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Come on down to South Park. You'll laugh until you die!note 

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    General Funny Moments 
  • South Park has a lot of running gags stemming from odd pronunciations and vocalizations, especially from Cartman. Respect my authori-tah, skewl, Kelleh!, Biiiiiiiit Miiiiiiiim!, and "They took my/your/his job!" come to mind.
    • "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" "You bastards!"
    • "You guys, I'm seriously!"
    • Any time Cartman says "AY!" when someone makes fun of his weight.
  • The various ways Parker and Stone would play with the deaths of Kenny in later seasons.
  • The disclaimer right before the opening sequence has CMOF written all over it, coupled with a healthy dose of Self-Deprecation.
  • In the opening sequence (which is a CMOF by itself, after all, it's composed by Primus, who are known for their extensive use of Rule of Funny in their songs), Kenny (in his usual muffled voice) says various lines depending on the season. In even later seasons he keeps getting more and more vulgar when he talks in the theme song.
    Kenny: I like girls with big fat titties, I like girls with deep vaginas.note 
    Kenny: Me, I've got a 10 inch penis, use your mouth if you want to clean it.note 
    Kenny: Someday, I'll be old enough to stick my dick up Britney's butt.note 
    Kenny: I like fucking silly bitches and I know my penis likes it.note 
  • Any time Cartman starts crying and whining after getting what's coming to him because of his douchebaggery. Most notably in "Christian Rock Hard", "It's Christmas in Canada", "HUMANCENTiPAD" and "It's a Jersey Thing".
  • When the kindergarteners are voiced by actual little kids and start saying things that they aren't supposed to say.
    • For example, Firkle's rant in "Mysterion Rises".
      "Nothing can stop Cthulhu now! All will become sadness, life will become death and I will watch the crimson blood leak from our neck!
    • Also from "Pre-School"
      Pre-Schooler Stan: Dude, let's play Firemen.
      Pre-Schooler Kyle: Totally, dude, let's play Firemen.
      Pre-Schooler Cartman: Jews can't be firemen.
      Pre-Schooler Kyle: Shut up, fatass!
      Pre-Schooler Cartman: Don't call me fat, you stupid Jew!
  • The Season 4-5 opening sequence. It starts off normally...until Letting the Air Out of the Band occurs, then the words "4th GRADE" fall down, and the theme song speeds up. It then shows 3D models of the main characters, it says things on the screen like "MORE EXPLOSIONS" and "YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT", and then it ends with a live-action clip of a guy jumping from an explosion. Also, all the clips of Kenny are of his deaths.
  • All the female characters' voices by Trey Parker.
  • They put an alien (Referred to as "visitors") in many episodes. Here is a list of them in order with the episode numbers.
  • Every episode of the "Terrance & Phillip" show, or, hell, Canada in general. Think of SP's Toilet Humor and Stylistic Suck and take them Up to Eleven. The result is priceless. It's also funny that none of the main characters are the least bit phased by Canada's weirdness and seem to find most of it perfectly mundane and boring. Take this exchange from the end of "Royal Pudding":
    Kyle: I mean, c'mon, that's pretty cool, right? My little brother is a knight in Canada!
    Stan: My sister is a den leader in Girl Scouts.
    Cartman: My uncle is next in line for manager at Garth Brothers.
    Kyle: [no longer impressed] Hm, yeah...
  • Any scene with Tuong Lu Kim. A behind the scenes video show Trey and Matt directly asking an Asian coworker for help in making their portrayal of Kim and other Asian characters more offensive.
  • This Running Gag exchange between Cartman and Kyle in early seasons:
    Cartman: Isn't it cool?
    Kyle: NO, it's not cool!
  • Anytime a character is depicted with a photo of a real-life person's face but animated crudely in a fashion similar to Canadians, like Mel Gibson and Saddam.

    Seasons with Their Own Pages 

    Season 21 
White People Renovating Houses
  • The running gag with Alexa.
    • It's even funnier if you actually own an Amazon Echo and it's close to the TV screen when Cartman tells Alexa "Simon says suck my big balls in your hairy butthole".
    • This episode seems to have been specifically done to wreak havoc with people's Google Home and Alexas, if you were watching the episode and didn't somehow catch it you'd find your shopping list filled with filth and having a crude wakeup call. It's just pure genius.
  • The sheer fact that the protesting rednecks replace Alexa and the other robot assistants in all of South Park just so they don't lose their jobs is a gutbuster, but the funniest thing that came out of this is Jimbob singing a country cover of Kendrick Lamar's "HUMBLE." It has to be seen to be believed.

