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Kyle and Stan Watching the Sunset

Wait, this is a "Heartwarming Moments" page, right? What the heck is it doing in a show like South Park? Believe it or not, even a show like South Park, with its killing Kenny, F-bombs, and Black Comedy, has its emotionally redeeming moments as well. One would be surprised about how much more there is to the show than blatantly offensive comedy.

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    Season 1 
"Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride"
  • When Stan calls into Jesus and Pals to ask for advice on how to deal with the fact that his dog Sparky is gay, Jesus smiles and says that many people have asked him on what his views on homosexuality are. He gets cut off due to the show running out of time, but it would seem that Jesus was about to tell Stan that there was nothing wrong with Sparky being gay or homosexuality in general.
    • When Stan finds Sparky in Big Gay Al's animal sanctuary, he's happy to see him and tries to take him home so they can work on him not being gay. Sparky refuses to go, much to Stan's confusion. To help Stan understand, Big Gay Al takes him on a boat ride which includes a presentation on "gayness through the ages" where Stan learns that homosexuality has always existed and isn't something to be feared or embarrassed by. After this, Stan finally accepts Sparky for what he is and the two reconcile. Big Gay Al sums it up best:
    "Isn't this precious?"

"An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig"


  • The episode deals with Kenny becoming a zombie and spreading it throughout the town. Generally he bites anyone who gets near him, but at no point does he even attempt to attack his three friends.

"Starvin' Marvin"

  • After a huge mix-up between him and Cartman, Marvin returns home to Ethiopia with the dead genetically altered turkeys (which were previously terrorizing South Park). His people are overjoyed to see them, for they had been starving for a long time and the arrival of the dead turkeys meant that they could finally have food. Also, Sally Struthers, who had been keeping food from the Ethiopians despite promoting their plight on television, is seen tied up as punishment. What a sweet way to end off the episode!

"Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo"


  • This episode features Robert Smith, who is one of the few famous people not made fun of by South Park. Robert Smith himself was touched by the episode, especially when they call him, "The best person ever."
  • Mecha-Streisand actually took time out from destroying a whole city to sign an autograph. That's how devoted she is to her fans.

"Cartman’s Mom is a Dirty Slut"

  • The fact that Stan, Kyle and Kenny actually express concern for Cartman's well-being, given that they spend most of the time insulting him. When the video of him having a tea party is shown on America's Stupidest Home Videos, they're genuinely sorry for humiliating him and use the money they won for DNA testing to find out who his dad is.

    Season 2 
"Ike's Wee Wee"
  • Despite Kyle doing some crazy things throughout the episode (like sending Ike to Nebraska and allowing his parents to think Ike died), the fact he was only doing that to protect his brother from what he thought was castration.
    • When a dog mauls the Ike doll, Kyle screams "Put him down, you stupid dog!"
  • Kyle looking through the photo album and realizing Ike truly is his brother regardless of the fact he's adopted then subsequently going back to trying protect him again. Made even cuter with Ike trying to play with his big brother, putting on Kyle's hat and bopping around.
    • Ike seeing how angry Kyle was after hearing that Ike was adopted. He understands how much Kyle is going through right now, and it causes him to persuade Kyle into thinking that what he tried to do wasn't for nothing, emphasized with Ike wearing Kyle's hat.
  • Kyle telling Stan that he's so close to him, he's more than family.
  • Uncle Jimbo, Principal Victoria, and Mr. Garrison (whose fault it was he got fired in the first place) helping Mr. Mackey get his life back together. Even if it was a deconstruction of Drugs Are Bad, getting rehabilitated was way healthier for Mackey than the life he was living.

"Chef Aid"

  • The boys get some of the musicians that Chef knew and have them play music to raise money for getting Chef out of jail. When Chef finds out, he's amazed! And then Johnny Cochran, touched by all this devotion, agrees to defend Chef for free.

    Season 3 
"Rainforest Schmainforest"

"Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub"

"Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics"

  • In a really bizarre example, one of the Christmas songs starts with Hitler crying over not having a Christmas tree in song. It's pretty depressing, even if it is Hitler. Satan comes in and cheers everybody up with a happy song, even giving Hitler a wrapped Christmas Tree. Mostly Played for Laughs, but the whole "no one deserves to be miserable on Christmas, even Satan and Hitler" message behind it all is really touching. Hear the song here.
  • The last song in is Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, and unlike the others it's unaltered for Rule of Funny. Around the line "happy golden days of yore," there's suddenly a mini-Montage of some of the South Park females, followed by them and others crowding around Author Avatars Stan and Kyle during "faithful friends who are dear to us." All of those characters were originally voiced by Mary Kay Bergman, who committed suicide shortly before the episode was produced.
    • During "through the years we'll always be together," the four boys throw their arms around each other's shoulders in a rare moment of full group solidarity so nice it's only partially ruined by Kenny's death during "if the Fates allow." The line also gets a layer of meta-heartwarming when you consider what a Long Runner South Park turned out to be. They really do get to be together for years!
    • Cartman is usually seen yelling at his cat or generally being horrible to it. Here, he's seen petting Mister Kitty.
  • The 1999 CD tie-in for the episode includes a reprise of the song "A Lonely Jew on Christmas," but after Kyle sings his stanza, an unnamed character voiced by Trey Parker comes in to cheer him up, telling him that being a Jew means he doesn't have to deal with the holiday season. This cheers Kyle up and he embraces his culture:
    ???: You don't have to be on your best behavior, or give to charity; you don't have to go to grandma's house with your alcoholic family.

    Season 4 
"Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000"
  • At the end of the episode, Cartman goes back to the prison to visit Romper Stomper again, and as the credits roll Cartman has (somehow) managed to smuggle the entirety of Disneyland into the prison in his ass, as Romper Stomper said that he'd always wanted to see it. This is a very nice gesture, but the fact that Cartman of all people went to all that trouble makes it even sweeter.

"Quintuplets 2000"

  • Kenny's parents spend the majority of the series ignoring him and are instead wasting their money on beer and constantly arguing among each other, so it's actually quite sweet in this particular episode where despite the family's limited income, Kenny's mom accompanies her son all the way to Europe so he can further his singing career at a conservatory since she sees how much it means to him.

"Cherokee Hair Tampons"

  • Stan's concern for Kyle in quite endearing. When Kyle falls ill and is not getting better, Stan visits the town's doctor to ask what is wrong with him. When the doctor replies that Kyle needs a kidney transplant, Stan offers to be a donor for him, "even it hurts a real lot." Since Stan is unfortunately not a match, he spends the rest of the episode going to great lengths to find Kyle a kidney and see him well again.

"Chef Goes Nanners"

  • Cartman's legitimate disappointment at the end of the episode, when it is implied he might have enjoyed the idea of Wendy having feelings for him. All in all, it seems more like a Bittersweet Ending, but you have to admit, it's always nice to see Cartman with softer, genuine feelings.
  • Also there's the fact that Stan and Kyle misinterpret the topic of the debate and don't know the flag symbolizes past racism, they think it represents capital punishment and that's why it's so controversial. This touches Chef's heart as it's shows that all they saw was five people, not caring about the color of their skin.

"Do the Handicapped go to Hell?"

  • The boys show genuine concern for Timmy's soul after the local priest tried to scare everyone into coming to church. Typically, the adult characters would react to such threats in the most melodramatic and selfish way imaginable (usually involving riots and public nudity), so it's nice to see that the boys take on a "no-one gets left behind" attitude.
  • A little girl telling Satan he should go to God for advice, even as she's damned in Hell for all eternity.


