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Awesome / South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

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  • Kenny being rejected from Heaven and sent to Hell. The event itself isn't awesome at all, but the gorgeous animation (complete with CGI backdrops of space and Hell and CGI demons tormenting the 2D Kenny) and great James Hetfield song make the whole sequence amazing to watch.
  • Cartman attacking Saddam and his army with his electric powers, gained due to his V-chip starting to malfunction. "RESPECT MY FUCKING AUTHORITAH!"
    • Also this...
    • Cartman saving Terrance and Phillip by turning off the electric chair's switch and then causing a power surge with his swearing.
  • The fact La Résistance had the balls to go into the battlefield, full of people dying around them, where they could easily get caught in the crossfire (Stan even nearly got hit by a rocket), just to save Terrence and Phillip. That takes courage for an eight year old.
  • Satan tossing Saddam into Hell a la Return of the Jedi, as pictured above. Compounded with one simple sentence:
    THAT'S! IT! I have had enough of you!
  • Kyle's Calling the Old Bitch Out moment. Sheila had it coming so much it wasn't even funny.
    Kyle (stands between the soldiers and Terrence and Phillip) I'm not going to let you kill them mom!
    Sheila: WHAT WHAT WHAT!!?
    • And Kyle knew full well that he was slowly pressing her shiny, jolly and candy-like Berserk Button hard enough to break the console. He knows he might get killed or otherwise have something horrible happen to him for talking back to her, and that takes guts.
    • Also when Kyle says "What about Ike? Huh, Mom? Did you forget your own adopted son is Canadian!?" and the soldiers gasp. It's as if Kyle said: "Try getting yourself out of that one, bitch!"
  • The other mothers quitting M.A.C. so they can save their kids.
    Sharon: My God, this is terrible!
    Sheila: This is what we wanted. We wanted our children to be brought up in a smut-free environment.
    Sharon: But we didn't want THIS! (She and the other mothers begin walking towards the battlefield)
    Sheila: Where are you going!?
    Sharon: We're going to find our boys! For God's sake, Sheila, we're going to get them killed!
  • "Operation Human Shield MY ASS!"
    • To specify: Chef and the other black soldiers are initially made by the (incredibly racist) general to serve as a "human shield" for the white soldiers (and their vehicles) and get killed first. Their response? Chef gets all the black soldiers to get out of the way so the general's "favored" white soldiers have to deal with the punishment instead!
  • This brief moment
    Sheila: Any last words, boys?
    Phillip: Yeah, how about you get me the fuck out of this chair!
  • La Résistance forming a wall around Terrence and Philip to save them from getting executed by Sheila and the army. Unfortunately, they're too short and Sheila fires her gun over them.
  • Ned single handily going all Handicapped Badass on various waves of Canandians with a M249 during the battle.
  • Liane actually grounding her son one week longer than Stan and Kyle.
  • When we finally see Kenny's face for the first time.
  • This movie (of all movies) getting nominated for an Oscar!
    • Stephen Sondheim sent a letter to Matt and Trey congratulating them on making the best musical that he had seen in the last 15 years. Trey in particular (who'd been studying music since high school) said that meant more to him than a thousand Academy Awards.
    • We should note that the category was "Best Original Song" and the song nominated was "Blame Canada."
    • But the winner was Phil Collins with "You'll Be In My Heart" (from Tarzan). His reward for winning an Oscar? Grief from Matt and Trey.
    • Plus the movie getting into the Guinness Book of World Records for containing the most swear words in an animated film.
  • Remember the song "Kyle's Mom is a Bitch" from "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo"? Well, guess what got repurposed and revamped for this film?

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