you can't destroy energy, of course). I say this because Shadow, at least, is shown to be able to use Chaos Powers without any Chaos Emeralds to his name. Case in point: Shadow The Hedgehog's last action stage, after Black Doom takes all the Emeralds, Shadow is still able (and has to) use Chaos Control multiple times throughout the stage. As a skilled Chaos user, he draws on Chaos Energy ambient throughout the area and uses it after sufficiently focusing his thoughts.
      • Jossed by Sonic Battle. Shadow's explanation is he has Maria in his heart, so he no longer needs Chaos Emeralds, also Sonic Battle is when Shadow learns how to use Chaos Control without Chaos Emeralds.
      • Of course if, as Sonic Adventure says, positive emotions amplify energy more than negative ones (Sonic using the positive energy to go Super), then maybe his previously-negative emotions couldn't use the ambient stuff as effectively. Hence, he gained the ability only once he let go of those emotions and used his positive ones of Maria instead.
      • OK, tell me when Sonic Battle happens in the timeline. Seriously, I don't know where to fit it in. But since Shadow does learn to use Chaos Control without the emeralds late in Sonic Battle, well that just reinforces the point that they can be used without the emeralds: note that in both instances, Shadow says that it's his love for maria that strengthens him and allows him to do what he does. "Power is enriched by the heart".
      • From all the possible evidence, Sonic Battle could only canonically take place after Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • On Super Forms and Rings. My guess as to why people need to keep collecting Rings to maintain super forms, outside of the obvious gameplay reasons, is that even with all the Emeralds in one's control, stuff like Chaos Control or Super Modes are not exactly stable. Super Modes are basically filling one's body with a lot of Chaos Energy, far beyond one's ordinary capacitance for the stuff, and actively using that energy to produce flight, invulnerability, and incredible speed. When Sonic is in his Super Mode, he's constantly hemorrhaging Chaos Energy all over the place and expending even more, in order to use his powers, so most likely he can't refill his energy as fast as he drains it, even with all Eight of the Emeralds (they may have infinite energy, but there's a limit to how fast the current is). The Rings are therefore used to stabilize the whole process. The energy shooting all over the place is conducted by the metal ring and sent looping back around, presumably back into Sonic, kinda like an electric circuit. However, the level of energy conducted by the ring is enough to melt the sucker after a full second of exposure (gold having a relatively low melting point), making it crucial to keep collecting rings, as without them, there's no way Sonic (or anyone else with a Super Mode) would be able to maintain all those powers at once.
    • Incidentally, this is why Tails needs the Super Emeralds to achieve a Super Form. He's charging himself and a bunch of Flickies at once, so he needs to be able to channel that much more energy to do it.
      • I just think Tails is inexperienced with the Emeralds.
      • True, that's also a factor.

Nega Wisp Energy takes away an anthro's powers
Hence why Tails did not fight in Sonic Colors.
  • Explain why Sonic can do pretty much all of his normal things, then. He had more direct exposure to the stuff!

Chaos Energy can only be properly used by a living being.
Eggman constantly failed in his past attempts when he had the Chaos Emeralds because he always used them in his machines. None of them ever displayed the abilities that any of the "super" modes did because they weren't alive. It took him a while, but he finally figure that out.

When Eggman came up with his biggest scheme in Unleashed, he set up a half-hearted plot to ensure Sonic would go super and allow him to use all of the Emerald's power to awaken his true objective.

  • Super Mecha Sonic from S3&K would like to speak to you.
    • As an Eggman-brand robot, wouldn't Mecha Sonic have a small animal inside it to process the chaos energy?
      • Nope. No animal comes out of out him after he explodes.
    • I didn't think Mecha Sonic was able to properly harness the Master Emerald, given that it had to stop every 20-30 seconds to recharge.
      • He just ran out of rings.
    • Perhaps the requisite is not living flesh but a self-aware mind. Mecha Sonic, as Eggman's Dragon in Sonic and Knuckles, may have been given such a level of consciousness.

Low-size, low-quality Chaos Emeralds are very common: they're what keeps those Floating Platforms in the air.
They're also responsible for the Asteroid Thicket orbiting around Earth (Mobius, whatever) seen in Doomsday Zone from Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Chaos Emeralds are capable of levitating landmasses, as evidenced by Angel Island and the Master Emerald. Comparing the smaller platforms to the entire Angel Island, it's obvious that the Emeralds levitating these platforms only have a tiny fraction of the energy of the more famous emeralds, hence why Robotnik hasn't tried powering his machinery with them yet.

The prescence of Chaos Energy is the reason there are so many anthros.
Normally,only one intelligent species (in our case,humans) can exist on a planet-and even if there was more they would've killed the other one. Chaos Energy allows multiple intelligent species to survive

Chaos Energy

I know that there is a WMG above on Chaos Powers, but I fear that if I alter it, it'd just be put in a separate WMG anyway. Now, we have seen Shadow and some other characters use Chaos Control without an Emerald. In Sonic Battle, he says it's because he has Maria in his heart, other than me thinking that's a campy Hand Wave, Black Doom most certainly had nobody in his heart and could use Chaos Powers from my memory. Another thing I must bring up, Sonic was able to use Chaos Control with an artificial Chaos Emerald, which had less power than a normal one.

Why Shadow can do this? Simple. Chaos Energy is like radiation, it can grant the person powers, Chaos or not, when exposed to them for a long time. Assuming that Shadow held onto his Emerald until Sonic Battle or for some other long period of time, he was exposed to enough so that he could abandon it. Super Forms are just when a character forces the radiation inside of them, which is why Super Forms can use Chaos Powers without having to carry them around all the time. Another person who suffered Chaos Mutation is Tails. Think about it. In the original Sonic, there were six in total, when you meet Tails, a seventh emerald appears. He obviously gained boosted intelligence and a second tail from the exposure.

  • Except that the first instance of Shadow using Chaos Control without an Emerald was at the end of the White Jungle stage of Sonic Adventure 2, when he warps in and saves Rouge, sans Emerald.
    • IIRC correctly, he only warped after grabbing Rouge and the emeralds. So no, he couldn't use CC without them; he used the emeralds that Rouge had with her.

The Super Emeralds will return in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II.
Just like how you can get the Super Emeralds by locking Sonic the Hedgehog 3 into Sonic & Knuckles, collecting the Chaos Emeralds, and visiting the giant rings during the Sonic & Knuckles levels, when you play Sonic 4's second episode, the game checks to see if you have data from the first episode and collected any Chaos Emeralds, then allows you to play through the game with the opportunity to collect the Super Emeralds.
  • Jossed - They do not appear in Episode II; they are not planned to appear again.

Likewise, the Super Emeralds will NOT return in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II.
...And will instead appear in an Updated Re-release with the two games combined.
  • Possibly Sonic 3 & Knuckles for Iphone...
There's more than one Emerald shrine on Angel Island.
I mean, if the only thing keeping your floating island from crashing into the ocean is a big glowy rock, wouldn't you want there to be a couple of back-up shrines for it to sit in, just in case something happened to the one the Master Emerald is currently in? Not to mention it would explain why it isn't in Hidden Palace zone in Sonic Adventure and its sequel. Not sure where it is in the first Adventure, but the desert it's in at the start of the second one certainly looks a lot like Sandopolis Act 1....
  • Seeing how Hidden Palace was such an essential part to S3&K's story, being the place where Sonic and Knuckles battled and became allies, where Eggman stole the Master Emerald, and where Sonic took a teleporter to Sky Sanctuary, not to mention that it's mentioned in the game's Japanese backstory, I would say it's safe to say that it's still canon as long as S3&K is in continuity. Heck, it was never stated that there's only one emerald shrine, so why wouldn't it be canon?
The red coins in Sonic Colours were meant for a Scavenger Hunt
Or some sort of prize thing...
The reason why Chaos Emeralds weren't the main focus on Sonic Colours...
Because Eggman already had them and hid them away from Sonic in a place of irony: A Video Game!

Regarding the Chaos/Sol Emeralds, and The 'Verse.

In Rush and Rush Adventure, many comparisons are made between the two sets of Emeralds and the North/South poles. Perhaps it's a literal comparison— then, of what? For Rule of Cool, I've conjured up the following crackpot theory:
The main world and the Rush world are on two ends of the entire Sonic multiverse.
I envision a vast Dyson Sphere, with every world, every alternate timeline, every seperate continuity drifting in a massive void. The "prime"-verse Chaos Emeralds and the Sol Emeralds keep the void stable— if the balance were to shift, then the entire Continuity Snarl would come apart at the seams.

The Super Emeralds aren't actually Canon. Likewise, Super Knuckles and Super Tails aren't either.
A major thing that points evidence to this is Sonic Heroes. What happens when Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles get the Chaos Emeralds? Only Sonic goes Super. Knuckles should've gone that way too. Tails obviously can't, since he needs the Super Emeralds. Yet Knuckles didn't. Because he never could be in the first place. This would explain why somehow Silver could, despite having no ties to a Chaos Emerald other than being given one by a freaking Monster. Perhaps it's linked to hedgehogs canon-wise? Who knows for sure. It's the biggest oversight made by Sega, not to mention how badly they shot down nearly everything awesome about Knuckles in the first place. He's gotten a main character role in zero Canon console games. (Black Knight had Sonic go to an Alternate Universe after all)
  • Well, a video for an early build of Sonic Adventure did curiously show 14 Emeralds... it wasn't a transition effect either!
    • I do believe a lot of it falls under What Could Have Been. However, that never came to be, so my theory isn't currently jossed just yet.(wouldn't mind if it was)

Also, this means Super Tails isn't canon either by default. Super Silver is canon, argueably, but his ability was written out thanks to a timey wimey ball. As for anyone who beat Sonic 2006 would know.

  • Well, I have a theory about this. For someone to share their Super form, the person they share with must be the same species as the original user.
    • The only problem with this theory is... Amy. Even Mecha Sonic could use a type of Emerald (Master Emerald in this case) to go partially super. She can't harness the powers of the emeralds at all. She's the only hedgehog that can't. In a similar sense, Blaze is the Token Girl for Super Forms in gameplay. So why can't Amy be allowed to do that? If she can pull out Time Stops in multiplayer mode of Sonic Adventure 2(yes, I know it's not canon), then they could easily write the ability in for her to use a Chaos Emerald.
      • You misunderstood. I meant each time the emeralds are used, all the people who use them should be the same species.
      • Which... still leaves out Amy. Is it because she's not a full main character? Is it because they don't want to give a female hedgehog this ability? The slight thing to note as that she never does attempt to use any Chaos Emerald storyline-wise. While this does argue the Tails point, he does study them, so atleast has some kind of experience. She has zip. Remember, Silver did use some to time travel in 2006, so he does have the appropriate experience, meaning energy is in his body since using it. The only times Amy has possession of one would be (if I remember correctly), Sonic Adventure 1, Sonic Battle, Sonic the Fighters, and that's it. So... they probably just wrote out that any "secondary" character can't do it. They must be a true star player, or they're not allowed. Tails and Knuckles were actually key players. Amy never was. Just had a small bit where she was playable sometimes.(save Sonic Battle, respectively)

How the chaos emeralds got to where they are in Sonic Adventure 2
It's simple: at the end of SA1, Sonic just left them in Station Square. Think about where the emeralds are in SA2: GUN has three, Rouge has one (Which can be thought of as GUN having four), Tails has one (which was given to him as a reward for saving Station Square), Robotnik has one, and the last one is in a bank. My hypothetical sequence of events goes as follows:

Sonic leaves all the emeralds in one place in Station Square. Later, the city finds them and holds onto them. Later, they hold a ceremony and present Tails with the yellow emerald. GUN notices this and realizes that Station Square has the chaos emeralds, and requisitions them. This accounts for five of them. The white one may have been one of the ones given to GUN as well, only to be stolen by Robotnik between games. However, there's another possibility worth considering, namely that the white emerald fell off whatever crumbling overpass Sonic left the emeralds on and Robotnik recovered it at a later date. Something similar may have happened to the green emerald as well, only instead of Robotnik it was found by a random looter who put it in his safe deposit box.