  • God gives Satan advice on how to deal with his relationship problems despite everything that's happened between them.

"Fourth Grade"

  • Ms. Choksondik, after several repeated attempts to keep the class under control, finally reaches them by repeating some of Mr Garrison's teaching approach and trying to reason against their desires to build a time machine to escape the Fourth Grade. For anyone who has yearned to return to a better time in their lives, the speech is surprisingly moving.
    Ms. Choksondik: Now, children, listen to me. Why do you want to go back in time? Life isn't about going back, it's about going forward. Yes, there are times in our life that we wish we could relive, but, if we already lived them perfectly, why live them again? The adventure of life is that there's always something new. New challenges, new experiences. A fun game is a game that gets harder as it goes. So it is with life. Do you understand?

"Helen Keller! The Musical"

  • Timmy's relationship with Gobbles, a turkey with disabilities, in the Helen Keller school play show. Especially when he goes to sleep and Gobbles hops up to sleep beside him.

"A Very Crappy Christmas"

  • While Kyle and Ike are sleeping in the hallway waiting for Mr. Hankey to show up, Kyle's parents quietly come in and put the sleeping children to bed, while a choir humming "Silent Night" plays in the background. A stark contrast from the insane Moral Guardian we knew just a season before.

    Season 5 
"Cripple Fight"
  • Big Gay Al's horrified reaction when the boys explain to him that they can't tell him about their new scoutmaster (who is a pedophile), with Butters nonverbally informing him that said scoutmaster threatened to harm them if they do. Not only is it a testament to how much he genuinely cares about them, it's also a rare case of someone averting Adults Are Useless on this show.
  • Later on when he's dropping the case against the Boy Scouts of America, he assures the boys he appreciates what they were trying to do and it's not their fault their movement got co-opted into an infringement on civil liberties. At the same time he has no ill will to the Scout Masters, since as much as he misses being in the Boy Scouts, he knows they were only doing what they thought was best for the Scouts and their parents.


  • Kyle watches Cartman get all sorts of wonderful things, and the stress of a Jerkass like Cartman getting his own theme park makes him horribly sick, and he loses his faith and his will to live. But what's sweet is that Stan knows him so well that he brings him all the way to Cartmanland to see Cartman lose everything. Kyle recovers pretty sharpish when he sees that God gave Cartman gifts to take them away, just the same as he does with everybody else (at least that's how it works according to Chef).

"Kenny Dies"

  • The scene with Cartman and Kenny at the hospital. Also counts as a Tear Jerker.
    Cartman: ...You know, it's funny, Kenny. Stan and Kyle have always been sort of two best friends, you know, and... well I- I don't know if I ever told you this, Kenny, but um... I kind of always thought you were my best f-friend. I don't know.
    Kenny: Eric, well you're my best friend, too.
  • Kyle comforting Cartman after he finds him crying in the hallway and letting him cry on his shoulder. This is especially poignant given how much he hates Cartman.
  • Cartman leading Congress in singing Asia's "Heat of the Moment". It may be a parody with a totally unfitting song, but it somehow still works.

    Season 6 


  • A lot of the moments where Stan and Kyle's friendship is made clear qualifies as a Heartwarming Moment. Once such moment took place when Stan was planning to race an experienced skier down an extremely dangerous slope.
    Kyle: Look, Stan. When Kenny died I learned how important friends are. I'm not gonna lose another friend.

"Fun With Veal"

  • A small one, but when the kids (led by Stan) stage a lock-in in Stan's room to protest the slaughter of calves into veal. When the parents decide not to interfere or feed them in order to get them to drop the protest, Liane sneaks the kids some food.
  • Cartman is given complete control over the situation when he easily manipulates the negotiator into giving him anything he wants (except North and South Dakota). Despite the fact that he initially wanted no part of their protest, has no problems with veal, and thinks he has become the thing he hates (a hippy) it's Cartman who actually ends up saving the calves. By forcing the word "veal" to be changed to "tortured baby cow" there is no longer a market for veal, and the calves are allowed to grow up in safety.

"Simpsons Already Did It"

  • Under the assumption that the boys had raped and killed Ms. Choksondik, Chef packs their clothes and plans to go on the run with them. Hilarious, but also heartwarming when you realize that he was willing to give up his life in order to protect the kids.
    • ...even if they would have done such a horrible thing.

"Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society"

  • After being corrupted by Bebe's breasts, all the boys in the class start fighting over her. However after she finally tires of it and finds a way to cover them, they snap out of their primal state, with Stan delivering wisdom (from Randy no less) about not letting them cloud their judgement again, leading all the boys to apologize and hug. Even Mr Mackey expresses out loud how adorable this is.
  • When Cartman considers kicking Kyle and Tweek out of the group to make room for Bebe, everyone is vehemently against it. For Kyle, it's not too surprising. But the fact that Stan and Kyle chose Tweek over Cartman is actually kind of sweet, considering he hasn't even been in the group long.
  • Randy's speech beforehand is actually fairly sweet as well, too, being a very sincere bit of father-to-son advice about how there will be women he's attracted to and they'll come and go, but someday he'll find someone special whom he'll love beyond just her body and want to share his life with. And he says that last one whilst looking at his wife, who smiles and says "I love you, Randy" in response.

"A Ladder To Heaven"

  • The boys try to build a ladder to heaven to ask Kenny where he put the ticket stub for the candy shopping spree they won. Oh sure, it's just candy... but they still think you can build an actual, physical ladder to heaven. Kinda cute, even if it is more shallow than the grown-ups think. And all the time Cartman is channeling Kenny's memories.

"My Future Self 'n' Me"

  • Butters' parents actually owning up to their mistakes for once and tearfully apologizing to Butters for lying to him.
  • A subtle, probably unintentional one: when Butters tries to reveal to Stan his alter-ego of Professor Chaos, the latter misinterprets this as the former coming out to him, which he says "it's fine if you're gay, Butters. I don't care."

"Red Sleigh Down"

  • Even if the moment is comically downplayed, Kenny gets to come Back from the Dead and return after a season of his friends and family missing him.


    Season 7 
I'm a Little Bit Country
  • Its ending, more on a meta-level. One could not really care less if the Jerkass useless adults were killing each other or not, but the overall message it carried was very heartwarming.

All About Mormon

  • The final punchline was surprisingly heartwarming. The entire episode was making fun of Mormonism, but when Stan insults Gary's family and faith, Gary gives him a massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech because his faith gave him good values and closeness with his family.


  • Butters, up until now little more than the Butt-Monkey, is crying because he had his heart broken by a Raisins girl who only liked him because the Raisins girls are trained to flirt with boys for extra tip money (and Butters, naive as he is, took this to mean that she really did like him). A group of goths attempt to get him to join their depressing group, but Butters refuses, stating that even though he's depressed over having his heart broken, he feels happier knowing he can express that kind of pain and would rather be mocked for being a wuss who cries a lot instead of a "faggy Goth kid." For such a cynical, satirical show, it was oddly uplifting and was a turning point for the character.
    • The line that really makes the moment is Butter's brilliant insightful revelation that, as he puts it, him being that sad means that he was happy enough in the first place to have managed to become so sad. The sadness he was feeling was equal to the happiness he felt previously, and he's only that sad because he lost something that had made him THAT happy. He looked at his sadness and correlated it to the happiness he had experienced. If it didn't matter to him, and if it didn't make him so happy, he wouldn't be nearly as devastated. So he decides that it's worth being that sad, because it means he's capable of achieving happiness just as great. Simple enough, but it's the kind of thought process that can change a person's life around.
  • The fact that the Goth Kids were willing to let Butters hang out with them, when the Vampire Kids would only let cool kids into their group.

