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Nightmare Fuel / Space Jam

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After all these years of slapstick, this was the moment of serious injury.
  • The sudden Art Shift to Swackhammer fantasizing (or maybe Jordan imagining?) about Michael Jordan as his slave in the dungeons of Moron Mountain, and the implications of this (never seeing his family again, living the rest of his life in misery, etc.)
    • On the one hand, if Jordan lost the bet, he'd be separated from his family; on the other, if he didn't up the ante, then it would've been the Tunes who'd be enslaved if worst came to worst—and either way, Jordan's friends wouldn't have their stolen talent returned. Thank God for Toon Physics and the Monstars not having the actual practice to go with that talent...
  • Also, the Nerdlucks' transformation into the Mon-Stars is pretty intense. Just as the Tunes begin to think they got the upperhand against the Nerdlucks, to see them transform into giants and loose their leverage against them.
  • The Mon-Stars molding Jordan into a ball.
  • The Mon-Stars themselves! Even kids who didn't like this movie when it first came out admitted that the characters freaked them out.
  • Charles the dog is pretty scary.
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  • An extreme close-up of Taz during the ultimate game.
  • The Mon-Stars destroying the Tunes in the second half of the game. When Jordan calls for a time out, a lot of the Tunes are in bad condition, ranging from having a defibrillator used on Taz to Tweety resting in what looks like an iron lung. Logically, this would scar them for life, so seeing them unscarred at the end of the movie is rather disturbing.
    • Even more disturbing is the fact that it contrasts to whenever this sort of thing would happen in the cartoons, which would generally be Played for Laughs, so in those cases, the character later appearing unscarred would be expected.
    • Probably some of the worst are what happens to Wile E. Coyote, Tweety, Elmer Fudd, and Foghorn Leghorn. Wile E. is completely casted up and holding up a sign reading “extreme pain”- clearly this is worse than any time he’s ever gone after the Road Runner- Tweety is in an iron lung, Elmer is lying on the floor having a breakdown in a straight jacket mumbling "The Monstars" over and over again, and poor Foghorn has literally been turned into a roast turkey. Even Granny (who was a cheerleader and not even playing) ends up in a wheelchair and a neck brace while she still shakes her pom-poms. Fryderyk Chopin's "Funeral March" playing during this scene doesn't help either.
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    • For those wondering, the full list of injured Looney Tunes are as follows:
      • Wile E. Coyote (Both legs and one arm broken)
      • Yosemite Sam (3rd-to-4th degree burns on every part of his body)
      • Sylvester (decapitated and all the fur shaved of his torso and arms)
      • Elmer Fudd (mentally traumatized to the point of being restrained in a strait jacket)
      • Speedy Gonzales (Various facial injuries requiring the use of a human-sized ice pack)
      • Foghorn Leghorn (reduced to a ROASTED CHICKEN with an IV)
      • Granny (lost all use of her legs and had her neck broken despite not even playing)
      • Tazmanian Devil (suffers a heart attack and/or stroke)
      • Tweety Bird (Loses all ability to breathe independently, requiring the use of an iron lung)
      • Pepe Le Pew (One arm, one leg, and tail broken)
      • Road Runner (Spinal cord is completely shattered) note 
      • Beaky Buzzard is presumably wearing a full body cast (excluding his feet), however the combination of grayish coloring combined with the camera angle from which he's presented makes it instead look like he merely had his feathers (and pupils) shaved off.-particularly if you're watching a low-resolution video such as this one.
  • The scene where the Looney Tunes first meet the Nerdlucks. At first, it plays into a funny moment where the Tunes laugh mockingly at the Nerdlucks when they announce their intentions to enslave them. However, when the leader of the Nerdlucks, Pound blasts Yosemite Sam with a ray gun when Sam tried to shoot him, the Tunes suddenly change their tune and see them as a threat.