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Spoilers Off applies to all Wild Mass Guessing pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Had Jordan not been retired, the Tunes would have abducted Magic Johnson
  • Think about it- Magic Johnson had retired due to his HIV status but still stayed in playing shape. He would have been a natural plan B.
    • But it never happened to happy dreaming.

Looney Tunes: Back in Action is really a continuation of this movie
After the ending of Michael Jordan winning the game after coming off a spaceship, the world finds out about the Toons. Soon the WB gets them to be Animated Actors to get them under their thumb while the Toons get to be free to roam around and start businesses with their profits. The Acme Corporation was a real business and the effect of having the Toons come in changed their operating procedures. The CEO went mad after finding out he could squeeze out as much money as he could out of Wile E Coyote and soon wanted to rule the world. Bugs, as the most popular toon, made a mad bid for power that resulted in the ending of Back in Action.

This movie was right around the time the Looney Tunes characters started to resent having signed lifetime contracts with Warner Bros.
Hence some of the Biting-the-Hand Humor in a couple of parts.
  • Not confirmed as it may be simply just for what it is: Humor.

This movie is responsible for the Looney Tunes becoming civil, and creating The Looney Tunes Show
The characters all saw what real life was like, no getting hurt, no being shot at, and saveable progress throughout their lives, so they moved up here and diverse. In other words, the Toons went mainstream.

Space Jam was just a really bizarre dream that Michael Jordan was having.
Gotta lay off on the Red Bull, man!
  • There's no real evidence that it's a dream, and the Red Bull never gave Michael Jordan wings.

The Fat Albert movie takes place in the same universe as Space Jam.
Both have cartoon characters perfectly aware they're fictional characters, and the world where their shows/episodes take place exists in another dimension, separated from the real world. And the action going on in their world can be seen in the real world via TV. The troubled-teen-of-the-week mentioned being a guest star on Looney Tunes.

Looney Tune Land is Wonderland.
And Bugs is the rabbit. Michael Jordan went down a rabbit hole and met all of them. So either Michael Jordan went to Wonderland or he was using drugs.
  • There's no evidence that he's using drugs but the Wonderland actually seems fairly plausible. Michael is Alice.

The Nike commercials happened after the movie.
This would make the most sense, given how Jordan often has a camaraderie with the Looney Tunes within the commercials themselves (e.g. doing Bugs's patented Reverse Psychology on Marvin the Martian right alongside Bugs in this commercial). In Space Jam, he's surprised by their existence and has to be convinced that he's actually seeing them. From this evidence, it becomes clear that Space Jam simply shows how they met, and the commercials show later adventures that Jordan went on with the Looney Tunes.

Lola doesn't actually have bunny boobies
She just has a very fluffy poof of fur on her chest.
  • Adding to this, her real bunny boobies come in 8's.
    • This is a very weird WMG to make as she clearly has them, but anyways, both of those are Jossed. She has them. And before any of you might suggest "But what if they're just shaped that way"? Well, she's an anthropomorphic character, and even for a toon getting your fur to shape that way doesn't make sense. The artists can design her however they want and there's no real indication that they're fake or that she has multiple bunny breasts. Her nipples are covered by fur for the censors.

The Monstars go through the Hero's Journey
When Swaghammer sends them to kidnap the Looney Tunes, that's the Call to Adventure.
  1. Blanko asks "What if they can't come?" and is threatened by Swaghammer, that's refusal and acceptance.
  2. The Nerdlucks travel to Earth and enter the unknown.
  3. When Bugs challenges them to a basketball game and tells them about the NBA, Bugs becomes their spiritual guide.
  4. The Nerdlucks do the trials by hunting down and taking the talent from the NBA players offscreen.
  5. When the Nerdlucks become the Monstars that is their death and rebirth.
  6. After the game the Monstars have their transformation when they realize they're bigger than Swaghammer.
  7. They atone when they launch Swaghammer top the moon
  8. Finally they return when they give the talent back to the NBA players and become the Nerdlucks again

The Nerdlucks died at the end of the movie
The last we see of them (barring the after-credits scene) is them being blown apart by Nawt (the red one) mimicking Elmer, and their eyeballs bouncing everywhere. While this could easily be dismissed as typical harmless cartoon violence, the fact that the Nerdlucks/Monstars have never appeared in anything since this film (despite their request to join the Looney Tunes) could suggest that Nawt actually killed them.

Sequel WB Cameos
And of all people, maybe Cassie Cage, as if Scorpion, of all people, can grab Daffy on the neck, then Cassie will be participating in a Basketball Game.
  • Sadly Jossed.

Warner Bros. made a Deal with the Devil to easily make more cartoons.
Looney Tunes are demons who live in the underworld/hell. When the humans signed the deal with them they contributed as actors to make Snuff Films for the surface.
  • Somebody on the Fridge Logic section of the fridge page had said that Looney Tunes probably live in some alternate dimension that just happens to have a portal deep within the earth's crust so I think this theory is probably Jossed.

Mr. Swackhammer was a Nerdluck who stole the talent of a businessman
One thing you'll notice was that he looks like the same species as the Monstars, maybe that's because he is. Of course, instead of stealing talent from basketball players, like the Monstars, he stole it from a rich businessman.

Mr. Swackhammer isn't just the Nerdlucks boss, he's also their father
Another popular fan theory. It would make sense why the Nerdlucks were so submissive and obedient to Mr. Swackhammer's every command and why they continued to put up with his abusive behavior. Even after they have gotten taller and stronger from stealing the NBA player's talents, they still let Mr. Swackhammer push them around. Anyone who grew up in an abusive household would know what a predicament the Nerdlucks face in standing up to someone like Mr. Swackhammer. There's also no other parental figure around on Moron Mountain or anywhere else for the Nerdlucks, and Mr. Swackhammer was the closest thing to a parental figure they have. Until joining the Looney Tunes at the end of the basketball game that is.

The film takes place in the same universe as Who Framed Roger Rabbit
In which, the Looney Tunes moved to their universe following the end of the Golden Age of Animation, and since resided here.