It's Christmas In Canada

  • Kyle went to great lengths to get Ike back by traveling to Ottawa with his friends, a Mountie, a French-Canadian mime, and a Newfoundland fisherman, to the see the Prime Minister (in an homage to The Wizard of Oz, no less) because of the respective laws of Ike going back to his birth parents, Mounties being forced to ride sheep in lieu of horses, wine being outlawed, and a ban on sodomy. When they arrived, the guard refused entry, and the boys started crying, and the guard felt so bad for them that he decides to grant them entry. It turns out that the Prime Minister was Saddam Hussein in disguise and the Canadians proceed to beat the crap out of the villainous Iraqi dictator, and in the end, the laws are null and void, and Kyle and Ike are reunited.
    • Although the effect is diminished somewhat by the fact that they were just going with Kyle so they could get presents at Christmas, and didn't give a damn if Kyle would never see his brother again and Saddam remained in control of Canada.

    Season 8 
Up the Down Steroid
  • Timmy being concerned for Jimmy after he starts taking steroids and goes to every length he can to stop him. A far cry from their one-sided rivalry in "Cripple Fight", showing how much Timmy and Jimmy had grown into True Companions since then.

You Got F'd in the A

  • The whole dance crew (including Michael the goth kid) are overjoyed when they win. Well, except for Butters.


  • Butters and AWESOM-O having a "sleepover", and Butters falling asleep, smiling and hugging his new friend. And to top it off, AWESOM-O (That is, Eric freaking Cartman) doesn't seem to mind.
  • Just when the military soldiers are about to kill Cartman (who they are unaware AWESOM-O is in disguise), Butters saves him and pulls an awesome Big Damn Heroes moment, begging the scientists not to hurt AWESOM-O and how much he means to him. The entire squad of hardened soldiers are left in a state of tears. That is, until Cartman accidentally farts and is forced to reveal his true identity and get embarrassed.

The Jeffersons

  • Kyle shows a little big brother instinct and helps take care of "Mr. Jefferson's" son's scraped knee.

Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset

  • At the end, when Mr. Slave delivers a speech about how parents need to do better in being role models to their children, thus proving his wisdom... right after outwhoring Paris Hilton.
  • An overlooked moment is when Wendy goes to Mr. Slave and Mr. Garrison's house for help. They don't get angry with her or send her away. They let her in, stop their activity and when Wendy asks Mr. Slave about the whore lifestyle, Mr. Garrison understands what is going on and recommends that the two have a chat about this. Not many teachers take time out of their personal lives to help students and it's nice to know how approachable they are to their students.
  • Mr Slave showing an unexpected Papa Wolf side, horrified at finding out his class are taking on a whore lifestyle, he crashes Bebe's party and warns them vigorously against imitating anti-role models like Paris Hilton and himself (at face value).

Cartman's Incredible Gift

  • Small, but Kenny trying to comfort Kyle after he bemoans the cops won't listen to him is sweet.

Woodland Critter Christmas

  • Santa revives the mountain lion at the end. Yes it was a story by Cartman that ended with Kyle getting AIDS but seeing the mountain lion cubs happily reunited with their mother is just too joyful.

    Season 9 
  • The ending to this episode is rather happy for South Park. The boys not only save Wing from the Triads (who the boys think are a rival talent agency), but they also decide to stop trying to mooch off of Wing and they actually convince the Triad to free all their slaves from their contracts. After everything the Boys, the head Triad members, and Mr. Kim all sit together during Sylvester Stallone's son's wedding to watch Wing sing.
  • In a meta sense, the episode encouraging people to check out the Real Life Wing Han Tsang's music at the end. Wing was reportedly thankful for the sales boost she got from the episode.

The Death of Eric Cartman

  • A lot of "The Death of Eric Cartman", in which Cartman actually shows some sincere decency and regret for past actions. Especially heartwarming is his relationship with Butters through the episode. Of course, at the very end things return to normal and Cartman reverts back to the Jerkass everyone loves to hate, but the episode was heartwarming all the same.
    • One scene in particular is the scene where a tearful Cartman tells his mother, through Butters, that he loves her and wishes he had been a better son. She's so moved that she begins to cry, causing Cartman to cry more, and eventually even Butters begins to sob along with them.
    • Cartman was never sincere to begin with; his entire motive was to go to heaven (by atoning for his sins). He didn't even avert back to his usual demeanor considering that he never actually changed. Like Casa Bonita, he was merely wearing a "nice sweater."

Follow That Egg!

  • Cartman asking Mrs. Garrison to give Heidi an A after he accidentally breaks their egg, because he feels she doesn't deserve to get a failing grade for something he did. Even after it's implied that he said that on purpose (she gets an A he gets an F so overall let's make it a C on the report card), he still wanted Heidi to get the A. It's nice to see Cartman express positive feelings toward someone other than himself for a change.
  • After being a Crazy Jealous Guy the entire episode towards Kyle for being partnered with Wendy, Stan genuinely apologizes, leading to Kyle revealing that their egg is still alive because he switched it. Stan realizes that this means that they can still get an A on the project. But before they leave, there’s this.
    Kyle: Stan? Do you really think my hat is stupid?
    Stan: As a matter of fact... I think it is the nicest hat I have ever known.

Bloody Mary

  • Randy walking with Stan into the sunset, discussing how much alcohol Randy should drink for it to be considered "in moderation." One of the few moments on the show that actually feels human, and a season finale to boot.

    Season 10 

The Return of Chef

  • The page image is of Stan and Kyle watching the sunset together after learning Chef's leaving to join the Super Adventure Club.
  • The speech Kyle gives at the end of the episode at Chef’s funeral. Also really sad because Chef never returned.


Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy

  • Cartman is at his most heroic here, helping expose Miss Stevenson for taking sexual advantage of Ike, to the point Kyle even gratefully acknowledges that he owes Cartman, to which Cartman tells him to Think Nothing of It. In addition, when Miss Stevenson and Ike abscond, Cartman finds out where they are and tells Kyle so he can try and rescue his little brother.
    Kyle': [watching Miss Stevenson's arrest] Wow. I think I owe you one, Cartman.
    Cartman: You don't owe me anything. My hallways are clean.

Make Love, Not Warcraft

  • A meta example: the fact that Blizzard not only agreed to help work on the episode, but even went so far as to send some people over to South Park's studio to help animate and set up a private server for the crew to record gameplay with.

Hell on Earth 2006

  • It's always nice when Butters gets thrown a bone. At the end, he not only manages to get Biggie Smalls to Satan's Halloween party, but gets to boogie on the dance floor (in his jammies) with him and everyone else.
  • When Satan reaches the peek of his spoiled brat demeanour and realises he's become just like the girls in My Super Sweet 16 in the process of trying to replicate their parties (for extra measure one of his cronies immediately shows pity and insists he's not that bad). He apologises to his guest and lets everybody in, wristbands or no, to the praise and applause of everyone there.
    Satan: Halloween is supposed to be for everyone. Everybody, I'm sorry. This party is for you. It's for all of you who make my life so special. If I don't realise that, then I'm no better than a rich American teenage girl.
    *the guests clap and cheer*'

Go God Go XII

  • After two full episodes of seeing the various factions viciously war back and forth, killing mercilessly and speaking of little other than their grand ambitions to wipe out the others, Cartman manages to alter the timeline. This occurs in such a way that all of the involved parties are not only at peace; they were never even at war to begin with. It's oddly heartwarming to see the three factions leaders calmly, cheerfully working together in light of how we know things could have turned out.