  • In fact, G.U.N. probably gave Rouge the Blue Emerald so she could bribe her way into Eggman and Shadow's good graces.

Amy tracks Sonic by using Chaos Emerald Energy.
Lets think about this for a moment. Amy inexplicably seems to always be able to find Sonic. The guy moves faster then the speed of sound and likes to travel. The odds of her being able to know where he are extremely low. She also seems to always confuse others for him (Shadow, Silver, Werehog Sonic). What do all of these people have in common, besides being guy hedgehogs? They use Chaos Emeralds at some time or another. Why she still doesn't go plowing into them anymore? After the first time, she's able to tell the difference between them and Sonic. She probably doesn't realize she's doing it, though.

A theory on Shadow's Chaos powers
Sometimes he is shown using his Chaos abilities with one or more emeralds in hand. Other times he is seen using them when the known locations of emeralds make it impossible for him to be in possession of one. I've seen fans debate this many times, saying things like he doesn't need any emeralds at all, or that the scene from Sonic Adventure 2 where he rescues Rouge is evidence that he needs at least 3 emeralds to reach space via Chaos Control. This is my personal take on Shadow's abilities:

Shadow is perfectly capable of using his Chaos powers without any outside influence. He doesn't need any emeralds to use his power. But his abilities are at their most basic if he relies on his own energy. Shadow has the ability to draw power and energy from the Chaos Emeralds, and just being close to one is enough to tap into its reserves. Distance is a factor in this ability, and the closer he is to the emerald, the easier it is for him to access its power and vice versa. In addition to distance, the number of emeralds he is close to is also a factor. If he's near 7 emeralds, he can go into Super form for example, and if he's only near one, he obviously can't. However, one emerald is clearly enough to get to the ARK from the surface of the planet.note 

The one thing that's not clear about his abilities is the distance factor. How far away from an emerald does he have to be before the effort required to draw out the Chaos energy outweighs the energy received for his effort?

Presumably other characters such as Sonic have an ability like this as well, making it a natural ability for some. But considering that Shadow was created in a lab, for a project that was supposed to be a living weapon, I believe this ability is strongest or enhanced somehow in Shadow.

The shields in Sonic Heroes are the modern designs of Super Knuckles and Super Tails
This is pretty self-explanatory. In the "Classic" games, Super Knuckles and Super Tails just glowed (Well, that's how glow effects were done, anyway). They didn't change color, they simply glowed. If that was done in Sonic Heroes, where glow effects are actually possible, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between their normal and Super forms at a glance.People have looked into the game files, and found evidence that this is correct.

The Chaos Emeralds are artificial in origin.
Technically Chaos Energy already existed, but they were without form. Despite being supposedly infinite in power, they can be drained by powerful enough being. In reality, the Chaos Emeralds are man-made containers-they located the source of Chaos Energy, and reshaped material created by it into an emerald form. They are a link to infinite power, but can only contained a limited amount at a time.
  • Frontiers josses the part about the Chaos Emeralds being made by humans, but not the plausability of this hypothesis. It's still just as ambiguous as it's ever been.

The good AND bad ending in Sonic CD is cannon
This is why you race Metal Sonic in the bad future in generations. Sonic ran through sonic CD getting the bad endings, then (as the credits for the bad ending show) went back in time and set right what went wrong.

Chaos energy is actually a mass effect field
It explains everything. Sonic and other characters like him are biotics. They use biotic charge to move fast, warp for abilities like chaos spear, and mass-reducing fields to keep Eggman's huge airships and Angel Island afloat. Chaos emeralds contain masses of eezo in their crystalline lattices and are able to enhance a biotic's abilities. Gold rings are disposable kinetic barrier generators, and the bigger teleportation rings are miniature mass relays.

Sonic is a time lord
The time stones are a Tardis. I'm sorry, the game has time travel, I can't help myself
  • I have to add, Sonic is the Doctor, Eggman/Robotnik is the Master. The Master died around the time of sonic 3 and came back as Eggman.

Chaos Emeralds break apart whenever a vast amount of energy is expended
  • Which is why every game before [[Videogame/Sonic Adventure]] had different colours. In addition, this is also the reason why they constantly flee after using them, so that they have time to decompose the now useless 'shells' of the gems to insert the unlimited power into new gem 'shells'.

The Sonic universe has a Fantasy Pantheon, which we've partially seen.
  • Solaris is the Sonic universe's version of Father Time. The Flame of Solaris? That's not the actual deity, but merely an avatar. The Solaris you fight is actually an inferior copy that the Duke of Soleanna created. Mephiles is such a psychopath because Solaris was pissed at his followers trying to control him.
  • Argus is the Sonic universe's God of Space. It has a whole pocket dimension and can create portals to chuck entire nations in. When the Nocturnus were sucked in, they all heard "Argus" in their heads like some sort of mild Mind Rape. Argus is less plot device and more Eldritch Abomination.
  • Light and Dark Gaia. They're uber-powerful entities born out of the rampant Chaos Energy across the universe. Chaos Energy reacts to positive and negative emotions-the former became Light Gaia, and the latter became Dark Gaia. The reason why Dark Gaia is fine with Light Gaia recreating the world he wrecked is because having it either permanently destroyed or permanently fun would be a status quo of order-antithetical to chaos
  • The Master Emerald is a vessel for a god. Said god is in charge of Order. The Master Emerald is the avatar that maintains order, which is why it can limit the power of the Chaos Emerald-powering them is used for emergencies.
  • Illumina is the goddess of dreams. The Maginaryworld is the Dreaming of the Sonic universe. Its also the setting of NiGHTS.
  • Ifrit is a djinn, hence the name. Which means there are more of it.
  • Chaos is a champion of Chaos Energy, and thus Light and Dark Gaia. After the Chao massacre, it became the god of wrath.

Super Sonic is as strong as he needs to be.
The Chaos Emeralds are hinted to be at least partially sentient, so when things get bad, they allow Super Sonic to be born. But how strong he is is directly proportional to the problem at hand - if he is manually tapping into the emeralds during levels, then he is faster and nigh-invincible, but is otherwise fairly simple. But during situations such as a Colony Drop or a world destroying monster, then his strength and speed increase proportionately to how the Chaos Emeralds judge the situation.

Chaos' Tail is a chaos energy magnet
When Chaos is traveling through the jungle in Mystic Ruins, presumably to find Eggman sense this scene comes right after Knuckles opening cutscene, he manages to find his way to Big's hut, possibly to get the chaos emerald. However once Froggy takes his tail he gets the desire to take the emerald, which is odd because he must have been around it for a while, and then Chaos doesn't care about the emerald. Throughout the game, at no point does Chaos ever grab any emeralds, Eggman always gives them to him. Meanwhile in Tails story, Froggy finds another chaos emerald. After Chaos gets his tail back, despite him at no point prior trying to get the emeralds himself, he suddenly gets the urge to take the emeralds and seeks the first six out on Angel Island in the Final Story. He then manages to track down the seventh emerald in the Tornado, even though he should have no reason to know that it is in there, or where the Tornado is. I think this means that Chaos' tail serves as both a magnet to the emeralds and gives whoever has it the desire to collect them.

The extra eighth Emerald in Sonic The Fighters is a replica.
The cast of Sonic The Fighters is fighting each other for the Chaos Emerald they guard to see who gets to go to space and defeat Eggman and Metal Sonic again. That's all fine and good, but there's just one problem: There's 8 playable characters, but there's only supposed to be seven emeralds. Where does the mysterious eighth one come from? When considering Tail's future exploit, the answer is easy to understand: One of them is actually a replica! More specifically, the one held by Tails is a replica. Either that or Fang, who accidentally stole a replica Emerald instead of a real one. The Fighters decide to use it for the spaceship simply to get it back (and have an excuse to beat up more people).

Eggman’s endgame is to turn Sonic into a chaos entity and control him as a weapon

This theory suggests that Eggman may actually be a strategically minded villain than he is often portrayed as. He’s an evil genius apparently capable of escaping any prison and outmatching various military forces. However, his greatest nemesis (that he’s apparently been fighting for years) is a cocky pint sized teenager and his group of misfit friends. He should have enough experience fighting them to at least change up his tactics if his goal is just to kill Sonic and friends so he can take over the world, but he doesn’t. For someone who consistently makes deals with stronger and more dangerous entities that he sends to fight Sonic, Eggman seems oddly reluctant to let any of them kill Sonic. On several occasions, he even joins Sonic’s team temporarily to stop what he instigated if it proves beyond their abilities to win without help (At least the anime version of fighting Chaos and the Final Biohazard, as well as Sonic ‘06 comes to mind. Though there may be others). It happens often enough that plot twists involving Eggman getting betrayed by entities he’s trying to use and not having means to stop those entities or just to survive the impending Armageddon if Sonic doesn’t win start looking far-fetched. How many times can you say “we both want to rule the world/galaxy/dimension so obviously we won’t turn on each other to become the one true ruler” without learning to expect betrayal? Even when he has Sonic captured for six months, he doesn’t do anything more effective than keep him somewhere out of the way. He doesn’t kill or cripple him to keep him from messing up his plans and Sonic seems to be in decent health and on his way towards breaking himself out when he gets rescued (even if that just means running around fighting an endless stream of robots while looking for a way off). While this makes sense outside the game (The Sega mascot dying, losing a limb, or even just being visibly in a damsel in distress state probably wouldn’t go over well with the company), it opens a large plot hole in whatever Eggman wants from fighting Sonic. So just what is his end goal?This may make more sense if the goal is to push Sonic into using his super form repeatedly by presenting a stream of ever more deadly and dangerous challenges (It would make sense to seek out temporary allies as build up fodder once his machines can no longer challenge Sonic enough to enter his super form). While this could be intended as a long game Overclocking Attack, instigating a Superpower Meltdown or Heroic R Ro D, it seems to be taking long enough that Sonic is just getting stronger and may even be building a tolerance to more chaos energy rather than being harmed by it (He needed his super form against Chaos in Adventure, but not in Generations). Continuing this practice regardless of the evidence that it is making Sonic stronger would make sense if this is in line with Eggman’s goal. If Eggman has a theory that making Sonic surpass some level of chaos energy will turn him into a chaos entity on par with or more powerful than Chaos or Dark Gaia, it would make sense to want to keep him alive and intact to test that theory. Add to that, Eggman has had multiple inventions revolving around mind controlling others. Sonic is very set in his identity, and that seems to extend to resistance to mind control (if keeping his personality under Dark Gaia’s influence counts), but Eggman may be banking on the change having a rebirth type phase where Sonic is more susceptible to mind control. If he can force Sonic into whatever peak chaos state and take control of it, he would have a weapon more capable than anything he’s used before. It has the added bonus in Eggman’s book of giving Sonic an ironic end. What could please Eggman better than enslaving the freedom loving thorn in his side and turning him against everything he loves and wants to protect? For plot reasons, the mind control or transformation won’t be as effective as he wants, and Sonic’s friends will get an “I Know You’re in There!” break the mind control device boss fight for the ages (for angst purposes, indications that Sonic is fighting from the inside should be blatant for the player/audience). Also, to appease the company, the transformation can’t be permanent(although it might be an opener if the team wants to update Sonic’s design again).

    Development Diatribes 
The lyrics in the JP/EU version of Metalic Madness Bad Future (Sonic CD) is Eggman talking to the player as a result of Timey-Wimey Ball
In Sonic CD, Eggman conquers the Little Planet via the use of Time Travel va the Time Stones. Hence creating the duel futures that are possible in Sonic CD. By the time you've gotten to Metalic Madness (the last level) it's all but possible that Eggman's gained omnipresence from this time travel (and being able to exist regardless of which Future your in) and has not only seen Sonic beating him, but has seen through the forth wall and seen the player.

Let's look at the lyrics: "You can't do anything"/"So don't even try it, get some help"/"Don't do what Sonic does..."/"Sonic, dead or alive, is m-m-m-mine".

Let's openly assume that Eggman is the one speaking these lyrics. It doesn't make sence for him to tell Sonic to get some help or even refere to him constantly in the second person. So, we could come to the conclusion that Eggman is, infact, talking to the player to lower his or her moral prior to the final boss which, given that it's rather low in the panthion of Sonic final bosses, is his only weapon against the player's final assult.