Put It Down

  • During the "Put It Down" musical number, Hilary Clinton suddenly appears to pledge her support for the movement. The background chorus changes from chanting "Put It Down" to "No One Cares".
    • Also in the musical number, during the "In Memoriam" montage of kids that died as a result of distracted drivers being more focused on Mr. Garrison's tweets, Kenny is among those depicted.
  • People at the amusement park being run over and killed by distracted drivers driving de-railing track-bound cars and bumper cars.
  • Cartman at one point threatens to kill himself if no one sings along with him, and guess what? Nobody does.
  • Cartman's voice mail to Heidi.
    Kyle: [to a visibly upset Cartman] You sound like a dying pig!
  • Tweek's song/freak-out in the beginning. It starts off like he's going to do do a serious musical number, only to break into a cacophony driven by his panic attack over North Korea threatening to bomb the United States, and then screaming over how they're all going to die soon enough. It's absolutely glorious.
    PC Principal: OK, up next we have Hannah Williams with her rendition of "Wheels on the Bus".
  • The various Photoshopped images that make it appear as if Kim Jong Un is taking part in strategic planning meetings to launch a nuclear attack on Tweek, with the final image depicting a plan to drop an anvil on his head.
  • President Garrison's tweets:
    Craig: (reads one of President Garrison's tweets) North Korea doesn't have the balls to attack Tweek. They have little tiny rice balls.
  • While overall a sweet scene, the part in the end where Craig finally just talks to Tweek about his feelings features the return of Craig's incredibly stilted acting from "Tweek x Craig". Turns out that just realizing what needs to be done doesn't magically make you able to effortlessly provide emotional support.
  • Tweek pays a visit to Craig while he's sleeping. He walks into his room, walks to his bed... and then screams out loud, waking Craig up. Craig's tired tone when he goes "Hey, Tweek." implies that Tweek has done this before and has gotten used to it over time.

Holiday Special

  • The description for the episode is quite possibly one of the funniest descriptions to ever be given to any show ever.
    In a return to form, a forbidden love story between a white man and a Native American man unfolds.
  • To the kids, Christopher Columbus is merely the guy who brought a holiday to October.
  • Randy was down when he realized that his plan to ban Columbus Day would become null once he's found to be formerly a Columbus fanatic when he watch an advertisement on DNA and ME, a service that lets people see their ancestral history. He hatched a plan to use it to prove he's from an oppressed minority.
    • This line from someone who found out he was 2.1% black, after getting in trouble with using a certain word:
    Coworker: Morning, Steve.
    Steve: Sup, nigga?
    • While opening a party to have the public witnessing him giving his sample to DNA and ME staff, he secretly swapped saliva with a Native American guy to ensure he's from that ancestry. Things didn't go as planned as said Native American fell in love as the result.
      • In one of the Native American's attempt to woo him, Randy was trying to discard all his Columbus items. Randy rejected the Native American, but it resembled Columbus' oppression. Then a passerby recorded it.
        Randy: Don't post that.
        [The passerby looks at Randy and the phone.]
        Randy: Do not post that.
        [The passerby runs]
        Randy: SHIT!
      • Randy chased off the Native American back-door, only to be visited by the DNA and ME staff who informed him that his sample is inaccurate and they need to take another. Randy tries to get the Native American guy, but this time, they need to take the sample from his anus.

