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  • Approval of God:
    • Brian Boitano loved the song "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" and has embraced his association with the South Park franchise. He's performed skating routines to the song and even has his animated self as his Twitter profile picture.
    • When reporters asked Kim Campbell, Consul General to the United States and former Prime Minister of Canada, about the song "Blame Canada," she replied that it was clearly satire (against Americans, no less) and didn't find it offensive in the slightest.
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    • Anne Murray is name-dropped in "Blame Canada" as one of the terrible things about the country. Murray herself thought this was hilarious and even wanted to sing the song at the Oscars (which she was invited to do), but had another commitment and couldn't go. Robin Williams did it instead.
  • Banned In China: Distribution was never even attempted in Iraq for obvious reasons. However, after Bush's troops invaded the country and captured Saddam, they allegedly played the movie in his cell.
  • Cowboy Be Bop At His Computer: This trope becomes more accurate in hindsight: It's a little-known fact that this is the first computer animated film to be rated R. However, as time went on, computer animation become more associated with CGI, and given that there were little 3D elements in this film, it didn't seem to fit under the category anymore. Thus, when Sausage Party was greenlit, it was deemed the first R-rated computer animated film, seemingly ignoring Bigger, Longer and Uncut in the process.
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  • Directed by Cast Member: Both Trey Parker and Isaac Hayes (the voice of Chef) have directorial credits on the film.
  • Dueling Dubs:
    • Two dubs were produced for the Latin American market in 2000, each one by a different ADR studio in Mexico. The version by Sensaciones Sonicas for Warner Bros. was heavily censored in dialogue to adhere to the standards of local TV, and did not dub any of the songs. An alternate version by Intersound SA (produced for cable TV by Paramount) did not soften any of the dialogue, and dubbed the songs. Although this version was later released on Paramount's Blu-ray, the censored version is better known due to its prominence on network TV, as well as having been aired by MTV Latinoamerica and being put up for availability on Netflix.
    • There are also at least two French adaptations. The mainstream French release did not dub the songs, while a more obscure Quebecois version dubbed all musical numbers. Christophe's nickname was also changed to "The Weasel".
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    • The first dub was released in Hungary in 2000, but became controversial among fans for recasting some of the characters. In 2010, the channel Filmmuzeum commissioned a new dub that would more closely match up with the show's voice cast.
  • Fake Nationality: One of the Canadian fighter pilots is voiced by Nick Rhodes of British New Wave band Duran Duran.
  • Irony as She Is Cast: Sheila leads a war against Canada over a cartoon. Mary Kay Bergman, who voices her in the movie, was close friends with Canadian-born Tara Strong.
  • Life Imitates Art: There were reports of underage teens purchasing tickets to Wild Wild West and sitting in the theaters showing this film instead. Matt and Trey were not happy about this because they hated that film and were mad that they inadvertently helped it make more money at the box office.
  • Non-Singing Voice:
    • Big Gay Al is usually voiced by Matt Stone, but Trey Parker does his singing voice.
    • Trey Parker provides Gregory's speaking voice, but his singing voice is actually reserved for Howard McGillin.
  • Orphaned Reference: Shortly before the "Uncle Fucka" sequence, Terrance is seen holding a letter that seems to have appeared from out of thin air. This was part of a joke in an earlier draft that was ultimately cut:
    Terrance: Well, fuck my ass and call me a bitch! I just got a letter!
    Phillip: A letter from who, you shit-sucking cockmaster!
    Terrance: It's from your mother.
    Phillip: My mother sent you a letter? What's it say?
    Terrance: It says, "Dear Terrance, please don't ever tell my son that I licked your hairy balls".
  • The Other Darrin:
    • In Spain, the voice cast was almost completely different from the one used for the TV show. However, Margarita Ponce (the TV voice of Cartman) wound up as Stan's mom for the movie.
    • The toned-down version aired on Mexican TV kept the voice actors for the four boys and Wendy from the local TV dub of the series, although many supporting characters were recast note . Clyde also went from being voiced by a man (Carlos Hugo Hidalgo) to a woman (Isabel Martiñón). A less-edited version for pay TV had Kenny and Wendy receive completely different voice actorsnote  as well as numerous more changes to the supporting cast. Interestingly, the original voice actor for Gregory (Enzo Fortuny) wound up performing the role of Mole in the alternate "dirtier" dub.