    Season 11 
Lice Capades

Cartman Sucks

  • Despite Bradley getting him into trouble with counselors for stashing men's underwear catalogues, he forgives him very nonchalently and suggests cheerfully that if they continue their work maybe they won't be confused anymore. The sheer kindness of this actually leads to Bradley gaining affections for him.
  • Butters is sent to a church camp for sexually confused boys and tries to save his friend, Bradley, from suicide by accusing the camp counselors of being confused and projecting their insecurities on the children (despite not knowing what "confused" means in terms of sexual orientation).

Le Petit Tourette

  • Despite having a form of Tourette's that causes him to blurt out swear words at inappropriate moments, Thomas is never made the butt of any Tourette's jokes.

Imaginationland Trilogy

  • Though it's for a rather depraved The Only One Allowed to Defeat You thing (Kyle can't die until he sucks Cartman's balls), Cartman nonetheless looks distressed that Kyle might actually die, leading to him crying and screaming when trying to revive Kyle, and grinning and laughing with joy when he succeeds.
    Cartman: Goddammit, Kyle, you never walked away from anything in your life! Now fight! Fight! Fight! Right now! [begins to break down] Fu-hight! Fu-hu-hight! [pounds Kyle's chest hard] Fight!

The List

  • Stan and Wendy reuniting as a couple. Despite a less than stellar breakup four seasons earlier, seeing them get along amicably enough to give their relationship a second chance is a breath of fresh air amidst South Park's typical cynicism. Stan barfing on her before the credits roll arguably even seals the deal instead of being a Moment Killer.
    • Especially, and ironically, when you consider Cartman's line from "Tom's Rhinoplasty":
    Cartman: He always pukes when he's in love.
  • When Clyde is revealed to be falsely considered the hottest guy in school, he does show support to Kyle and criticizes Butters for mocking Kyle for being on the bottom.
  • Mixed with Funny Moments, Butters cheerfully telling his parents he's not the ugliest boy in class and getting praise from them, followed by his dad saying...
    Stephen Stotch: Well, guess we don't have to ground him!

    Season 12 
Tonsil Trouble
  • Whilst Kyle is a jerkass who continually laughs at Cartman's expense in accidentally getting HIV, Butters doesn't treat Cartman any differently. He even kisses Cartman on the cheek, possibly to try and comfort him or prove he's not afraid to touch him.
  • At a special commemoration for Cartman, no one has bothered to show up, except for Butters and Jimmy who enthusiastically cheer on Cartman.

Britney's New Look

  • A meta-example: This episode came out around the time Britney Spears was having a lot of issues and shit being thrown at her. With this show's reputation for insulting everyone, especially celebrities, it would've been no surprise had South Park insulted her as well. Instead, the creators were so sick of Britney Spears being insulted while being in a rough period in her life, they actually made an episode that insulted the people giving her shit and delivered the much needed anvil that celebrities are just as human as we are and it's inhumane to exploit them when they're going through a rough period in life.

Major Boobage

  • When cats are outlawed in South Park, Cartman of all people is the one that steps up to protect them and hides them in his attic - with no ulterior motive at all.
  • The way Kyle and Stan show nothing but concern over Kenny's rapid addiction spiral, complete with staging an impromptu intervention when they come by his house after school and catch him in the middle of a cheesing episode. They also bring Butters along for their wellness check, who tries his best to comfort Kenny while he's coming down/detoxing. The episode was a parody of moral panic over kids getting high off of stupid shit, but it's still sweet to see the boys looking out for each other, which is a huge improvement over their "Oh my God they killed Kenny"/"You bastards" days.

Breast Cancer Show Ever

  • After Cartman makes a joke out of her speech for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Wendy decides to beat the crap out of him. Eventually, Cartman goes to his mother, resulting in Wendy's parents issuing an ultimatum. Defeated, Wendy lets it drop, but is called into Principal Victoria's office at the last moment. Her Rousing Speech (which is full of thinly veiled Double Meaning) gives her the resolve to do it anyway.
    When you have cancer, you fight. It doesn't matter if you win or not - you refuse to let that fat little lump make you feel powerless!

Elementary School Musical

  • After Stan is worried Wendy may leave him for the popular kid Bridon, she assures him that would never happen and kisses him on the cheek. The first time she's ever done so without him throwing up. Even if it didn't allay Stan's fear, it was still a sweet moment.
  • It's also worth noting that Stan was willing to let her be with Bridon if she wanted. After their breakup in "Raisins", he fell into a deep depression and all he wanted was to be with her again. In "Follow that Egg", after Kyle and Wendy are selected to be partners on a project, he thought they were getting together. While he was upset, Stan eventually told Kyle that he should "just be with Wendy and be happy", even though Kyle just wanted a good grade. Here, he told Wendy straight-up that he didn't want to be in her way if she wanted to be with another guy. All of this is proof that, even if he doesn't always show it, Stan does care about her.

    Season 13 
Dead Celebrities
  • Ike running to Kyle for help when he was seeing ghosts shows how close they are and that Ike feels so safe with Kyle.
  • Cartman helping Kyle and Ike (Who's possessed by the late Michael Jackson), convincing one of the judges to vote for Ike by giving her helpful advice about how to continue eating Chipotle without having to buy new underwear. What makes it better is that unlike in his usual plans, he has no ulterior motive.
    • Subverted in that he only helped at all to get his idol, Billy Mays, to pass on (Micheal Jackson, who was possessing Ike, was keeping this from happening). Cartman only showed interest in what Kyle had to say when he mentioned the name Billy Mays. Still, this is in stark contrast to his usual Jerk with a Heart of Jerk self in that he showed genuine concern for him
    Kyle: Guys, Ike has gotten worse. I'm really worried about him. He says he's still seeing dead celebrities.
    Cartman: HA! What a dumbass!
    Kyle: (Kenny mumbles something) I don't know. Last night we found him hiding in the kitchen pantry. He was screaming the name "Billy Mays" over and over again.
    Cartman: Billy Mays? Billy Mays?! [hops off the sofa] Dude, you didn't tell us Ike was seeing Billy Mays!

Butters' Bottom Bitch

  • Butters becomes the most successful pimp in South Park purely by being himself. He takes care of his employees, looks into securing housing loans for them, and is so respectful of women that other prostitutes defect from their pimps to join his company. He only refers to them as "bitches" because he's under the impression it's a technical term that good pimps use.
    • Butters' interactions with the other pimps at a 'pimp convention' are also kind of heartwarming if you think about it. He went to the convention with the intention of learning about how to be a more successful pimp; given who Butters is you'd expect him to get laughed straight out of the venue. But instead, the other convention attendees are more than happy to sit down with the kid and pass on their knowledge onto a younger and more inexperienced pimp with no strings attached. Yeah the context is a little messed up, but it's kind of sweet that the other pimps were so willing to show Butters the finer points of pimping.

