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  • If she really is "Queen" Alena, how come she wasn't able to stop Robotnik from taking over Mobius? Did she not have an army or anything?
    • Maybe it's a Constitutional Monarchy, and their power only amounts to influence?
    • Or maybe she did but it wasn't strong enough.
    • Semi-explained: Robotnik apparently overthrew from the inside, and with him being a technological genius and apparently rolling in cash, it's not out of the way for him to be able to build a much more powerful robot army or buy over the soldiers.
    • My guess is a large army of robots that took down everything the Mobian army had without a dint, leaving but a few survivors such as Argus.
  • I'll preface this by saying that, as a kid, I loved this series, but seriously, what is the deal with the prophecy? It's been a long time since I've seen the series but it honestly makes no sense. In order to overthrow Robotnik, Queen Aleena must reunite with her children... but here's the kicker: in order for the prophecy to come true, she has to separate herself from her children. Well, duh, how else can she "reunite" with them? And why does she have to give them up in the first place? Does the act of reunion carry some huge, mystical power? To me, it sounds like a really bad excuse for an origin story.
    • Wasn't separating them for safety or something?
    • Exactly. We probably would have gotten more of an explanation had the series not been canceled.
    • They're all fugitives from Robotnik equally; are they really made any safer by being split up? Besides, when they were split up their medallions didn't work. That Oracle dude has a lot to answer for...
    • A mother hedgehog who resembles the queen and three babies on the run is a lot more conspicuous than a woman hedgehog who resembles the queen on the run, not to mention the Oracle told her to separate from her children but the whole making them grow up with different families was her own idea, and makes sense since Robotnik would expect them to be together.
  • Sleet and Dingo are bounty hunters who are working for Robotnik under penalty of imprisonment and/or roboticization, and not of their own volition. But Sleet has a remote that can turn Dingo in literally anything. Why doesn't Sleet just turn Dingo into an Uzi and defeat Robotnik and his troops?
    • 1. Children's cartoon, buddy, and 2. Sleet and Dingo are power hungry, but at least in some episodes it's established that they want to just finish this job and get paid. They don't really desire to control Mobius except in the three-parter, and it seemed once they screwed that one up they gave up on the idea pretty quick.
  • What always irritated me about the separation of the mother and children was that the prophesy was that Robotnik would be defeated when they reunited (or sometimes vice-versa) and formed the Council of Four. The creation of the Council of Four seems to be the one thing that can defeat him. This wouldn't be so bad, were it not for all the times Queen Aleena dodges her kids by inches - sometimes it was necessary for their safety, but most of the time it was her escaping them. How are they supposed to reunite with their mother and overthrow Robotnik if she's always dodging them?
    • Supposedly, all those near-misses were because it "wasn't yet the right time". If they got together too soon, the prophecy wouldn't come true... for some reason.
    • My guess is that the siblings need to mature before they can truly form the Council of Four.
    • The answer may lie in the theme song: "I long for my children, but I have to wait/ to act too soon could seal their fate"
    • The previous two are all but confirmed to be the reason. The Oracle has outright told them that they need to build up to perfect harmony among them and master their weapons and powers before they can reunite and form the Council Of Four. The near-misses with Aleena were more so that she can give them support, confidence and hope without jumping the gun on the prophecy.
  • Why did the Oracle warn Robotnik, too? If he hadn't done that, the kids would never have been put in danger in the first place.
    • Maybe the Oracle wanted Robotnik to realise "You shouldn't waste your time with this since your downfall will be certain if you do."
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    • Maybe it was a last-minute addition, since it's never mentioned in any other episode.
  • Why is it that when someone gets roboticized they end up looking like cyborgs, yet Argus looks like a full robot? Also, in this series Uncle Chuck looks more like a cyborg while in SatAM he is a full robot, what's up with that?
    • Different series. Lately in Archie, Eggman is now keen on cyborgs, but he often uses mind-control chips too. It seems to me this was the road Robotnik took.
    • Maybe it just has several functions and Robotnik occasionally switches them around for funzies.
  • I just realized something, what would happen if Sleet and Dingo (somehow) planned a way to get Robotnik roboticized in his own roboticizer and it worked, would it mean Sleet and Dingo take over as rulers of Mobius and would it interfere with the prophecy?
    • The Oracle's prediction is that the Council of Four defeats Robotnik. Assuming this is 100% accurate, then we can safely assume that nothing else can. Maybe the future can't be changed, or maybe even with knowledge of how it plays out, any attempt you make to change it is simply a static part of how it was meant to happen. Sleet and Dingo take over Robotropolis? Maybe they fail, or it's only temporary, or Robotnik himself regains control (possibly with the aid of the siblings, who become aware of what we're discussing here). Robotnik gets roboticized? Maybe the means to reverse it are discovered at some point, and Robotnik himself is the first to be restored (or he retains his free will, like Ifyoucan did). The Oracle never gave any details on what would happen before or after Aleena reunites with her children — only that they will remove Robotnik for good.
  • In "Underground Masquerade", Sleet and Dingo get Manic arrested as part of a plan to embezzle tax money. Um, okay, but he's a freedom fighter and everybody knows this, so why wouldn't Robotnik just order him roboticized instead? Shouldn't his robots be programmed to alert him automatically when they capture a major resistance player?
    • If you haven't noticed, at the beginning of episode both Sleet and Dingo were thinking about taking the money for themselves by using Manic as a distraction. Robotnik would happen to have no clue because Sleet wouldn't had even told Robotnik, otherwise the plan to take the money for themselves would fail the instant they said "We got Manic of the Sonic Underground, boss!"
  • Just a minor one, but is Dingo a robot/cyborg-type creature? How else does he morph into anything from A to Z with the help of a remote?
    • Nanites is my best guess.
  • Say, if Uncle Chuck is in this series, does he have a royal title, or is he related to Sonic's never-seen father?
    • They don't necessarily have to be related, Sonic could be calling him 'Uncle' the same way this troper calls her grandma's best friend 'Aunt' - because the parent/grandparent told them to, which could've later just stuck and gave him a sense of family, after Sonic's foster parents were offed. Though, I do headcanon that he is a blood-related uncle, with the triplets' father as his younger brother, but Chuck only had suspicions of Sonic's identity, no true confirmation, simply allowing the hedgehoglet to call him that because the foster parents introduced him/requested as such.


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