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Michael Jordan's Half-Court Dunk.
Spoilers Off applies to all Awesome pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!
  • Michael Jordan, after he gets his shorts and sneakers, does a montage of Jordan-type dunks and shots, all while Seal's "Fly Like an Eagle" plays in the background.
  • After being bullied around the court by the Mon-Stars for the first half of the game, Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes turn the tables in a way that only they could.
    • As the second half of the game begins (after the Toon Squad have drank Michael's "secret stuff") Bang, the green and easily the meanest of the Mon-Stars, growls at Daffy. What does Daffy do? Basically, head butt Bang and growls right back.
    • Wile E. Coyote booby traps one of the hoops...and for once, it doesn't backfire on him. The smile he gives as the trap goes off seals the deal.
      Bugs: Nice kaboom, Wile E.
    • Then, when Bupkus (the purple Mon-Star who fell victim to the trap) grabs Wile E. to pound him into the ground, Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam promptly shoot out his teeth, dressed in badass suits and sunglasses as "Misirlou" plays.
    • Daffy Duck reverting to his original Crazy Is Cool mode and setting off an angry bull on one of the Mon-Stars.
    • The team weaponizes their resident Smelly Skunk to take out three Monstars.
    • Tweety kicking the crap out of four Mon-Stars. At the same time. Followed immediately by Elmer Fudd pulling off a pretty satisfying slam-dunk.
    • And they manage to do what the Monstars did to them for two quarters in one.
    • Before the second half, Lola manages to score one of the only two baskets in the otherwise one-sided first half after Pound (the orange one) calls her "doll". She does this by repeatedly kicking his face in before leaping up and scoring the basket.
  • Another one when Jordan finds out about the NBA talent steal. He directly confronts Swackhammer and demands that they up the ante of the deal: if the Looney Tunes win, not only does Swackhammer have to let them go, but he has to also restore the talents of the NBA players; however, if the Looney Tunes lose, Jordan is going to Moron Mountain instead of the Tunes. Swackhammer attempts to dissuade him by saying he's going to make Jordan's life miserable as part of his business venture, through a dark Art Shift sequence in either Swackhammer or Michael’s imagination that may count as Nightmare Fuel, to which Jordan doesn't flinch and accepts the deal.
  • Stan getting his own Big Damn Heroes moment by unintentionally making a shot after being piled on by Monstars.
  • When Bill Murray, of all people, shows up near the end for the Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • Daffy successfully tackling a Mon-Star.
    Daffy: It's gut-check time! (shuffles his legs with the sound of a cocking shotgun)
  • The Mon-Stars get one at the end of the film. After they lose the basketball game (thanks to Michael Jordon abruptly learning Toon Physics), Swackhammer repeatedly berates and insults the aliens-turned-monsters and makes threats about what he's going to do to them when they get back to Moron Mountain. Michael asks the Mon-Stars why on earth they take this from Swackhammer, and the Mon-Stars reply that it's because Swackhammer is bigger...than they used to be! Then they turn on Swackhammer and send him back to Moron Mountain alone.
  • The movie ends with Jordan making a slam dunk... in the most epic way possible.
    • Specifically, when Stan survives getting squished and is inflated like a balloon, much like a cartoon character, Michael questions Bugs, and Bugs explains that everyone can do that, even MJ. Bugs and Daffy prove it, saying it's "Looney Toon Land." Michael then proceeds to exploit Toon Physics to make a massive leap in the air, and when two Monstars try to slow him down, he proceeds to stretch his arm to make the dunk.
    • In fact, he gets props for his prior Badass Normal status - whereas the Monstars use their inhumanly brute strength to overpower the Tune Squad, who counter it with their own wacky hijinks, Michael lives up to his reputation by being a really good basketball player, which he uses to keep the Tune Squad afloat.
  • At the end of the first half, when the Looney Tunes are facing their Darkest Hour and find themselves near tears, Stan pauses for a moment...and sneaks into the Monstars' locker room, where he eavesdrops on the team and discovers that they stole the talent from NBA players. Swackhammer sniffs him out and finds him, leading to a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, but think about it for a second. Stan—the Fat Comic Relief who the Looney Tunes have endlessly mocked throughout the whole adventure, who is so bad that Michael Jordan picks a mouse over him for the game—slipped into a room full of giant monsters to try and help the Tune Squad. And the information he gathers solves the mystery behind the drained players, inspires Bugs to come up with the "Secret Stuff" plan, and encourages Michael to make a personal bet with Swackhammer to recover his friends' talent. Stan didn't owe anyone anything, but he still risked his life (he didn't know that injuries aren't permanent in Looney Tune Land) to help a group of cartoon characters he barely knew and treated him with contempt. That is the definition of Badass Normal.
  • Stan immediately deciding to help Michael save the Looney Tunes once he discovers him teaching them to play basketball. The fact that he shrugs off the weirdness and doesn't hesitate a second to assist however he can prove his courage long before he gets on the court.