    Season 14 
You Have 0 Friends
  • Kip GODDAMN Drordy. The kid had a sad clown poster on his wall and spent all his time looking sadly at his friendless Facebook page, and was just so ridiculously happy that Kyle was his Facebook friend. At the end, he got all Stan's friends. Also, Kip's real-life Facebook has over 500,000 followers (AKA friends).
  • Cartman, out of all people, actually succeeds in helping Kyle make a friend via Chatroulette (even though this is short lived due to his friendship with Kip), contrasting greatly with Stan's anger and hesitance in having to participate in Facebook activities throughout the whole episode.
    • Although, Stan did help Kyle rebuild his farm, knowing how much it meant to his best friend despite his great dislike for the website.
      • It's also worth mentioning that Cartman is partly to blame for Kyle losing a lot of friends due to his podcast, where he intentionally tried to get his followers to dump him.
    Cartman: That's all the time I have for today. Remember, update that profile, and steer clear of Kyle! *smiles*

Poor and Stupid

  • Stan and Kyle showing genuine concern when they find Cartman crying by his locker. Of course, it goes out the window when they find out why, but it shows sometimes they care.

It's a Jersey Thing

  • Cartman's genuine gratitude when Kyle saves him from a Gollum-like Snooki during the Jersey invasion, despite Cartman having been on an all-episode crusade against him up until that point. "Deep down inside, you're a monster."* Cartman pinches Kyle's cheek and grins* "But you're my little monster!"

Coon vs. Coon and Friends

  • Kenny's willingness to perform a Heroic Sacrifice for his friends to get them out of R'lyeh. While he has had other, similar moments before, the fact that he would willingly suffer for the sake of his friends speaks volumes as to what kind of person he is.

    Season 15 
Crack Baby Athletic Association
  • In spite of how the CBAA intended to profit off of crack babies of all things, Kyle still had the kids' best interests in mind the whole time and planned to use part of the profits on a lavish orphanage for them to live in. Even Cartman swore up and down that that the crack babies weren't being harmed in any way, which is arguably true since they didn't actually have access to the cocaine inside the ball.
  • It's... a weird kind of heartwarming, but it still might qualify for some. At one point the boys visit a pregnant addict's house in person to try tricking her into signing a contract for her unborn child. But despite how she's broke, deep in addiction, and scared, she instantly stops giving Cartman the time of day once he explains that no, her child isn't actually guaranteed a better quality of life, and no, they won't get to see any of the money that they make.
  • The ending. Slash IS real, you guys!

You're Getting Old

  • Even though the whole episode was soul-crushingly depressing, the fan reaction to this episode has been pretty touching. You have people who have been so touched by this seemingly asinine show; they are depressed, they are sad, but as a fanbase, we are pulling together.
  • Cartman and Kyle smiling pleasantly at each other in the ending montage. Heartwarming in a weird way, definitely. Too bad it didn't last because Status Quo Is God.

Ass Burgers

  • A drunk Stan begs for his friend back during his lowest point; he even blurts out to Kyle that he loves him in one last ditch effort.
  • After dropping him off at a clinic, Sharon says her goodbyes to an incredibly depressed Stan and tells him she loves him with earnest concern. No matter what happens, no matter how bad of a place he's in, his mom will always have his back and do the best she can for him.
  • Stan finally has his epiphany and is ready for his new life (until the Reset Button was pushed). Despite that he has reconciled with his friends

The Last Of The Meheecans

  • It's really nice to see that Stan and Kyle are playing together after what happened in the last two episodes.

Broadway Bro Down

  • This episode reveals to Randy that men sit through Broadway musicals with their wives because they use Sub Text to Brainwash them into giving blowjobs. By the end, Sharon is understandably pissed at Randy, who goes from "pretending to agree with her" mode to "genuinely apologetic" mode. The heartwarming comes when Sharon decides that she still likes Broadway musicals despite the brainwashing, since all it does is make her make Randy happy, bringing them closer together. Considering the end of "Ass Burgers", in which they decided to live together in an unhappy coexistence because Status Quo Is God, seeing them have something that bonds them and bring them happiness was very moving.
  • The fact that the cranky, hormonal, perma-pissed off Shelly Marsh stands up for Larry Feegan when no one else will.

The Poor Kid

  • Kenny as Mysterion consoling his sister after they were placed in foster care.
  • This episode teaches one important lesson: you DO NOT fuck with Karen McCormick, or else Kenny WILL kick your ass.
    • Even beyond the beatdown, the fact that he puts on his Mysterion costume to make his scared little sister feel protected (something that, according to their conversation, happened regularly even before the latest incident) is just fantastic.
    • A small CMOH is Kenny holding Karen's hand on her way to class, plus him hugging her while they were interviewed by an incompetent case worker.
      • In fact, almost every shot that contains the two of them together has Karen either crying on Kenny's shoulder or holding his hand.
  • The principal at Greeley punishing Cartman for bullying a poor kid.
  • Even Mr. Adams gets a couple:
    • He spent most of the episode shilling his awful standup comedy instead of actually doing anything to help the children who were assigned to him, but once he found out about how authoritarian and abusive the Weatherheads were he immediately dropped the Penn State jokes so he could work towards getting their kids out of that house.
    • When Cartman gets sent to the principal's office, Mr. Adams assumes Cartman is lashing out due difficult time in his life and only gently admonishes him. While this is the wrong approach to take with someone like Cartman, it shows he does care for his charges.

    Season 16 
Cash for Gold
  • The parts with Stan and his grandpa. 'Nuff said.
  • While heartwarming is probably the last thing that would come to mind when one would tell another to kill themselves, when Dean threatens Stan with a lawsuit, Stan says he doesn't care about what happens to him as long as his grandpa is satisfied. So even if Stan was fined and/or arrested over Dean killing himself, he would fully accept it if his grandpa was fine.
    • Especially with it.
  • Earlier in the episode, Grandpa told Stan about his old border collie named Patches. He explains that he didn't let himself get too upset when she died because he'd always have the memory of her happy, slobbering face... only to admit he can no longer remember what she looks like. At the end of the episode, Stan gives Grandpa a framed photo of him and Patches together. The most heartwarming part about this is that he instantly recognises her and now that he has that photo, he never has to worry about forgetting her again.


  • After Cartman has been chained in a dark, empty park at night in a bunny costume, doused with blood, shot with a tranquilizer dart, and forced to suffer through one of the worst night terrors of his entire life, Kyle comes along and cuts his chains, walks him home, and tucks him into bed. By the end of the episode, after having suffered through one of the scariest nights of his life, Cartman ends up with a much greater tolerance for Jewish people (even going so far as to convert himself out of fear, if only for a day).


  • The concern of the boys- even Craig- at Butters being bullied. Its really nice to see that the Reset Button hasn't affected everything in the show, and for all that Butters has been through he's gone from an unpopular wuss to actually being good friends with his class, even a fifth member of the main four boys. Before, Stan and Kyle would only be nice to Butters out of pity, but now it's because he's their friend. Made even better in that it shows Character Development in terms of Stan being the most angered by Butters getting bullied (despite what it ended up setting off), when back in the third season's "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub" he hated the idea of having to just spend a few hours with him.
  • Technically more of a "Reason You Suck" Speech but Butters standing up to his grandmother is oddly comforting. No matter how much hardship you might go through, you'll still be a better person than the one picking on you

Cartman Finds Love

  • Tolkien and Nichole's Falling-in-Love Montage.
    • Okay, despite Cartman's intentions of avoiding interracial couples, it's pretty awesome the lengths he went to just to get them together. And in the end, they seemed to genuinely like each other; Nichole even says that she doesn't care if people assume they're supposed to be together, making Cartman's reasons moot!
      • Although he wasn't too kind to Kyle, causing half of the female student body to believe he's homosexual, as well as humiliating him in front of hundreds at a live basketball game.
  • The girls' reaction when they think Kyle is gay. While they do gossip about him, they don't ridicule him for his perceived homosexuality and evidently still consider him a friend.
    • In particular, Nichole, when Cartman tells her he and Kyle are together, shows complete understanding despite having a crush on Kyle herself, and even tells Kyle afterwards that if he needs someone to talk to, she's there for him.

