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Headscratchers / South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

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  • How was Kenny still alive and conscious, albeit briefly, after having his heart replaced with a potato?

  • How was the potato baked before anyone cooked it?
    • It may have been run in the microwave before and was sitting there, cooked, when the doctor opened the microwave up. Plus, he left it in the microwave when he put Kenny's heart in. It probably got zapped right along with the heart then.
    • Twice-baked potatoes.
      • Isn't another way of making baked potatoes cooking them in a microwave?

  • Why were Wendy and Gregory part of La Resistance if they don't even like Terrance and Phillip?
    • Maybe they still disagreed with the way Sheila was handling everything and wanted to take a stand?
      • "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Wendy and Gregory are exactly the sort to get involved with La Resistance as a matter of principle.
  • How was the scene where Conan O'Brien jumps out a window visible on TV if Talk Show sets never take place outside?
    • Most talk shows are in studios, so he was in a studio that had a higher floor with a window offscreen.

  • Why were Wendy and Gregory at Mr. Mackey's rehabilitation center if they never cursed nor saw the Terrance & Phillip movie?

  • Why doesn't Sheila realize that her son is Canadian? Kyle even brings this up to reason with her, but Sheila doesn't care and just continues to exterminate Canada anyway. What would've happened if Kyle bought Ike to the battlefield (as shown in early trailer footage)? Is Ike the only exception Sheila has when it comes to Canadians?
    • Ike's her son. She likely considers him an exception, or has a blind spot where he's concerned, or something of the sort. It's not exactly a stretch for her to be hypocritical.

  • If Wendy never liked Gregory (as she tells Stan in the end), then why did she befriend him in the first place (and at one point seem in love with him)?
    • Maybe to make Stan pay attention to her, she's done that before.

  • How were the boys allowed to sneak into the Terrance & Phillip movie for the second time after the theater clerk was pissed off at them for paying a homeless guy to get them in the first time?
    • They could've paid someone else to get them in a second time and done it a little more discreetly. Or just snuck in some other way, through a side entrance or something.

  • If Trey Parker and Matt Stone were able to re-render every episode in HD, wouldn't they be able to do the same with the movie? I know the rights to the show and rights to the movie are different, but the film could use a better HD transfer than the one from Paramount's film prints with lines digitally scrubbed.

  • Cartman's mom. They searched "clitoris" and came up with stuff about her. An early spoiler or just her doing lesbian stuff?
    • The nature of the video is stated explicitly.
    • Negative Continuity. Plus, searching the internet isn't necessarily the most accurate thing imaginable, including/especially porn. There could be any number of reasons she showed up on that particular search. Including/especially porn.

  • How come the fourth graders can't get into an R-rated movie without a guardian, yet the sixth graders in line behind them can?
    • Who said that they were there to see that movie in particular? They could've been seeing another movie.


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