    • The Japanese dub cast is different from that of the show too, with Stan, Kyle and Kenny voiced by women (as opposed to their TV dub actors) and most of the cast unknown due to the lack of proper credits. The film was also not handled by WOWOW, but by Shochiku Entertainment, who dubbed it for the Kansai market in Japan. As a result, the film contains Japanese subtitles for non-Kansai dialect.
    • The Brazilian dub of the movie (made in Rio de Janeiro at the Cinevideo studio) predated a TV adaptation by BVI Communications (and later Kitchen Inc., which is based in Miami), and features a completely different cast. While Stan, Kyle, Ike, and Cartman are voiced by women in the TV series, they had male voice actors for this version.
    • George Clooney voices the doctor in the film, while he was voiced by Trey Parker in the series. Although said doctor was also renamed from "Dr. Doctor" to "Dr. Goauche".
    • In the Italian dub, Fabrizio Manfredi replaces Fabrizio Vidale as Kyle. The replacement was also kept for Seasons 3-4 of the main show.
  • Recycled Script: The film is an extended musical version of the episode "Death" (at least the plot where Sheila tries to shut down Terrance & Phillip for obscenity, sans the B-plot of Stan being harassed by his grandfather who wants to die because he's too old to live). Here, Kyle's mom overreacts to Terrance and Phillip and gets the other parents to protest against them (only mass suicide is changed to war).
  • Sleeper Hit: No one expected the film to be as popular as it was, or especially the glowing critical response. "Blame Canada" was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song and performed by Robin Williams at the ceremony, that alone is unusual since the category is usually filled with serious anthems and love ballads, and in turn made it one of the most well received musical numbers in the ceremony's history (even if they lost to an anthem).
  • Surprisingly Lenient Censor: When Trey Parker and Matt Stone were told they couldn't subtitle the movie All Hell Breaks Loose because "hell" is a curse in America, they sarcastically suggested calling it Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, and were surprised that the ratings board had no issue with the phallic double entendre.
  • Technology Marches On: The "Windows 98" gag; Rule of Funny at the time, but now you'd wonder why South Park's military would consider having an operating system so outdated.
  • Troubled Production: As stated below, Parker and Stone often fought with both Paramount and the MPAA over the film's content and release. There is a famous photocopy of a memo passed around where Matt Stone goes over specific lines and details of what they cut (cut 'hole' from 'asshole') and what they are keeping (scene with Cartman's mom and the horse "this is one scene we are really fighting for"). At the end Stone says "P.S. this is my favorite memo ever."
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Just like the rest of the show, this movie is full of topical humor. But also, since South Park does musical numbers and episodes less frequently than The Simpsons and Family Guy, the fact that Bigger, Longer and Uncut is a musical might seem out of left field to modern viewers. In fact, The Other Wiki says that this movie was meant as a spoof of Disney Renaissance animated musicals, which were really big at the time but have long since faded away (although later hits like Frozen have given it a revival of sorts).
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The film was originally going to open with Saddam getting executed on an electric chair in a gory manner. It got scrapped, but his line "Last words? Let's see, how about, 'GET ME THE FUCK OFF OF THIS CHAIR!'? How's that for last words?" was spoken by Phillip in the final film.
    • There was originally going to be a music video made for "Eyes of a Child" where Michael MacDonald would be walking on a beach while clips from the movie were projected on a white sheet, but the studio nixed it.
    • Ike was originally going to follow the boys to the battlefield, as seen in the early trailer footage and promotional screencaps of the film. His role was truncated and he was removed from all later scenes, with the post-credits attic scene being added in to explain his absence.
    • The scene with Winona Ryder was originally going to have her really shoot the ping-pong balls from her vagina, but because the scene would get the film an NC-17 rating, it was changed to a Bait-and-Switch joke.
    • The song "Uncle Fucka" was originally plain old "Motherfucker", but again to avoid an NC-17, the song was changed. Trey and Matt admitted the change made the song funnier.