Franchise Prequel

  • Like the Black Friday Trilogy, this episode is essentially a prequel to South Park: The Fractured but Whole.
  • Mark Zuckerberg. Period.
  • Cartman is giving a Rousing Speech, and just as he's about to get to the point, Heidi interrupts him. Cartman's response says all.
  • Cartman's plan to get Mark Zuckerberg to shut Facebook down:
    • The Coon and Friends fight Zuckerberg's imaginary powers with their own imaginary powers. Until the Human Kite punches him in the balls.
    • When they seem to be no match for Zuckerberg, Coon goes full drama on how the superheroes he has beaten were just trying to protest on behalf of their represented minorities. It's also revealed that Super Craig has been video-recording Zuckerberg and posting it on Facebook Live.
  • The Coon and Friends franchise plan is a bonanza of laughs, with entries including Super Craig X Wonder Tweek (for the Japanese market), and the first two films of Phase 3, Super Craig 3: The Earth EXPLODES and Fastpass 2: The Earth is OK Again.
  • The ending. Not only is Butters grounded for spreading fake news over Facebook, but Stephen also grounds Vladimir Putin for giving him the idea in the first place, a Take That! towards Russia's ostensible interference in the 2016 US Presidential Election.
  • The Breaking the Fellowship that sets up South Park: The Fractured but Whole is as hilarious as it is inevitable given the characters involved:
    The Coon: Coon Friends, we have done it! Facebook is gone, and Netflix has approved our TV show! All we have to do now is agree on the final draft of the franchise plan. [shot of the "Franchise Plan" chalkboard] You can see that the Super Craig movie now precedes the Coon vs. Super Craig movie, followed by Mysterion's video game! And then the-
    Mysterion: How come I have to have the video game? I want a movie too!
    The Coon: You have a movie, Mysterion. [goes over to the chalkboard] You're in the third Coon and Friends Re-united movie, after your video game.
    Super Craig: Yeah, but he's saying he doesn't ever get his own movie.
    Fastpass: Do I get my own movie?
    The Coon: Not everyone gets their own movie!
    Wonder Tweek: This franchise plan sucks!
    Mosquito: [rolls his eyes] Oh, Jesus, here we go again!
    Toolshed: No, Wonder Tweek is right! It was better when we started off the movies with the Tupperware prequel!
    Human Kite: Dude, you can't do a prequel first!
    Toolshed: Why not?
    Human Kite: 'Cause then it's not a prequel, it's just... first! And besides, Tupperware isn't our strongest character.
    Tupperware: Fuck you! It's better than the Human Kite!
    Mysterion: He just likes this plan because he gets two movies in Phase 1!
    The Coon: GUYS! We have to just go with this plan! We don't even have one movie yet!
    Toolshed: You go with the plan! Maybe we'll just... go and do our own franchise!
    Mysterion: Yeah!
    Wonder Tweek: Yeah!
    The Coon: [livid] Oh, you want Civil War?! Is that what you want?!
    Toolshed: [gets up from the table] Yeah, dude, it's Civil War, fuck you!
    The Coon: Oh, f- oh, fuck you! Get outta my house!
    Mysterion: [as Tupperware and Wonder Tweek get up from the table] We'll make way more money on our franchise! [gets up to leave with Toolshed, Tupperware, and Wonder Tweek]
    The Coon: Go ahead! I bet you don't even get halfway through Phase 1 on your franchise, DC Comics!
    [The basement door closes as the four soon-to-be Freedom Pals leave. Beat.]
    Super Craig: I thought Civil War wasn't supposed to happen until Phase 3.
    The Coon: Shut up, Super Craig!

Hummels & Heroin

  • The opening of the episode could rival "Cock Magic" in terms of how many times you can cross the line with children's birthday parties.
  • Ms. McGillicuddy's severe flatulence problem, which she doesn't notice because of her loose bowels. It's not as much the farting itself as it is the incredibly awkward, uncomfortable reactions from everyone else who tries to ignore it that makes it so hilarious.
  • Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, and Butters performing barbershop quartet covers of songs like "Milkshake" and "Insane in the Brain" for the old people. Doubly so because this is their idea of what constitutes classical music.
  • Cartman calling himself and the other boys young prostitutes rather than young protestants.
  • Grandpa Marsh taking a pillow case full of Hummel figurines... and absolutely beating the shit out of the head bitch in the old folks home.
  • Killer Mike's rap sequence.

Sons a Witches

  • Everyone referring to the witch hunt for Chip Duncan as a "Witch pursuit-thingy."
  • Mr. Garrison's arrival to help the dads of South Park to deal with The Witch (AKA Chip Duncan).
    Bystander: Look! Another witch is flying down now!
    (shot of Air Force One, with "Hail to the Chief" playing in the background)
  • Heidi has such awful time management skills that she takes forever even just to get out of the witch's magic bag.

Doubling Down

Moss Piglets

Super Hard PCness

Splatty Tomato

  • To set the mood for their quest to find Ike, the kids decide to play some 80s music like in Stranger Things. Unfortunately, the streaming services on their phones keep playing campy pop music and novelty tunes instead of rock songs.
  • Everyone's reaction to PC Principal's and Strong Woman's relationship. The fact that Sharon, probably the most intelligent and responsible adult in town ever since Chef's death, threw up all over Randy shows the severity of the revelation.
  • Ike tracking Garrison in full Mountie get-up and riding a dog.