Going Native

  • Butters is driven into an aggressive state due to a biological state from being Hawaiian. When he makes an outburst that reveals Kenny is actually his best friend, the latter is willing to support him and even go with him to his migration to Kuaui. Pretty touching considering the two have barely interacted at all prior to this.
    • What's more, since Butters is Professor Chaos and Kenny is Mysterion, their friendship becomes even more touching as it shows that when the chips are down they'd put aside their differences and help each other out. This might be due to the fact that Mysterion treats Professor Chaos with respect.
  • The fact that not only does Kenny SURVIVE the entire episode, but he gets made an honorary Hawaiian for helping save Hawaii's culture, makes this episode even more sweet. Of course by now, it's pretty much established Kenny's dying days are fewer than before.... Except when it's REALLLY funny.
  • Butters getting over his hatred of Ben Affleck and admitting that he's alright could be seen as the writers finally retiring all the Ben Affleck jabs they've made over the years.

    Season 17 
Informative Murder Porn
  • It's in a twisted way, but Randy and Sharon bonding over being able to kill each other in Minecraft.

Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers

  • When Michael and Pete come to Henrietta to tell her that the camp was a hoax and that she became an emo on her own, she starts to feel embarrassed and ashamed for doing so. Feeling bad for her, they lie by telling her that they lied and that they destroyed the body-snatching plants, which makes her feel better and makes her a goth again.
    • Firkle's "Welcome Back, Bitch" sign.

Taming Strange

  • Kyle's determination to help Ike.

Ginger Cow

The Hobbit

  • Kanye West proclaims that he doesn't care if his fiancee Kim Kardashian is a Hobbit (it.. kinda makes sense in context) - he loves her nevertheless. And Wendy even gives up her crusade to expose the photoshopped pictures of women for the fakes they are, so as not to destroy their happiness.

    Season 18 
Gluten Free Ebola
  • How's about Wendy forgiving Stan for his idiocy in the previous episode? Even sharing a touching dance with him.
The Cissy
  • Sharon's speech about Lorde (It Makes Sense in Context):
    Do you know why young people like Lorde so much? It's because she's something different. Kids have had pop music artists flash tits and crotch in their face and most kids are actually smart enough to be sick of it. Lorde represents something in all of us: the truth that wants to be heard. If I could talk to Lorde right now, you know what I'd tell her? I’d tell her not to let people change who she is. I’d tell her that if people are making fun of her, it’s probably because they lost touch with being human. I’d tell her to keep on doing what she does, because when someone’s not allowed to express who they are inside, then we all lose. That's...what I would say to Lorde.
  • The whole scene after Sharon's speech. Randy inspired to go on with writing Lorde's new song, while many people are seen enjoying it- Butters, Principal Victoria, Shelly (which Randy noticed, making him smile), the employees of Lorde's record company, and the daughters of Randy's co-worker, who went on to urge her boss to not set up the transgender restroom at the office, then leading to both of them listening and liking Lorde's new song. The SPIN magazine reporter is shown about to publish his article detailing all of Lorde's secrets, but then has a change of heart, and deletes it, then walks away from his computer.
    • Butters dancing to Lorde's new song near the end of the episode - while wearing a tutu - was just about the biggest bow Matt and Trey could've put on the episode after that speech.
    • It's probably the kindest depiction a celebrity has ever gotten on South Park really (Outside of the gag about Lorde being Randy in drag)


  • Timmy started Handicar to make money for summer camp, and at the end, he sells the company to Elon Musk for 2.3 billion and gives it all to the camp.

Freemium isn't Free

  • Satan sitting down with Stan and explaining about addiction and why Stan has addiction problems and teaching him how to deal with it.

Cock Magic

  • The boys, even Cartman, having reservations about putting their rooster, McNuggets, through a dangerous card competition. Eventually, Kenny does take his place.
  • Stan showing up to Wendy's volleyball game despite his disdain for the sport. Granted he was on the phone the whole time to keep tabs on McNuggets' card game, but the fact that he showed up when he found out she was the captain of the squad still means her pleas for support did not go on deaf ears.
    • Also Stan's idea of merging Cock Magic with Girls' Volleyball so everyone could be happy. It may have not been a very good idea and it certainly did not make everyone happy, but his heart clearly was in the right place.

    Season 19 
Where My Country Gone
  • Butters and Charlotte the Canadian falling in... "Slow Cosby."
    • At the end of "Tweek x Craig" we see that Butters is still keeping in contact with Charlotte via video cam.

The City Part of Town

  • Even if he is exploiting child labor to spruce up City Wok, Tuong Lu Kim is genuinely distraught that he can't pay Kenny more.
  • Kenny getting a doll that his little sister Karen wanted with his pay from City Wok since their parents sure weren't going to do it.
  • Despite being on the edge of going out of business, Tuong Lu Kim decided to pay Kenny enough for his hard work to get his sister that doll.
  • In another rather twisted example, a furious, violent riot starts in downtown South Park during the events of The City Part of Town. What's surprisingly heartwarming, however, is why the riot starts - when Kenny gets harassed, yelled at, and finally outright punched by a furious Randy, Kenny's fellow coworkers are outraged and jump his attacker. Hitting a child is not okay, and for such an angry moment, it's surprisingly nice to see how quickly they leap to Kenny's defense.

Safe Space

  • In his own twisted way, PC Principal, who truly just wants to protect people from shaming and seems genuinely concerned with the people who he believes are in trouble.
  • There's something sweet about how, towards the end of the episode, when Reality reveals that Butters is dying from sifting through everyone's negative comments, all the celebrities, PC Principal and Randy are distraught, having a collective My God, What Have I Done? moment. They all visit Butters in his hospital room. It's really strangely touching... of course, this being South Park, we get some good old Black Comedy to deflate the feels in the best way.
  • Even though he was only introduced in the previous episode, by the end of this episode, David is greatly concerned when an eccentric and naked Butters is going insane, and chases after him trying to help as much as Stan, Kyle, and Kenny do.

Tweek x Craig

  • The fact that South Park is acknowledging their fanbase by showing off their yaoi fanart. It doesn't matter if the fans misinterpret a scene or let their imaginations run wild, just the fact that they're fans is something the creators appreciate. They even give fans who sent in artwork a thank you message in the credits.
  • Although it's easy to miss, Craig's possible acceptance of his sexuality at the end. He may have only realized it because of the town's antics, but there are strong hints throughout the episode—namely in Craig's shameful expression when Tweek asks him to try getting back together—that Craig has been repressing his sexuality for a long, long time.
  • Whether Craig is gay or not, Craig's dad finally saying that he accepts his son's sexuality, and that he still loves him.
  • Whether their relationship is romantic or not, it's still rather touching that Craig was the first person to ever tell Tweek that he was capable of more than he thought he was, and that this gave Tweek a boost in his self-confidence.
    Craig: You can do it, Tweek! You're capable of more than you think.
    Tweek: You made me believe in myself in a way I never have before. I didn't think I had any of that in me, but... you were right. I can do more than I think.
  • In its own weird way, showing that Butters is still injured from the crap he went through in the last episode. For all the season's ridiculing of political correctness, it's nice to see that actual problems are being given attention.
  • Cartman, of all people, deciding "just because I don't understand it, doesn't mean I can't support it." He doesn't understand homosexuality with regards to how one man can be sexually attracted to another, and is worried that Craig may have seen his penis at one point. But he's still going to support his friends because it makes them happy. Not only that, but when the entire town becomes depressed because of Tweek and Craig's break-up, he tries to convince Cupid Me to make things better.