  • I always thought it was Metal Sonic to rationalize the way the voice sounded. He was basically an evil, metallic Sonic, meaning he might have had enough personality to gain an attitude geared towards being an overall jerk and sore loser. In short, Metal Sonic's mocking you from somewhere in the level to keep you off your feet when you fight his master because he's sore about losing the race you had with him.
    • But he's already been destroyed by this point. That makes no sence...
      • You seem to forget Metal Sonic is a robot, and can be rebuilt atleast to the point of functionality before Sonic arrives. And before you say Robotnik didn't have enough time, I have two words: Egg Fleet.
      • That makes no sense. If Eggman rebuilt Metal Sonic, then why didn't Metal help Eggman fight Sonic in Metal Madness?
      • There is also the fact that Metal Sonic might not have been destroyed, and just too badly damaged to assist Eggman in Metalic Madness zone. All of the other Sonic imitators that have appeared in games have been shown as having been destroyed to a point of being completely unrecognizable; Silver Sonic exploded into nothing, Mecha Sonic was destroyed by Knuckles, blowing up into several pieces. Metal Sonic, on the other hand, crashed into a wall and fell off of Stardust Speedway, shattering his quills in the process but otherwise being whole. This leads me to believe that Metal Sonic survived the race, and it is possible for him to have provided his voice talents for the song.

Sonic Underground was not originally a Sonic show, but retooled into one.
The concept has little to nothing to do with Sonic, so I can't help but think that the show was originally about three original characters using music to fight an oppressive overlord (and possibly find their mother), and either Executive Meddling had the show retooled into a Sonic one, or the makers were told to make a Sonic show and decided on their own to recycle the premise.

Since Sonic's character is mostly intact, it could be possible that the original concept had a Brother–Sister Team of the characters who became Sonia and Manic, and Sonic was added to make it a trio. Likewise, Knuckles was added to give the show more Sonic flavour. Robotnik on the other hand simply took the place of a generic evil overlord.

  • So? SatAM has little to do with Sonic, too. Sega's Sonic was never a member of a team of freedom fighters who fight to free the world from a Robotnik who has already conquered it. The concepts and backstories of Dic's Sonic cartoons were just random like that.
    • Mind you, the premise of the SatAM series is said to be a result of exaggerating the environmental message of the early Sonic games, and development concepts show that the freedom fighters were in fact based off of the animals freed from badniks and egg capsules.

Chemical Plant is actually the Death Egg under construction.
I got the idea from this. Even though that's just a fan game, the Death Egg in that game actually uses Chemical Plant's tiles. Therefore, the "chemical plant" is just a big cover up, the parts of the level Sonic goes through is the outside of the Death Egg and the exterior is actually hidden under the level, being constructed.

Metropolis Zone used to be a lush forest.
In Sonic 2 Beta, screens of the missing Wood Zone have eerie comparisons to parts of Metropolis. Since the idea of Time Travel was tossed around with the development of Sonic 2, then perhaps Metropolis is what Wood Zone was torn down to become?
  • Wood Zone was in the alpha, not the beta

Big the Cat was originally going to be a cow at some point in development
  • Or maybe a hippo.

Blaze the Cat actual characterization is actually glimpses of her original role as the princess of Soleanna in Sonic '06
Not only her character actually debut during the development window of Sonic '06, but both Blaze and Elise also share core similarities that point that Blaze could play perfectly the role of the princess of the game, in the span of one year you had two characters that:

  • are princesses.
  • were cursed with or related to fire (Elise as a monster can, Blaze as a pyrokinetic, fact that can be easily tied in with Iblis)
  • had emotional problems that were related to the plot somehow (Elise was not allowed to cry because of Iblis, Blaze says she is not allowed to express her emotions in Sonic Rush)

  • played some sort of a love interest role (Elise in Sonic '06, Blaze in Sonic Rush as hinted as being a "implied Love interest" toward the end, characterization that stuck with her as seen in later games)

Not only that but lots of elements in the Sonic Rush series actually have similarities with elements found in Sonic '06

  • The Sol emeralds can be seen as the custom gems in Sonic '06
  • The Sol prefix can be found in lots of things but especially in Soleanna and Solaris
  • The scepters (Jeweled and Darkness), of both games.

Both characters share the same basic concepts, hinting the Blaze might have had her development transfered from Sonic '06 to Sonic Rush, Blaze's actual characterization is actually glimpses of her original role as the princess of Soleanna in Sonic '06, not only that but scrapped concepts of Sonic's Story in Sonic '06 could have been recycled in Sonic Rush.

Sonic Heroes' Hang Castle Zone is based on the Stone Tower Temple.
There are a lot of things Hang Castle has in common with Majora's Mask's last dungeon.
  • They are haunted.
  • They are found very late in their respective games.
  • They are set outdoors.
  • They have gravity-flipping mechanics triggered by attacking something.
    • The music changes depending on if the stage is right side up or upside-down, with a "trippy" version when upside-down.
  • They have eye motifs. (Flags in Hang Castle, Various paintings and statues in Stone Tower)
  • There is one point in both stages where you need to float over a strong updraft.
  • There is a statue that resembles the games' antagonists when turned upside-down. In Stone Tower, it's a man with an open mouth when right side up and Majora's Mask when upside-down. In Hang Castle, it's Dr. Eggman when right side up and Metal Sonic when upside-down.

However, there is no random statue of a hand pointing upwards next to a phallic spire in Hang Castle. Nevertheless, just as the Stone Tower has a popular theory about its builders challenging the goddesses, Hang Castle also seems to have a strong feeling of unholiness and blasphemy around it. I may look into this later.

On the other hand, the haunted pirate ship in Sonic Rush Adventure bears no relation to the one in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.
They were released so close to each other as to be Dueling Games. There's no way they can have all the similarities they have without it being a coincidence.

Tikal, Chaos, Jet, Wave, Storm, E-102 Gamma, and Emerl were going to be in Sonic Colors, but were Dummied Out
Their names can be found as save names on the Wii version, depsite not appearing at all on DS.

Robotnik's appearance and alternate name is loosely inspired by (the chorus of) The Beatles' I Am the Walrus
I'm sure this has been joked about many times before, but since it's not on this page... well, he is the Eggman, and his moustache and corpulent build is suggestive of a walrus. Goo goo g'joob.
  • Not really a WMG, since it was confirmed, like, ages ago, as of the original Sonic The Hedgehog. Originally there were a lot of Beatles references in the game, but SEGA execs wanted to make the series stand on its own, so many of the references were cut out of the game. "Eggman" and the walrus 'stache are leftovers.

Expanding on the Beatles comparison, Eggman's father has the name John or Paul Robotnik.
The two were the writers of the I Am The Walrus, so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch that one of them shares a first name with Eggman's father. Whether John or Paul would be Eggman Sr's first name is up for grabs. Plus it'd be kind of funny to imagine Big Bad Dr Eggman growing up with a musician as a dad.

Silver is basically a hedgehog Trunks, and Shadow has more than a few similarities to Vegeta (they're both dark counterparts to the main character that later became anti-heroes, incredibly powerful and incredibly popular.) Their Arthurian counterparts are Lancelot (Shadow) and Galahand (Silver), who are father and son in legend. Shadow will never age, meaning he could easily live in Silver's time and procreate. Shadow's powerful Chaos abilities may account for Silver's psychic abilities-of course, this could also come from inheriting his "grandfather" Black Doom's mind control abilities. Since Shadow's speed originates from his rocket boost, it would go to explain why Silver is the slowest of the three hedgehogs. This leaves the question of who Silver's mother is: if it's a current Sonic character then that would probably mean Silver has experienced time travel before, and who you'd consider the "Bulma" of the Sonic group.
  • Clearly his mother is Amy. Sooner or later, she moves on, marries Shadow, and has Silver. And then Silver travels back in time and she basically hits on him. Perfect 1 to 1 comparison.
  • Jossed long ago.

Tails' absence in the early builds of Sonic Adventure 2 is directly related to his character development in the previous game.
In Sonic Adventure 1, Tails realises that he can't rely on Sonic forever and learns to be more independent. It's quite possible that, early on in development, Sonic Team decided to have Sonic and Tails go their separate ways, and possibly bring Tails back at a later date, but due to the fans' requests, brought Tails into the game. This would explain why he effectively learnt the same lesson (about being more independent) in Sonic adventure 2 as the previous game.

Early during Sonic Adventure 2's Sonic Adventure 2's Development when there were only three playable characters, Mission Street was supposed to be a Sonic level.
In the original Dreamcast version of the game, a Codebreaker could be used as a means of playing as characters in levels originally not meant for them to be played in. However, using this device to play as, say, a speed character in a shooting level, or a shooting character in a treasure hunting level, would lead to some glitchy results, such as the character spawning under the floor or inside a wall, making the level unplayable without Debug Mode.

However, using codes to get Sonic into Mission Street, a Tails level, has no glitchy results, and Sonic spawns in the exact same position as Tails does. Not only this, but most shooting levels involve obstacles made for the shooting mechanic that would render the level unbeatable for a non-shooting character. However, all shooting targets, which would otherwise be mandatory to progress through the level, aren't compulsory in Mission Street, and Sonic can beat the level perfectly fine without any problems.

So it's possible that Mission Street was intended as a Sonic level (possibly following City Escape, as it shares some of its aesthetic qualities during the beginning and end of the level), but the level was given to Tails once he was implemented in the game, and any loops, steep inclines, automated spring sections, etc., were removed, and various shooting targets were implemented, to make the level work better with Tails.

Red Mountain is actually Lava Reef
Lava Reef and Red Mountain are both part of Angel Island, and the second part does bear some resemblance to Lava Reef. At the very least it's above Lava Reef (Since Lava Reef is underground and Red Mountain part 2 is... well, part of Red Mountain)

Eggman's father owned/was part of an amusement park/circus.
This may go to explain Eggman's childishness and being fond of putting amusement park/circus elements in stages/Eggmanland.

Regarding the soundtrack to Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Apparently, there is/was a lawsuit regarding Sonic 3K's soundtrack and its composers. Nobody at Sega is allowed to tell anyone about who composed what for the game, and so all the information we have is from people who have left Sega. Plus, the only certain music tracks have ever been remixed or re-used by Sega in recent times. A possible explanation? Sega can only remix/reuse the music that was composed by musicians who still work at, or are associated with, Sega; not MJ's music team or former Wavemaster employees. To give a better idea, here are the tracks that have been remixed and who composed them:

  • Angel Island Zone- Sonic's 10th Anniversary CD seems to indicate that Tomonori Sawada, still based at Sega, did the composition. This track was remixed in Brawl and Sonic Generations as an unlockable track.
  • Hydricity Zone- Act 1 is believed to have been composed by Sachio Ogawa, who is still at Wavemaster. Act 1's music was an unlockable track in Generations. Act 2, which was arranged from the original by Masayuki Nagao, (an ex-Wave master musician) has not been remixed in any Sega game.
  • Marble Garden- Not known
  • Mushroom Hill- Likely composed by Sochio Ogawa. The tune was remixed in both versions of Generations.
  • Flying Battery- Believed to be composed by Tatsuyuki Maeda, who still works at Sega. Was remixed in Sonic Generations as an unlockable track.
  • Sandopolis- A Tatsuyuki Maeda track, was remastered in Sonic Generations.
  • Sky Sanctuary- A Tomonori Sawada composition, this track was remixed in Mario & Sonic at the winter games, Sonic Generations and Sonic & All-Stars racing Transformed.
  • Sonic & Knuckles title- This was composed by Howard Drossin who still composes music for Sega. Was remixed in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.
  • Act Clear- This track has been reused in virtually every Sonic game since it was first used, and was composed by Jun Senoue.
  • Final Boss- believed to be composed by Tatsuyuki Maeda, was remixed for the 3DS version of Sonic Generations for the "Big Arm" boss. Earlier versions of the game used the music for Doomsday Zone, also believed to be a Maeda track.

