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Nightmare Fuel / Spaceballs

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Hello, my baby!


  • Dark Helmet's attempt to get Vespa by disguising himself as her father. The eerie soundtrack in that scene is what makes it this trope. Thank god its quickly subverted.
  • Pizza the Hutt is pretty damn freakish and he dies (off-screen) in a particularly disturbing way. Not to mention Vinny makes it worse by eating some of him and declaring him delicious, which is sick on so many levels.
    • To say nothing of the implication that Vinny might have ultimately eaten his boss alive.
  • The alien bursting out of John Hurt's chest... right up until it starts singing.
  • The king giving up the password comes across as unreasonably cowardly at first, and the "threat" of reversing the princess's nose job seems laughable. But consider this. Vespa fainted seconds before with no hints of anesthetic around. The doctor picks up a couple of large, sharp instruments to do the work. And the king is about to watch his daughter's face be mutilated on a video channel that's still open!! Petty evil at its scariest.
    • Worse, according to the novel when that failed President Skroob came up with a even worse torture, BRANDING his name on Vespa! Even Dark Helmet was disgusted at such a ruthless technique despite him being ruthless even though he doesn’t know what ruthless means!
  • In general, the abundance of Caligulas running the Spaceballs—President Skroob is a ditherer and responsible for wasting all of their air, and Dark Helmet is a Manchild with a Hair-Trigger Temper. Even though this is all Played for Laughs, there's no denying that an organization that's so Stupid Evil it has to resort to draining the oxygen off a planet is pretty scary.
    • And on the topic of the planet draining, Mega-Maid sucking all the oxygen off of Druidia is actually so much worse than what the Death Star on which it's based does in spite of the admittedly hilarious build-up—at least with the Death Star your planet's destruction is guaranteed quick and painless, while the Mega Maid is shown to suck up all the snow and trees and painfully suffocate Vespa's father.