    Season 22 
  • As a marketing tactic, South Park's Twitter account got #cancelsouthpark trending.

Dead Kids

  • This exchange between Randy and Stan. Crosses the Line Twice doesn't begin to describe it:
    Randy: Who shot up the school? Was it you?
    Stan: No.
    Randy: Did you get shot?
    Stan: No.
    Randy: Oh. (beat) Well, what's this about failing a math quiz?
  • During the first shooting, a SWAT team breaks into the boys' classroom and both teacher and students try to continue the lecture.
  • When Mr. Mackey tries to intervene on a shooting, he complains the SWAT team shot the wrong child.

A Boy and a Priest

  • When the Cleaning Crew priests arrive at the skating rink where Butters took Father Maxi, one priest spots some white stuff on Clyde (who was celebrating his birthday at the rink) and asks the head priest if it's supposed to be icing from the cake or cum from Father Maxi.
    Head priest: It's an 8 year old's birthday party, of course it's cum!
    • Clyde is so offended by this that he threatens to call the cops on them if they don't leave.
    Clyde: Alright, that does it! (Cut to one of the priests wiping down his back with the Kumby) Get out of my birthday party or else I'm gonna call the police! note 
  • Clyde going "Worst birthday ever!" after Butters sees him and Stan in the back of the Cleaning Crew priests' van.
  • The way the Cleaning Crew priests act in general when they approach Butters, with all the activities that they do (driving a white van, trying to lure Butters into getting closer) being the typical traits of a child abductor/molester.
  • In hindsight, the fact that all of the highly suspicious fun things that Butters and Father Maxi do were initiated by Butters.
  • Among the tools used by the Cleaning Crew priests include a Priest Call (a duck call that imitates the sound of young boy saying "I love Jesus") and a Cumboni (a zamboni that cleans up bigger messes caused by priests).
  • There's something darkly amusing about Stan walking around with a cast after being shot at the end of the previous episode and absolutely no one, including Stan, even acknowledging it. It kind of feels like a jab at the increased continuity during seasons 18-20.
  • The ridiculous sound the Kumby makes when it's in use, which obviously consists of just Matt or Trey making "blblblblblblbl..." sounds with their mouth.

The Problem With A Poo

  • PC Principal's and Strong Woman's god-awful attempt to hide Strong Woman's pregnancy during the assembly culminating in her water breaking 5 times at the end.
  • "Sometimes PC babies don't know what they're crying about."
  • Mr. Hankey going apeshit about the PC babies. Or in general whenever he's pissed off.
  • The PC babies getting offended and crying at a man asking where the oriental food aisle is.
  • Kyle's absolutely priceless headdesk at the Mr. Hankey hearing.
  • As a variant of the #cancelsouthpark campaign, the ending shows #cancelthesimpsons instead.

Tegridy Farms

  • Towelie finding a job as a marijuana "purity inspector".
  • The vaping culture has its own version of the Kool-Aid Man, complete with him bursting through walls.
  • The idea that whenever someone puts on Randy's hemp hat, "Two Princes" starts to play in the background. This leads to a bit where Randy's tirade against Big Vape is accompanied by a soundtrack that is a mix of this and "No Easy Way Out".

The Scoots

  • The episode opens up with some dulcet narration that's clearly meant to be Kenny.
  • Halloween night is played out like a Purge-style scenario, but the children are all clearly shouting "trick or treat".

Time to Get Cereal

  • The running gag that nobody remembers Al Gore, even though in real life he managed to make a follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth.
  • Officer Yates inspects the body of a dead child and assumes he was the victim of another school shooting, even though the kid was clearly mauled to death. His uncaring demeanor adds further humor to the situation because all these school shootings keep him from playing Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • During Manbearpig's massacre of a restaurant, one of the patrons smugly tells his wife that Manbearpig isn't real inbetween quaffing some purple wine. His wife tells him to look behind him and see Manbearpig in the flesh, at which point he says that there's not much they can do about it now. As soon as he tries to pass the buck onto China, Manbearpig bites his head off.

Nobody Got Cereal?

  • In order to stop Manbearpig, everyone in South Park must give up soy sauce and Red Dead Redemption II. Despite all the build up about how great Red Dead Redemption 2 is over the past two episodes, the only audible complaint is, "Just plain rice?"
  • "Sign here that you'll owe Manbearpig the life of every Third World child..."

