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Tear Jerker / South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

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  • "Up There". It's a legitimately heart-wrenching (and still slightly tongue-in-cheek) Award-Bait Song in the middle of this hilarious, crazy movie, and is also Satan's Establishing Character Moment that shows he's not a bad guy after all who just wants to see the world because he's bored of Hell and wants to live in peace and happiness.
  • Though more tongue in cheek, Conan O'Brien's My God, What Have I Done? moment after selling out Terrence and Phillip, leading him to jump to his death in despair.
  • Phillip screaming when Sheila shoots Terrance. Followed by Phillip getting the same.
  • Upon hearing that the American government is rounding up Canadian-born citizens, Kyle is forced to hide Ike in his family's attic.
    Kyle: Don't worry, Ike, we're gonna put an end to this. And then I'll make mom come home, and we'll be a family again.
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  • The death of the Mole as the boys try to plead for him to not die (as they don't know how to get back home) is rather tragic when realizing he's just an eight-year old dying for the sake of La Resistance. Kyle acts as a Mood Killer however by letting out a frustrated "Shit!". However, During the Moles reprise Kyle tries to comfort him in a surprisingly small voice.
    Kyle: No, Mole hang on... we'll get you home...
  • The first time we hear Kenny speak without his hood. After his heroic sacrifice, he says, "Goodbye, you guys." and disappears, as pictured above.
  • La Resistance shielding Terrance and Phillip and Kyle confronting his mother. The somber speech begging her to stop is enough to grind the entire war to halt, one soldier even dropping his gun and breaking down in tears.
    Kyle: But Mom, you never took the time to talk to me. Whenever I get in trouble, you go off and blame everybody else. But I'm the one to blame. Deal with me. You keep going off and fighting all these causes, but I don't want a fighter... I want my mom.
    Soldier: (sniff) Poor little fella.
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  • The song "Eyes of a Child" during the credits. despite the humorous lyrics, just listen to it and try not to shed a tear.

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