Naughty Ninjas

  • Barbrady has an old sick dog that he cares for and promises he'll try his best to buy her medication after losing his job and later on when he's sent to kill the kids that the other adults think are part of ISIS, he tries to reason with them and beg them not to be part of ISIS. It doesn't work because of Randy, but it shows that Barbrady is a good man at heart.

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Truth And Advertising

  • Even if he is ordered to do so, Barbrady still refuses to shoot the kids (Jimmy and Leslie) and outright helps them escape.

PC Principal: Final Justice

  • Whenever two or more characters start pointing guns at each other, they start talking things out instead of actually threatening to shoot each other. Given how high-strung the characters are, you'd expect a shootout to occur, but instead they realize how bad things are if they're trying to kill each other and talk through their issues.

    Season 20 
  • The Season 20 trailer. Sure, it's really tongue-in-cheeky, but damn it, it's still relatably sweet.
  • After spending most of Season 19 recovering from his attempted suicide, it's nice to see that Butters has healed and is able to laugh again.

The Damned

  • After he got wrongly accused of being Skankhunt42 and got his stuff destroyed, so he can't access Twitter; it's heartwarming to see Cartman and Heidi Turner - who left Twitter due by trolling actions caused by Skankhunt42, Gerald Broflovski - becoming friends. It helps that Cartman is sincere that males and females are equally funny. Heidi even admits she was wrong for accusing him and apologizes to him. They become an Official Couple in the next episode.

Weiners Out

  • Sheila tries her best to be there for Gerald, and when he leads her to believe he's into piss porn she doesn't judge him for it and is even willing to try it to make him happy.
  • Kyle apologizing to Cartman for what he and the rest of the boys did to him two episodes earlier. Cartman tells him it's cool because it brought him and Heidi together.
  • Speaking of which Cartman and Heidi are a real item now. Cartman and Heidi act like very close lovers, using pet names and complimenting each other and giving each other gifts.

Douche and a Danish

  • This episode not only features Cartman and Heidi's love and their trying to stop the gender war, but Randy attempts to help Mr. Garrison in an oddly touching way. Sure, it began as confusion, but seeing Randy make an effort to help others after his string of selfish and chaotic events last season is almost as endearing as the new lovebirds in the school.
    • Speaking of them, Cartman continues to treat Heidi better than any living being, if not thing, than ever before, reassuring her after her plan to help Denmark finish up Troll is ruined by the Troll army. And then, Cartman sings once again, but this time it's a duet with his newfound girlfriend. Hell, even at the beginning of the episode, they kiss very shortly after she shows up to back him up when the girls berate him.

    Season 21 
White People Renovating Houses
  • At the start of the episode the boys are hanging out at Cartman's house while they have fun with Alexa, showing he's no longer ostracized from their group — not to mention, almost all the boys over at his place were the ones responsible for destroying his electronics. Considering that this is Cartman we're talking about, it's a nice surprise to see that he forgave his friends despite the fact that none of them apologized (or they haven't onscreen, anyways).

Put It Down

  • This episode shows that Tweek and Craig really are an Official Couple and they adore each other. It also shows that Craig is, surprisingly, a sweet and attentive boyfriend to Tweek and really just wants him to be happy. The two have gone from violent fistfights to being genuinely in love, something very rare in South Park indeed.
  • We get to see Tweek calm and smiling once Craig finally learns to listen instead of trying to problem solve everything, and it's absolutely adorable.

Sons A Witches

  • According to Randy, Witch Week has been a 20 year long tradition for him and the guys, including Mr. Garrison, who happily rejoins Witch Week at the episode's climax.

Doubling Down

Moss Piglets

  • When Heidi and Cartman start complaining about the Special Ed Science Fair, and the former stating that she isn't interested in their projects because they won't contribute to society, Stan and Kyle defend them by saying the Special Ed kids are their friends, and that their experiments are actually pretty interesting.
  • Jimmy and Timmy acting like proud parents over their water bears — justified since they trained the little critters to have music preferences, group coordination skills, and early stages of sentience.
  • A small one, but when Heidi and Cartman start trying to goad Butters into taking Heidi's place as the Special Ed Science Fair judge, Butters says he has a birthday party to attend. The two assume Butters is just trying to get out of "helping", but Clyde comes in to attest that "it's [his] birthday". It shows Butters has come a long way from being The Friend Nobody Likes.

Splatty Tomato

  • After everything that Kyle went through from "Doubling Down" until now, it's very nice to see that his friends are still by his side and willing to find his missing brother. Even Cartman joins the search party (even if it's just so he could get out of a date night with Heidi).
    • The fact that Craig was the first to step in is noteworthy too. This is the same kid who, during the "Pandemic" two-parter a few seasons ago, wanted nothing to do with the boys' adventures and complained about being roped in anyways the whole time.
  • Heidi finally leaving Cartman is pure catharsis. It shows that as far as she fell, it doesn't mean she can't be redeemed, and by the next season she’s back to her old self.

    Season 22 
Dead Kids
  • Sharon's Mama Bear meltdowns are proof of how much she loves her kids, no matter how much everyone else tries to gaslight her into believing she's just being hysterical. Randy, for all it's worth, also asks Stan if he got shot or if he instigated it when he brings up the shooting during dinner.
  • The reveal that Nichole and Tolkien are back together shows that the Gender War is coming to a close and the couples are slowly making up.

A Boy and a Priest

  • Butters notices how no one in the Sunday congregation takes Father Maxi seriously with their Catholic Priest jokes, and thinks of it as no different from the same kind of bullying he used to face. So, he stays behind after church to comfort Father Maxi and then spends the whole episode trying to be his friend. It's the sweet-natured Butters we know and love.
    Butters: Father, can I talk to you?
    Father Maxi: Sure, my son, what is troubling you?
    Butters: Well... what's troubling YOU?
  • Not long after that, we see a montage of Butters and Father Maxi taking Sunday off to go birdwatching, see a movie, read proverbs, enjoy themselves on the swings, and go hiking.
  • Upon learning the other priests want Father Maxi to move away and replace him with another priest in South Park, Father Maxi rejects the chance to escape all the insults because he knows his replacement will be an actual pedophile who might hurt the town's children. Coupled with sheer Awesome when he not only turns it down, he also hijacks the Kumboni to run over and DISMEMBER the 3 clergymen who offered him the chance in the first place.

