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Fridge / South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

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Fridge Brilliance

  • The movie's subtitle: South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. At first, people think that Matt Stone and Trey Parker added that tagline to give the movie its uncensored/unrated status (it was originally going to be called South Park: All Hell Breaks Loose, but either the censors didn't approve of it or the creators wanted a better title), but really it's a penis joke (the "uncut" refers to a penis being uncircumcised).
    • Is it really considered Brilliance if that's the point of the joke? Especially for regular watchers of the show...
  • In "It's Easy, M'kay?" Mr. Mackey suggests to the kids that instead of saying Fuck they say M'Kay. Why is this important? Think about this: He considers M'Kay (his Verbal Tic) to be an equivalent of Fuck, so in his mind he's constantly swearing at children and his superiors!
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  • When Mr. Mackey tells everyone over the PA that anyone wearing wearing Terrance and Phillip shirts needs to go home, Kenny runs out with the rest of them despite being dressed in his usual outfit. Kenny just wanted to leave school with his friends, he took advantage of the situation.
  • The scene where the general executes Bill Gates for Windows 98 fucking up after Gates had told them it would be faster, more efficient and with better access to the internet. Gates was telling the truth, the computer only failed due to Saddam Husseins interference from Hell. Bill Gates was killed for something that wasn't even his fault!
  • Kenny saw and eventually entered the Muslim version of Heaven, since there were 72 virgins waiting for him.
  • Kenny sees Mahatma Gandhi upon entering Hell. Since this is the Christian version of Hell, Gandhi was being put there for being a heathen presumably. Also, later South Park seasons show that only Mormons can enter Heaven anyway.
    • A little-known fact about Gandhi is that he abused women, which, in this fictional afterlife, would likely influence where he went.

Fridge Logic

  • If Kenny's wish caused the war to never happen, how were clips of the war shown in in "Terrence & Phillip: Behind the Blow"?
    • The war happened, it just got undone. If it never happened, the Canadians wouldn't have been in Colorado to reprise the song.
  • Also, how can Cartman still curse if the V-Chip is still in his head?
    • Maybe it got removed?
      • Or it ran out of power? Firing anime bolts can't possibly be good for the thing's battery.
    • South Park: The Stick of Truth (which the show implied to be canon) confirms that he still has it and can activate it at will.
      • And considering how much button-mashing it takes to get the damn thing to work effectively, it seems Cartman really needs to curse up a storm to get it to work.

Fridge Horror

  • If Sheila and the rest of MAC went through with their plan of putting V-Chips in all of the kids of South Park after seeing its success with Cartman, what if the kids with V-Chips just so happened to say a colorful metaphor while they were out swimming or taking a bath?
    • Being electrocuted would likely produce more obscenities, meaning that everyone in the pool would die, including those who weren’t actually swearing. One of these moms would walk outside and see these kids floating in a pool, dead. They’d probably blame Canada.


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