Sonic 3's credits track is known to be an MJ/Buxer composition, and it wasn't remixed. Lava Reef act 2 was composed by Nagao (a la Hydrocity Act 2) and it, along with act 1, was never remixed by Sega. Carnival Night, Ice Cap, Launch Base, and the Competition music are also believed to be composed by MJ and his team, and have never been remixed in a Sega title.

A fight with Tails was planned in Sonic Colors, but got Dummied Out.
It would have had a gimmick where you if you hit Tails, You'd lose some rings, and Tails would recieve none. So the main goal would be to get Tails to attack the Eggmobile to drain the Nega Wisp Energy. But Sega thought this would too dark for the light-hearted mood of the game, and it would be too good to waste, so they did a fake out instead.

Think about it-Eggman's father would have to deal with the knowledge that his father Gerald is one of the most infamous criminals by public knowledge, that his death involved a massive cover-up and that his brother's daughter Maria (and probably his brother as well) was murdered in a government cover-up. Add to the friction that would create with his wife, and I doubt young Ivo was raised properly. Then there's the fact he idolized Gerald, a major government criminal who would have been demonized, either staining his reputation or forcing him to hide. Finally, we know Eggman has a child because of Eggman Nega's existence, so what happened to his wife? There was probably a messy divorce. While the upbringing may not explain why Eggman wants to Take Over the World (that's probably a twisted take on his grandfather's dreams), it's probably responsible for his narcissism and egomania: its a coping mechanism due to the scorn he's gained. This could be applied to Eggman Nega, however since Eggman is both a genuine criminal and has done far worse than Gerald, Eggman Nega grew to outright hate his peers, and the world as well.

SATAM Robotnik is a Captain Planet villain.
Julian Robotnik is clearly evil. There's no reason why he's fond of pollution. SATAM and Captain Planet are environmental messages. Also, there do not seem to be any humans in the SATAM universe besides him and his nephew. In reality, Julian Robotnik is from the Captain Planet universe, but unlike his brethren he's subtle. The Only Sane Man of the eco-villains, he migrated to the Sonic multiverse when he realised that his fellow ecovillains would run the planet into the ground so hard they'd be screwed as well, and that if they were finally beaten he would incur the wrath of Gaia. The reason why he wanted to roboticize all life on Mobius (besides the obvious) is because he wouldn't end up killing everyone when he destroys the biosphere. The same goes for his bolt-ears and whatever it is that made his eyes the way they are.

Eggman will get the Draco in Leather Pants treatment, if he hasn't already.
Eggman fits a number of qualifications for giant leather pants: he's hilarious, rather nice for a world conqueror, surprisingly Badass with moments of magnificence, and an implied Freudian Excuse. That's pretty much a recipe for fans treating him a bit too sympathetically. Considering that SEGA themselves have been trying to downplay his evil nature, I'm surprised he isn't an example anyway. If a sociopathic big-boned kid and a chimera-esque Spirit of Disharmony can be treated much more sympathetically than they should, then Eggman getting this treatment should be a no-brainer.

The Magic Gloves were based on Black Arms technology.
There is a Black Arms weapon in Shadow The Hedgehog, the Vacuum Pod, that has the same function as the Magic Gloves. Black Doom probably brought some of their technology along with him to the ARK for GUN / Gerald Robotnik to study, and the Magic Gloves were the result of that.

If Sonic goes the speed of sound, then the games are much slower than what is actually going on.

Hedgehogs are a magical, legendary species in Sonic's world.
Consider how every hedgehog in the game series is not only over-powered, has the ability to use Chaos Control, and is overall more important than characters of other species'. Amy is perhaps an exception because of some sort of defect, or (see following WMG).

Amy is much more powerful than she appears to be.
When Shadow removed the rings around his wrists, he became more powerful. Amy also has rings around her wrists that possibly serve the same function as Shadow's: limiting power until necessary. Also, in regards to the previous WMG, it's possible that the hedgehogs of Sonic's world are more powerful than any other species.

Sonic is gay.
Referring to the game canon and the original undubbed Japanese anime canon, leaving out the Archie comics. It sounds like a longshot and something that would need explicit evidence (i.e. an outward confession from Sonic), but there is a bit of Ho Yay involving him in the anime, specifically a scene in which he flirts with Knuckles whilst holding a flower and spouting lines such as "Don't be like that!". Also note his flamboyant personality throughout the entire series, especially the anime. Albeit, Japanese Sonic is much more so than American Sonic, who people are unfortunately much more familiar with while his Japanese characterization is much more interesting.

"Knight of the Wind" is based on the main theme of Black Knight 2000.
Here is the ''Black Knight 2000'' main theme. And here is "Knight of the Wind" from Sonic and the Black Knight. Things the two songs have in common:
  • They are both in games with the phrase "Black Knight" in them. In both games, this black knight is the immediate adversary. Both games are also Anachronism Stews with a medieval focus.
  • Both songs are up-tempo rock with an 80's style.
  • Both songs have lyrics that begin with someone going "Whoa-ooa-ooa-ooa."
  • Both songs eventually talk about gaining "the power."
It would not be unusual for a Sonic game to reference a pinball machine; after all, Sonic is the video game character most associated with pinball, and SEGA actually made pinball machines during the latter half of the 90's, albeit in the United States. However, the soundtrack for Sonic and the Black Knight has a lot of American composers in it, most of whom have been playing video games for a long time, long enough that they may have already been gaming by the time Black Knight 2000 came out in arcades in 1989. No doubt Black Knight 2000 popped up in discussion at least once during development.

    Meta Madness 
Sega has been trolling hardcore Sonic fans since the Genesis days

The whole original game is a hallucination of a drug-addicted marathon runner
  • Sonic is inspired by the man's pet hedgehog, the only thing that truly still loves him, and therefore the perfect animal to manifest as himself in his hallucinations.
  • Everything is so colorful because, well, he's on a drug trip.
  • The enemies are a combination of all of his appliances (which, in his insane mind, are out to get him) and the insects and animals he finds around and outside his house.
  • He needs to keep collecting rings because his marriage is falling apart, but his wife is the only thing that encourages him to keep on living; if he loses his ring, he dies.
  • Dr. Robotnik is his father, who keeps trying to stage an intervention, but the man sees him as trying to rob him of his happiness.
  • The special stages are what happens when he shoots up again, causing him to temporarily lose ALL of his focus on reality.
  • The Chaos Emeralds are his grip of reality during his drug trip. That is why at the end of the game, if you fail to collect all of them, his "father" will be juggling them around, just like his juggling relationship with his dad. The TRY AGAIN is a simple means of his brain telling him to take more drugs to be happy.

The Earth in the games is displaced in space and/or time from the real one.
Several continuities suggest this, such as Archie's "aliens dropped genetic bombs on the planet" story. The games themselves seem to accept this. In Shadow the Hedgehog, maps are seen in G.U.N.'s headquarters showing the planet... and its structure is vastly different, including a detached Africa. SEGA may reject the name "Mobius" from their canon, but the reality behind it remains.
  • Alternatively, said cataclysm that gave the games anthropomorphic animals, magic and humans with more power than they normally should have, was a result of Dark Gaia previous destroying the world/Light Gaia rebuilding it millions of years ago. Most likely it was an alternate equivalent of the K-T extinction.

The events in the Sonic the Hedgehog games happen in the far-future of the world in Girl Genius.
Sonic and his walking, talking animal friends with extraordinary powers are the descendants of various constructs in Girl Genius. Dr. Robotnik is a Spark, which explains his superhuman skill with building machines and robots, and also his ludicrous world domination plans and penchant for melodrama. GUN is the eventual descendant of the Wulfenbach Empire; the various hovercraft and mecha they use are high-tech descendants of the airships and 'clanks' seen in Girl Genius. The Chaos Emeralds are ancient Heterodyne artifacts whose original purpose and means of manufacture have been lost to time.

Physics are meaningless.
None of the characters, human hedgehog or otherwise seems to be harmed by gravity or G-forces. On this planet, Hedgehogs are bipedal, lanky, and multi-colored and every single animal (even some of the non-anthro ones) in this game seems to have magical properties. This isn't earth, or even our universe, or even a universe based on ours, the laws of physics are drastically different. Especially since several of the characters are shown to be able to breath in space. Therefore, in this universe, air isn't required for living beings, and maybe earth has no atmosphere at all, which would explain why characters can run so fast without the air ripping them apart through friction.

Gravity works differently, which is why no-one is hurt from falling and can openly defy gravity, and is also why big headed animals and big bodied characters like Eggman can stand without falling over.

Contact works differently which explains how Tails can move his tails without them tangling or hitting eachother, it explains why rings and items just dissapear and also explains clipping issues with some characters.

Energy also acts differently. Everyone knows energy cannot be created or destroyed, so how can the chaos emeralds GENERATE unlimited amounts of energy, where Blazes sudden fireballs come from and also why shadow can use up his chaos energy when in theory this is impossible.

And just as an idea, in this universe E=MC2 is different somehow, the result being that matter is transfered into tiny amounts of energy that most creatures can store inside themselves (possibly as chaos energy). This explains where Amy keeps her hammers, where tails keeps his weapons in Sonic Battle and where all characters keep their rings/chaos emeralds. It also possibly explains why Super forms use up rings, since they need to keep a constant storage of Chaos Energy.

  • Perhaps its not that the laws of physics are meaningless, but the existence of Chaos Energy allow people to override them. Life there just has Bizarre Alien Biology.

Sonic Unleashed happens directly after another already known Sonic game

Sonic already has the Seven Chaos Emeralds at the start, and has already overthrown Eggman. Likely canidates include Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic and Tails return home with the seven emeralds, Eggman builds a space station, and Sonic already has the emeralds so he crushes him. Another one would be Sonic Chronicles, as long as 2 doesn't come out. Super Sonic single handily overthrows Eggman, having gotten the emeralds from the Twilight Cage, and that's where the game picks up. And then there are the people who place it in between Sonic 2 and Sonic 3. The space armada is just a highly stylized Death Egg, and the entire game is an alternate ending. The fact that Knuckles nor Shadow nor any of the new characters show up just adds to the theory. As for Amy, it depends on when you place Sonic CD in the timeline.

  • I think you might be on to something there. What plane does Tails use in Sonic Unleashed? The TORNADO-1. That's right, not the Tornado-2 that he uses from Sonic Adventure onwards. The Tornado-1, the classic plane he uses in Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
    • Uh, it's possible that Tails was simply feeling 'retro' and decided to use the basic original design for the Tornado complete with the red paint, and decided to call it the Tornado-1. Also, the Sonic Unleashed plane is capable of the transformation technology Tails did not perfect until Sonic Adventure 2 (not the first one—remember, "no landing gear"?).
  • Unleashed would have to take place after SA2 for the simple fact that in SA2 Eggman seems completely unaware that the Earth and its people can survive being shattered, while in Unleashed he's obviously banking on it.
  • Wait... I can't remember. Which came first, Sonic Unleashed or Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood? If Brotherhood came first, it's definitely immediately after that, considering Sonic had all the Emeralds, AND Eggman already had the world under his thumb.
    • I don't believe, from what I've heard anyway, that Chronicles referenced Unleashed, but I do think it was released after. It makes more sense if Chronicles game after Unleashed, though.
  • But the world sure doesn't look like a global Eggmanland. The people sure don't look opressed. Heck, he released Dark Gaia so he could make a city for himself. Besides, Tails has the old Tornado in Chronicles, despite the fact it clearly takes place after Sonic Adventure and Shadow the Hedgehog, If you bother reading the text and codex. Also, didn't is seem like he used the emeralds to wake up Dark Gaia, who shattered the world, not the otehr way around.
    • Unless GUN (and other militias) managed to hold Eggman's forces off and prevent him from taking over the entire world, and Sonic did a quick job liberating what the doctor had control of.

The future Iblis destroyed still exists
In Sonic CD, you travel to the future, and either get a good or bad future. The bad future looks eerily similar to the future Iblis destroyed. The Tiny Planet is probably caught in the paradox created in Sonic 06, since time is different on Tiny Planet. Further more, in Sonic Rivals 2, another dimension is revealed that looks exactly like the future Iblis destroyed. Its a city destroyed by fire, and there's a fire demonic thingy there named Ifrit. This "alternate dimension" is the future that was erased with Sonic 06, except it wasn't really erased and still exists in some form.

