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The Oracle set it all up for his own twisted amusement
Aleena wouldn't have abandoned and split up her kids at all if he hadn't just appeared one night and told her that they had to be split up to reunite to form the Council of Four to overthrow Robotnik.
  • ...So the Oracle is a True Fae?! Dear god, no wonder the series never got a proper end!
  • Additionally, he told Robotnik about his "prophecy" simply to make sure the bad blood between Robotnik and the hedgehogs kept flowing.
The show wasn't originally going to be a Sonic cartoon
Simple, and it makes sense, given how different it is from other Sonic media. Early in development, it was originally going to be a wholly original cartoon, only to be
Re-Tooled into a sonic show. It is entirely possible that originally the heroes were just a Brother-Sister Team consisting of the characters who became Manic and Sonia, given Sonic's personality is still relatively intact. Robotnik was likely some generic evil overlord who the two main characters would use the Power of Rock to fight.
Dingo is Sleet's golem
By definition, a golem is an artificial being brought to life by science or magic, but in slang it is used for someone who is stupid, literally coming from the Yiddish word meaning 'slow'. Golems are also known for being hostile, but nevertheless faithful to whom they serve (Chaos Emerald Arc, and Dingo's constant panic throughout the show that can be summed up in the sentence 'What am I gonna tell Sleet?'). Golems are also known for speaking after their master does (here, it's for laughs, but it is true to a basic golem formula.)

Dingo's shape-shifting ability also does not come naturally, it comes with a remote control, something that is also mechanically made. Note that Dingo doesn't have control over what he changes into; he changes into whatever Sleet wants him to. He also has a very basic, limited command code, most of it being used on his ability to shape shift. He probably can't do math, but he can swim, drive their car, and is capable of recognizing faces. His disobedience quickly changes back to his humbler state of being after a rebellious streak, possibly because he was programmed to call his master by his first name and to have some semblance of a personality as to not be conspicuous in public, even resulting in basic emotions. Even in the parallel Ancient Rome world, Dingo still serves under Sleet.

The Oracle secretly owns many resource providers.
He started the war between Robotnik and the royals, meaning they would be using a lot of resources so as to battle each other, requiring them to purchase more. Meanwhile, the Oracle just sits back and laughs at the chaos, and counts his money from the resource sales.
The Oracle believes in self-fulfilling prophecies.
That's the reason he told Robotnik about the prophecy. He believes Robotnik will accidentally help it to become true by trying to prevent it.
Manic's would-be foster family will appear.
Somebody might have written a story with it happening and he'll wonder what it'd be like being raised by someone chosen by his mother.
Dingo was working with Sonia the whole time
He's not the slow-witted, clumsy fool everyone takes him for. He's the greatest double agent that ever lived. Purposely just a little too slow, lust a little too clumsy, just dumb enough for the hedgehogs to win every single time. The appearance of ineptitude keeps him safe while he works to keep his true love (Sonia) and her brothers safe.

Had there been a second season, Tails would've been introduced.

If there was to be a second season, it would have ended with The Oracle getting outed as the true villain
And Sonic, Manic, Sonia, Queen Aleena, Dr. Robotnik, Sleet, and Dingo would have used all their powers combined to kill him off.

Adding more to those theories, the Oracle is the mastermind behind all and Robotnik is his puppet
Yes,he created Robotnik to take over Mobius for him and then forced the Queen to leave her kids behind so that he could wait for a perfect moment to kill off both the doctor and the royal family and become the sole ruler of the planet.
  • And adding this troper's above theory, Season 2 would have ended with the Oracle killing Robotnik and Aleena and taking control of the planet... for 1 hour, as Robotnik and Aleena would be both brought back to life by Sonic, Manic, and Sonia through The Power of Rock and then Aleena and her warriors (Sonic, Manic, and Sonia plus Knuckles and (following the "Tails would have been introduced in season 2" theory) Tails) and Robotnik and his cronies (Sleet and Dingo) would use all their powers combined to blast the Oracle into oblivion. Then, Robotnik and Aleena would declare peace and the conflict would be resolved... only for Season 3 to happen with a new villain taking both Robotnik and the Oracle's place.

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