The Problem with a Poo

  • Strong Woman has five babies, all born with an innate sense of political correctness. While they have a habit of crying at the slightest provocation, they're very cute, especially with their little sunglasses. PC Principal and Strong Woman are also surprisingly good parents to them (well, a good mother and male nanny who is definitely not the father, that is).
  • Even if Heidi is now a background character again, it's very pleasant to see that she has returned to her healthy Nice Girl self, showing that she has completely recovered from Cartman's abuse.
    • If you look closely she is seen sitting near Kyle in the music room with the two showing no hostility, implying that they’ve made up from last season and have become at the very least Amicable Exes.
    • It's Heartwarming in Hindsight for Kyle since he spent the entire episode trying to help Mr. Hankey recover his reputation and correct his behavior, only for it all to end in failure and Kyle eventually giving up on Mr. Hankey. Knowing that Kyle did something similar with Heidi in "Doubling Down" and seeing the old Heidi sit near Kyle in this episode shows that Kyle was successful at helping at least one person change their life for the better.

The Scoots

  • Kenny and Mr. Mackey bond over their distaste for the e-scooter fad, and Mackey tells Kenny that even though people tend to forget about him,note  he thinks Kenny's smart and compassionate, and could make a good counselor someday.

Time To Get Cereal

  • A meta example: This episode feaures a very real Manbearpig going on a rampage killing lots of innocent people, with the boys apologizing to Al Gore and admitting he was right all along. In other words, this episode is Matt and Trey's way of apologizing to the real Al Gore for making fun of his warnings about climate change.

Nobody Got Cereal?

Buddha Box

  • The montage of PC Principal and Strong Woman having a fun day out with their children when they realize no one is paying attention to them.


  • A minor one, but Cartman laments on how the group don't hang out as much as they used to. This gets everyone else to be excited to participate in the bike parade, something they weren’t considering attending at all. Granted, earlier, he had thoughts about entering for the prize and girls but he seemed genuinely happy to do something with the boys again.

Bike Parade

  • The finale features all the kids riding in the bike parade while the adults are happy and calm, albeit thanks to everyone being totally blazed.
    • Cartman tows Kenny's coffin behind his bike, showing that despite how he usually treats Kenny, he still cares for him.
    • If you look closely, you can see Craig and Tweek are riding a tandem bicycle, which is especially reassuring since some fans worried if they'd break up after "Buddha Box."
    • Fans were worried about Heidi since she didn't make an appearance after "The Problem With A Poo", believing she was either killed during a school shooting or by ManBearPig. So it was relieving to see her alive and well, participating in the bike parade with the other kids.
    • Ned is alive, but still badly injured from the Manbearpig attack, so Jimbo helps him smoke his joint.

    Season 23 
Mexican Joker
  • Also an Awesome moment, Stan had Cartman sent to a migrant detention camp after Cartman did the same to Kyle. Just goes to show you how far Stan would go to get payback for Kyle's predicament.
  • As for Cartman, he ends up having a Jerkass Realization when he realizes that sending Kyle to a detention camp is exactly like sending him to a concentration camp, which is extremely offensive to the Jewish. It may seem like he was being sarcastic, but think about Season 16's "Jewpacabra" and you'll remember that Cartman abandoned his Anti-Semitic views ever since, even bringing himself to accept the Jewish. Anyone who knows about that episode will begin to realize that Cartman's remorse is actually genuine.

Band in China

Let Them Eat Goo

  • Butters and Cartman sharing their excitement about the different food days in the cafeteria. Considering that Cartman usually treats Butters like a tool to use at best and a loser to humiliate at worst, it's nice to see them act like real friends for once.
    • After Cartman has been in the hospital twice, Butters feels guilty and tells Cartman about the deal the school made with the Goo Man. It's another refreshing break from how they normally act.

Season Finale

  • Cartman expressing his condolences to The Whites over the death of their son Jason out of genuine sympathy and encouraging them to move on and adopt a Mexican child to fill the empty void. Too bad it ended with the birth of Mexican Joker.

Board Girls

  • Unlike Cartman and the other boys, Stan actually enjoys playing board games with the girls and bonds with them over their shared hobby — looks like the Gender Wars are finally over for good.
  • The PC Babies rushing to greet PC Principal at the front door when he comes home after sulking over the Heather debacle, because like Strong Woman said, they don't care about that as much as they care about their dad.
  • Heidi Turner is among the crowd celebrating the girls' victory over Heather Swanson. She's finally back to her normal self and she still loves her friends, even after the way she treated them in "Moss Piglets".
  • Tolkien is also seen cheering Nicole and Tammy on to beat Heather in a board game. Since Tolkien had gotten back together with the former by "Dead Kids" it is very nice to see him supporting his girlfriend here.

Turd Burglars

  • The fact that the women of South Park get A Day in the Limelight is pretty heartwarming in itself, especially since a number of the women are actually some of the more intelligent adults, such as Sharon Marsh, Sheila Broflovski, Strong Woman, Mayor McDaniels, etc.
  • When Harriet Biggle, Henrietta and Bradley's mother, asks the boys to get a sample of Sheila's fecal matter in exchange for a copy of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, they willingly agree (except for Kyle) since they won't get that game until Christmas otherwise. It's kind of sweet seeing the boys do something together again ever since the Season 22 finale, even though Kyle refused and was out of the loop.

Basic Cable

  • This episode features Scott Malkinson getting A Day in the Limelight, right before the season finale, which is both heartwarming and awesome, since Scott is one of the biggest Butt-Monkeys in later seasons. The kid gets his own custom episode intro and everything!
  • The ending involves Scott and the new girl, Sophie Gray, becoming friends after they just had a confrontation alongside the other boys, who also wanted to hang out with her, with Sophie stating that she isn't anyone's girlfriend since she just moved to South Park and didn't even unpack all of her stuff in her new room yet. It's kind of tearjerking to see that Scott ended up going through so much just to win Sophie's heart, only to have his broken instead, but Sophie ends up coming back to him, talking about how difficult it is to live with diabetes since they both have the same condition. She even says that she likes "The Scott Malkinson Show".

    Season 25 
The Big Fix
  • All this time thinking that Tolkien's name meant as in Token black person, Stan felt bad for being (or at least he thought he was) racist and wanted to make up for it, only to realize that he doesn't even like his name and told him why he was doing all this.
    • Despite that, Tolkien knew that Stan's heart was in the right place and he clearly feels terrible about it, so he was Easily Forgiven.
Help, My Teenager Hates Me!
  • The boys are having fun and bonding in the Airsoft field. This is very heartwarming in a kind of weird way seeing as Stan being the most cynical of the group, it's shown that must've grown out of his cynical personality (or at least just became a lot less cynical) and back to being a Nice Guy. Special mention and kudos to Cartman, of all people, who is acting nice and understanding to the boys even Kyle. He even shed real tears of joy and said he loves them nonsarcastically.
    • After Kyle decides to quit airsoft due to being fed up with the teenagers the Boys have to deal with, Gerald (who wasn't entirely onboard with Kyle participating in the activity in the first place) decides to recruit the other dads and Jimbo so they can play with the Boys and beat the teenagers in the next match. They beat the teenagers handily and cause them all to quit, allowing the Boys to enjoy the hobby again. The episode ends with the Boys thanking them for their help and everyone deciding to celebrate with some hot dogs.
    • The reason Jimbo was recruited? Not because he's good with firearms, but so that Cartman wouldn't feel left out while the other boys were teamed up with their own dads.
South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2
  • Randy finally quits being a weed farmer and goes back to his geologist work. the rest of his family are stunned by the sight of him working diligently over the dinner table, but they quckly start smiling in support.
    • The sight of Randy watching reruns of old South Park episodes where he was a more tolerable character can bring a smile to the face of any longtime South Park fans.