Blaze's alternate universe is also a future to the current timeline
Maybe the universe is parallel but also the future. It would explain how Rush Blaze and St H 06 Blaze are the same, which they are clearly intended to be.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics) has part of lihikans life force
Hencefoth, the super transformations. also,he has Hydros's life force as well.

You're naked in Sonic's world if you're not wearing gloves
Everyone is wearing gloves, even Dr Eggman. Even if they aren't wearing anything else. One scene of Sonic X even shows Rouge bathing with her gloves on! Also, in Sonic Unleashed, when Sonic turns to the Werehog, his gloves get ripped off, but then they become Magic Pants as they reapear. The reason for this is the same reason the Hulk keeps his Magic Pants, you're naked on Sonic's world without gloves. Mobian Moral Guardians force everyone to wear gloves.
  • This is also the reason we don't see reproductive organs on any of the naked animals- said organs are found on forelimbs.
    • But that means... eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
      • Hmm...Does that mean the mobians are the same species as Kif?
  • About the Sonic X bit: Wouldn't Rouge, of all people, at least take off her "clothes" to bathe? Or would we take this to mean that, in fact, by her world's standards, she's extremely prudish? (Only to accentuate what the humans sexualize instead? Hmm...) Finally... wait, when was this?
  • So does that mean everyone in Station Square in Sonic Adventure was naked?
    • While it's quite amusing to imagine Station Square as a giant nudist colony, it's more likely the gloves taboo only applies to animals, and the reason some humans adopt it is because it happens to be fashionable.
    • Robotnik probably hangs around furries more often than the people in Station Square and Capital City, so he knows taboos and customs of animals and wears gloves to prevent cultural shock.
  • Hang on, does this mean that Darkspine Sonic was fighting in the nude?! He's wasn't wearing gloves or shoes…
    • By human standards he was already fighting in the nude as Darkspine Sonic! How has it taken you only now to notice?
    • Alternatively, gloves are shirts and shoes are trousers. Of course, this would mean that Roughe was technically taking a bath with her shirt on...

The Storybook Series presents a set of fantasies created by Sonic to deal with the psychological trauma of previous games.
Related to some of the above. Each storybook games takes a classic but somewhat varied story and disrupts its plot on a large, often metatextual, scale. The heroic story (Scherazade's and Aladdin's or Arthur's) is stopped by some kind of outside interference in the story, such as the intrusion of realism or broad concepts into Sonic's heroic adventure. Characters in the piece are replaced with the image of people Sonic knows where appropriate, except in the particular case of a constant feminine image never shown in the real series. In Sonic and the Secret Rings, this feminine image, personified as the genie of the ring, is willing to do things she considers wrong out of desperate and obviously unrequited love for the genie of the lamp. This reflects Elise in Sonic 2006, who was very nearly willing to allow Solaris to destroy time in order to preserve her meeting with Sonic. Sonic created the story of Erazor Djinn erasing the Arabian nights to stand for Solaris' threatening space-time, with Elise (as Shahra) his hesitant ally, and almost Solaris' enabler. Since Sonic doesn't remember Sonic 2006 except on a subconscious level, the story of Secret Rings, really a feverish hallucination, allows him to deal with what happened. He imagines himself using wishes to force her to do the right thing in order to pretend that he had control when he asked her to just smile. The other characters, represented as heroes within the different stories, are Sonic confirming what would have been lost to himself.

Since that bit of therapy worked so well, his mind rehashed the events of the Sonic Adventure 2 Cycle (Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog) and Sonic Unleashed in the same manner as an excuse to avoid a date with Amy—one to which Sonic apparently consented in the first place. Arthurian legend revolves around mortality, the quest for ultimate power and ultimate morality, and some gender issues, making it perfect for this task. The end of the Round Table in the normal story symbolizes normal mortality, normal life and death; Merlina seeks to halt that cycle to preserve happiness eternally, but fails to see that it comes at the price of a deal with the figurative devil, specifically the underworld. This corresponds to Gerald Robotnik's dealings with GUN and Black Doom to preserve Maria's life indefinitely. Merlina (who sounds like Shahra, her counterpart, who was voiced by Maria's voice actor in the English dub) in some ways represents both Maria and and Eggman, caught up in the failings and image of a grandparent and desperately trying to right that wrong. In some ways the Black Knight represents Shadow—an atrocity created for an ulterior motive who fails in his task, and is ultimately a cover for a greater villain—Black Doom or The Dark Queen.

However, Sonic is only blending the familiar story of the Robotnik family shame with Arthurian legend to deal with his own negative feelings about the Dark Gaia incident. The Black Knight represents the werehog, or at least what Sonic was afraid the werehog might become, and Arthur represents Sonic as evidenced by the revelation that Sonic is the true King Arthur in the game's finale. Sonic is clearly anxious about his werehog form through Unleashed, and his and Chip's revelations about its power imply that Sonic would have at least been tempted toward darkness, simply enabled to fight it by his pure heart and iron will. The Black Knight represent what he feels the werehog truly is, that is, evil shaped in his image, nonetheless used for a positively-intended end. Merlina and Caliburn both stand in for Eggman, with Merlina representing his potentially well-intended meddling resulting in a larger disaster and Caliburn representing Eggman's tendency to bring out the best in Sonic and enable him to fight the true ultimate foe (Chaos, Biolizard, Solaris, Dark Gaia). Amy's prominent and positive role as the Lady of the Lake is a result of Sonic's increased respect for her due to her increasingly mature and respectful displays of affection and caring triumphing over her Stalker with a Crush tendencies. Her being fooled by Merlina's false Arthur signifies a concern that Amy's trust in him is misplaced.

His ultimate transformation into his golden armored form represents his ability to triumph over the evil inherent in the werehog form without abandoning the power it lends him; his defeat of the final boss signifies his intent to bring good and evil, life and death, and the very world back into balance. The reason time and mortality are such a focus in the game is that given the obvious pain of the werehog transformation and some Wii S 2 dialog about Sonic's appearance, is that Sonic must have believed that the werehog form was going to kill him and he was trying to prepare himself for his inevitable death, either from the events of Unleashed or a later incident.

Every single path of Shadow the Hedgehog actually did happen.
Shadow has entered an endless recursion of time which ends and recurs after he receives all seven Chaos Emeralds in each ending. The only way to stop the loop is to destroy both Black Doom and the Black Comet before the 'this is who I am' sequence occurs. Shadow may or may not be completely oblivious to it by the end of each story path, but he definitely has his memory wiped at the start. After the final ending, every single path of memory comes together, leaving Shadow dreadfully confused as to what his true purpose is. And so the game segues into the plot of Sonic Battle, where Shadow is still completely lost about where he's going, but at least has all his memories back.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is canon, and thus its characters will appear in Sonic Colors
  • It is trying to be more lighthearted. Imagine Wes Weasley selling tickets for the park or Scratch Grounder and Coconuts as a sub boss.
  • If such were the case, then why did Shadow The Hedgehog lack Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) characters?
  • Or any Underground ones in 06?
    • Jossed. Scratch And Grounder have exipes though.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is canon, and Scratch and Grounder's AI were transferred into new robots.
Orbot and Cubot, to be specific.
  • ...So how come that the games take place in a different planet, Tails has a different backstory, and the characters act totally different from their AOSTH counterparts, then?

Mobius is the Saiyan's original home planet thousands of years before the events of Dragon Ball and Sonic's Species are the ancestors of the Saiyans.
Before they evolved they could only go Super Saiyan by collecting the 7 Chaos Emeralds, but they evolved a way of going super saiyan without it, and the werehog transformation evolved into the Oozarus.
  • Does this mean that Sonic is the ancestor to the House of Vegeta?
  • I'd say Shadow is Vegeta's Ancestor and Sonic is Kakarot's

The Cosmic Interstate explains all the continuities.
Every continuity with Sonic, from SEGA to Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) to Adventures to Fleetway all exist as universes on the Cosmic Interstate. As for the differences of SEGA's Blaze and Archie's Blaze,they are two close timelines of one another.
  • Um, isn't this canon? Very earlier issues of the Archie comics show that alternate universes can be accessed by just cruising down the Cosmic Interstate. In the very first issue the Interstate is featured in Sonic makes contact with Anti-Mobius/Moebius for the time. Later issues show Sonic meeting a large variety of different versions of himself. He even makes contact with the Sonic Underground continuity and one that most people consider to be The Movie continuity. It's only logical to assume that all other Sonic continuities are accessible from the Interstate as well.
    • Hardly. How does Archie considering the cartoons alternate universes to its continuity have any relevance to the games' canon? Especially when the comics have never depicted the game continuity as one of the universes? ESPECIALLY when Sega is the one dictating the game canon, not Archie?

The SEGA continuity is the Cosmic Interstate's Earth Prime.
The Archie continuity has explored several universes, including other continuities. Yet we've never seen any cross-continuity crossover between the two. This is because SEGA continuity is the equivalent of Earth-Prime, and destroying it would destroy all Sonic-based realities. The reason the No Zone regards Archie continuity as the Prime Universe is due to the main continuity hiding itself from them, or to prevent people targeting it.
  • Additionally, one big difference between the Archie continuity and the games is the reduced mobian population. The games take place in a not-so-distant future from the Archie series where Mobians are an endangered (albeit protected) species.
    • Or instead of Gene Bombs replacing most animals with Mobians, they were made by Chaos Energy mutating animals. This was not nearly as cataclysmic, hence why SEGA!Mobius has more advanced and friendly human civilizations
  • The other reason the No Zone calls Archie!Sonic Mobius-Prime is because its the version of Mobius which most universes are based off. SEGA!Sonic's world is actually Mobius-Alpha, as its were all other realities sprang from.

All the cartoons & the comics actually exist in the main continuity as Meta Fiction
SEGA!Sonic is obviously a celebrity on his world since he's defended it from Eggman & other villains so many times, so it's likely he would've had media based off of him to fuel his ego. So the cartoons/anime (AOSTH, SatAM, SU, Sonic X & even Sonic Boom) and the Archie & Fleetway comics actually exist as Meta Fiction in the Sega-verse. Sonic himself would obviously love all of his media depictions (except maybe Fleetway for turning him into a jackass). Tails would have mixed feelings towards his depictions (hating his AOSTH & SatAM portrayals due to them making him a helpness little kid that needs protecting, but liking or at least not minding his other portrayals) and so would Eggman (he'd hate AOSTH & early Archie for making him look like a buffoon, but absolutely love his SatAM & later Archie depictions for making him a serious, scary villain. Everything else would just be "meh".)
  • This is actually implied to be canon as of a recent Twitter Takeover, and then some. Eggman actually references Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine both as a game and as a previous scheme of his!
The reason for the looped and/or suspended streets.
They built them that way. There's no way for a normal car to use them, so why do they exist? Well, it's a little like a lightning rod. Chaos Energy "likes" rings and loops and things of that nature; it's why there are rings hanging in the air, as well. The city tried building a normal city without them, but their normal roads quickly became warped and twisted. So, they built sections of useless (until the Sonic characters use them) roads so the Chaos Energy will maybe mess with them and leave their normal roads alone. They even put loops in spots so it'll flow better! Remember the loop on that building in Sonic Adventure 2? Do you think it was built just so Sonic can take it and run down the building? Or how about the first part of Speed Highway in Sonic Adventure? Lots of streets, but no cars; after all, who would drive on them?

Mobius is an alternate universe of Bleach
  • Just think about it. All of the characters in Mobius can be matched with characters from Bleach.
    • Silver= Toshiro Hitsugaya, Knuckles= Renji Abarai, Amy= Orihime Inoue, Sonic= Ichigo Kurosaki (duh), etc...

The Sonic series takes place in and around a fantastic version of New Zealand
Officially, the Sonic games take place on and around South Island, which is in the Pacific Ocean. Now, there's actually an island by that name in the Pacific Ocean, and it's part of New Zealand. Seems a logical enough conclusion.
  • And considering that New Zealand is considered to have the most bizarre geography in the world....

