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Nightmare Fuel / South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

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  • The operation scene is this mixed with squick.
  • Kenny's death. It even has a small Hope Spot before coming to a bloody end.
  • Kenny getting sent to Hell, complete with demons fighting over him. And it gets worse - according to the film, almost EVERYBODY goes to Hell. Kenny even runs into Gandhi down there! The population counter for Heaven reads 1,656, while the population counter for Hell is well in excess of 900 billion, and keeps increasing.
  • The M.A.C. in general. It starts out as another of Sheila's Moral Guardian soapboxes, but it quickly escalates into a plan of war, mass murder and genocide. All because of a dirty movie.
    • The war itself, with soldiers on both sides getting shot, stabbed, beheaded and dismembered.
    • Just how quickly the USA becomes all but indistinguishable from Nazi Germany. Not one adult has any objections.
      • There is even an operation where the African Americans are on the front lines as a "human shield" in the war against Canada. Even Chef objects In-Universe.