Buddha Box


  • Butters' dad complains about how working at the Amazon warehouse is hard due to being physically demanding and leaves him with little in disposable income. Then we see what a day in his shoes is like and it turns out most of the manual labor is done by robots and the reason the take-home is so small is because the workers order stuff on Amazon during their breaks...every single day.
  • An Amazon worker falls into a packaging machine and is stuck in a box that looks way too small to hold the mass of a grown man. He survives, but can't come out of the box on account of it being the only thing holding him together now. When interviewed about his ordeal, the reporter asks if he gets hot in there.

Bike Parade

  • When the whole town confronts Jeff Bezos to take down his Amazon Fulfillment Center, he asks everyone one thing:
    Bezos: Are you all high?
    Crowd: No, no...
    Randy: Why do you ask that?
    Bezos: Because I'm OVER HERE! [they realize they've been facing away from him this whole time]
  • A modern take on an old South Park tradition:
    Bezos: Alexa, kill Kenny.
    Alexa: OK, I will kill Kenny for you.

    Season 23 
Mexican Joker
  • Cartman starts the season in top form.
    Cartman: All I think about is all the problems our generation is inheriting. Climate change... Over-fishing... Kyle...
  • In an absolutely pitch-black hilarious scene, ICE comes after the Jewish Broflovski family for being "illegals". And who alerted them of that? Cartman.
  • The ending, where Kyle angrily yells at Jeff, who has deluded himself into thinking Kyle's metaphorical "Mexican Joker" is real and that he's in a flashback of said Joker's traumatic childhood, that nobody in the camp is the Mexican Joker.
    Jeff: ...Nobody here is Mexican Joker?
    Kyle: NO!
    Jeff: Oh, then I'm in the wrong flashback! [runs off, sound of several doors closing and a car taking off]
  • Randy, after blowing up everyone's weed gardens and getting away with it, tells Sharon to call him a towel. Very unamused, she obliges.

Band in China

  • Stan's death metal band, and the reactions from the audience who did not expect that kind of music from four ten year olds. Special mention goes to Wendy, who looks like she's now regretting dumping Stan over an internet troll.
    • Their songs about living on a farm are just "Useless Sacrifice" by Death Decline and "Second Skin" by Dying Fetus with Butters repeatedly shouting "Get me off this farm!" in the background.
  • The sheer extent to which Randy Did Not Think This Through: he apparently failed to see the incredibly obvious problem with flying to China, a strict, conservative country with harsh anti-drug laws, while carrying a suitcase full of weed. He then completely misunderstands the customs agent's reaction when she sees the bags full of pot, which Randy didn't even try to hide, instead thinking that she doesn't know what weed is.
  • The music producer presents himself thusly:
    Music producer: I manage all the big rock bands in South Park. PC Babies... [Beat] All of them!
    This is still enough to impress the boys.
  • Stan asks if they're going to make it big through records. The producer laughs and asks if they're from the 90s. The boys look at each other with a Beat.
  • Mickey has all his characters lined up, and Randy. Then an exchange that's both funny and terrifying.
    Mickey: Who is this? I don't know you. Are you from Pixar?
    Randy: No, I'm from South Park.
    Mickey: What's South Park, do I own that?
    Assistant: [from offscreen] No, not yet sir.
  • Somehow, Randy being covered in honey and blood is enough for Stan to (correctly) deduce that his dad killed Winnie the Pooh.


  • Randy showing off his amazing room-reading skills.
    Randy: [as the rest of the family is sitting around the table looking bored and annoyed with him for gathering them] Not to be a dick, but I remember back when you, Sharon, and you, Shelly, said buying a pot farm was a "stupid idea". Now we're living the dream.
    Shelly: You're living the dream. This is your dream!
    Randy: You know... is it me, or are people starting to not be that stoked on Tegridy farms?
  • Every time Cartman is sent to get his vaccinations, he gets so terrified that he runs away, squealing like a pig and stripping off all his clothes. What's even funnier is that everyone who tries to catch him ends up treating him like an actual pig to the point where they have to hire a pig-catching expert to try and get him to take his shots. And to top it all off, there are other kids who are also afraid of their shots and are treated like pigs as well, so the adults decide to make it into a competition where pig-wranglers try to round up the children and give them their shots, with the wranglers having the hardest time trying to catch Cartman.
  • Instead of "autistic", vaccines make people "artistic" according to Cartman.
    Liane: [reading from a script written by Cartman] "We can't even risk a 0.1% chance of vaccinations making our children artistic."
    Jimbo: Well, that's true, there are enough artists in the world...
    Then in the end of the episode, after Liane takes a vaccine meant for Cartman, it's proven true when he walks into the hospital and sees her making a painting, which is treated like a horrific scene.
  • Cartman decides that if Liane is going to try to force him to get his shots, he won't live with her anymore... so this being Cartman and Liane, he kicks her out of the house.

