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Drinking Game / South Park

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Make sure you don't get this drunk.

Take a drink:

  • Every time Cartman has a Jerkass moment or denies that he's fat.
    • In other words, just drink whenever he's the focus point in a scene (free advice: avoid Cartman-centric episodes like the plague if you try this).
    • Alternatively, drink whenever he doesn't have a Jerkass moment when could easily have one.
  • Every time Kyle's Judaism is mentioned.
    • Twice if Cartman acts anti-Semitic.
    • Finish your drink if someone in Kyle's family exhibits Jewish stereotypes.
      • Down the next one of it's Kyle who exhibits the stereotypes.
  • Every time Stan is the voice of reason. Take two if it's Kyle instead.
  • Every time Kenny dies.
  • Every time Butters is grounded.
    • Two even if the reason for his grounding wasn't his fault.
    • Finish it if Butters actually stands up for himself.
      • Down the next one in satisfaction if it actually doesn't blow up on his face at all during the episode; otherwise, just take a sip in bitter resentment against his parents, ESPECIALLY if it's his dad who grounds him immediately after.
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  • Every time Craig flips someone off.
  • Every time a scene change is accompanied by banjo notes.
  • Every time Chef says "Hello there, children!"
    • Two if he asks them how they're doing and they say "Bad."
  • Every time Mr. Garrison is portrayed in a homo/transsexual way.
  • Every time Mr. Garrison has a Boomerang Bigot / Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today? moment.
  • Every time Mr. Garrison teaches the class about TV shows or something equally unimportant.
  • Every time someone says : "I learned something today..."
    • If it's Kyle, take two.
  • Every time a Sound-Effect Bleep occurs.
  • Every time Cartman calls Kyle's mom a bitch.
    • If you're a hater of Cartman, down the drink in cathartic satisfaction when she catches him.
  • Every time Randy acts like an idiot.
  • Every time when Mr. Mackey says "mkay."
  • Every time Jimmy stutters.
    • Twice if he says "What a terrific audience!"
  • Every time Timmy successfully manages to spell any word other than his name.
    • For the sake of not poisoning your brain, telepathic speaking, both shown or implied, such as in Fractured But Whole don't count.
  • Every time Stan stutters the word "friend" in "Kenny Dies".
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  • Every time Cartman sings an especially campy song.
  • Every time the show takes pot shots at a celebrity.
  • Play the in-episode curse counter Drinking Game with "It Hits The Fan". That is, if you want to die of alcohol poisoning. Even if you had a relay race with fourteen others, you'll probably all die of alcohol poisoning.
  • Every time Michael Jackson says the word "ignorant" in "The Jeffersons".
  • In "Man Bear Pig", every time the word "serial" is said instead of "serious".
  • In "The Poor Kid", every time Mr. Adams mentions Penn State, shows his head shot, or says "we like to have fun here" or anything along those lines.
  • In the three episodes between "Black Friday" and "Titties and Dragons", every time Cartman takes a character through the unnamed homeowner's garden devising a plan to help him and the other character get consoles, and that the rest are there to "help them get through those doors".
    • In the same episodes, take a shot for each mention of wieners.
      • Give yourself a pat on the back if you actually do it. Two pats and an alcohol poisoning treatment if you manage to keep up with the song.
  • Any time an adult says "My God".
  • Any time a Canadian farts.
    • Twice if a Canadian says "buddy".
  • In Season 19, take a shot for each mention of Whole Foods
  • In Season 20, every time Cartman claims girls are funny, take a drink.
    • Get out your liquor of choice and chug for the duration of Skankhunt_42's trolling.
    • In "Skank Hunt", if you are male, then chug for the duration of the mass breakup scene.
    • In "Wieners Out", if you are female, then chug as soon as a penis is visible on screen.
  • Take a shot every time the Member Berries say "member". Chug if they 'member something other than Star Wars.
    • For that matter, take a shot whenever Star Wars is mentioned outside Season 20.
  • Take a shot when Tuong Lu Kim saying "shitty" which it was mispronounce as "city".
  • Take a shot every time a character (usually Cartman) makes fun of Kyle for being Jewish, Kenny for being poor, or Token/Tolkien for being black.

Randy: "This is for what? Arresting me for what? I'm sorry, I thought this was supposed to be America!"