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Nightmare Fuel / The Snow Queen (1995)

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  • As in the story, two mirror shards pierce Tom's eye and his heart.
  • After the mirror shards turn Tom evil, the first thing he does is try to crush Peeps under his boot—right after he had fed him.
  • Ellie and Peeps encounter an old woman who appears nice, but is actually an evil witch who wants Ellie's heart for her elixir of life so she can be eternally young.
  • The Snow Queen plans to kill Tom with a knife to get the last two mirror shards from him. The trolls warn him that she's looking forward to it.
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  • In the first movie, after the Snow Queen is frozen solid there's a very fast Jump Scare of her glowing eyes, along with a Scare Chord.
  • In the sequel, Ellie arrives at a restaurant staffed by humanoid pigs that want to cook and eat Brenda.
  • The end of the sequel, when the volcano erupts, collapses the palace, and traps the Snow Queen in lava.
  • The Snow Queen herself is pretty frightening; she wants to freeze the entire world, and being frozen solid and encased in lava can't stop her.


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