Specific species identity of the Sonic character and/or locations.
  • If Sonic lives in South Island, New Zealand, then he'd have to be a European Hedgehog. Amy presumably is the same species, though she could be another. Since we see her in Station Square, she's probably from the United Nations/USA. Silver would also be a European Hedgehog, since its the only species of hedgehog you naturally find in Italy (fitting the fact Soleanna is basically Venice). Shadow's species is up for grabs, though.
  • Tails fur colouration and cute-as-a-button apperance would come from the fennec fox, however he lacks the huge ears and fennec foxes don't have a white tip on their tail. Red foxes do have regular ears and a white tip on their tail-Tails may be a hybrid of the two. The twin tails may be a mutation as a result of hybridizing two different fox species.
  • If we're going to add parallels of areas in the Sonicverse and real life, Angel Island is probably Tasmania-its close to the aforementioned South Island and probably small enough to rise into the sky thousands of years ago without anyone else knowing. This would make Knuckles a Short-Beaked Echidna.
  • Out of all armadillo species, only two can curl up into a complete ball-the Brazilian and Southern Three-Banded Armadillo. Mighty would be one of these two
  • Given the shape of Vector's mouth, he must be an American or saltwater crocodile. Espio would be part of the Kinyongia chameleon genus, as both they and Espio have a single horn. Charmy strikes the apperance of the European Honey Bee
  • Big and Blaze are two different breeds of domestic cat.
    • Big is almost certainly a Maine Coon if this is the case.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Animal Crossing are set in the same world.
Both feature humans living alongside large-headed anthropomorphic animals, with nobody considering this unusual. Sonic is a distant relative of the Able Sisters, but doesn't often visit because he interferes with people's fishing by running everywhere.
  • My extra theory: Animal Crossing takes place several thousands of years ago on a distant planet from Earth. Tom Nook is a Nocturnus. He pretty much destroyed the cilvilization seen in Animal Crossing with Dark Gaia. He managed to get to Earth and create Rouge, a bat-human hybrid, and stuffed her in a gyroid as a baby. He's now in the Master Emerald.

The various stories in Sonic Adventure are parallel universe versions of each other, albeit unusually closely connected in weird ways.

  • The evidence for parallel versions:
    1. The dialogue. Significantly different for just about every line witnessed by more than one character. Could be chalked up to the twice told tale effect, but there's better evidence to come.
    2. The tweaks to the level layout, such as: The positioning of the Chaos Emerald in Casinopolis. The positioning of the Capsule in Sky Deck. The handle or lack of one in the Hot Shelter room where Big finds Froggy. And so on.
  • The evidence for connections:
    1. Items. Any items a character collects in one story becomes visible in another, even if the character wouldn't be at that part yet. This is most easily seen with the Rhythm Badge and the Warrior Feather.
    2. Chao. Like with the items, the state of the Chao is chronological to the player, almost certainly not to the story.
    3. Emblems. Similar to the Chao, finding an item with one character makes it inaccessible to another character, even if, in-story, the collection would come after the other character's seeing the empty spot where it will... been.

Mighty is a backup Guardian.
That's why he wasn't in Heroes, and why Knuckles was hanging out with Tails: it was his day off, so Mighty was filling in.
  • The problem with that theory is that Knuckles lives alone in Angel Island. Despite what Archie seemed to think, Mighty and the Chaotix never lived there.

The heartbeat-like sound effect that plays whenever Sonic uses Time Break in Sonic and the Secret Rings is actually the sound of Sonic's heart beating.
Sonic utilises the flame arrow currently impaling his heart as well as Shahra's power in order to use Time Break and Speed Break right? So whenever the flame arrow's power is called upon in order to use Time Break, the organ it's currently impaling beats in response and becomes the only audible thing during Time Break.

Great Eastern Entertainment's next Sonic plush is...

Knuckles' story in S3&K happens after Sonic's, but with a twist.
Most people are already aware that when you play Knuckles mode in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, it chronologically happens after Sonic's finale following the Doomsday Zone during the timeline. Hence why the Death Egg doesn't appear in the background for the Lava Reef and Launch Base zones for Knuckles (it had already left), why the ghosts in the Sandopolis pyramid were already freed, why the Sky Sanctuary zone is considerable smaller for Knuckles when most of it was destroyed in Sonic's story, why Angel Island is airbourne at the start of Knuckles' story rather than on sea level like Sonics'. But then people find themselves confused when Knuckles' story's Angel Island magically survived the huge forest fire that Sonic's story endured, and why the same forest fire scenario is back.

Well, to remind everyone: if Sonic doesn't get all 7 super emeralds (i.e. 1 super emerald being the merger of 2 chaos emeralds, one from Mobius and one from the Floating Island, making 14 emeralds altogether adding both regions) but manages to reclaim at least 7 Mobius chaos emeralds back from when Knuckles first stole them in the intro, he'll still have access to the final Doomsday Zone (but only as Super Sonic rather than Hyper Sonic). But rather than the 'good' 100% ending, it will briefly show an Egg Robo at the end emerging from a pile of scrap metal. This is implied to be the same Egg Robo that serves as the 'antagonist' for Knuckles' story, in replacement of Robotnik. Sonic has his own intro at the start of S3&K, just like in Sonic 3, where he flies in on the island as Super Sonic before Knuckles steals his emeralds (same zone/story), but when you begin Knuckles' story in S3&K he just sorta... starts the level, with no implication of story or motive.

The confusion is, Knuckles has his own intro for his story, but it only appears in Sonic & Knuckles alone and not when it's locked on with Sonic 3. those that played Sonic & Knuckles alone, who started Knuckles' story, would remember Knuckles being startled by the Egg Robo dropping a bomb in Mushroom Hill (first level of Sonic & Knuckles), in which Knuckles claims revenge and consequently starting his 'story mode' at Mushroom Hill. But those that played through Knuckles story locked on with Sonic 3 (thus playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles, where the Mushroom Hill of S&K was actually the SEVENTH level of S3&K due to being placed after the six levels of Sonic 3) were not treated to this S&K intro. Thus if they were not aware of the intro in Sonic & Knuckles alone, they were often left confused as to why Knuckles was chasing and battling this random Egg Robo instead of Robotnik. When they get to S&K's first level of Mushroom Hill in S3&K (the seventh zone with the two games combined), this intro is still absent and just treated as 'another Sonic 3' level.

Basically, the Sonic 3 levels in Knuckles' story never happened for Knuckles during his story mode. They were just there to show you could use Knuckles in the Sonic 3 levels (the same way he can play in the Sonic 2 levels with lock on technology, despite not being present for that story), and a mild representation of the routes Knuckles took as an enemy in Sonic's mode. The new 'Knuckles' paths in the Sonic 3 zones (featuring the new boss locations) are there to show you just HOW Knuckles was able to get through the level quicker than Sonic through shortcuts (after all, he is the guardian of the island, so he knows alternative routes) thus always ahead of Sonic to taunt him when he catches up. The airbourne Angel Island backdrop, and the absence of the Death Egg sprite in Launch Base are mearly evidence and clues to help you realize Knuckles' story happens after Sonics'.

Why would Knuckles have to travel through the Sonic 3 zones, i.e. half the island, to get to where he wants? He's the guardian of the whole freakin island, he's spent his entire life there, he knows every route inside out. Sonic needed to explore the island from the coast to find the Death Egg, Knuckles just needed to go straight to his destination. Granded it involved him using the Flying Battery as a shortcut to get to the Sandopolis desert, where he knew the Lava Reef zone's Hidden Palace was hidden in the Sandopolis pyramid. But why would he bother going through the Hydrocity, Marble Garden, Carnival Night, Ice Cap AND Launch Base if he didn't need to? In regards to the emeralds, if it's implied the Egg Robo that replaces Robotnik in Knuckles' story is the one from Sonic's neutral ending where he only gets 7/14 chaos emeralds (the Mobius ones that Knuckles originally stole from him), then it's up to Knuckles to get the remaining 7 emeralds that he knows were on the Floating Island anyway, consequently acquiring all 14 emeralds and activating the super emeralds. Because when playing Sonic & Knuckles alone (without the Sonic 3 lock on) there is no 'super emerald' feature, and the special stages play out as if you were just collecting chaos emeralds in the normal Sonic 3 fashion, but from S3&K they become super emeralds in Knuckles' story because it's implied Sonic already got the Mobius emeralds back and likely kept them in the Hidden Palace's emerald chamber. This of course means Hyper Sonic isn't canon, but then had you 'seen' Hyper Sonic in any other game? This helps to explain how weird unnatural stuff happens for Knuckles in Sonic 3 levels that had already happened to Sonic, unless the Egg Robo just wanted to troll Knuckles with deja vu for a laugh, like the forest fire in Angel Island being magically healed up, and then starting again.

Knuckles' intro starts at Mushroom Hill (the seventh zone of S3&K), thus Knuckles' mode starts at the seventh zone, as it is the first in Sonic & Knuckles alone.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode Metal is a prequel to Episode 2.
After Dr. Eggman revived Metal Sonic, the latter is sent to train in Splash Hill et al., essentially experiencing Sonic's latest adventure in order to be brought up to speed and prepare for the rematch against Sonic.
  • That's less "Wild Mass Guessing" and more "blatantly what the game depicts." It even starts with Metal Sonic's "death" in Sonic CD.
Sonic is the Guardian of the Chaos Emeralds
Sonic isn't just some random hedgehog who can use Chaos emeralds. He's their guardian. Let's look at the facts:

  • He can use the Chaos emeralds

  • Every other character with a super form first used it with Sonic. Maybe he gave them the ability?

  • He doesn't stay in any one area or with any one person for long but does come back to visit places/people he likes, like the Chaos emeralds

  • He managed to do Chaos Control on his first try after seeing it once. A natural affinity to using Chaos energy?

  • He finds them so easily, kind of like how Knuckles can find pieces of the Master Emerald so easily. Could he be unconsciously drawn to them?

There are other reasons I can't remember right now. Why doesn't Sonic say anything about it? He doesn't know about it. He doesn't seem to have any way to learn about it if he was, seeing as he seems to be an orphan. Sonic probably has other Chaos abilities that he doesn't know he has. One other thing. In Sonic and the Black Knight Sonic said he didn't care if he was seen as a hero or a villain fro it, he would always fight for what he believes is right. That would be good for stopping people from using the Chaos emeralds with good intentions with potentially horrible results. Just look at what happened when Merlina tried to do when she had access to a similar power source.

In the Sonic universe, the Furry Fandom is the Fantasy Counterpart of homosexuality.
It's the social equivalent of homosexuality: its rare and something you're born with, and it's a touchy subject. Eggman is the more platonic type who's interested in dressing up as a walrus, hence why his Fat Bastard appearance is so cartoonishly obese and he has the greatest moustache of all time. Elise is the more controversial individual who is attracted to furries. Rouge is a reverse furry, hence why she dressed like a Ms. Fanservice human, and she shaved all but the fur on her hair to resemble them.

Maria was a Puella Magi.
Her wish was for a friend on the ARK. She got Shadow, and was happy... until the GUN raid. She didn't die after she launched Shadow off the ARK, she realized she was going to die alone, witched out... and became the Biolizard.

The song "Speak with Your Heart" (the credits theme to Sonic Colors is being sung by Yacker through Tails's translator.
This explains the lyrics and the "electronic" sound of the vocals (because the speech is being translated by a machine).

Dr. Wily shared an apocalyptic plan with Dr. Eggman, and Eggman was inspired by it.
Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily were discussing their respective "Plan Z's" to each other, and after hearing about Dr. Wily's plans for Zero, Eggman decides to do some research on Team Plasma and after finding out about a guy named Natural Harmonia Gropius, Eggman lures him to his world and brainwashes him and his Zekrom and gives them medicines that change them into unstoppable organic killing machines and after that is done, Eggman will either sic N and his Tao Dragon on Sonic, Tails and Knuckles or Sonic is lured into fighting an unwinnable battle against N and his dragon in a hidden part of Eggman's base, which may happen either after the events of Sonic Mania or at the end of the series.