Let Them Eat Goo

  • Cartman's furious ranting at Wendy and her friends after they get Sloppy Joe Day cancelled in favor of healthier options. He ends up getting two heart attacks while screaming about how he refuses to be forced into eating healthier. And when he's carried away by paramedics who use a defibrillator on him, Cartman uses his last ounce of strength to say "Fuck you, Wendy" and flip her off before slipping into a coma. Both times.
    • Everyone expects Cartman to throw another tantrum at the end after finding out the school is now serving a meat substitute called Incredible Meat in their tacos. Nope! Turns out it wasn't the food being vegan that Cartman was against, he just hated the idea of healthier food in general. Since Incredible Meat is the same processed, oversalted crap as regular cafeteria food, he's fine with it.
  • Mr. Lu Kim gets in on incredible meat. He talks about how he can now say he's serving "incredible city Mongolian beef", which with his thick accent it sounds like he's saying "incredibly shitty Mongolian beef".
  • The Goo Man, the lobbyist who sells meat substitutes to school lunch programs, is a very obvious parody of Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood.
  • The fourth grade teacher spends the entire class sitting in a chair and gorging on a tegridy burger, making orgasmic sounds with every swallow.
  • On Towelie's advice, Randy turns all the marijuana leftovers into vegan burgers, which become a huge hit. Sure, they taste awful, but people get high from them.
    • And Towelie loves them so much he ate 12 at once. The sight of Towelie after eating 12 burgers laced with marijuana is a sight to behold.
    • Randy tries to sell his Tegridy burgers under the guise of making a big environmental speech. While high. At one point he doesn't even face the audience.
  • A neighbouring rancher unloads all of his cows onto Randy's farm out of spite for driving down the beef industry. The first thing the cows do is start munching on all the marijuana. And since marijuana can give one a case of the munchies, they're probably eating way more than they need to. Randy and Towelie then get high and start killing all of the cows in ways that are so horrific they end up being funny. At one point Randy loses the shotgun and just beats a cow to death with a plank and Towelie shoots a cow in the head while he's riding her. When footage of them gets out in an effort to defame Tegridy Farms, there's a brief shot of Randy exposing himself.

Tegridy Farms Halloween Special

  • Randy having a serious talk with Shelly about her marijuana problem... namely that she hates it and won't get onboard with Tegridy Farms. He ends up asking the police to put her in a cell for the night to "scare her straight".
  • Winnie The Pooh returning from the dead as a zombie to get revenge on Randy on Halloween... which turns out to just be a hallucination caused by all the Halloween Special weed. The dead cows also return as zombies.

Season Finale

  • The return of President Garrison, which parodies the legal issues facing Donald Trump, and his tactic of misdirecting blame for everything he's accused of. Also, Rudy Guliani being a pathetic, buttkissing Yes-Man.
  • When the Whites are adopting from the deportation camp, the owner of the camp speaks about the children as if they are dogs and cats, referring to them as “Colombian Shorthair” and “Peruvian Shepherd.”

Board Girls

  • The new intro, PC Babies, in the style of Muppet Babies makes a return after Season 22's "Buddha Box".
  • Strong Woman runs afoul of a new "trans" athlete who's a parody of Randy Savage, who goes by the name of Heather Swanson and dominates all the female sports events... after having begun identifying as a woman two weeks ago, and doing nothing to transition into a woman aside from the name. It eventually turns out he's actually Strong Woman's ex-boyfriend, Blade Jaggart, getting revenge on her, and she can't call him out on it without looking like a hypocrite.
  • Cartman fighting to keep girls out of his board game school club... Because the girls are better at it than most of the boys. The girls end up challenging "Heather Swanson", AKA Blade Jaggart, to board games when he shows up at the school, and completely clobber him. He makes the same complaints as Cartman that the girls have an unfair advantage for doing ridiculous things like memorizing the rules.