    • In an early version of the script, Sheila was portrayed a lot less sympathetic and insane. In the eighth draft, it is clear that the power of leading M.A.C. went to her head and made her insane to the point where after discovering Ike, Cartman and Kyle were at the USO show, General Plymkin thinks they are "Canadian Sympathizers" and wanted them executed along side with Terrance and Phillip and apparently she and Liane Cartman were okay with it while Sharon and Carol (Stan and Kenny's mothers) are shocked. After the war began, she went on a insane rant about how perfect her plan is to eliminate "not pretty things" and among other things admitted that Kyle wasn't born in a hospital (It was confirmed in "It's a Jersey Thing"). That and she mistook Satan for Alan Dershowitz. This aspect of Sheila's was dropped from the main film as it seemed to be very uncharacteristic of her and to make her more sympathetic as she saw what the war lead to.
    • Also, the town of South Park was going to be turned into a concentration camp, with Kyle even being issued with a yellow star for "doing well at school". While the army does occupy the town, nothing like that happens.
    • The German scat porn scene with Ms. Cartman was originally meant to be a (much shorter) bestiality scene involving a horse. The studio objected despite not being able to see anything on the computer screen. Strangely enough in the finished film, one of the words Cartman said that activated the V-Chip was "horsefucker" and it does show a small image of a man having sex with a horse.
    • Conan O'Brien originally killed himself via gunshot to the head, but the MPAA rejected the scene on basis of the gun violence since Columbine and it was switched out with the scene of him jumping and falling to his death.
    • Originally instead of just Mr. Garrison dying during the war, all of the recurring adult male characters aside from Chef were supposed to have onscreen death scenes (that were filled with punny wordplay).
    • A subplot in earlier drafts involved Cheesy Poofs being revealed as Canadian and therefore banned, much to Cartman's annoyance.
    • Kenny was originally given a subplot where he'd have to try to find Snacky S'mores proofs of purchase in order to get a wish granted. In the end, his ghost pressures Cartman to give him some. He then uses them to wish everyone else back to life. In the final product, Satan lets Kenny get a wish granted due to helping him realize that Saddam was a bad partner.
    • According to composer Marc Shaiman, Sheila's Villain Song was the hardest to write, as over four different songs were written and abandoned. One of them was to have been a dark, sinister Disney Acid Sequence that included a scene where she would scale up a la Maleficent, which was abandoned when he and Trey Parker realized that they didn't want to completely demonize concerned parents, and they came up with a march tune that became "Blame Canada".
    • Although Terrence gets stabbed by Sheila in the early draft (spilling his blood and releasing Satan), neither he nor Phillip actually die.
    • Wendy was going to see Asses of Fire with Stan and the rest of the class, albeit remaining bored throughout, eventually resulting in her breaking up with Stan due to not having anything in common anymore.
    • Trey Parker was convinced that the film would be a major flop and made it as a last hurrah for the series, which is why the ending plays out very much like a Grand Finale and the original theatrical poster features every single character who'd appeared on the show up until that point. Obviously, it didn't bomb.
    • Anne Murray was invited to sing "Blame Canada" at the Oscars (and wanted to do so as Self-Deprecation), but had to decline due to pre-existing commitments.
  • Writer Revolt:
    • Trey and Matt fought with the MPAA in a daily basis. Matt reported that every time they were asked to cut something, they would re-submit the film with a replacement "ten times worse and five times as long".
    • The two also fought with Paramount over ways to promote the film. Both were irritated with a music video that the studio had made for MTV for "What Would Brian Boitano Do?", opting to create their own version. Alterations were made as late as two weeks before its release. It has also been stated that Parker and Stone hated the initial theatrical trailer, feeling that it misrepresented their intent, that Matt Stone actually stole the reel for it and swapped it out with one he and Parker had personally created.
    • Parker and Stone began feeling the film's production would burn every bridge they had in Hollywood, and decided to go down swinging. They even sent handwritten faxes to executives saying "Compliance + You Doing Nothing = Success" and openly said none of them knew how to do their jobs. Thankfully, the film's surprise success saved them and the series' future.


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