Sonic Boom is the reason behind the tone shift in Project 2017
Project 2017 certainly looks like a massive shift from latest games, which took a Denser and Wackier approach. This is because of Sonic Boom. Now that we have the Sonic Boom franchise, which is an even Denser and Wackier take on the series, Sega feels it's time take the main series to the opposite end of the spectrum to prevent redundancy and differentiate it from Sonic Boom. This tone shift didn't apply to Sonic Mania since it's obviously meant to be retro, and dark and edgy is the opposite of what classic Sonic games were like.

Iizuka is in a really shitty Faustian deal
In exchange for being given game design talent and a job at Sega by Iblis to be the lead level designer for two classic games, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Ni GHTS Into Dreams, he would be forced to oversee kusoges until he produced two more great games; hence, the mediocre games like Sonic R in the later half of the 90's, until Sonic Adventure & Sonic Adventure 2. After that, Iblis forced him back into the deal, reaching a new low with Shadow the Hedgehog which Iblis forced him to write the scenario for; having no talent for writing whatsoever, the plot was So Bad, It's Good. With the release of Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, two seemingly great games released back to back, Iblis considered ending the deal permanently. However, things went to hell with Sonic Lost World; while critic and fans thought it was just O.K., Iblis considered it a disgrace, forcing him into signing off on the creation of the execrable Sonic Boom franchise. Things have been spiraling downhill since then, with Iizuka feeling trapped into making crappy Sonic titles, trapped into an awful deal, and Drowning His Sorrows like a typical salaryman to ease his woes. Only time will tell if he'll ever make it out, or if he'll just snap...
  • If so, what does this mean as of Sonic Frontiers? Has he broken the curse, or is it gonna continue?

Holy shit. Did I just describe the premise of a horror game?

    Future Titles Speculation 

The next Sonic Storybook game will be about Grimm's Fairytales.
And in this game, Sonic will play the part of Hans the Hedgehog and be able to ride a giant rooster, Yoshi-style. Hansel and Gretel will be played by Tails and Cream, Little Red Riding Hood will be Amy Rose (With Shadow being the Big Bad Wolf; come on, any excuse to get Sonic and Shadow to fight again!), and Blaze the Cat as Snow White. Heck, the whole story might even revolve around Sonic trying to find Prince Charming so that he can reawaken Sleeping Beauty in order to battle the evil witch who cast the spell on her. And Rumpelstiltskin would be the Witch's Dragon!
  • If Blaze is Snow White, wouldn't that make Sonic Prince Ferdinand, rather than Hans the Hedgehog?

Tails and Knuckles will eventually be playable characters in Sonic the Hedgehog 4, "eventually" being the key word.
This is why both of their names don't appear in the Project Needlemouse Character Countdown (See here for the original image). In Episode 1, Sonic will indeed be the only character available, but Tails will show up in Episode 2, and Episode 3 will get Knuckles involved. You see, the episodes are structured in a way similar to the original trilogy (the first had only Sonic, the second had Sonic & Tails, and the third had all three), and a system similar to Old Save Bonus will let you use Tails and Knuckles in the earlier episodes (not unlike Sonic & Knuckles's Lock-On Technology). In short, a clever way of using the Episodic Game format to introduce playable characters like in the original games.
  • Semi-confirmed by Word of God, but it looks like we're getting both in episode 2. Maybe. Of course whether both will be PLAYABLE on episode 2 is up for debate.
  • Alternatively: We get Tails in 2, Knuckles appears in 3— possibly to throw a boulder at someone or punch them in the face— and then joins up for real in episode 4... or whatever it would be called.
    • Jossed. So far, Episode II features Tails and Metal Sonic (the latter is The Dragon), but Episode III is cancelled, meaning that Knuckles won't be likely to appear in the saga.

Espio the Chameleon will also find his way in somehow.
In Episode three.

Sonic 4 is dead
  • Jossed. It's said to be still in development.
    • Nope, Confirmed. Due to poor sales on both Episode 1 and 2, there won't be a third episode, sadly. Because of this, Episode III was scrapped and there will be a little chance of it returning.

If Shadow the Hedgehog does get a sequel...

In a future installment, Mephiles will be the main villain.
  • It'll turn out that Generations somehow reestablished 06 as part of the main timeline (the reappearance of Crisis City seems to hint at that) and enabled Mephiles to return. Only this time, he won't be shackled down by a crappy Obvious Beta game and free to exercise his Magnificent Bastardry to his fullest extent.
    • Said installment could be a sequel to Sonic Generations. With the Eggmen stuck in the White Void and the Time Eater, it would be the perfect opportunity for Mephiles to take the helm.
    • Project 2017 appears to be Darker and Edgier, and also has the Time Travel elements of having Classic Sonic back. Maybe that's the one?
      • I doubt it. It is now titled Sonic Forces and Dr. Eggman is set to return as the main villain of the game.

Possiblities for the 25th anniversary celebration.
  • An actual crossover with Mario. I don't just mean another Olympics game, I mean an actual storyline event. It'll involve a rift in space-time, merging the two universes. Bowser and Eggman will team up to fight each other's enemies, and conquer the planet, and it's up to Sonic and Mario to save the day. Expect a representation of the Nintendo/Sega rivarly. The rift may be due to Dimentio/Eggman Nega.
    • This crossover could be like Sonic Generations, with two different gameplay styles, and different levels from both Mario and Sonic games. Each stage would have two acts. Act 1 would have you play as Mario with 3D World-style platforming gameplay, and act 2 would have you play as Sonic with Colors-style speed gameplay.
  • A crossover with the Alternate Continuity that the series has made. They'll be the Adventures, SEGA and the Archie continuities.
  • Both are Jossed; the 25th anniversary will have Sonic Mania(a retro Sonic title for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC) and Sonic Forces(a mainstream Sonic game with Classic Sonic returning, also on the same consoles as the former game).

There will be a 3rd Sonic Adventure
  • It will have the original Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 cast playable, (sans Big the Cat, Gamma, and Eggman) and with each character having their own mini story like in 1.
    • Possibly Jossed by Sonic Unleashed a.k.a Sonic World Adventure.
    • Actually, he has a point. During development, Sonic Unleashed was meant to be titled Sonic Adventure 3 before they settled on focusing more on Sonic. Thus changing the title to Sonic World Adventure and then Sonic Unleashed. The Japanese version did kept the original name though.
    • This is a possibility. Hunnid-P, the rapper who did the Knuckles Raps in Sonic Adventure 2, claimed he was working with SEGA on some new Knuckles music for the next Sonic title. This, along with the releases of both adventure games on Live and PSN, seems to support the Sonic Adventure 3 theory. Of course, it's also entirely possible it's just a remix album, or new music for the SA2 re-release.
    • And with the release of Sonic Jump and Sonic Dash, we now have the reintroduction of multiple playable characters. Whether or not this was intentional on SEGA's part, this would obviously point towards multiple characters in the next main game - which considering the current evidence, definitely increases the possibility of Sonic Adventure 3.
    • With the announcement of both Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces, this is completely Jossed since I've stated before that Sonic Unleashed used to be named Sonic Adventure 3, and the latter game's announcement trailer clearly shows Classic Sonic returning to help his Modern counterpart once again, as well as Sonic's friends being non-playable side characters again. This article however, will introduce a third character, which ultimately turns out to be a customizable character of your own. Maybe we'll at least relive the nostalgia of the last 2 Adventure games since there are 3 distinct gameplay styles for each of the 3 playable characters.

Eggman will not be the villain in the next game

  • If you recall, at the end of Generations he was trapped in a time rift with his classic counterpart.
    • Jossed. In Sonic Lost World(the next mainstream Sonic game), Eggman is indeed the Big Bad of that game. How he got out of the time rift is something we'll never know.
      • Confirmed, actually. In Sonic Frontiers(The most recent mainline Sonic game as of this addendum), Eggman barely even shows up aside from being the one to kick off the events and to assist Sonic in gathering the Chaos Emeralds again.
      • Actually, still Jossed at the time. As Lost World came out before Frontiers broke the trend of Eggman being the final boss.

The next Sonic Storybook game will be based on Moby-Dick
  • Eggman will play the role of the titular great white whale, and his name will be Mobius Dick.

Shadow will get his own Storybook spinoff series
  • The stories that he finds himself in will be Darker and Edgier ones with more mature themes left in.

Sonic 4 Episode III will be set on the Little Planet.
Sonic will confront Eggman and the Death Egg mk. II directly, taking the battle there. The Past-Present-Future gimmick will be present, and Sonic will collect Time Stones in the Special Stages.
  • Jossed as Episode III was ultimately canceled due to that the previous two episodes didn't sell well.

The next main title will contain other playable characters
SEGA now knows that they have a working formula. They're free to expand on it as they please, and done of the best ways is to add more characters. Not like Adventure or Adventure 2 or 06. They will be exactly the same as Sonic except with a special ability, just like Sonic 3 & Knuckles. In fact this will work even better now that we have the homing attack. Before Sonic was the weakest. He couldn't fly or glide or break boulders or climb walls. He was pretty much the standard character. However, now it can be said that the Homing Attack is Sonic's own special ability. It's still inferior to Tails' flying or Knuckles' gliding/climbing/breaking, but it does round them off a little more. Tails or Knuckles could also lack the boost.
  • Confirmed for Sonic Mania, although it is developed by Headcannon and PagodaWest Games. Tails and Knuckles are set to return to this game as playables alongside Sonic himself.
  • Further confirmed with future DLC for Sonic Frontiers, as Tails, Knuckles and Amy are set to return as playable characters.

Assuming an SA3 is made, Sonic Youth will be the main theme
This speaks for itself. It fits with the other themes and would fit as the final boss theme a la Final Hazard.
  • Jossed, see above for details.

If there's a Sonic Adventure 3, Fang will return.
He will have pursuit missions, in which he follows a character through a level, and has to avoid losing track, or he loses a life. Also, if he gets ahead, he'll get busted and lose a life. He will also be a partner to Silver. The idea is Silver will have become paranoid of time paradoxes after Generations, so he hires Fang to pursue, as being busted wouldn't hurt the timeline then. The last story has Silver pulled into the present by whatever force is the villain, and the events will cure his paranoia... And I've just wrote an outline for a fangame, haven't I?
  • Jossed, see above for details.

Sonic will have a Karma Meter.
Sonic Chronicles did bring an idea of adjusting Sonic's mannerisms with different speech choices and Shadow the Hedgehog brought the idea of multiple endings and choices throughout the game. Sonic will not be outright evil, he has 4 different choices in alignment with partners to help him out; Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and himself. Characters may call Sonic out depending on who he chose and if they are both in the same area (Shadow will call Sonic weak and pitiful for carrying out Tails' choices, Amy will question Sonic if he keeps doing things on his own). The outright storyline will be the same but the outcomes of the mission will vary depending on the choices made. Even the last story will be affected and Sonic's Super Mode and partners for the final fight are dependant on the choices.

SEGA is trying to work playable characters beyond Sonic back into its games.

The re-establishment of Tails as Sonic's running mate (though Tails isn't playable) in the games starting with Sonic Colors shows that slowly but surely the days of "Sonic-only" games are coming to an end. In the games before Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), it was the rule rather than the exception for a second player to co-op whenever they were multiple potential playable characters, most often it's Tails accompanying Sonic, but not always.

  • Confirmed as of recently. Sonic Frontiers' Wave Three Free DLC will allow you to play as other characters.

Knuckles is probably the next as Sonic Lost World is the first to have him avoid his cutscene Butt-Monkey status in a lllloooooonnnnnnngggggggg time. In due time, Shadow (due to being a Sonic clone) will follow.

  • With the release of Frontiers, this actually seems more plausible... standalone games, perhaps? The individuals involved mentioned going their separate ways after this adventure. Also of note, Eggman got a bit of extra character development. Maybe we get a game where we play as him in the future?

Sonic and Tails will actually clash at some point.
After two fakeouts, a bonafide fight is inevitable.