Turd Burglars

  • The new intro, One for the Ladies, along with the entire episode, parodies sitcom shows that focus on a strong and prominent female cast. Sheila even lampshades it when she declares that the women of South Park deserve to be treated the same as the men...before she starts vomiting and farting all over everyone in the Community Center.
  • When Kyle and Ike learn about their mother's condition, the doctor says that she's going to have a fecal transplant, which he then shows to the boys, much to their disgust.
    Kyle: Ike, if mom lives...we can't let anyone ever know about this.
    Unfortunately for them, Sheila ends up bragging about it to the other mothers while she and Ike are out grocery shopping. Ike, who is understandably embarrassed, opens up a bag of potato chips from their shopping cart to cover his face with all the while.
  • The way Ike says, "Oh, goddammit!" is both hilarious and adorable.
  • Meanwhile, Kyle watches a video on how to prevent ridicule from one's friends over his mother's fecal transplant, and is disgusted to learn that microscopic organisms comprise half of the cells in his body. The selling point is when the narrator tells Kyle to scratch his balls, then smell his fingers.
  • The sub-plot of Stan, Kenny, and Cartman plotting to steal other peoples' fecal samples for the women to transplant with turkey basters for their own personal gain, leading them to get a fecal sample from Tom Brady, which ends up becoming a big parody of Dune, along with the Running Gag of Inner Monologues whenever Tom Brady's fecal samples are mentioned. It's even lampshaded by Cartman and Stan at one point.
    Cartman: I wonder why everyone keeps taking really long pauses after they talk?
    Stan: People just keep looking at me like I'm supposed to say something.
    Kenny: Why did I agree to this? I don't even have a machine to play Fallen Order on.
    • Even better, since Kenny isn't wearing his parka, the audience actually gets to hear his monologue unmuffled.
    • How Kyle's and the other boys' plots merge: Tom Brady is tired of people trying to steal his (literal) shit, so he's been stashing it and hiding away. While Stan, Kenny and Cartman (along with a few other people) are in Brady's house to try to get the "Spice Melange", Kyle, complete with Fremen glowing eyes, leads them all to the secret room behind Brady's trophy case.

Basic Cable

  • Apparently even Scott Malkinson's father, Clark, mocks his son for his diabetes and his lisp.
  • Clark Malkinson railing furiously against streaming services putting cable installers like himself out of work, but then when he actually is out on a job, he wastes hours on eating lunch, grocery shopping and bowling, then prides himself on only being 15 minutes late on the 5-hour window he gave his customers.
  • When Clark rallies the other installers, he yells at them for wasting time on random crap rather than showing up on time for the meeting.
  • The title card at the end, which advertises The Scott Malkinson Show for streaming, which even features a number you can call, and hear a recording of Trey Parker pitching it. Even better is that Clark and the other cable installers show up too late when the streaming rights go out and curse themselves for it.

Christmas Snow

  • The drunk driving montage at the start, which the adults of South Park consider to be one of the best parts of Christmas despite the fatalities - to the point that when the sale of alcohol is banned until January 2, they consider Christmas to be ruined.
    • Stephen Stotch yelling at the liquor store owner.
    Stephen: I got family coming! FROM OUT OF TOWN!! You can't expect me to be sober for that!!
  • The town tries to get around the ban by buying marijuana from Randy instead, only for the Mayor to realize that the decorative "christmas snow on the buds Randy is selling is cocaine!'' He had just plain not realized cocaine was still illegal. No problem though, he runs a "Legalize Medical Cocaine" campaign and gets it legalized in 7 states in about 30 minutes, including rallies and addressing Congress.
    Randy: Okay, cocaine's totally legal now.
    Mayor: It-it is?!
    Randy: Yeah, legal in seven states including this one, and other states are soon to follow. I told you. It's 2019, dawg.
  • Santa turns out to be the one behind the bans in an attempt to keep people from driving while intoxicated, so after Randy passes the cocaine law, he goes around town stealing it all on Christmas Eve like in How the Grinch Stole Christmas!.
  • The boys referring the adults being forced to go sober as them losing their "Christmas Spirit". They seem to get it back after cocaine is legalized, but it might be a bit too much of a good thing.
    Cartman: Butters, your mom has so much holiday spirit that she's riding an ATV with her tits out.
    Linda: Christmas! Woo-oo-ooo! (Butters' jaw drops as he sees his mom approaching the boys doing that that.)
    Butters: Yeah, that's a little too much holiday spirit, if you ask me.


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