There will be a Massive Multiplayer Crossover starring any Mascot with Attitude that SEGA can get the rights to.
Sonic could be the Big Good who brings them all together because he wants to give them another chance at stardom. Seriously, wouldn't it be so much fun to play as characters like Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, and Earthworm Jim all in the same game? They could also try to fit in some more obscure characters like Aero The Acrobat. Maybe they could even try to get Bubsy Rescued from the Scrappy Heap! Admittedly, it's very unlikely that this will ever be made, but wouldn't it be awesome?
There will be a Marvel vs. Capcom-style crossover Fighter with a Superhero franchise
Since Comic Book Superheroes are popular, why not? Capcom has Marvel, NetherRealm had Injustice and Sonic can fit well in a Superhero Fighter.Imagine a player with a Game Breaking team of Sonic, Sally and Shadow together.

The characters that might debut in the 25th anniversary game
Let us place our bets and wishes because why the hell not? You can add if you want to.
  • Fang the Sniper: Wouldn't it be nice if Sega listened to their fans and added him?
  • Marine the Racoon: We have no idea on her backstory or motives whatsoever, soooo...
  • Ray the Flying Squirrel: Same as Fang, but also because the official Sonic Twitter referenced him in a recent tweet, so it might be posible for him to return.
  • Erazor Djinn: Look above.
  • Sharha: She has a lot of depth, and her backstory with Erazor wasn't fully revealed yet. It will be a load off our backs if Sega revealed some more information on said subject.
  • Hyper Sonic: It won't be a memorable anniversary if one of the most powerful forms/easter eggs didn't debut, amiright?
  • The Nocturnus Clan: Seeing how the ruler of said clan was the first non-hedgehog creature to gain a -real- super form, why not?
  • Caliburn: For the sake of Sonic successfully proving that his adventures in the world of the book was true to his friends. Also, it would be funny.
  • Darkspine Sonic: Because this. FUCKING. FORM. Has a lot of depth and potential. And besides, what would happen if Sonic absorbed all of the 7 world rings, not just 3 or 4 of them?
  • NiGHTS: It's also their 20th anniversary too, guys.
The next Sonic game will be an Alternate Timeline that takes place after Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  • Somewhat Confirmed. Sonic Mania features remastered versions of the zones from Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic CD and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. The manual even stated that it takes place directly after S3&K. But we don't know the full plot as of now, maybe when the game releases this August we'll find out.
There will be a Sonic-themed spinoff of a Dynasty Warriors game.
It does lend itself quite well to that, as Sonic is known for its large cast, and Dr. Eggman's M.O. is to throw large amounts of robots in the way of his adversaries. The one problem is that there isn't an easy way to integrate the fast running Sonic games are known for into it. On the other hand, this may be the next big chance for Honey the Cat to be playable...
Sonic Heroes 2 will be made at some point
Or at least another game that takes the team system from Heroes and integrates it into a modern Sonic Platformer.With The Teams probably being...

  • Team Sonic: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles
  • Team Dark: Shadow, Rogue Omega
  • Team Rose: Amy, Cream, Sticks
  • Team Chaotix: Espio, Charmy, Vector
  • Team Future or Team Silver: Silver, Blaze, Marine
  • Team Classic: Classic Sonic, Ray, Mighty

A character based on Hope Kintobor will be added to the Robotnik family.
She will have an identical appearance and personality to that of Maria, a genius intellect, and of course, be Eggman's biological niece. And just like Hope, she would oppose her uncle and try to redeem the Robotnik name. Team Dark would probably take her in as their tech person.

    Continuity Confusion 
Considering the ending of Sonic Chronicles, Eggman's takeover in that game leads to the beginning of Sonic Unleashed, where Eggman has laid his trap and Sonic has all the Chaos Emeralds.
Metal Sonic is the original Sonic the Hedgehog roboticized
Metal Sonic is not being delusional when he calls Sonic a copy.
  • Game Sonic is a perfect (or nigh perfect) clone, which explains why we don't know the game Sonic's origin, whoever cloned him hid that information from him.
    • Shadow is a partial clone of the original Sonic.
The Sonic continuity and the MOTHER continuity are somehow related
  • Chaos is Giygas.
  • Tikal is Maria.
  • Knuckles could have been Ninten.
  • The chao are Mr. Saturns.
  • The seven Chaos Emeralds are comparable to the Eight Melodies in their use to calm the aforementioned beasts.
  • Eggman is Pokey.
  • Sonic is Ness.
  • Perfect Chaos is the crazy scary Giygas in the devil's machine or whatever.
  • Tails is Jeff.
  • Knuckles is Poo. (He still also could have been Ninten.)
  • Amy is Paula.
  • Now all we need is a game where Sonic gets partially roboticized and Tails has to find the seven Chaos Emeralds to awaken Chaos and stop Eggman from taking over the world using the partially roboticized Sonic, and the theory would be basically complete.
    • Sonic Lost World has Tails partially roboticized. But close enough.
      • Sonic Frontiers has it even closer, with Sonic succumbing to Cyber-Corruption. Still not quite there, though, as Eggman is actually working with Sonic shortly afterwards to collect the Chaos Emeralds.

Spiral knights and Sonic are in the same universe

Sonic can manipulate vectors.
I mean, how else can he boost while grinding, or while on a board, or boost mid-air? His Homing Attack also completely makes no sense. In some games, he can even manipulate wind to a limited extent. But if we add vector manipulation into the formula, it all starts to click together.

The Sonic games have a split timeline
One common fan belief is that the 8-bit Sonic tetralogy (Sonic 1 8bit, Sonic 2 8bit, Sonic & Tails/Chaos, Sonic & Tails 2/Triple Trouble) is a separate continuity from the main one. This has been implied many times by the stories included in the game manuals, such as the story of Sonic 2 8bit seemingly being incompatible with the main timeline (Sonic and Tails already know each other so it can't take place before the 16bit game, but no Sonic game can come between Sonic 2 and Sonic 3, and there's also mention of Tails being in South Island), or the manual of Sonic & Tails 2 stating that Sonic and Knuckles had never met before (thereby treating that game as the first time the two met), or the fact that there are only 6 Chaos Emeralds in each of the tetralogy's games. However, the 16-bit and 8-bit versions of Sonic 1 have the same story and are mostly the same game, so it's fair to call this a split timeline: Sonic 1 started it all, then it branched into the main timeline, and the 8bit timeline.

Still with me? Good. Now I'm going to go a step further and say that the alternate timeline actually covers most of the pre-Sonic Adventure 2 spin-off and handheld games, going something like this:

Sonic 1>Tails' Adventure>Sonic 2(8bit)>Sonic & Tails>Sonic & Tails 2>Sonic Blast>Sonic the Fighters>Sonic Pocket Adventure

Here's my reasoning:

  • Sonic Blast: First, going by its story, this Knuckles doesn't seem to be the guardian of Angel Island or the Master Emerald. This is consistent with Sonic & Tails 2, which makes no mention of that backstory. Second, the game takes place in South Island, which seems to be a much more recurrent location in this timeline than in the main series. And third, the story has a Chaos Emerald getting split into 5 separate emeralds of different colors. This event feels too out there for the main canon.
  • Sonic the Fighters: First, if you subscribe to the belief that the 8bit tetralogy is a separate timeline, then that means that Fang/Nack is a character exclusive to this timeline. He's in Sonic the Fighters, so the game has be part of this timeline. Second, this game has 8 Chaos Emeralds, which makes no sense going by the main canon. However, the split of one of the emeralds into 5 new ones in Sonic Blast may explain why this game has over 7 emeralds. By this point, there are 10 emeralds in this timeline, but since Tails' rocket requires only 8, that's the number the player collects. Third, the Death Egg II doesn't seem to fit in the main canon when you take into account Sonic 4's Death Egg mk II. However, it still fits in the side timeline, if you take into account the Death Egg you can see sinking into the sea in the ending of Sonic Blast. That would be the Death Egg I of this timeline. Fourth, once again, this Knuckles doesn't seem to be the guardian of the Master Emerald. And fifth, it explains why Espio is seen alone in this game despite being always with the Chaotix in every other appearance: the Chaotix never made an appearance in this timeline, so the group probably doesn't exist in this continuity, which is why Espio is on his own here.
  • Tails' Adventure: Going by the game's manual, it takes place before Tails met Sonic. However, this seems to contradict the Sonic 2 manual's prologue, which states that Tails lived in Westside Island (rather than Cocoa Island) before meeting Sonic, and implied that he never had any adventures of his own prior to said meeting. However, that prologue isn't mentioned anywhere in the manual of the 8-bit version of Sonic 2, which has a different story from the 16-bit version, so this game fits much better in this timeline, in addition to filling the void left by the fact that this version of Tails lacked a backstory up to this point.
  • Sonic Pocket Adventure: It's hard to fit this game in the main timeline, since its levels and story are mashups of Sonic 2 16bit and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. However, it fits in this timeline, where these games aren't canon. Also, this game's Knuckles seems to be the guardian/owner of a regular Chaos Emerald, rather than the Master Emerald (which doesn't seem to exist in this timeline). Since he's one of the two main characters of Sonic Blast, which is where the emerald split happened, he may have decided to take up the task of guarding one of the new emeralds right after that game's story ended. This may be the emerald he has in Sonic the Fighters, the one you must fight him to get.
  • Another detail is that the only games in this timeline to have over 6 emeralds and feature Super Sonic are the last two ones. This is explained by the splitting of the emerald in Sonic Blast. Since there were less than 7 emeralds in this continuity prior to that event, and going Super requires 7 emeralds, so Sonic couldn't attain that form until after Sonic Blast. As a fun detail, Super Sonic makes a cameo appearance in Sonic Blast in the goal signposts. This is his first appearance in the 8-bit games, and may be a nod to the fact that this game made Super Sonic possible in this continuity at last, in addition to foreshadowing Super Sonic's future appearances in the later games in this timeline.
  • You could also easily fit Sonic Labyrinth, Tails Sky Patrol, Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R in this canon (as long as you place the latter two after Sonic Blast). These four games certainly fit here better than in the main timeline, as the first two are 8-bit, and the latter two seem to feature non-guardian Knuckles. However, I didn't bother mentioning them because they're not that relevant to this timeline's continuity, serving more as filler.
  • Sonic CD may take place in both timelines, just like Sonic 1. It would be right after Sonic 1 (a commonly accepted placement for the game), introducing Amy (who is in Sonic the Fighters) and Metal Sonic (who is in Sonic & Tails 2 and Sonic the Fighters) to this continuity. So the split would come right after Sonic CD.

Somewhat confirmed: Sonic Forces and official word established that the games do follow a split timeline, albeit different from the one suggested here. The Classic Era seen in Sonic Generations has become an alternate timeline of sorts, possibly as a result of the time travel that took place in this game. Both timelines have mostly the same history up to Sonic 3 & Knuckles, after which they branch in the modern games (main timeline) and Sonic Mania (new timeline).

In the Sonic multiverse, time travel and dimensional travel are actually the same thing.
The series has tended to go back and forth on whether Blaze the Cat's world is the future or another dimension, and some people have gotten confused about whether Classic Sonic in Forces is meant to still be Sonic's past self or not. Maybe both are the case, and different time periods in the Sonic world just exist as separate dimensions as well.

Every single game after Sonic Adventure 2 takes place in an alternate universe
It would explain why characters disappear, get introduced and then get abandoned after a single appearance; why no one has any more Character Development; why the geography is inconsistent, etc. It would even explain why, in Sonic Forces, everyone forgot about the Chaos Emeralds, because they don't even exist in that universe.

Every single game after Sonic Unleashed takes place in an alternate universe
That would explain the bizarre characterizations in the post-Unleashed games, such as Sonic and Eggman becoming parodies of themselves (and the Mascot with Attitude trope, in Sonic's case), or Tails' character doing a 180º, going from a humble and timid guy who idolizes Sonic yet is capable of taking matters into his own hands when the situation calls for it, to a more arrogant and vitriolic guy who has a tendency to snark at his very idol and throw fits out of jealousness, yet always stands on the sidelines during the action and cowers when threatened by foes.

A Grand Unifying theory for plot holes

Every single plot hole, retcon & continuity error can be explained by the Chaos emeralds. I postulate that the Chaos emeralds have been constantly rewriting reality due to their unstable chaotic nature. It's very likely that if the chaos emeralds were ever completely destroyed the universe would stabilize & continuity would solidify.